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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  January 20, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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we'll watch it closely. spots. 28 in ocala. 32 in the villages. 39 in orlando. right now, 37 at daytona beach. you factor in wind, it feels like 34 in orlando. 32 in daytona beach. 28, not a lot of wind in ocala. the actual temperature is cold enough there. no rain but temperatures gradually warming a little bit above where we were yesterday. closer to where we should be. the average high is 71. 59 at noon. 64 at 4:00. in a bit. let's check on the roads with amy right now. good morning, amy. >> good morning. we start the day out chilly but sleeping on the roads. no reported accidents moving along nicely. if you are taking a 75 between ocala and the villages, 67 miles an hour, which is fantastic.
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between sanford and orlando, an average of 62 miles an hour. the rest of the area, no other complaints, drive times looking great either side of 95 as well. that is your check on traffic. back over to you at the desk. >> we are working to get antsz, this morning's cold played a role in a deadly fire. the flames broke out in a shed attach today a home off gatland. we know one person inside did not survive. mark lehman is there. any idea what started this? >> investigators say it is too early to determine a cause. on a cold morning like we are seeing, they are looking into the possibility right here that maybe something like a space heater may have caused this fire. a witness shot this video as crews arrived on the scene. it may be difficult to see but
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from the backyard of the home. a shed was consumed by fire when they made their way to property. two parents and two adult children lived at the home. as firefighters extinguished the flames, they found a body in the shed. he is believed to be the homeowners a. witness describes what he saw before he called 911. >> i saw smoke. we smelled it when we dropped her off. when i tuned around to the back, i saw the smoke was more dense. >> the chief tells us the shed was destroyed in the fire. the fire marshal is out here what happened. as investigators remain on the scene, they are talking with family members and sifting through the damage. while it is not known if the cold weather actually played a role in this, this morning, we questions. coming up in the next 30 minutes, what a witness tells us
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shed early this morning that's coming up at 5:30. >> we don't know if the heater could be to blame for that fire. but our bitter cold has firefighters on alert. they say any time temperatures dip into the 30's, they see a spike in calls. >> very volatile and things happening with space heaters. >> troy will have another update in less than nins. you can get the current conditions in your neighborhood with push alerts by downloading our pinpoint weather app. it is free, search wkmg in the app store. >> follow breaking news overseas where an armed gunman killed 14 people. roiters is reporting four gunmen and three students are among the dead.
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contained and the taliban claims responsibility for the attack. back at home. investigators want to know what led to a vicious dog attack at an apartment. >> five people were attacked by five dogs. the violence seen played out inside a unit at the apartments at airport boulevard in sanford. kirsten, we know one of those victims had to be rushed to the hospital. >> that's right. police found that woman as she was being attacked inside one of these apartments and they rushed her to the hospital for surgery. now all but one of those dogs was killed during the attack, by police, we want to mention right away, some of this video from the scene may be difficult to watch. >> i'm appalled by that. i don't know what could have happened. >> a woman is fighting for her life after police say a pack of dogs turned on her. it started with a front tick
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officers rushed to the complex and found five dogs attacking the woman. police shot and killed all five dogs and took this one they say was not involved away. crews rushed the woman the surgery and helped four more people including two kids. police say the woman knew the animals before they attacked but have not said if the dogs live at the apartment. neighbors are asking questions about how the dogs got there in the first place. >> no dogs over 60 pounds, pit bulls, german shepherds. order to have a labradors or golden retrievers. you have to have permission. >> we are looking into that policy. all four of those people including the two children are expected to be ok. investigators are trying to
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to start attacking that woman. >> police in volusia county need some help finding this man this morning. take a look at the sketch. they say he is responsible for attacking a 73-year-old woman and taking off. here's a closer look. we first told you this story last week. police just put out the sketch of the man they say is responsible. the victim says she was just walking her dong along south atlantic avenue when the man ran up, hit her in the head with something and ran off. he didn't take anything. the woman says the guy was a stranger. if you recognize him, please call police. >> six years after a woman was robbed and raped inside her home, deputies say they have made an arrest in the case and in hours, the suspect is set to face a judge on the charges. it was marge 2010 when the 40-year-old victim says she woke up to find multiple men in her house. she says one of the men sexually battered her while the others made off with cash and a tv. the case has god cold until recently when deputies say they
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fingerprint evidence to this man. we checked and ross has a long history of arrests and is facing several new charges as for the other person involved, deputies say the case is still under investigation. >> new this morning, a popular downtown surf shop owner is out of jail after being arrested on child pornography charges. 56-year-old michael chadwick bonded out of jail. chadwick owns a ski world shop. he was arrested in his nearby office after fdle agents say born. he is facing five counts of child pornography. >> happening today, there is a big milestone when it comes to local roads. crews will open up the first section of the long awaited wachovia parkway. today is a three mile stretch of the highway. it will run from mount plymouth to state road 426 in lake county. over the next few years, the road will be expanded to 25 miles and will eventually run all the way from where state road 429 ends now in apopka to
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dollars. >> news 6 is getting results for neighborhoods wrapped up in trash trouble. >> yeah, since january 1, waste management crews have had trouble with the automated system. neighbors like richard albert told us the garbage had been piling up, smelling up the neighborhood. it turns out they never received the mandatory trash cans. when our crews stepped in, waste management took action, two new bins were later delivered to albert's driveway. >> i called news 6, e-mailed you, someone came out and said i'll get my bins and my neighbor is going to get hers. i appreciate that. i had to call channel 6 to get results. >> reps say the reason behind the delay is haulers were falling behind trying to get everyone their new cans.
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>> and it smells better. >> troy bridges on a cold weather alert morning. >> the coldest morning so far this year. i moe we are not that far into the year but it is brutal. 20's and 30's. to our north from chicago to st. louis, they are dealing with snow, ice in memphis coming down making it tough on the roads and stormy conditions move through arkansas, all the way back into the southeastern u.s. a big area of high pressure is dominating our forecast. that's why it will be cold with winds coming in out of the north, bringing in more dry stable air. we'll rebound later in the day. orlando. 28 in ocala. factor in the wind, it feels like 34 in orlando. daytona beach feels like 32. at the bus stop, we'll be around 39 at 7:00 this morning. the kids will need a heavy coat. by the afternoon at 3:00, warming all the way up to 65, not as chilly. we'll take it. coming up, we'll talk about rain chances, even a few week. let's check on the roads with amy this morning.
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>> good morning, troy. >> good morning to you at home. roads are looking fantastic. look at this live kaem. this is a good example, no major accidents, especially not on your major roadways here. no issues whatsoever as you make your way along i-4. either direction, plenty of elbow room this morning. also give you a look at the drive times. if you are traveling northbound side of 95, really no issues there, southbound, same thing as you can see, we are in the green exactly where we want to be. for now, that is your check on traffic, i'll send it back to you. >> still ahead, another coyote sighting. >> where the animal was spotted and the warning from wildlife workers. >> are you ready to make america great again? >> remember that face. donald trump gets a huge boost. why that endorsement could push trump over the top in iowa. >> parts of central florida under a freeze warning. troy bridges will be back with
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forecast up next. you are watching news 6 on a chilly wednesday morning. getting results for apopka, wildwood and all of central
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. >>. >> it is the coldest morning of the year so far. bundle up. make sure the kids are ready. you see the blue shading, those are the freeze warnings in effect for all counties north and northwest of i-4. look at these temperatures. cold, it is 39 in orlando. 28 in ocala. daytona beach at 37. it is 46 at cocoa beach. feeling colder at times. we'll talk about today's warmup and storms on the way. all of that in a few minutes. >> 5:14. a few weeks after a coyote was spotted. another coyote has families in one seminole county neighborhood on alert. >> we are getting a look at this animal after a homeowner was able to take pictures. the coyote we spotted in the west hampton subdivision down
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school. >> i thought maybe it was a german shepherd. i look closer and it was a coyote and a large one. >> amateur wildfire photographer snapped picture after his dog kept barking because the coyote was in his backyard. just last month neighbors saw a bear. wildfire workers warned, if you approach don't feed it. keep your pet away from coyotes. developing in hawaii. the coast guard is calling off the search for 12 marine who is have been missing since last week. the marines were in two helicopters. a witness reported seeing a fire ball in the sky. searchers later found four life boats off the coast of awaho but they were empty.
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last night, sarah palin threw her support behind the gop front runner. >> we are mad and we have had had. they need to get used to it. this election is more than just your basic abc's, anybody but clinton. it is more than that this go around. >> palin's endorsement could be a key turning point for trump. right now, he is deadlocked for ted cruz in a battle to win the february 1 caucuses. hillary clinton picked up the key endorsement of the human largest lbgt rights group. clinton still holds a strong nationally but a recent poll shows sanders beating her 2-1 in new hampshire. >> thousands of new homes are one step closer to reality but not before the land they will be bombs. a plan for 4300 homes and apartments near state road 417
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the site was part of an old military bombing range. you remember there was a big scare for people in 2007 after hundreds of bombs and other ammunitions were found buried underground. city council leaders have to sign off on the plans before any krubs begins. >> this morning osceola county selected a new superintendent and they didn't have to look far. they unanimously chose deborah pay last night. she served as interim superintendent. the osceola county school board will begin contract negotiations with pay. >> he is a public servant by day and a coach by night. meet the man known as trumpet guy. . >> i recognize that. >> he entertains everyone by
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games played by kids. he said he often gets inspiration by what is going on on the ice for his tunes. >> i like his songs. they pump me up when i get on the ice. >> what is your favorite? >> the star wars one. >> iker has been playing at the games for seven years. i love the trumpet. >> he is good too. >> motivates the kids. >> maybe we can get him in here. >> that would be great. >> at this hour especially. >> a wake-up. >> i don't know though. i don't know if i want a trumpet. >> not some days. >> not at 4:56. it is time to take the dog out. you pet may be scratching saying i have to go out, we have some cute ones here on the storm pin apps, wearing coats and hoodies. don't forget the pets. hopefully you brought them in overnight. it is brutal. this little guy wearing a hoodie
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this one in orlando. you can see a little fur coat, that looks nice. >> looks like a cheetah. >> some high fashion from that guy or girl right there. make sure you put the coats on the dogs, make sure they are not out there too long. it will be brutal. we have a freeze warning in effect for our northern and northwestern counties into 8:00 this morning as temperatures will be in the 20's and 30's, likely below freezing for at least four hours. that's why we'll have a freeze warning in effect until 8:00. there's what to expect, sunshine mixed in with additional clouds. warmer temperatures today than we saw yesterday. we'll get into the 60's. by friday, pinpointing rain, a couple of thunderstorms possible. this will be nothing like what we saw last friday or last sunday. we'll get a break there this el nino storminess. a couple of storms possible but nothing major. the big story, 27 is the
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it is 34 in the villages. 38 in leesburg. 39 in orlando. it is 36 at palm coast. factor in wind, almost feels like freezing. feels like freezing in daytona beach at 32. it feels like 27 which is the temperature in ocala. here's a look at your pinpoint accurate forecast. >> notice the sky, a few additional clouds, mainly high thin clouds. the sun will filter through the clouds to warm us nicely. 59 at noon. 65 at 4:00. 60 at 6:00. heading out tonight. we'll be at 52 at 10:00. a chilly night. not as cold as we have seen this morning.
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pressure dominates a nice day. 63 in daytona beach. tovrm morning, the 30's. 37 in ocala. 74 will be the high on your thursday afternoon. we reintroduce moisture. rain chances up to 70% friday afternoon afternoon. a cooldown behind that, a high of 57 on saturday. down to 38 on sunday. let's check on amy. >> good morning to you so far. we are light on volume moving around very very easily. either direction of i-4, westbound from lake mary boulevard over to colonial, 14 minutes. eastbound riders turnpike to 408, that's only five minutes. really exactly where we want things to be. we'll take you outside.
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enterprise road, no issues. being. that is your check on traffic. i'll send it back to you. >> a bizarre hit and run crash. >> the video detectives hope will lead to an arrest. . >> clothing being sold at disney children. you are watching news 6 on a chilly wednesday.
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>> there is a recall alert for clothing being sold at disney. >> it is after the company say they pose a hazard to young children. disney is recalling about 10,000 onesys with darth vader and the 50th design. disney said the snaps can come off posing a choking hazard to children. >> algae blooms are nothing new
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growing concerns about what to do with seafood and your brain. a study found chronic exposure to a common place where toxin and crab and shell fish increase brain tangles alzheimer's disease. scientists found the brain tangles in monkeys. >> there is a change coming to a theme park. >> why sea world is pulling up the floors of whale tanks four years after they were installed. dramatic footage of a shooting. the latest on the suspect just ahead. >> a deadly fire has ripped through one home. we are live with the information. you are watching news 6 on this cold wednesday morning. troy bridges is here. he'll break down which areas are feeling the chill the most and how long the cooler temperatures will last.
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>> breaking news out of orange county, a man killed after an overnight fire. firefighters trying to figure
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we are live with the latest
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