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tv   News 6 at 6 AM  CBS  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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columbia honored, we'll never forget them nor the last time we saw them. >> many remembering this morning where they were when they heard the news 30 years ago about the loss of shuttle challenger. what nasa is doing this morning to honor the astronauts who lost their lives in the tragedy. >> we are pinpointing morning showers for you. we start in the weather center. good morning, central florida. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison alongside troy bridges pinpointing all this rainfall. are things starting to taper off? >> a little bit. we'll see another round come in as we head through the afternoon today. yesterday we set some records for daily rainfall totals. today we'll add on top of that. that's why the flooding threat will be the main concern. look at the totals, nearly two inches in orlando. the old record for yesterday's total just more than an inch set in 1903.
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got up to two inches, almost two and a half inches, the old record an inch. close to two inches set in 1937. a lot of rain came down as early as 8:30 yesterday. today on top of that, there will be spots in brevard county that could see greater than two inches. the flooding threat will be the concern. most of the severe weather will be to the south, we'll mainly see flooding adding up as we see rain coming down in palm pay, as well as floridana beach. we take you down to street level and pinpoint the heavier rain for palm bay. also for areas -- let's turn around so i can see it. that's going to be elderon. 73 the temperature at 4:00.
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>> in the napleton traffic center. >> that is right. thank you, one thing i'm saying, definitely poing in areas. you can see it hanging out on i-4, right by osceola parkway. some limited visibility. just take it easy on the roads. no major accidents for right now. drive times looking nice on the 408. similar situation really for the rest of the major roadways. state road 50 as well. not a lot working there. that's your check on traffic. >> breaking overnight in orange county, our crews are the only ones there there. >> the woman who accused casey anthony of defamation is accused of stealing from a cancer patient. kirsten is live at the jail this morning where she bonded out. >> we were the only ones who walked out and of course we asked her about those charges. police say zenaida gonzalez and
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patient's credit cards and went on a shopping spree. when we asked her about it as she walked out of the courthouse this morning, the jail, she didn't have a lot to say. >> our cameras were the only oning following zenaida gonzalez out of jail. when we started asking questions about her arrest, she said nothing. investigators say they recognized her name. >> it wasn't until after detectives began investigating they discovered that the suspect in our case was connected to the casey anthony case. >> gonzalez sued casey anthony for defamation in 2013, claiming anthony framed her. last september that suit was thrown out. detectives say gonzalez and her boyfriend are charged with stealing a credit card from a man who is fighting cancer while
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>> gonzalez and her boyfriend were using that credit card while that individual was in the hospital. >> investigators say the two were staying and working at the motel, cleaning carpets, giving them access to the man's room. it wasn't until he got a call from the bank about suspicious transactions. they were caught spending nearly $850 at a nearly wal-mart, home depot, even a seven-11. >> we have been checking on gonzalez's boyfriend. he is still booked in jail on a $1,500 bond. >> carbon monoxide poisoning at an apartment.
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condos, not far from i-4. johnny, what are firefighters saying to you about all this? >> they tell me the source in this whole thing is a generator found inside one of the apartments that was being used for maintenance. for fire rescue, they got a call earlier from dr. phillips hospital about a family of four that was feeling ill. they were treat for carbon monoxide poisoning. when crews got here, they discovered the generator and say two other people were transported with similar symptoms. at this point, police say everyone is expected to be ok. we are back out live. we know more than a dozen people were evacuated from their homes. fire crews tell me that it may be 24 hours before some of them are able to go back. a fire truck pulled into the complex. i'll ask them why they are here. once they get new updates, i'll pass the information along on
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>> today marks the somber anniversary for nasa and the nation. it was 30 years ago today the space shuttle challenger exploded during liftoff. killing all seven astronauts on board and changing the space program forever. this morning, nasa will pause to remember the lives lost. mark lehman is live at the space center. many special guests are expected to be there. >> yes. family members from the challenger crew as well as other veteran astronauts will be in attendance for the ceremony, normally held outside. it is being held inside because of the rain. you can see lots of preparations being done. a lot of this being done in the shadow of the space shuttle atlantis. >> liftoff of the 25th space shuttle mission and it is clear
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>> a launch filled with so much hope as the challenger left the launch pad, it carried seven members on board, including christa mcculliffe. she was set to be the first teacher in space. >> i'm going to write in my journal and when i return and hopefully give students picture of what an ordinary person's perspective is when they are in space. >> it quickly turned to tragedy. 73 seconds after liftoff, an image those who witnessed will never forget. >> investigators could conclude it was a malfunction of the o rings, a part later determined to be vulnerable to cold temperatures. 30 years after that fateful day, the words of president reagan echo in the minds of many. >> the future doesn't belong to the faint hearted. it belonged to the brave.
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us into the future and we'll continue to follow them. >> the ceremony this morning is scheduled to begin at 10:00. weather permitting, nasa officials say they'll hold a wreath lying ceremony at the memorial. >> our coverage of this somber anniversary continues online. you can read how former astronauts are remembering this tragedy and see a slide show of the photos of how the events of that day unfolded. >> happening later today, a sheriff is having a press conference hours after a grand jury indicted one of his former deputies. it is all because of this drug suspect's arrest. it happened in 2014. for the first time, we are seeing the video showing exactly
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>> it is tough to watch the footage. it appears derek price is surrendering. investigators say he was badly injured after being punched, kicked and kneed several times. 33-year-old former deputy jesse terrell is charged with violating his rights. >> as soon as i saw this video, all five individuals were suspended without pay. i felt their actions were egregious enough they should never receive another dime from the marion county taxpayers. >> all four pled guilty and resigned or were eventually fired. terrell faces 10 years in prison if convicted. the press conference is set for 1:00 this afternoon. we'll let you know what happens with it. >> the property advisor said he'll reopen it after closing it to protect employees.
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accosted one of his workers. dozens of homeless people have been camped out in front of the building for weeks. gillwreath says he'll reopen the building on monday due to the increased police presence. the city and county will hold a meeting to talk about what to do about the problem. >> troy, what can we expect today and moving forward? >> we'll see cool air. we can see the front across central florida that will bring that cooler air. ahead of it, rain, and rain lingering behind the front. most of our heaviest rain in southern sections of brevard county near mico, you can see a few light areas of drizzle right on top of orange county, many of our major roadways like i-4 and the 408. where you see the yellow and the green. that's moderate rain for palm bay on down to mico, many of those roads will be wet. have the rain gear kids heading out the door. 40% coverage of rain at 7:00. 64 the temperature then.
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coverage of afternoon showers and embedded storms. by 3:00, the temperatures mild. a cooldown behind the front. everything is moving along nicely. even though we are being vigilant because of the wet roadways. also some kind of roving fog. right now all of your moisture roadways moving along nice and steady. a live look outside at i-4 this morning, you can see some of that cloud cover hanging around by state road 535. either direction, we are still moving along very well. that's your check on traffic. >> still ahead this morning, a new study raises questions about seat belt violations tickets in florida.
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drivers are up eevenly targeted. >> donald trump has more harsh words for megyn kelly. why he is sticking by his plan to skip tonight's debate. >> we are staying on top of breaking news after zenaida gonzalez bonds out of jail. you are watching news 6 getting results for all of central
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>> we are following two stories from overnight. first up, our crews caught that woman walking out of the orange county jail after posting bond. gonzalez made headlines when she accused casey anthony of defamation. deputies say she and her boyfriend stole hundreds of dollars from a cancer patient. also breaking right now, six people rushed to the hospital after a carbon monoxide scare at this place, that's the walden pond condos. that complex was evacuated and right now, workers are airing out the building.
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getting more information. information. >> now to election 2016 news. donald trump is still refusing to attend, something he made clear last night at a fox news appearance. >> i want you to consider, all right, think about it -- >> bill, this is much tougher being with you because frankly you are smarter. this is much tougher than doing the debate with megyn kelly, believe me. >> while his republican counterparts are on the debate stage. trump says he will be on the campus of drake university holding a fund-raiser for veterans. ted cruz once again challenged him to a one on one debate on saturday night in sioux city. iowans cast their caucus votes on monday. >> an ef-1 tornado with winds at 90 to 100 miles an hour touched down three times yesterday. you can check out the aftermath on your screen. you can see the tornado blew cars over, throwing one car on
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parking lot of broward college north campus in coconut creek. the winds were so strong they flipped the tractor-trailer on its side. fortunately, no one was injured. students there say the twister was very frightening. >> everything i have never seen in my life before. it was terrifying. it was watching a hollywood movie. >> another tornado is reportedly seen in west broward county near weston. fortunately, no one was injured there either. >> the civil liberty is calling for law enforcement state-wide after they say black drivers are twice as likely to be ticketed for seat belt violations than white drivers. the aclu states tampa officers issued 579 to black drivers and 549 to white drivers in 2014 but black residents only make up 23%
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the disparity looks like this. they found the problem state-wide. nearly twice as often in broward county. when it comes to professional basketball, golden state warriors is one of the best. >> an 11-year-old is catching up. look at this kid. his dad video taped noah doing his moves. you know it went viral. the young basketball fan earned a trip to cali. noah says despite being the smallest player in the squad he plans to play in the nba one day. >> look at that. >> i know adults who can't do that. >> can you do it?
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>> noah has earned quite the following with 150,000 fans on instagram. >> watch out for him in the league. >> we'll hear more about him. >> go noah. >> it is going to be time at 6:45 to give away an umbrella to the storm pin of the day. we have a lot of good ones. i don't know. i see one i like that just came in in. >> it made me laugh. >> this is twiggy the goat. isn't she gorgeous? there was a model back in the '60s, maybe some young folks watching who don't know this, there was a model named twiggy. >> she looks like she is wearing boots. >> she is all dressed up in that sweater. this is from carol's critters in paisley. i grew up with goats. i know it sounds crazy. i grew up in the country in georgia. carl won last week.
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we love your photos. we can always count on carl. here's what you'll see as you hit the roads. some of fog, low cloudness and drizzle. many areas saw more than two inches. today we'll add on top of that. you can see most of us not seeing a lot of rain. the low clouds, that fog and drizzle a factor. making it difficult. a lot of moisture, seeing it from the gulf of mexico, the panhandle and then well south of us. south florida under that risk of severe storms. even the possibility of a tornado. our risk not for severe storms that could lead to flooding. that will be for brevard county. we could see two inches more for melbourne, palm bay, floridana beach, taking you right into
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a half inch coming down in spots. we are at 63 in orlando. 61 in ocala. here's a look at your pinpoint accurate forecast. >> we draw your attention to the sky, a lot of cloud cover, hardly any sun breaking out. a 40% coverage of rain at noon. more off and on rain through the day, 70% this afternoon. we'll see a 40% coverage of rain if you are heading out on the town tonight. rain will be a factor for your evening plans. watch out for that, with the flooding being a concern late tonight. make sure the kids are ready at the bus stop. tomorrow we sweep all that stuff out of here with a front. ocala at 68.
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temperatures repounding into the 70's for the weekend. let's check on the roads and center. ok. no major reported accidents. a departure from yesterday. we have fog cover. roads are wet. it is going to get worse before it gets better. >> we are moving along well for the time being southbound and moub. not a lot going on this morning. everything else is kind of reflecting that. no major accidents reported. you'll notice everything is in the green which means speeds are like this, right on time. that's your check on traffic. back to you. >> an airline announces a new record breaking trip. >> you might want to pack patience if you plan on catching this flight. >> also new evidence in the murder of a woman in orlando. just ahead, the chilling video
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>> the festival is kicking into high gear this weekend. you can join news 6 as we celebrate historic etonville, the festival will include great food, local artist and live
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>> no one likes sitting on a plane for a long flight. one is planning a marathon trip. >> this one, 18 and a half hours non-stop. bring your pillow. cutter airways announced plans from doha to aukland, new zealand. that is more than 9,000 miles. if the airline follows through with the plan it would become the longest direct flight in the world passing the record, the current record, 16 hours, 55 minutes from dallas to sydney australia. so far, there is no word on when the airline might begin that service. >> when will you book that flight? >> too long for me. >> marijuana advocates hit a mark. >> six people hospitalized after
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complex. >> only news 6 was there when
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>> the woman who once sued casey anthony anthony, only news 6 crews were there to get answers from
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>> six people got sick and dozens more had to be evacuated. >> it is once again a wet start more rain. it can again make for a dangerous drive object roads. please be careful. >> 6:30. thank you for joining us. i'm bridgett ellison. we start with the weather. showers. let's get to troy bridges. troy, what is the timetable? >> it is mainly about that light cloudiness and drizzle. more heavy rain on and off through the day from noon through the afternoon, our threat will be flooding. look at the rain we had yesterday. record rainfall when you look at the total for the day yesterday, orlando. the old record set in 1903 was just over an inch. daytona beach saw even more. more than two inches. the old record set in 1937, nearly two inches. a lot came down, more will come down today.
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will be in brevard county. the severe risk for rotating storms well to our south in south florida. if you are driving there, watch out. concerns with winds and even tornadoes. south of our area. there is melbourne, palm bay. mico. mico is seeing most of it push off to the east. through the day t coverage of rain going back up. a 70% coverage into the afternoon hours. 62 degrees is the temperature in orlando. coming up, we'll talk about a cooldown behind the front. today, 73. tomorrow the 60's. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> thank you very much. not exactly the prettiest of mornings. you can see some of that fog cover. we have puddles on the roadway as well. a live look outside at i-4 by osceola parkway.
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we are doing ok at this point. all your drive times not too bad. 528, no issues there. 95 in either direction, no significant slowdowns. that's your check on traffic. i'll send it back to you. >> we continue to follow breaking news from overnight. the woman at the center of a casey anthony case, zenaida gonzalez walks out of jail after being arrested. she is accused of stealing from a cancer patient. our crew was the only one there as she left jail a few hours ago. detectives say gonzalez and a boyfriend stole a cancer patient credit card and bought more than $800 worth of stuff. >> you may remember gonzalez sued casey anthony for defamation claiming anthony claimed her as the babysitter who kidnapped kaley. that suit was thrown out. out. >> we are following breaking news in orlando where six people
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carbon monoxide poisoning. it happened at walden ponds condos. that's where we find johnny fernandez live. the complex had to be completely evacuated to keep other people safe. >> we do know over a dozen people had to be evacuated. we did get word it may take up to 24 hours before people can go back into their apartments. now, here's what we know so far. orlando fire crews got here on the scene after they received a call from dr. phillips hospital after four people went there feeling ill. now, fire crews, they tell me they believe the cause of this mess is an indoor generator that was in one of the apartments and was being used for maintenance. all those people, four people treated treated, when crews got here on the scene, they discovered the generator. they say two other people were trespassed with symptoms to the hospital.
6:29 am
those people that are treated, that were treated treated, they are expected to be ok. we'll touch base. once we get updates, i'll pass those updates on air and online, this is the second carbon monoxide scare. two people had to be rushed to the hospital after firefighters say they were sickened. it happened around 11:00 last night along governor's avenue in orange county. right now, firefighters tell news 6 a gases generator may be to blame. >> it is a somber day in the history of space travel as today marks 30 years as one of the worst tragedies hit nasa. we are talking about the explosion of space shuttle challenger. the shuttle broke apart seconds center. mark, crews of two other space
6:30 am
>> bridgett, crew members from the apollo one mission and space shuttle columbia will be remembered in this morning's ceremony. it is going to be held inside because of the rain moving through the area. it will be next to artifacts from that mission and from the challenger mission as well. many still vividly remember that fateful day. >> what do you look forward to the most? to see the earth from the new perspective of the shuttle. >> the words of school teacher christa mcculliffe and she and others prepare. >> the space program experienced a national tragedy. >> a tragedy that many school children witnessed as well. parents at the time finding it difficult to explain how happen. >> it is hard to understand but sometimes painful things like this happen. it is all paft process of exploration and discovery.
6:31 am
discovered to play a role in the disaster. an o-ring failed, a part that was later determined to be vulnerable to cold weather. 30 years later, a nation looks back at a somber day in our history. >> we'll never forget them nor the last time we saw them as they prepared for their journey and waved good-bye and slipped the bonds of earth, to touch the face of god. >> that was a very powerful quote coming from president reagan, comforting a nation in the wake of tragedy. officials say a wreath laying ceremony will be held outside, weather permitting at the space memorial. the ceremony this morning starts at 10:00 a.m. >> you can share your thoughts about the challenger tragedy right now on our facebook page. head to 6. >> new evidence in the case of a woman murdered inside her apartment building.
6:32 am
video taken just hours before that victim was found dead. it is footage from inside the apartment complex. this is back on the 17th of october. if you look closely, it shows security guard stooech ducksbury escorting sasha to and from the parking garage. minutes later, police say ducksbury raped and killed her inside her apartment. for the first time, prosecutors have also released photos from inside the crime scene. the picture also show ducksbury with injuries on his arms. duxbury denied being in the apartment. detectives say they found his shoe prints inside. new this morning, in brevard county, firefighters working to figure out what sparked a fire inside an indialantic church. these are pictures taken by firefighters at the scene. investigators say the fire at first baptist church was contained to an electrical panel and part of a wall in the sunday school area.
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>> voters will get the chance to decide whether medical marijuana should be legal in the sunshine state. a group tells news 6 they have collected enough signatures to get it back on the ballot. united care said it collected f00,000 signatures. the amendment needed 62% approval to pass. last time it was on the ballot, 2014. it came close with 58% of the vote. >> are you tired of the rain? >> it is not too bad. >> make the plants grow. >> sunnier days ahead. >> we have timed it out perfectly for you. i know you'll make plans to get outdoors. it will be nice but cooler behind this system. you can see the rain we can expect into the future before today is said and done. we could see close to two inches add up in parts of southern brevard county and that is why there is a flood risk there as more rain continues in that region. notice most of the heaviest activity well to our south.
6:34 am
will be in south florida. there's palm bay, floridana beach, mico, seeing more of the rain. the bus stop forecast. have the rain gear. a 40% coverage of rain this morning. 64 at 7:00. by 3:00, to 73 with a 70% coverage of more rain. coming up, we'll talk about the cooldown on the way. first, let's check on those roads and head back over to amy in that napleton traffic center. >> it has been a quiet morning. take a look at this, we have our first real accident of the day. it looks like yorkshire lane at poinciana boulevard is closed down. i'll work on find ago way around that for you. as troy has been saying sh it is not the prettiest of the mornings. you can see the fog, some of the puddles on the roadway, taking a live look outside, i-4 right over by state road 417. either direction still doing ok eastbound and westbound. we'll see how that works once
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>> 20 minutes before the hour, still to come, controversy at a georgia high school. >> coming up, we'll show you what one team is giving away in a raffle has many rising eyebrows. >> breaking knew overnight. six people sickened after the deadly fumes seeped through an apartment complex.
6:36 am
>> we are told their injuries are not life threatening. it appears construction workers accidentally left the generator running. >> also breaking overnight, zenaida gonzalez walked out of jail on charges she stole a cancer patient's credit card. our crews were the only one there when she was released. we tried to ask her a few questions. she refused to answer anything. you may remember gonzalez once sued casey for defamation. >> there is breaking news out west, authorities have arrested three more people in connection with that armed standoff at a
6:37 am
it comes after a rancher was killed and five others arrested. the leader of the group was among those arrested earlier. he is telling the others involved in the standoff to stand down and go home. in a statement, he is asking the federal government to allow the remaining people at the refuge to leave without being prosecuted. the group took over the refuge on january 2 to protest federal land policies. >> a high school wrestling team because of a prize they are offering in a fund-raising raffle, that's because the winner gets a new .9 millimeter pistol. >> i don't think it is a good idea for a high school to give a gun. >> i'm not sure it is not directed towards weapons or anything. >> interesting. school district officials say the high school wrestling team booster club is doing the raffle
6:38 am
over what is being done as a prize. prize. >> if you gassed up your car you noticed prices are going down. >> i bet you are paying more than drivers in texas. listen to this. look at that sign. it is not a typo. 39 cents a gallon. part of a promotion, drivers spent hours waiting in line to get in on to low gas price. 1969. >> that's when they first started driving. >> it is time to give away an umbrella. >> the news 6 umbrella, let's get to the logo. we won't open it up. we need the umbrella because the rain will continue. let's show you the photos, we
6:39 am
of photos. the moon shot in melbourne. a good shot there. not a full moon. then carl way up in downtown orlando showing a foggy view. a lot of low clouds and drizzle and yesterday, a good bit of rain came down. we had a lot of rain gauge shots of rain showing -- more than two inches in many areas. this is our winner, twiggy the goat. this is from carol's critters in paisley. all dressed up in that sweater. may want to go outside, going to need an umbrella. my dog has an umbrella but doesn't like to have the umbrella over her. we'll contact you, carol's critters and send that umbrella to you. we'll contact you via the storm
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we love twiggy the goat. here's the rain. twiggy will need the rain. i'm sure twiggy is outside. twiggy is not in the house. here is the rain we are showing as we show the skies from coast to coast. most of the heavy rain to our south. we are also seeing some rain moving in from the panhandle. we'll see all that sort of converge and so more rounds of it through the afternoon today. a little bit of light rain for palm bay, melbourne and floridana beach, most of that has pushed out. still low clouds and drizzle and a new area of rain coming through parts of lake county. there's windermere and southern sections of orlando and orange county. windermere within 13 minutes, you can expect to see light to moderate rain. tangelo park, within 38 minutes. here are the temperatures out the door, it is 62 in orlando. 61 in ocala. 59 at palm coast.
6:41 am
forecast. rain chances at 40% at noon. going up to 70% with a high of 73. off and on rain leading to a flooding threat. there's a 40% chance for rain into tonight at 10:00. if you are making evening plans, you'll need the rain gear. here's the way it shapes up with the rain forecast. we always point out the clock at the top of the screen. there's the noon hour through 3:00 this afternoon, coming in waves. the bus stop looking wet. make sure the kids have the rain gear as they head out. through the evening hours, another round pushing through 8:00, 9:00, 10:00. a few showers and then we taper a lot of that off. cooler drier air works in behind the front and so tomorrow temperatures cooler than today. right around the average in the low 70's in many spots. 72 in sanford today. getting up to 70 in daytona beach. 70 in the villages. 68 in ocala. what about the weekend we started off on friday. 67.
6:42 am
73 on sunday. no rain for friday, saturday or sunday. morning lows in the 40's on sunday morning. you'll need a jacket heading out to church. let's check on the roads with center. good. a lot of us starting to focus our attention that way. we first have to get through this thursday morning and we are doing ok. we have an issue going on in kissimmee. i want to bring this to your attention. it looks like we have a stretch of roadway closed because of a crash. it is south of yorkshire lane which is closed down, you might want to hop over to pleasantville road as you make your way around this one. live cameras looking ok. dark and sleepy on i-95. i wanted to show you this camera so you can see the limited visibility the fog out there, hanging out i-4 i-4. not the best start to the day.
6:43 am
you know what to do. lights on, slow it down. i'll send it back over to you at the desk. >> coming up next, a check of big stories, including breaking news. >> only news 6 is there as
6:44 am
72. >> if you are heading out, we are staying on top of several big stories this thursday. we start with johnny at an apartment complex in orlando. >> reporter: at least six people are recovering at the hospital after suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning at this apartment complex off vineland road. now, police say workers left the generator running inside and that flooded some of the units with a potential deadly gas. it wasn't discovered until one
6:45 am
hospital, suffering from poisoning symptoms. at this point we are told everyone should be ok. now over to kirsten o'connor live in the orange county jail. >> only news 6 was here to try to get answers from zenaida gonzalez as she bonded out of jail. gonzalez who once made headlines for suing casey anthony is accused of stealing a credit card from a cancer patient. she and her boyfriend racked up hundreds in bogus charges. they are now facing grand theft charges. >> final preparations are under way right now as nasa and the nation get ready to mark a somber anniversary. it was 30 years ago today the space shuttle challenger exploded during liftoff. all seven astronauts were killed. this morning, a ceremony is being held to honor them as well as those killed in the columbia
6:46 am
that ceremony starts at 10:00. we'll stream it live on, powered by news 6. >> a marion county sheriff is set to hold a press conference after the release of this graphic video. it shows a man being beaten by several deputies during an arrest. this is back in 2014. one of those deputies was indicted by a grand jury on excessive force charges and also civil rights violation. four other deputies have already pled guilty and are no longer with the sheriff's office. troy? >> more rain today. you guessed it. grab the umbrella. you'll need it a 40% coverage at noon. going up to 70% through the afternoon. even though it will be cloudy and rainy, we warm to 73 which is a degree above the average. tomorrow, the 60's for highs as we finally dry out. >> this morning we are doing ok. we have a little bit of fog. roadways are still wet. as troy was saying, not going to be a perfect morning.
6:47 am
you have westbound lanes over on the right side of your screen. i want to point this out again. over in kissimmee, we have a stretch of road closed because of a crash. yorkshire and pleasant hill road might be a way to get around that. that's what is going on on the traffic front. >> it has been busy. we'll follow plenty of stories for you today. >> there are a few in case you missed them that have us scratching our heads this morning. this is one. this is a photo of a potato. recently it went at auction for 1 $1,080,000. it was taken by a celebrity photographer named kevin abosh. apparently he is this guy who is known for taking photos of celebrities. >> very artistic.
6:48 am
>> this is getting celebrity status. it is set to become one of the most expensive photos ever sold. >> i don't get it. >> crazy. when you are on the go, get breaking news and weather on our website,
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