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tv   News 6 at 5 pm  CBS  January 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> now at 5:00, a woman accused of taking her neighbor's dog is arrested. she claims she was rescuing the dog. the serious charges she is now facing. >> first, though, some dramatic body cam video shows the moment an orlando police officer opened fire on a teen suspect.
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trying to get away. this is news 6 at 5:00, getting results. i'm matt austin. >> i'm lisa bell. >> let's get right to news 6 reporter shaun chaiyabhat. this was very intense. >> it was an intense scene that unfolded on north lane a little more than a week ago. police tell us officers tried to stop three teens in a white dodge charger, back on january 16th. this is body camera video from officer jonathan mills. officers warned the driver after he backed up and that is when the officer fired the shots. >> and here's how it unfolded from another angle. this comes from the surveillance camera outside of a store. officer mills shot the driver, 17-year-old trayvon le mans. he crashed into a vacant home a short time later and is now charged with aggravated assault on an officer.
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police say they got away. now, officer mills was not hurt in that incident. he is on paid administrative leave until the fdle finishes its investigation. back to you. >> thank you, shaun. >> more breaking news, this time in sanford. we've learned the names of the people police say were attacked by dogs at an apartment complex last week. this was the scene right here at stonebrook apartments last tuesday. we're told a group of pit bulls attacked 50-year-old virginia farley and 29-year-old richard farley and a third victim who is a juvenile. virginia farley is badly hurt, in critical condition tonight. all but one of the dogs was killed by police. we'll continue to follow this story and let you know as soon as we learn more. >> an update now on the case of a dog taken right out of a driveway. >> new at 5:00, news 6 has lrnld the neighbor who took the dog is now facing charges. you might remember news 6 was the first to show you this video last month.
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roxie, from mandy england's home in winter springs. she later got the dog back. rivera claimed at the time she was just rescuing the dog. news 6 reporter troy campbell has been getting answers about this all day and joins us now live. what led investigators to actually press charges in this case? >> well, it's been several weeks, even a month since this happened. so a lot of investigating in this case. first of all, this is the family's yard. this is where the small dog was. their surveillance camera ended up being helpful in the investigation, showing a van pulling up, putting the dog inside and driving off. after news 6 was first to tell you about this, the owner of the dog, she's getting results. grand theft. >> 38-year-old kitty rivera, arrested in seminole county on saturday, charged with grand theft for allegedly taking this female pup roxie out of her owner's yard, calling the dog over to her van, seen here in this surveillance video. we stopped by rivera's house but
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we first told you about this story in december after mandy england, roxie's owner was able to get the dog back. rivera said she was rescuing the dog and planned to bring it to this animal rescue. weeks later, the state attorney's office decided to file charges. the man says he never leaves his dogs outside alone. >> i never leave them outside unless i'm out. if they come out, they're not out more than 10 minutes and come right back in and my wife sees to that. >> if anyone witnesses an animal being neglected, there's a right way to go about it, instead of taking matters into your own hands and taking the dog. >> of course, it's always concerning about an animal getting kidnapped or taken. most of the time, as you guys know, it's for profit. >> now, also moments ago we just spoke to the owner of the small dog that was taken. so coming up a little later at
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neighbor finally being charged with taking her dog. >> thank you, troy. >> also developing tonight, a big settlement in the high-profile lawsuit against fsu. the university says it will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to a woman who accused former quarterback jameis winston of raping her. the school will pay the woman $250,000. it will also pay $700,000 to her attorneys. the woman says the university failed to respond after winston sexually assaulted her. winston, who now plays for the wrongdoing. thrasher said fsu is settling to avoid spending millions on a lawsuit. >> news 6 has learned orlando city commissioners have just approved the sale of the new team. >> this comes as news 6 uncovers a new lawsuit claiming the sale is illegal. news 6 was the only station at the orange county courthouse
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it claims the city is breaking the law by selling 12 acres of land to the orlando city soccer club because that land was acquired through eminent domain. the suit claims there's a certain process that needs to happen first. news 6 reporter eric sandoval is at city hall right now where city councilmembers say the stadium construction may be causing bigger problems. the report is coming up at 6:00. >> the man charged in a deadly weekend shooting in sanford is still in jail tonight. the judge denied bond for the 30-year-old today. police arrested him last night. they say he's the man who shot and killed a man inside the cool breeze bar on saturday night. we're told the shots were fired during a large fight. pritchard is charged with second-degree murder. a cold start has given way to a warmer afternoon outside. it looks gorgeous outside. here's a live look over downtown orlando. really picture-perfect on this
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but things could soon change yet again. >> for the first time in a while it feels as good as it looks out there. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing it all for us. when could we see more rain? >> wednesday. >> okay. >> you've got to hang on about 48 hours. the sun is not lying to you, though. it's our friend again. >> no, not at all. >> the beautiful satellite image is showing cloud cover in the gulf of mexico and we're wedged between the two and we're just fine. right now, the radar is great. temperature readings, daytime high today was 69 from orlando to sanford. kissimmee, 68. right now, we're still holding at 69 in orlando and wind speeds coming in here from the southeast at 6 miles per hour. on-the-town forecast for tonight, mild with no more frost. by 10 p.m., we're down to 58. the 11:00 hour takes you to 57 degrees. i will be right back.
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lows tonight and then i'll break out the hour-by-hour forecast and pinpoint the arrival of the rain. >> thank you, tom. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> a crash involving a lynx bus leaves several people hurt. sky 6 flew over the scene this afternoon on simpson road near the turnpike and osceola county. troopers tell us the bus and two other cars were involved in this. the crash tied up traffic for a while. we're told 20 people were on the bus at the time. nine of them were hospitalized. we're working to learn more about their conditions right now. the drivers of the other two cars were not hurt. >> a crime tracker alert in osceola county. a cab driver robbed at gunpoint. deputies want to track down the two guys in this surveillance picture. we're told they approached the driver in the parking lot of a wal-mart on vineland road yesterday. deputies tell us they asked for a ride to the old town area. one of them then pulled out a
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they got away with some cash. no one was hurt but these guys, if you know who they are or where they are, call crime line at 1-800-423-tips. >> well, new details on a deadly fire at an osceola county home. deputies are calling it suspicious. we've learned darryl and jean rogers were inside the home in kissimmee when it caught fire early on saturday. darrell rogers died at the scene. his wife died a short time later. it is not clear what sparked the fire right now, but deputies have not said why they believe it's suspicious at this point either. >> well, that deadly winter storm that swallowed parts of the country may be over. but the aftermath is just beginning. >> next at 5:00, the effect heavy snow continues to have on travel nationwide. >> and super bowl 50 is just 13 days away here on news 6. we'll give you a closer look at how the sunshine state will be represented in san francisco. >> you're watching news 6 at 5:00, getting results for central florida.
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i-4 and maitland boulevard. traffic is moving along okay on
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>> we're going to continue to warm up across central florida as tom's been talking about. as we pinpoint the forecast down to your neighborhood, we go to williamsburg. temperatures warming up into the mid-50's tonight and by tomorrow, warmer than what we saw today, up to 72 degrees by 4 p.m., by tuesday night, you can see temperatures will continue
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>> heavy snow is still blanketing the grounds like in new york city. >> billions and workers lost up to $3 billion because of this. 2 feet of snow is on the ground in washington, d.c. federal offices and schools have
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in the meantime fights are slowly resuming in d.c., new york, baltimore and philadelphia. but airport officials warn it will take a while for air travel to get back to normal. >> people should be expecting larger than usual crowds at both our airports. they should also be expecting residual delays. the storm of this magnitude across the country. >> we checked with o.i.a. 30 flights have been cancelled today. another 15 have been delayed. we posted a link to track flights at o.i.a. on our website, >> turning to the race for the white house now, in the first presidential preference in the away. >> candidates are making a final push with the iowa caucuses fast approaching. democratic candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders are making a final pitch this evening, squaring off in a town hall on national tv.
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clinton has kicked up key endorsements lately, including the "boston globe" and the des moines register. the des moines register announced on the republican side it's endorsing florida senator marco rubio. g.o.p. candidates will square off in their last debate before the iowa caucus on thursday. >> a theft with a cruel twist in deputies tell us three guys broke into a home and they got more than just electronics. >> we're told the thieves also took the family's dog and the little guy is still missing tonight. deputies say the picture on the left shows the crooks outside the home in lakeland. we're told they took electronics, food and a yorkshire terrier, the dog pictured on the right. the car with the stolen property was found but the dog is still missing and the thieves are still on the run. they're asking anyone with information about the theft to
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>> we're less than two weeks away from super bowl 50 and you will see the game on february 7th right here on news 6. >> we know the carolina panthers will take on the denver broncos in san francisco, but florida colleges will be represented in the big game, too. let's start with the nfc champion panthers who looked unbeatable over the weekend. they have a couple of seminoles. benjamin won't play, he is hurt and has been all season. the panthers have the miami hurricane, tight end greg olson and the broncos have three gators on the roster. >> all played their college ball at florida. this is what we call the football state. again, news 6 is your home for super bowl 50.
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it lasts all day long on february 7th. that's a little product placement we have right there. >> are we going to have to take that sign down after the super bowl? >> probably ping will get a ladder out. >> it's been up a year, though, right? >> i hope so. >> it's pretty out there. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. the weather was just perfect today. we want a repeat of this. >> i'll give you one more of these. >> one more of these? >> that's a little stingy. >> i'm doing the best i can. >> come on, bartender. >> it's wintertime. let's start the weather story tonight with the radar. not a lot happening on radar. we'll move right on. let's talk temperatures across the country. 29 degrees right now in north dakota. about 29 in minneapolis. but here's the important part. it's 38 in chicago and 42 in detroit. a cold front is right here from kansas city down, dallas is 65. the really important thing about this whole thing, look at new york. 36. d.c., 35.
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ice and snow from raleigh-durham to d.c. and to new york this weekend was awful. they're having a chance to melt some of that down. across the southeast tonight, it's 57 in atlanta. 60 in pensacola. jacksonville, 58 degrees here at news time. orlando still at 69. we were at 69 and dropped to 68. now we're back to 69. coming up at the top of the next hour at 6:00, we'll be off the mark a bit. kissimmee right now, 34. no that's wrong. let's just say 64, 65, 66 in ocala and 68 in leesburg. palm coast, 61. titusville, you are at 63. 24-hour change. look at this. since this time yesterday, we're 13 degrees warmer in the villages. 15 degrees warmer in leesburg. in orlando right now, 15 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at the same time. it's been a pretty doggone good day. 9 degrees warmer in palm coast. satellite and radar together, not a lot of cloud cover here, although offshore, there's
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back here to the west in the gulf, cloud cover. but that low, cranking in the nation's interior, that's going to drive another cold front our way. someone asked me the other day how many more cold fronts do you think we're going to get? anywhere from 10 to 12 more as we go through the spring season, pushing everything around and causing more storms. tonight, at midnight, all is good. no need to run your pumps overnight. no need to cover your plants. no more frost, no more freeze. everything is good tonight. by 9:00 tomorrow morning, a little more cloud cover. not looking for rain tomorrow, but i am tracking storms, pinpointing the arrival of the rain on wednesday. here's 9:00 wednesday morning. we're fine. by 3:00 in the afternoon, the frontal zone has moved in. big storms from daytona beach to sanford, all the way back out to the southern part of sumpter county and lake county as well. still raining by 5:00 as the front comes in and kind of slows down. temperatures tonight are great. 46 in ocala. 49 in leesburg.
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here's tomorrow. >> by noon tomorrow, we hop it back to 68, which is almost as warm as we were today. our daytime high tomorrow goes to 73 degrees. 55. then on wednesday, big rain, widespread rain event and a wednesday. thursday's high is only 67. then we dry out for friday. we do cool down. obviously the highs are way off the mark from where they were tuesday, thursday and friday. the overnight lows, those don't drop back into the 30's so we're going to do a lot better next week. >> that's more of a normal forecast. >> the normal forecast high is 71, 72. and the cold front drops 10 or 15 degrees, not 20. >> sounds good. >> big difference, thanks, tom. >> >> if you're on the road and can't check your news 6 weather app, you can now get updates through one of our three radio partners all day long. chief meteorologist tom sorrells and meteorologist troy bridges
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and mix 105.1. >> here's what's coming up tonight on news 6. at 8:00, it's supergirl. then it's scorpion at 9:00. nci los angeles at 10:00 and keep it here for news 6 at 11:00. >> an unlikely business idea is making one guy some big bucks. >> next at 5:00, how one businessman hopes to make people less angry, one room at a time. >> but first, the scene straight out of a movie. how police believe three guys pulled off the perfect jailbreak. >> and new at 5:30, a homeless protest in volusia county. why a property appraiser says he was forced to shut down his county office. >> remember, news 6 is always on, your
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>> well, it was an elaborate escape from a maximum security jail. this grainy surveillance video shows the moment three guys got out.
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suspects got some tools, cut through steel bars and rappelled four stories. investigators believe the men had been planning this for months. >> escapes do occur from time to time. people in jail have a lot of time to sit around and think about ways to defeat our systems. >> police also say this is the first escape from that jail in more than two decades. right now, they're working to figure out how the guys got the tools and if anyone else may have helped them. >> blue bell now back on central florida store shelves tonight. >> we can all give a big sigh of relief. >> yes. >> the ice cream's return comes nearly a return after it was pulled. blue bell was recalled completely nationwide and plants were shut down last april after the ice cream made people sick with listeria. it's slowly returning to stores in the south.
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>> stocks took another big hit today. the dow down more than 200 points but the good news at the pump continues for drivers in central florida. >> the one is affecting the other. aaa says gas prices are dropping by a half cent each and every day. analysts say the national average now $1.83 a gallon. i never thought i would get to say that again on the news. that is down 6 cents from a week ago. in florida, the average is 1.86, also a 6-cent drop. in orlando, it's even better, though. the average price has dropped 7 cents in the last week to 1.78. aaa says the lower oil prices continue to push those gas prices down. >> tell me if you've ever felt this way. you get so angry, you just want to break something. >> i'm not going to answer that question. one man saw this as a business opportunity. so take a look. >> it kind of looks fun.
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houston that allows you to let out your frustration by causing as much damage as you want. there's a room filled with all kinds of breakables. he charges $35 for 10 minutes and $50 for 15 minutes of destruction. if you need any more time than that, he says you might want to get some professional help. >> it's funny that we were just talking about those tvs. >> i've always wanted to get rid of one of those old tube tvs. i think i have a hernia from one of those things, back in the day. >> check it out. >> very nice. coming up on the news at 5:30, a mid-air scare. >> 7 people on board a plane taken to the hospital. why the pilot had to make an emergency landing after taking off from the miami airport. >> plus how you can avoid being schemed and ripped off by a utility bill con game going around.
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