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tv   News 6 at Noon  CBS  January 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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b5 six people are being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning and we have learned for who's to blame for this emergency. the night at gonzales walked out of the jail this morning. find out what she is accused of stealing from a cancer patient. nassau cruise honored the
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explosion of the space shuttle challenger. i am david hall and we will have those stories shortly. this is a live look from the city camera. it's ugly and nasty outside. troy bridges is here and what can we expect later today? >> it's hard to see the buildings downtown. you have to look closely at the shot. we will continue with a live low cloud with a low level moisture in place. not a lot of heavy rain showing up but some light drivel drizzle to make it ugly on the roads. as you hit the roads, it will continue into the afternoon drive. we have been pinpointing on the way a moderate rain in southern brevard county. notice the yellows in the greens. much of that is pushing out to sea. light showers for palm bay up to melbourne and the beach. there is light green and drizzle here and there.
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claremont and lake county. more of this is ongoing throughout the day. there's a lot of lawyer low level in place. it it's mainly in south florida if you are doing some traveling in that direction. we are in the mid-60s in most spots and 65b0 in orlando. gradually warming to 73b0 by 3:00 and look at that b the coverage of rain at 70%. we have a flooding risk. for tomorrow. all of that is in the next few minutes >> a man has been arrested for tw two guns at a disneyland hotel. they could not get any more details. friends are still under the state of emergency since the
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back in november. the american space exploration exploded. killed. just moments ago, scott kelly on the crew while on board the international space station. legacy lives on in space >> is a nassau day of remembrance. how are the crewmembers being honored? >> it's a very moving ceremony. it's the kind words of the family.
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remaining fresh. all the astronaut lives have been lost in the line of duty. the ceremony held a special significance with the 30th anniversary of the challenger disaster. it's a malfunction causing a explosion in the rocket booster. in this day, people are expressing to her the impact challenger had on their lives. >> they also expressed how grateful they are that they were american heroes. they gave their lives in the pursuit of exploration >> family members laid a wreath at the footsteps. it's at the memorial here. wrap the fencing around them while here
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illustrates the gravity of is. it's the impact that the challenger disaster has had on . this memorial here today serves as a constant reminder of what can come with furthering the cause of exploration . thank you, mark. the shuttle mission on the website is featuring the crew in the investigation into what cause the tragic explosion. you have to head to to look at the top of the homepage. johnny fernandez spent the entire morning getting answers about what happened and why >> they have to be evacuated from the apartment building. crews say the source of the whole thing is a generator that
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apartments x it was a scary here. th the orlando firefighters say they got a call from a nurse at the doctor phillips hospital. it's about a family of four being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning >> they lived here. when they arrived here, they discovered what was causing the problem. this generator from this apartment >> police say construction workers left the generator running inside and it left it to flood some of the units here with the potential deadly gas. crews on scene save aside the family of four, symptoms were transported to the hospital. everyone will be okay. families we spoke with say many of them did not have a place to stay the night. they wanted answers. >> we tried to get results and reached out to management at the complex. they told us they had no comment about it >> firefighters say it may
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inside. in orlando, johnny fernandez, news 6 >>david: in less than an hour, the sheriff is holding a press conference after a former deputy was indicted because of the drug suspects arrest . we are seeing the video showing exactly what happened. >> screen knock [screaming] likes it's tough to see the footage. derek price is surrendering but badly injured after being punched , need and kick several times. terrel , his charge of violating his civil rights. the sheriff is taking the message about what happened in the video posting a video late last night. >> as soon as i saw the video b all five individuals are
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i personally felt that the actions were egregious enough that they should never receive another dime from the taxpayers >> the debbie's blood guilty in federal court and either resigned or were fired. he faces 10 years in prison if he is convicted. the press conference is set for 1:00 this afternoon. dragon can the woman who accused casey casey anthony is accused of stealing hundreds of dollars from a cancer patient. kiersten o'connell tells us much more about the alleged shopping spree >> she is no longer behind bars but you are the only ones here trying to get answers from the night at gonzales as she walked out . >> is everything you want to say? >> 24 hours after her arrest,
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she is no stranger to the police after casey anthony named her the babysitter who kidnapped and killed her daughter, kaylee. it wasn't until after they start investigating that they discovered that the night at gonzales , the suspect in our case, was connected to the casey anthony case. she served her with a case for defamation of character. gonzales and her boyfriends are charged with stealing a credit card from the man who is fighting cancer. he was staying at the star motel in kissimmee. used to work as cleaners there and had access to all the rooms. deputies with the sheriff's office found gonzales in orlando at the sundance in and suites where they lived for some time. she spent the night in jail and made his first appearance in court this morning. he had posted a bond before he transferred to osceola county. he escaped the spotlight for now but she will appear in court before the transfer with her arrest record.
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of the shops with the couple was using the credit card helped lead to the arrest. >>david: the world health organization is holding a meeting to discuss the spread of the zeke a virus. how many millions of people could catch it in the next year. donald trump is boycotting the debate because of who is moderating it. you'll see the point he made clear last night in an appearance on fox news. medical marijuana on the november ballot? how they are hoping to get the word out later today. on this thursday you are watching news 6 at noon .
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are company
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health care customer service caller: hi this is patricia ramirez. operator: oh, patricia! colleague 2: operator: lady! this is the real question: how's that man you're dating? where's the ring? more like this. we can do this together. i'll schedule with the diabetes specialist, ok? member: thank you. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, to learn more about our medicaid plan, or call (877) 385-3884 donald trump still refuses to show up. news last night
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consider b think about it. with you. frankly, you are tougher. it's much more tough than doing believe me. his republican counterparts on stage and he will be at the drake university campus holding a fundraiser for veterans. trumps chief rival challenged him to a one-on-one debate saturday night in sioux city. iowans will cast their votes on monday. >> world health organizations are holding an emergency meeting to see if the zika virus should be declared as a international health emergency. 4 million of the viruses in the americas . silences scientists believe it could cross over into the common mosquito increase of it spreading. there are suspicions that the virus is linked to more than
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deformities in brazil. he will let you know what comes out of the emergency meeting. >> will medical marijuana be a a group with some of the members saying they have collected enough signatures to get the issue back on the ballot in november. united for care members say they have collected 600,000 petitions. the measure known as amendment to need 600% approval. time it was on the ballot it became close around 50%. john morgan is holding a press conference at 3:00 and we will keep you up with the story. florida legislatures are working on a bill to overhaul the death penalty law. it's because of a supreme court ruling that says the system is unconstitutional. lawmakers say they would have a new bill passed within a couple weeks. one of the changes being discussed would be the number of jurors who must agree to recommend the death penalty.
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simple minority. this could mean a unanimous vote would be needed. we now know any of one tornado between 90 and 100 miles per hour touchdown yesterday. you can see it blue cars over >> it's like nothing i ever saw before. i saw the car flying. it was terrifying like watching a hollywood movie. >> that i was free out! >> another tornado was seen near west. no one was injured they are. it's still gloomy and foggy. we we will be dealing with the low clouds and fogs. disallow and about. i promise it's a high-definition view of downtown. it it's more to deal with in the afternoon. we have shots of heavier downpours. tomorrow is looking better
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midnight, it comes to an en end. you could see up to 2 inches more. it adds up in parts of lake county. for leesburg in many areas seeing an inch of rain. we had into the next several hours on top of record rain. notice here b we pinpoint the showers in the green indicates light rain and drizzle. some of this is not reaching the ground. we see some of it not being picked up by radar. you can see the yellows in the oranges. the heaviest stuff is there throughout the day today. it continues to push out to see . there is palm bay in melbourne. we're still seeing a light rain and drizzle and it will continue to look like the area with some flooding. it's in southern sections of brevard county. the rain is likely in the southern areas. in orange county there is pop-up
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streaming in from the south . it's been lake but windemere seeing more in the way of moderate rain. in in the gulf of mexico will be moving closer. some of it is out near the panhandle and it will be moving north. look at temperatures. because of the clouds and rain, we we have made it to the 70s in southern brevard county at 70b0 in melbourne. 65b0 in orlando and 61b0 at palm coast . pinpoint accurate forecast >> your forecast is brought to you by dallaire >> noticed the sky. we make it up to 73b0. 68b0 as we head into 6:00. notice evening hours b a 40% coverage of rain.
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upper 50s late tonight around 10 or 11:00. there is a clouds and rain forecast at 3:00 still seeing th there is more of that stuff pushing off to the east. it's clearing out and buy early in the morning tomorrow, temperatures are cooler as we see clearing skies behind the front. fo for part of this weekend there is sunshine with a high of 70. ther there is no rain for the weekend. no rain for friday.for ch church, we drop down to 49b0 on sunday.
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70b0. most of the day is in the 60s on saturday. th this fight and we look at how street. it looks good to me. dow jones is in the green one point in nasdaq is down 20 points. the s&p 500 is in the green at three points. we will be right back . don't go anywhere
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the federal trade commission is suing the right university for misleading students about their job prospect after graduation. the agency is taking issue with statutes and advertisements since 2008 . they said the ads claim that 90% of people graduated in 1975 have found jobs in their field within six months of completing their studies. they say the stats are deceptive. the ride wrap say the lawsuit is not valid. facebook is making more money off of us. they may more than 1 and a half off of the three months of 2015. it's one -and-a-half billion people who use the site each
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it's grown 35% globally. in the united states and canada, facebook meets makes $13 per user. facebook learns much more about the users from more targeted advertising. there is a winner for gerber's annual probe contest. what her parents are getting is the contest prize.
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welcome back. gerber has chosen the photo check it out. this is ila. a panel of judges chose her injuries.
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expressions. he is from michigan. we are told that parents will receive $50,000 in prize money. look at you doing your research. >> it's not hard to see that . what a cute baby! we are sick of this ugly weather in the rain is moving out , i promise. tomorrow is looking better. there is a 70% coverage. most of it is moderate and heavy rain and no risk of strong storms. we will watch it with tom sorrells in the starting at 4:00 with the latest. highs in the 60s tomorrow. plenty of sunshine through saturday e company should treat you like family... [phone rings] operator: health care customer service caller: hi this is patricia ramirez. operator: oh, patricia! colleague: i love patricia! colleague 2: when is she getting marr ied? operator: it's about time, lady! this is the real question: how's that man you're dating? where's the ring? ...we mean more like this. operator: we can do this together. i'll schedule an appointment
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