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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  January 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> now at 5:30, a new concern over the homeless. a property appraiser shutting down his office today. what he says forced him to take such drastic measures. >> glad you're with us. i'm matt austin. >> i'm lisa bell in for ginger. we'll have that story in just a minute. but first, let's go ahead and take a live look outside from our city cam because this is what you want to see. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is here with your pinpoint weather first at 5:30. it was gorgeous out there today, tom. >> it was some kind of
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no freeze warnings, no frost advisories, no worries for this monday night. over my shoulder, you see we're losing our visible satellite. this is the last time we'll be able to use it tonight. look how clear we were across central florida. a little bit of a sea breeze tried to kick in. we warmed up today, didn't produce much cloud cover. there's a low cranking in the nation's interior. that will be here, forcing a cold front to see you but not until wednesday. radar right now is good to go. we're dry across central florida and the daytime highs are back in the upper 60's, knocking on the door of 70 degrees in orlando and sanford. temperatures on-the-town forecast tonight, mild, no more frost. 57 by 11:00, 58 by 10:00. i'll be back to pinpoint the overnight lows and the next big squall line coming to see you. >> all right, tom. thank you. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store.
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concern tonight over homeless people in volusia county. a property appraiser says safety concerns forced him to close his daytona beach office. >> the big decision, however, didn't stop a crowd from forming outside the building today. news 6 reporter loren korn is live from the volusia county administration center. you found out one of the workers there said she was accosted on her way to work, right? >> that's right, matt. that's what prompted the property appraisal office closed but the whole building will shut down come the end of this week because of this behind me. all the homes, people out here, over 100 people. the salvation army brought a bus by. they said they would pick up 46 people to take to the shelter because that's all the room they have, the extra room. this is just a temporary fix. >> i take it, this is the rest of the residents in volusia county? it's absurd.
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property appraiser's office is closed because of a homeless person had someone frustrated. >> i need to speak to someone you. i don't want to speak to anyone online. >> that's the only thing closed right now. he's trying to find a place for them to go. >> this after more than 100 homeless people are calling the outside walls of the volusia county administration center officials saying it's become their safe haven. >> over time, people are coming out of the woods and coming out of the back alleys and getting out of jail, getting out of an unfortunate situation and they're going there because they know they're not going to get arrested and there are services provided there. >> i'm homeless, penniless. i have nothing. >> while they're shifting around the issue, the homelessness remains. >> they started working on the salvation army. so they're working on that. the second one is signing an
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guarantee safe harbor. >> the salvation army spent the day giving out food and supplies and will be housing 46 more people for the time being. but the county says it's waiting for the city to make the next move. >> the city has to decide do you want a short-term fix? do you want to actually do safe harbor? >> the county says the city has until march 3rd to make the decision. the county says it will pay the $4 million for the building and property located next to the jail. they said it will have 250 beds there. but the city would be responsible for the operational costs. >> loren korn, live for us. thank you. >> daytona beach firefighters think a space heater might have sparked a house fire earlier today. firefighters raced to magnolia avenue in daytona beach. this video from firefighters on the scene here. you can see all the smoke. you just saw crews breaking windows in to get better access to it. fire officials say one person was inside at the time but they
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>> marion county deputies are searching for a teen named jacob evans and his mom. jennifer evans is the mom's name. investigators were serving a warrant to take custody of jacob. when they got to the house, the two were already gone. if you know where they are, call 911. >> right now, the manhunt for an inmate is entering day 4. we just learned the u.s. marshals are now helping with this search. we're told the inmate gary bullock could be with his girlfriend and her 3-year-old son. the two are now armed. he was in prison for numerous crimes, including burglary, robbery and grand theft. if you see him or know where they may be hiding, you're asked to call police immediately. >> in polk county, deputies arrest a man who they say shot and killed another man and then
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custody. he is the main suspect who shot and killed a man. deputies found the body last tuesday in a wooded area near sand mine road. we're told the two lived in the same neighborhood together. the man is now in jail, held without bond. >> a mid-flight scare sends seven people to the hospital. the plane on its way to milan from miami. airport officials say the american airlines plane made an emergency landing in newfoundland moments after the jet hit nasty turbulence. medics were waiting on the ground as the plane landed last three flight attendants and four hospital. none of the injuries we're told are life-threatening. passengers say the whole ordeal was nerve-racking, though. >> it hit like a big dip, and that's when some flight attendants were without seat belts and they hurt themselves and the other people were still passed out. it was bad.
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>> i bet. seat belt light was on when the turbulence began. passengers say the flight attendants handled the situation quickly and professionally. >> time to get a check on the roads right now with julie broughton. you're tracking a pretty bad one on the 408, right? >> we're looking at big slowdowns affecting drivers on the 408 and hiawassee. this is a multi-vehicle crash on the 408 westbound. this is causing delays. traffic is backed up for about three miles. you can see the cars barely getting by there in the extreme right lane. expect slowdowns or if you have to head to the area, go ahead and use state road 50 as an alternate. there's the crash. you can see cars going as slow as 18 miles per hour westbound on 408 approaching that crash. that will likely be there for a while. also, in that same area, a crash on mercy drive at old winter garden road could cause you some
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for i-4, we're seeing slowdowns as we're heading out, which is typical this time of day. i-4 westbound is in good shape, heading from seminole county down to downtown orlando or waiting for someone to get home. it's coming from lake mary, taking the colonial exit. that's four minutes slower than normal. it takes 18 minutes. the i-4 eastbound turnpike to state road 408 is a 12 minute drive. >> and in michigan, there will be a thorough and independent investigation in flint. the a.g. introduced the two people who will spearhead a probe. one is a former prosecutor and the other a former f.b.i. agent. the a.g.'s office is investigating whether any state laws were violated in the delivery of the contaminated water to flint residents. extremely high levels of lead have been found in the city's water supply forcing people to drink, bathe and cook with
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>> i was certainly not -- i would certainly not bathe a newborn child or young infant in this bad water. if you can't drink the bad water, you should pay for it. >> earlier this month, the michigan governor declared a state of emergency for the counties surrounding flint. >> in volusia county, we're learning more about the fire at the old ymca building. it was in the process of being renovated into a mosque. this all happened in daytona beach, just a few blocks from nova road. it used to be a ymca. the state fire marshal says they do not think this was the result of a hate crime. firefighters say when they got to the scene, smoke could be seen coming from the building. the fire was contained to just one room near the building's gymnasium. no one was inside at the time. >> in osceola county, detectives arrested a woman accused of
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kissimmee. they say tammy johnson walked into the inn and demanded cash. she took off and a guest followed her until police could catch up with her. she's facing robbery and grand theft charges tonight. >> a road warning tonight in brevard county. a portion of wickham road will close for about a month. we're talking about the area between eau gallie boulevard and aurora road. crews will be installing storm water improvements. that should help stop future flooding or at least prevent it. you may remember floods that overwhelmed that kings mill and longwood subdivision area from tropical storm fay, back in 2008. the project will begin february 22nd and should finish up by april 2nd. >> well, exposing gender pricing. new findings on whether women paid more for products than men. >> see what happened when hundreds of items were put to the test. plus power problems. a phony bill collector could be threatening to cut off your electricity. tonight's "schemes and rip-offs" explains in just minutes.
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we had a daytime high today of 65 in orlando and 66 in gainesville and as far as palm coast, we hit 63. tomorrow, we'll get even warmer. i'll be back to track the warm-up and pinpoint the arrival of the next cold front. >> thank you, tom. later we'll look at how the winter weather can have an affect on your emotions.
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>> man posing as a bill collector for a utility company is threatening to cut the power to homes and restaurants in 40 minutes flat. >> the caller claims their electric bills are past due. here's mike holfeld with this week's "schemes and rip-offs". >> you're willing to pay because you don't want your power to shut off. >> she says the utility company called her coffee shop, sent the whole staff into a panic. >> i was scrambling to come up with money. >> a saturday afternoon call
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busiest time of day. >> he said his name was james and that there was going to be a check out here in 40 minutes to shut my power for nonpayment. >> here business is one of five new smyrna beach merchants targeted by utility company imposters within the last two weeks. it's all about money. >> he says, well, if you don't give me $620, we're shutting off your power. >> new smyrna beach utility company telling news 6 it issued this alert to customers in september, when homeowners were getting similar pay or else calls. but this news scheme has a plot twist. first -- >> 791, the number you dialed is not in service. >> the con man's number is off the grid. second, the caller claimed to be with gulf power. now, we checked and that company is based in pensacola. a spokesman tell news 6 the
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businesses and have been ebbing and flowing. >> gulf power security team is investigating the central florida connection. we do know sheriffs there have already alerted consumers after seeing people lose hundreds to these guys. remember, if you get a call like that, check with your utility first. don't get scammed. mike holfeld, news 6. >> thank you, mike. to check out all of mike's "schemes and rip-offs" reports, go to our website at news 6. >> now to a consumer watch. we're talking about gender pricing. new findings show women may be paying more for virtually the same product as men. the new york city department of consumer affairs revealed a big price gap that compared nearly 800 items with clear male and female versions. the research shows, on average, the women's version of a product costs about 7% more than the one for the guys.
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not limited to retail. >> you don't realize how badly you're getting ripped off or being taken advantage of as a woman because you've become so conditioned to pay more. >> experts say part of the problem is the extra costs for women's products tacked on from the get-go. the study found women's clothing, shoes, and gloves often enter the country with a higher import tax than men's. >> well, there's a big shake-up at twitter. four of the company's top executives are out, they're leaving. including the head of engineering and the company's product chief. the c.e.o. jack dorsey says they're, quote, "taking well-deserved time off." twitter's stock has been falling today as the company struggles to gain new users. it's been falling for a few months now, actually. >> winter can be a tough season, special especially with the historic snowstorm we just saw. >> there are some ways to fight
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it's estimated at least 12 million americans suffer from a type of depression called seasonal affective disorder or sad because the brain goes through a chemical imbalance due to a lack of sunlight which can lead to a number of symptoms, such as fatigue, lack of energy, oversleeping, difficulty concentrating and craving for foods that are high in carbs that can cause weight gain. there are ways sad can be treated. modify your diet and exercise more. be with family. experts say laughter and being around other people are great therapies for the winter blues. >> or you could just live in central florida. >> it's a story that doesn't really apply to us but it's fantastic today. if your mind is not good chemically -- >> i thought saturday was a little depressing. >> it was a little too cold to be outside. >> it was one day. >> yeah. >> it was a blizzard, man.
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there was a blizzard up the east coast. you've seen the newscasts, right? >> right, that did make me feel better. >> i almost rode my motorcycle on saturday. >> in your speedo, right? >> you'd never catch me in a speedo. look at this shot. this was the south side of town when she pinned it. karl lives downtown when he took this shot. i love it, karl. how about this one from karen in deltona? that's a great-looking shot of the lake there, too. you can see the wonderful storm pins. you can see the broken clouds on the horizon. not a bad day today. there will be a few clouds and a few more tomorrow. on wednesday, everything changes. try to enjoy the now tonight and tomorrow. radar for you, not picking up any radar echoes, even with the clouds building out there. turns out we did bump it to 70 in the last hour before 4:00. we hit 70 for the daytime high
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overnight low this morning, 36. average is 72 and 49. we've got a temperature reading of 70 in orlando, 63 was the daytime high in palm coast and 67 did it out at the cape. after a morning covered up with freezing temperatures or frost, we've turned it around quickly. >> temperatures across the region right now, 54 in nashville. 57 in atlanta. 60 in pensacola and jacksonville reports 58 degrees at news time. we've got a bunch of 60's right now, 61 palm coast. 61 in daytona beach. 61 in orlando. 64 in ocala. even as far as gainesville tonight, we're still holding at 65. from here we will drop on off. here's the set-up for us. winds shift tomorrow from the east tomorrow. we'll warm up to 73. the next cold front comes in on wednesday, which will change everything for us for the rest of the workweek.
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not today but it would definitely have to be tomorrow. satellite and radar shows the story of not much going on now, but the promise or the threat of more activity with the big low cranking here with more snow showers from omaha into chicago in the next 24 hours. when does it all change for you? come take a look. not tonight. tonight we're great. really great. tomorrow, still good. this is tuesday at 6 p.m. here we go to wednesday morning at 2 a.m. here's wednesday at 10 a.m. leading edge of the cold front is starting to produce some shower activity from gainesville to the gulf of mexico. here it comes. boom, by 3:00, on wednesday, rain action all across the viewing area. heavy. hopefully not severe. but the threat of increasing the rain chance a shower or two, storm or two, can't be ruled out. we'll keep you posted as we get closer. by wednesday at 5:00, most of you will have seen some rain. >> lows tonight, 40's and 50's. i'm calling the overnight low in
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>> by lunchtime tomorrow, we're back to 68. our daytime high goes to 73 degrees, which is just that much above normal. low tomorrow night is 55. then on wednesday, the high is 72. the arrival of the rain happens midday or just a little bit after. just a little bit after lunchtime. so that will give us time to get to a high of 72 before the cold front brings the rain and washes all that heat away. the upside to all this is, yes, we get more rain and you don't have to water your lawn and, b, the overnight lows don't go down into the frost and freeze areas. so we're okay. >> thank you, tom. >> if you're on the road and can't check your news 6 weather app, you can now get updates through one of our three radio partners all day long. chief meteorologist tom sorrells and meteorologist troy bridges are pinpointing your weather on 105.9 sunny fm, 101.9 amp radio, and mix 105.1.
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championship battle between peyton manning and tom brady. >> you saw the game here on news 6. next at 5:30, why tv analysts say the high ratings are a good sign for the super bowl, new less than two weeks away. >> then at 6:00, a legal battle over orlando city soccer. why some people and businesses want to stop the city from selling the land to the team.
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>> last night's match-up between the denver broncos and the new england patriots is the highest rated afc championship game in 29 years. >> you'll notice why it went down to the final seconds. i was in a restaurant and it was blowing up. >> >> you saw it right here on news 6. the broncos won in thrilling fashion. it was 20-18. the game saw two of the league's best quarterbacks, peyton manning and tom brady.
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year's championship. it was the 17th meeting between the two and the fourth match-up between the two in the afc title game. what an ending it was. it came down to the two-point conversion. now the counsel tdown is on to super bowl 50. news 6 is your home for super bowl 50. we're geared up for the big game. earlier i installed this sign right outside our studios. full coverage of the super bowl begins at 11 a.m. super bowl sunday and we got stuff going on all day until the 6:30 kickoff. >> we're already preparing here at news 6 for the big game. >> we're going to be working that sunday after the game. so you better bring a delicious dish in. >> you bring the guacamole. >> good deal. >> a woman is facing charges following a dog theft. we showed you this video last night that shows a woman driving up and taking her neighbor's dog. what charges she's now facing.
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the body cam footage showing the moments an orlando police officer opened fire on this car here. we take you through what police
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