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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  January 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking right now, a yacht sinks off the florida coast, the rescue under way. plus a crime alert. a burglar caught on cameras. he didn't stop there. first breaking news, tragedy on i four. at least two people were killed in a crash here. we just got off the phone with fhp that told us at least two cars over turned in this traffic in both directions is shut down. again, at least two people dead after a crash on i four in belusha county.
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>> now to that crime alert for a burglar suspected of breaking into at least half a dozen garages. good evening i'm lisa bell. and i'm matt austin. it's an unsettling site for those families living inside the trails of seminal. it's a subdivision of true lee 0 da. just east of 419. news 6 sahh shell sawners. let's start with the garages. how did this guy manage to get inside. >> reporter: surprisingly the most obvious way. car garage remote. the scariest part, a lot of people did not know their cars and homes were targeted until they saw our news 6 van on their neighborhood street. >> it was scary. you see a stranger going through your stuff, you feel violated. >> reporter: they made sure to double check their doors a tea home at night. >> i checked i closed it. i locked the door. everything.
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lock. >> reporter: but the one spot they missed put their family in danger right as they slept just feet away early sunday morning. >> it's very disturbing, you know, thinking that somebody's inside your garage rummaging around with you 50-feet away and you have no idea he's there. >> look again, you see a young man going through the family's car he by passes expensive headphones and louis change. instead taking the garage remote. what's most troubling, he left a creepy clue all across the neighborhood. half open garage doors. >> reporter: richard didn't know his home was targeted. thankfully his car door was locked. but not when we stopped by. >> it's locked right now. it is. >> reporter: it's a chance they won't take again. >> i became complacent.
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the way i should have. it's a hard lesson learned. we're going to fix it from here. now the best way to fix it, of course, lock those car doors. also take the garage remotes out if necessary. we talked to several people while we were out here. it was neighborhood facebook groups that tipped off some people that they'd been robbed. and a few others didn't know why their garage door was open last night until they talked to us. so you guys really need to be careful. make sure you take those remotes out of your car. make sure you lock your doors. reporting live. sash sahh shell sawners.
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and two global consulting companies. they claim the companies colluded to break the law to use temporary visas to use immigrant workers knowing americans would be replaced. they filed suits for some 250 feel laid off. disney released a statement saying the lawsuits are quote based on a unsustainable legal theory. and wholesale misrepresentation of the facts. disney added more than 100 of the workers laid off have been rehired. more breaking news this time in south florida. the coast guard just rescued 13 people from a sinking yacht. the coast guard said the 106-foot boat is sinking about 12 miles off the coast of fort lauderdale. we're told everybody on board is okay. they're now being brought back
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also just in, a murder mystery in marion county. deputies say a relative found a woman murdered inside this home on high way 225 a in ocala. she's been identified as 57-year-old tamara bedden balm. so far deputies haven't said how she died. >> new tonight, a call to surrender, from the mom of an days ago. investigators think he is hiding somewhere with his girlfriend and her three-year-old son. jennifer ortega talked to his mom who just wants him to give up. >> reporter: investigators say this is the last place he was seen working at the daytona beach shores hotel friday morning. >> what you've done over with. natasha's done. i love you. i want you to come back home and turn yourself in. >> reporter: she says she's just devastated to know she hasn't heard from her 24-year-old son.
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florida department of corrections last week. >> he was actually excited about it only being a few more months before he got out. we were helping him look for a house. >> reporter: investigators say he worked maintenance at daytona beach shores. he returned to work friday morning. but later cut off his ankle monitoring device and disappeared. they believe he is with his girlfriend, natasha comicly and her three-year-old son zander. the two were planning a life together. >> they wanted to start a family. and it was exciting. i was really looking forward to it. this makes no sense. >> reporter: but it's the well being of three-year-old zander that's on everyone's mind. they want ed to put out an amber alert for the child. but natasha has custody. >> they don't know where they're at or doing or what they're thinking. i know she loves zander a lot. she loves him.
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do things for your kids that you love. >> it's hard for me to know that he's in the middle of this. >> reporter: investigators think the three may have been driving in a 2010 chevy cobalt. euj l31 florida tags. if you see it. call police immediately. in belusha county. jennifer ortega news six. tonight is the final show down between the democrats before the iowa caucus. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley face the voters and took their questions. clinton says she's trying to build on the momentum created by president obama. >> we've got to do everything we possibly cannot to let the republicans rip away the progress and turn us backwards. that would be such a loss for our country. we need to build on it and go further. and that's what i'm trying to do in my campaign. >> so if you're asking me why is it that our campaign has created
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has, i think we are touching a nerve with the american people who understand that establish ment politics is just not good enough. we need bold changes. we need a political revolution. meanwhile on the other side, donald trump says he's not 100% sure he'll debate this thursday. the reason, his ongoing beef with fox news host megan kelly. here's trump with cnn's wolf blitzer. >> i don't like her, she doesn't treat me fairly. i'm not a big fan of herself at all. she probably was, i might be the best thing that happened to her. who heard of her before the last debate. but i thought she was very unfair. a lot of people said i won that debate. everybody said i won the last one. but i'm not a fan of megan kelly. i don't like her. she probably doesn't like me, and that's okay. trump also told blitzer the republican establish ment is against him.
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a landmark tree is continuing to stand in downtown orlando. they're planning to buy the large live oak. we're talking about constitution green park. the park was owned by the kehr rousseau family. they were thinking about tearing down the area for a building space. but the city stepped in after a group of nine-year-olds started a petition to try to save the tree. the city will pay a little more than $3 million in cash and hand over land on east gore street. it's somewhere between 125 to 175-year-old. now to a frohse straighting fine to a belusha county family. >> a hungry bare going through their trash. the pregnant momma caught on camera, getting in. despite their best efforts to keep her out. they hope the county can get results and change that. shaun chaiyabhat has more. >> reporter: the couple that lives here they can't afford a bare proof trash can.
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and secure it to this bar that is firmly planted in the ground. but that did not stop this bear. >> she was right here. she was right here. >> reporter: sunday morning, a motion sensor aimed at their trash can woke them up to this. a massive bear determine ed to get a male. >> he's talking about a 500 pound bear that's pregnant. she just came and her power is unbelievable. >> reporter: and just tore open their well secure trash can just feet from their bedroom window. for now, they're asking it to video. >> you have a sense of humor. >> we love our bears. we love them. i think that you know, maybe somebody should do something with keeping them out there in the wildlife. >> reporter: he wants wildlife officials to set up bear feeders when natural food supplies run
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instead of wandering neighborhoods. they've grown used to her visits over the past few winters. but now that she's come the past three nights, he's hoping belusha county considers paying for bear proof cans for its residents. >> before somebody gets hurt. or my dogs. i don't want to lose my dogs because the dog will attack, and a dog will die. >> reporter: other neighbors have seen this bear as well. they plan to keep their trash inside as long as possible. it is trash day tomorrow morning. we'll see what happens this time. in belusha county. >> you know you're desperate when you're leaving notes for the bear. just in, a survival story, a florida trooper is blind sided. hit by a car while just doing his job. i want to tell you, he lived to tell about it. how troopers are using this
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plus, a real life cliff hanger homes on the edge of crumbling away. how el nino is playing a destructive role. >> we have a mild night ahead. the first one we've had in days. and tomorrow, we warm up again. then, a big cold front is on the way. i'll be back to pinpoint the arrivals of the warm air and when the rain and the covert come to wash it all away. we're staying on top of that breaking news. at least two people killed in a crash on i four.
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we continue to stay on top of breaking news. directions. two people were killed and at least two cars over turned. no word on what caused this
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we will bring you any updates thurg the newscast. now to some wild new video tonight showing the dangers of florida high way patrol trooper faces on the job. >> he just finished a traffic stop when an suv slammed right into him. the trooper survives but is badly hurt. we want to warn you, this video is pretty tough to watch. that's a violent wreck there. trooper mac was thrown to the front of that car. it shattered his pelvis. florida high way patrol just released this video, they want to raise awareness about the state's move over law. january is move over month. now to a real life thrive hanger, playing out right now on the california coast. homes on the edge of falling from an eroding landscape. the cause of all this, el nino.
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pacific california. about 15 miles south of san francisco, john black stone takes us there. the cliffs in pacific california collapse dramatically into the ocean, an apartment building teetering on the edge comes closer to falling in as well. for residents living on the building t sea view from their balconies create more danger that beauty. in his apartment, michael was packed to leave at short notice. >> i can't continue to have a professional work and social life not knowing when i come home my property's going to be here. that's no way to live. the order to go this afternoon with notices going up that the building is unsafe. monica has to be out by tonight. >> we have no clue where we're going to go. >> how long have you been here? >> two months. i just got the place. now i have to move out. >> reporter: el nino powered
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along much of the california coast this year. but nowhere has the damage been more threatening than in pacific ca. >> i love it here. this has been my dream all my life to live by the ocean. >> reporter: they have seen it all before. in 1998, the last time major el nino storms hit california, the bluffs here eroded so quickly, residents fled before one home tumbled into the ocean. other houses were knocked down before they too well off the cliff. in 2010, 2 of the apartment buildings were evacuated and condemned. the building condemned today seemed safer until the cliff again began falling away. >> the powerful winter storms that have been hitting california are predicted into march. draught.
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this threatened by costal erosion. >> they have a few months to worry about this. oh yeah. all we've heard is how they need the water. the problem is, people don't want to live near the water. they want to be in the water. they want to be right there in the looking in. and they're going to fall in. so i hear. >> scary stuff. it's not a great place to build. where we are pretty perfect today. couldn't have been much better. tomorrow is better and then it'll change. look at that sunset. in port orange. what about gary? he's a show off. >> that's drone right? >> yeah, i love gary. he does great work. love the i. love gary's pick. there's a little shower coming down on top of it. one more shot of the moon tonight. from hicks in norman beach. moon's been beautiful the last two nights. don't you think? i've got a telescope out.
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right now for free. we've got big changes going on in weather this week. it'll be a great time to download the app and track the moisture and front and everything's going to happen. tonight no evidence of any big change going on on radar. what we are dealing with is a mild run. we rebounded all the way to 70. normally by this time at night, who cares what the high was. but this was such a great turn around. we drop into the 30s this morning. some of you appear went into the 20s. we made it all the way back to 70 . almost normal for the high today. right now we're 52 for ocala. 46 in gainsvill. still 50 nix in orlando. i've got us going down to the low in orlando. it's 60 right now in pensacola. and 45 right there at atlanta. jacksonville at 46 . wind speed tonight is when we see a bunch of calm out there. three miles per hour wind right
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that's vs. what we went through this weekend. making all the difference in the world. satellite and radar together. we have a little bit of thing clouds showing up. but the big story across the nation's criteria is the low here and the frontal boundary there. tomorrow's beautiful. but wednesday, the cold front shows up. there'll be cooler air on the backside of it. yes it's a cold front with the rain showers coming through but only cool this time. no more that act -- arctic cold. tuesday night into wednesday, the system has sped up a bit based on what we're seeing on the latest model run. showers early, wednesday 7:00 a.m., washing away southern brevard county. and there goes our frontal boundary. land across the area weapons, and lingering into thursday as well.
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overnight lows in the 40s and 50s. the official low in orlando 50. here's tomorrow. you're forecast brought to -- best day of the week. the 73 with loads of sunshine tomorrow. then wednesday we get the rain going on. 72. thursday, much cooler with a high of 67. meteorologist troy bridges tomorrow morning. join him at 5:00 a.m. the save of the day, a blind pony rescued. >> how a florida police officer was able to catch it before it got hurt. and here are tonight's winning lottery
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y you're a baseball purist, today, he made good at a promise.
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just tell me there's no circus music tonight. in circus, i don't know if they were in memphis last week or so. >> you know how the ringling thing goes up and down the east coast. the magic tonight i'm just going to share with you right now. magic loses again. not happy. things are completely ugly with this franchise. i hate to say that. but it's not good. i'm not sure if i'm buying the alfred pay tent hype. he has the ball, 96 a piece. he drives and scores, pay attention here.
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thrown the ball in balance. pain throws the ball away. but instead. jeff green, the game tieing bucket, that's all i'm showing you. 108, 102. this is awful, final score. >> we made enough plays to win the game but we didn't. that's a good one though. i've been saying in the play offs the back here. and i put that that i'm not buying right now. one of the hottest bats in the big leagues. helping to win the cubs in the post season. he had five homers in the post season.
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>> obviously good program. you know, whatever you can do to help give back to kids or anything that are into sports, you want to do that. because, you know, this game's got to continue to grow somehow. if there ever was a guy that was so excite ed to play the ping-pong, it would be that guy. the cubs up and comer. enjoy. >> when i say chicago's cubs baseball, what do you say? >> we are good. >> reporter: what's the one thing you can tell us about the manager in his first year there, joe madden that nobody knows about. these parts, he was for a long time. >> you see all this crazy stuff. that's how he was with us all the time. if you weren't playing professional baseball, what would you be doing for a living do you think? >> i'd probably be in the military. >> reporter: that would be a good thing. >> yeah yeah yeah. oh yeah. i have three siblings in the military. >> reporter: what was the best thing that happened to you this year on the field?
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play offs. they were awesome. >> reporter: what's the best thing about being a chicago cub's baseball player. >> the fans. >> reporter: they have the central florida q and a ping-pong. who won the superbowl. >> i'd probably say the panthers. >> reporter: do you feel any better about your day now that you've done your segment. >> yes. >> reporter: that's an honest answer. i don't know. he's a good guy. recently i brought you this man. he was quite interstaining. i want to invite you to a unique experience. it's called ping-pong over drive. go you will see the out takes on the unedit version on how ping-pong is put together. >> it's kind of like how the sausage is made.
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