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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  January 25, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> most of us are under either a freeze or frost warning. good morning, central florida. >> thank you for waking up with us on this early monday morning. we are starting off chilly. things are going to take a turn for the weather. >> this weekend was too cold for central floridians. >> windy, so that cold cuts right through you. but the good news, you'll have to deal with with a chilly morning but then a nice mild afternoon. as we look at our current conditions, looking nice and clear. some patchy fog around. widespread. there will be maengs or it for this morning. right now, waking up to a chilly 38 degrees in orlando. you will want to bundle up. dress in layers, because temperatures will quickly start to rebound right back into the
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28 in ocala. we are at 40 in melbourne melbourne. freezing from the villages, warmer into the 40's. with the exception of brevard will be in effect until 8:00 or 9:00. the radar is looking nice and dry. temperatures rebound to 68 degree. we are going to reintroduce the chance of rain, even a few thunderstorms in the forecast. we'll have all those details coming up. let's see how the roadways are doing. >> so far so good. take a look here, nothing of any consequence on the map. a couple of projects still wrapping up for the day but they are not slowing you down at all. taking a closer look, pick the road closest to you.
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being. this stretch of i-4 right on time. that's your check on traffic. back over to you at the desk. >> as candace mentioned, most of central florida is dealing with a freeze or frost warning right now. >> while it will warm up later today our cameras were rolling when these manatees huddled up trying to keep warm. while we are warming up, parts of the northeast are still defrosting from this weekend's blizzard. kirsten joins us in the studio. kirsten, we are feeling the blizzard's reach even here. how are things looking at this point? >> i feel like one of those manatees, wanting to huddle up. thankfully nothing like the record snow fall in parts of the northeast. millions of people are heading back to work. even though, heading out is proving to be a challenge for many. >> federal offices and schools in the nation's capital are still closed as people try to dig out from under two feet of
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the effects of the storm also being felt in florida as several amtrak routes on a modified schedule. the weather also causing problems at many of the nation's busiest airports. more than 120 flights were cancelled at oia over the weekend. >> this is not what i thought my birthday would be like. >> in virginia and maryland, residents did their best to get rid of the mounds of know before the start of the work week. >> i'm liable to have a stroke now just thinking about it. >> while some in new york are still waiting for snowplows. >> we are waiting what happened to the sanitation department. why they didn't take care of these blocks. they took care of the main roads. >> a lot of work to be done. 42 inches reported in an area of west virginia. the storm caused major flooding in new jersey.
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least 16 deaths. >> in hours, a man accused of killing a woman at a bar will face a judge. >> mark lehman is live outside the seminole county jail where bond. how were detectives able to track down the suspect? >> reporter: the sheriff's office said a deputy on patrol heard the gun shots and was able to arrive within seconds. late last night that suspect was taken into custody. >> this morning, 30-year-old james prichard is waking up in jail after detectives tracked him down last night. they say he gunned down a woman less than 24 hours ago. this was the scene outside the cool breeze bar saturday night. many were overcome with emotion after learning the woman was
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a large fight broke out and gun shots were fired. a nearby deputy was on patrol when that happened and he heard the gun fire. when the deputy arrived, he found hampton shot. she died a short time later. a small memorial started add scene and a sign was put up asking for witnesses to come forward. that led to prichard who is now charged in the shooting. prichard is scheduled to see the judge at 1:30 this afternoon. what happens. >> what have you learned about suspect? >> reporter: he has been arrested a couple of times here in seminole county. once he was arrested for a violent crime. i'll tell you more about that coming up at 5:30. >> ok. we'll check in with you then. >> family and friends of a debury man found dead got together to honor him. two weeks after his death, his
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idea how he died. walter was found january 15, five days after his family reported him missing. walter had two children and his family says they want to know how he ended up in the water. >> i knew something was wrong because he always came home. he always made a phone call. something did happen to him. >> we reached out to the department and they said they are waiting on toxicology results. >> this morning, a man police say shot and killed him is not facing charges. deputies say the shooting happened at 108th around 1:30 yesterday morning. they tell us michael ratliff was fighting with his girlfriend when she ran to a nieb's house. that's when ryan came over to stop it. but things escalated.
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hospital where he died. deputies are continuing to investigate investigate. >> one person killed and two other yours after a fire at a senior facility. 41 people were inside at the time. firefighters manage to evacuate nearly everyone. one person was found dead and two others were treated for smoke inhalation. all of the people who live there are staying in a nearby building. there is no word on what caused that fire. >> the lake county fire department is being credited with saving a dog from inside a burning home. firefighters say when they got there on hillside drive, the fire had already spread to the whole house and the fire caused the roof to collapse. fortunately, they were able to save the dog. no one was home at the time after the fire. after a long nfl season, we know the two teams taking part in super bowl 50. >> while one game was close, the other was not. we start in charlotte with the
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the carolina panthers hosted the cardinals. this one was all carolina. cam newton and the panthers would score early and often. the cardinals did not help themselves, turning over seven times. the panthers roll with the final score 49-15. look at cam. now to denver where peyton manning would go head to head with tom brady. a lot of people are talking about this critical moment. did you see it? the patriots kicker misses the extra point. it would come down to this. it would be picked up. the broncos win the game 20-18. the game is set for february 7. you'll see it here. >> i'm so excited for the panthers. i spent all day yesterday after church on the couch and i saw
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some of it i missed. it was awesome. so excited for the panthers. what about you amy? i mean candace. sorry, candace. >> you can watch it here. >> right here on news 6. >> you can watch it right here a beautiful start to your morning. nice and clear. nothing to report. not much in the way of rain. look at what the rest of the country is dealing with. aren't you glad you don't live in washington or new york 19 in washington. it is not as drastic as normal because we are still seeing the cold air still funneling in from the north. we are below freezing in part of 28. same in gainesville.
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in brevard county, temperatures in the upper 40's. because of these temperatures we have frost and freeze warnings throughout most of central florida with the exception of brevard until 8:00 until 9:00 this morning. as we take you hour by hour, topping out of at a beautiful 28. calm wind. enjoy it before the rain rolls in. i'll have more on that change ahead. traffic this morning, we are rolling along, getting this monday morning started. drive times not going to be an issue. all your major arteries through the area looking fantastic. you can see everything looking good in the green which is fantastic. we'll take you outside so you can take a live look at i-4 moving very easily past para avenue. no accidents or any kind of lingering construction. not going to be a slowdown factor. that's your check on traffic. back over to you.
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the news keeps getting better. >> how quickly prices are dropping. plus, we'll show you what candidates are saying about michael bloomberg possibly possibly getting into the race for the white house. >> off to a chilly start. coming up, a look at the temperatures and what to expect for the day ahead. you are watching news 6 on this chilly monday. getting results for all of central florida.
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>> we are off to a cold start withmo of us under a frost or freeze warning. that won't be the story later. in three minutes, can it is an is back with the details on the warmup just ahead. with six days to go before the iowa caucus. presidential hopefuls are turning up the heat with the hopes of attracting new voters. >> now they are talking about the addition of michael bloomberg. >> i'm going to have to deal with hillary if she doesn't go
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bernie or somebody or bloomberg which i would love. i love to have the competition. >> over the weekend iowa senior senator appeared at a trump rally. meanwhile, the des moines register endorsed marco rubio while hillary clinton picked up an dorsment from the register and the boston globe. >> a crime alert. in these cases thousands of dollars worth of stolen items were taveng. in one burglar someone took off with $12,000 worth of stuff including a gold bracelet worth $8,000. the other case happened in a silver springs home where a woman said $2,000 worth of electronics were stolen. if you have information on these break-ins call the brevard
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>> our news partners at florida today say an unidentified toddler fell into a pool sunday afternoon. this is in the palm bay area. police say the child was described as crying moments after being pulled out of the water. it was taken to the hospital. it is unknown how long the child was in the water before being found. an investigation is ongoing. >> gas prices continued to tumble dropping at a rate of a half cent a day. the national average is $1.83 dropping six cents. in florida the current average is $1.86. right here in orlando, the average price is $1.68. that's a seven cent drop from seven days ago. while things were definitely cold this weekend, that was nothing compared to the blizzard that hit the northeast. >> everyone didn't let the snow get them down. hubs of people took part in a giant snowball fight. this happened in dupont circle
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>> apparent it was supposed to be a "star wars" themed fight. people were encouraged to dress in their favorite star wars costumes. as you can tell, it looks like everyone tried to stay warm and have some fun. >> i like that. got to keep warm out there. >> a onesie which is smart in the snow. >> definitely. >> it was so fun over the weekend to see everyone's facebook posts as the snow piled up, your friends in the north -- >> it is not your problem. >> i say something on facebook that said, i love watching the snowfall on twit er twitter, i love watching it while it is nice and toasty here. but it wasn't really toasty. we had to bundle up.
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as we look here at a live look outside over the city beautiful. it is pretty beautiful out there. in orlando, temperatures right now, 38 degrees. it feels like 38 because of the calm winds. humidity is starting to creep up. 89%. that will help rebound temperatures right back to normal. here's our weather story throughout the next couple of days. we have frost and freeze warnings in effect. some spots are flirting with the freezing part. warmer than what we saw over the weekend. today, mid to upper 60's while staying mostly dry. then by the middle and end of the work week. we'll see our next front arrive. could see severe weather with that one. that's something we have to keep our eyes on especially when it comes to those models to see how severe we can see the storms roll n. right now, nothing really severe to worry about besides just freezing temperatures in some spots. from ocala northward. we are at 37 in sanford. 36 in kissimmee.
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waking up with temperatures in the mid to low 40's. visibility not a huge issue for fog. 7 mile visibility in orlando. up to about 9 in sanford. we have our fair weather friend, that is in control. veer winds in off the ocean, slowly starting to warm up temperatures. we'll see the return of the 60's today, mostly dry with nice clear skies and the winds will be calm. if you ask me, this will be the best and the last couple of days. looking at the clouds and rain forecast, not much to talk about. a few areas of clouds around for today. not much. by monday into tuesday, our winds will return off the ocean. that will bring in the cloud cover as well as the slight 10% chance of rain. our best more widespread chance will return come wednesday and thursday. the beach forecast, it will be cool. 63 degrees although the rip
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>> picture perfect for today if you ask me, 68 degrees by 4:00 p.m. our average to beat is 72 degrees. we'll be nearing that average mark for tomorrow. where you live by 3:00, the mid to upper 60's all across town. 68 in melbourne. 66 at daytona beach. look how much warmer it will be, 55 degrees. not as cold. the winds again moving in from the east at 5 to 10. look what happens wednesday and thursday. rain chances quickly increase to 60% to 70% as temperatures warm back into the mid 70's. behind the front, not a drastic cooldown but remaining below average for next weekend. that's your seven-day forecast. let's see how the roadways are shaping up. >> looking forward to a beautiful day. you can see here on the westbound side of i-4. right by ivanhoe, we are picking up construction. we have more lanes open.
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a handful of cars out moving. drive times continuing to expand. your local and major royce, not going to have any significant slowdown issues. that's your check on traffic for right now. back over to you. >> still ahead, investigators searching for an inmate on the run since last week. >> how you can help investigators track him down. >> check your freezer as there is a recall connected to another
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>> welcome back. a health alert for a popular brand of salad. >> one person died and 12 people had to go to the hospital. the salad was sold under various brand names including dole, fresh selections, simple truth and president's choice. the manufacturing code starts
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>> winter storms hammered the northeast, one animal did not enjoy its first run-in with the snow. >> the panta cub was not too excited about the snow outside. this is the panda den in washington, d.c. >> after climbing into a bucket of snow, bebe decided, not for me, decided to move to the bamboo. >> he went to the crib to watch netflix. >> there was an adorable video on social media over the weekend of another panda at the zoo going crazy over the snow. so cute. >> i have to check that out. >> candace, time to check in with you. how are we looking moving forward? >> another person went into a panda suit and played in new york. who has a spare panda suit to play in the snow? >> i do. >> i love how we learn so much in the morning about david hall. as we head out the door, you'll
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your panda suit. that would work as well. 38 in orlando. 37 in sanford. 35 out in new smyrna beach. we have frost and freeze warnings in effect until 8:00, 9:00, just do be aware of that. right along the roadways, along the grass as well. as we look here hour by hour so we can plan out your chilly monday, temperatures quickly rebounding to 68 degrees. it will be warming up, 10 degrees warmer than where we were yesterday afternoon. don't really get used to these sunny conditions. the rain expected to roll back in. i'll have all the details including your extended outlook coming up. >> i was joking about the panda suit. coming up in the next half-hour, the state is set for super bowl 50. >> how the host city is prepping for the big, big game. plus, a manhunt intensifies in california for three escaped inmates.
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a prison break fit for hollywood. >> a man accused of killing a woman outside a bar is set to face a judge. we have all the information in
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