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tv   News 6 at 4p  CBS  January 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> right now, we are pinpointing major weather issues on the roads, starting along i-95 where troopers are investigating a deadly crash. >> on the 417, they've issued a fog advisory. good evening, i'm lisa bell. >> and i'm julie broughton. thanks for being us. >> and i'm bridgett ellison, in for ginger tonight. it's not looking any better at downtown orlando as we take a camera. normally you can see the amway center and i-4 and you can barely make it out at the bottom of the screen right now. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing how long this is going to last, tom.
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the driving around is going to be rough because the extra rain all over. from flagler county to volusia. here's daytona beach right now. i've got big showers falling, better than a quarter inch per hour. it's pouring from daytona beach and ormand beach too and palm coast, dry, dry, dry, bam, rain rolling in from the southwest as well. heavy showers, all of seminole county getting wet. downtown orlando is also getting big rain to the northern side of the city. .37 of an inch around fairview shores over to winter park, the rain is just pouring down. there's plenty more where this is coming from. look at this, some of the heaviest rain of the day is moving on shore around tampa right now. so we've got hours to go before all this is said and done. future radar takes much of that heavy rain from tampa and rolls it right into orange and osceola counties between now and 7:00 tonight. the other things you mentioned,
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daytona beach visibility is only a mile and a half. one mile in sanford and a half-mile visibility at 4:00 in the afternoon in orlando. these are the visibilities you normally get at 6:00 in the morning instead of 4:00 in the afternoon. i'll be right back in a few minutes to pinpoint an end the rain and a return to sunshine. see you in a few. >> a major traffic alert for drivers out there. tom was just showing you the visibilities. you need to give yourself extra time. there's the traffic camera on the state road 417, the 417 at colonial drive. cars on the right side of the screen are traveling eastbound. traffic is moving smoothly in both directions there. again we're talking about really wet roads and low visibility due to heavy fog. so take your time if you're about to head out the door. here's a look at your drive times for you. again, i-4 westbound, lake mary boulevard to colonial drive. you have a 23 minute ride with a yellow light. i-4 eastbound turnpike to state
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we're talking about a fog alert. get the news sent straight to your smartphone with the news 6 weather app. candace campos joins us more in minutes on the pinpoint forecast. >> breaking news now. an amber alert missing for two missing children out of st. petersburg. the children, just 4 and 5 years old, have not been seen since this morning. they may be with their mother. she does not have custody of them. we posted all of this information on, as well as a description of their car. it is a 2009 nissan altima with the tag cpp-z 14. an amber alert is out for these two kids. if you see them or have any information about their whereabouts, call 911. >> also breaking right now, attorney john morgan just spoke about the push to legalize medical marijuana in florida. >> he says he spent $7 million so far on the measure.
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enough, he's willing to spend whatever it takes to get it passed. john morgan says they now have enough signatures to get medical marijuana legalize on the november ballot. united care members say they collected more than 6,000 measures. it needs 60% approval to pass. it came close to 58% the last time it was on the ballot. we'll have more on news 6. >> developing now, an urgent health alert. the united states is sounding the alarm for the mosquito-borne zika virus. there could be up to 4 million people with the virus in a short period. there's a travel alert out there. how is the airport working to keep people safe? >> well, they're not doing anything in particular. they tell me they are echoing health officials in saying that
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travel to latin america countries like brazil, mexico or even puerto rico. with the amount of people who travel in and out of orlando international airport daily, some fear there is still a risk. >> u.s. scientists are warning the zika virus has the potential to become an explosive epidemic. officials determined women can pass the mosquito-borne illness to their babies causing serious birth defects. if you have symptoms, see a doctor and get tested for an infection. the doctor specializes in infectious diseases at orlando hospital in florida. >> the problem is when they travel to the areas where the mosquito exists and we do have high incidents of the disease at this point. >> all of the zika cases in the travel. the c.d.c. named 14 countries and territories in latin america
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brazil, puerto rico, mexico and haiti. they're advising pregnant women not to travel there, but if they do, the doctor has this advice. >> if they're traveling to the area and they're pregnant, it's recommended they see the ob to get ultra-sound and check on the well. >> the doctor says the threat for zika to spread to central florida at this point is low but with the large amount of mosquitos here, there's still a possibility. >> and we asked orange county about the mosquito control unit and if they're going to be doing anything differently in light of all this. they told us they weren't at the moment because it's not mosquito season. however, they say they will continue to monitor the situation. we're live at orlando international airport, justin warmoth, news 6. >> thank you, justin. justin warmoth reporting live for us. to read more about the zika virus, head to, powered by news 6. hover over the lifestyle stab
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>> we're also following breaking now. that's where we just got answers from the marion county sheriff about the indictment of another one of his deputies on excessive force charges. we got the video of the indictment from the state attorney's office yesterday. did shows five of his deputies punching and kicking derek price wanted for selling drugs. news 6 reporter eric sandoval spoke to the sheriff chris blair and has his response. >> the incident happened in the parking lot behind me about a year and a half ago. the sheriff has known about the video for quite a while. he tells us he was just as shocked as a lot of people were when he saw what was on it. >> i'm not going to let the actions of these individuals destroy the reputation of the marion county sheriff's office. >> he's talking about his own deputies, caught in this surveillance video, shot from the side of an office building. it caught 33-year-old derek price running from cops into this parking lot. you can see he's tackled to the ground.
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including deputy jesse allen terrell, punch and kick price. price appears not to fight back. terrell was indicted yesterday by a federal grand jury on charges he violated price's civil rights. we asked sheriff blair today what he thought when he saw the video of his deputies. >> i immediately made a contact with the florida department of law enforcement. that's how strong i felt they were way outside the line. >> the other four deputies have already pleaded guilty in federal court. they're now awaiting sentencing. they could face as many as 10 years in prison. and a $250,000 fine. today was actually the cameras on this building that exposed this entire case. find out why the body cameras didn't, coming up at 5:00. for now, we're in ocala, eric sandoval, news 6. >> thank you. detectives are searching for two suspects who they say robbed a
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county. the robbery happened more than two weeks ago, around midnight at the wood hill apartments. deputies say the two people in the back seats are the suspects. police are still working to identify who they are. they say it's a man and a woman. if you look closely, the person on the left was last seen wearing that jacket with a playboy bunny logo on it. if you have any information on this, you're asked to call crime line at 1-800-423-tips. >> we are staying on top of breaking news along the road. >> it is not looking good out there. >> the fog, coupled with the rain, is really causing some problems for drivers. 40 minutes ago, troopers issued a fog advisory along the 417. this is a live look along the stretch near colonial and candace is pinpointing that weather from earlier in celebration. what did you see out there? >> well, we saw a lot of rain pretty much. it was off and on, came in rounds of heavier showers. but overall, folks, as you can see in the video, they were pretty much sporting umbrellas
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you can see that person riding on. we spoke with some people, of course, handed out some news 6 gear but a lot of them were just happy it wasn't snow and they didn't have to shovel any of that out. so most of them actually just dealt with the rain and went along with their day but still had to have the umbrellas around. the good news is as you come out live in the newsroom, the rain is ending later on tonight as tom is talking about and we'll start to cool down and dry out. as you zoom in and show you the pinpoint accurate forecast for celebration, it was a gloomy and drizzly afternoon. the rain will continue through most of the night, dropping down to 58 degrees. look at tomorrow. what a beautiful day it turns into. 65 by 4 p.m. plenty of sunshine. a nice cool afternoon. temperatures will be below average. for friday night, it looks like temperatures will be dipping even into the 40's. it looks like we'll be drying
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>> it looks so much better. thanks, candace. >> ahead at 4:00, when a local attraction announced it has its doors open for free. >> snow isn't stopping the parking police in d.c. how many tickets they gave out during this huge blizzard. >> but first, barbie reveals her new body type. how do children feel about her curvier look. their reaction, next. >> you're watching news 6 at 4:00, getting results for central florida. we'll be right back. . >> and join us on facebook during the break. just search for lisa bell at
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>> well, the roads are wet. you can see a lot of brake lights out there. here's a live look along i-4 and colonial near downtown orlando. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing the low visibility and when all of this will be moving out. he joins us in three minutes. >> but first, barbie just got a
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>> yes, she did. >> you can imagine the doll's already turning heads. this is a major move by mattel. >> it is. now think about it. for nearly 60 years, the doll beloved by millions has been transformed into a billion-dollar industry. her message now is "one size does not fit all." >> since 1959, barbara roberts, better known as barbie, has been a household name. at 11.5 inches tall, barbie has had more than 180 careers. she's a pop culture icon. but after decades of dominating the call world, in just weeks short of her 57th birthday, barbie is getting a make-over. >> many thought barbie was out of touch. >> as a typically white doll with unrealistic proportions, some parents thought barbie was sending the wrong message about
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>> there are people who turned away from barbie because they wanted dolls that more resembled themselves, more in terms of their body type and more in terms of their skin tone. >> mattel recently introduced 23 new dolls with different skin tones and hair colors. now, they're adding three new body types, curvy, tall and petite. they were introduced to a group of 4 and 5 years old. >> they don't look like barbie. >> the girls immediately noticed some of the changes. >> some of them have brown skin and different skin. >> the new body type was not one of them. >> why did you choose her? >> because my favorite color. >> the next step for mattel is changing parents' perceptions. >> barbie sales were down 14% marking the 8th great quarter of declining sales. >> none of them talk about her body type.
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and different things like that. i think the parents get a little more consumed with the proportions. >> yeah. >> at least that's my experience. >> we're getting a lot of comments on the news 6 facebook. [reading postings] >> [reading postings] >> lots of people are excited about it. i'm sure we'll have all of those dolls at my house. >> i guess it's just another ploy to make more money because then they have to sell more clothes. >> there you go. >> if you want to share your
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a comment on our page, 6. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. once again, very busy. two days of rain, we're all sick of it at this point. >> lots of fog. >> sick of driving in it, too. >> i'm starting to get hate mail. when are you going to turn this off? you do know i'm not in charge, right? it's not my call. let's look at the radar right now. we'll dry it out later, i promise. we've got a lot to get through in the next few hours. i want to start out in tampa. some of the heaviest rain we've seen all day has rolled ashore in tampa in the last hour. it's raining an inch per hour south of tampa, a half-inch east of there. as you come closer to our backyards, those who can catch us in mascot, thank you for tuning in, it's raining but not at an inch per hour. it's raining at maybe a .1 of an inch per hour in most spots over there. heavier rain has moved on shore.
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rainfall rates anywhere from a half-inch to a quarter inch per hour the next couple of hours. this is not totally the end. in sanford, it's raining .15 of an inch per hour. stronger east of there, from geneva to deltona. beverly beach, raining. holly hill and daytona beach, you can see how it's built in in the last hour or so. farther to the south from ponce inlet, it is raining at .18 of an inch per hour, new smyrna beach about the same. and brevard county, don't feel left out, you're getting big rain, too, from titusville all the way down 95 here out to the cape is where it's going to roll in the next half-hour. future radar shows you what i mean by 6:15 tonight, some of the heavier showers are rolling right in here on top of us. daytime high today, not really a high. i mean, really? is that the high? 66? that's almost where the
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64 did it in daytona beach. right now in central florida, our tower cam has cleared out just a little bit. 15, 20 minutes ago, the rain was coming down. it was really grayed over. now you can see better. 65 in orlando and 70 in melbourne and 63 in ocala and 64 in the villages and gainesville down to 58 and 57 right now in new smyrna beach. the other side of all this that we talked a little bit about is the traffic woes because of all the visibility. visibility in sanford is a mile. half of a mile at o.i.a. my commute is normally 19 or 20 minutes. it took me almost 40 minutes to work this afternoon during the 2:00 hour. it may take your loved ones that long to get home tonight, too. here's the drier air swinging in. by the time we're talking 24 hours from now, all that dry air is going to be here. between now and 7:00, we get the big rain and by 11 p.m., i'll be tracking and pinpointing a few
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watch the clouds begin to break by 11:00. by tomorrow morning. it's all good. friday is going to be almost perfect. too. sunday is even better. wait until you see the extended forecast. a little bit of cloud cover returns over the weekend. it's not bad. lows tonight, 47 in daytona beach and de land. temperature reading now to 49 in sanford and 50 in oviedo and 44 in ocala and 48 in leesburg. titusville tonight, you drop to 51. the overnight low tonight in the city beautiful will also be about 51. early showers, clearing late. here's tomorrow. first thing in the morning, 50 degrees at 8 a.m. by noon, 59. 67 is the daytime high tomorrow with loads of sunshine. low tomorrow night is 44. come saturday, the high is 68. and sunday, that's near perfect. 74. >> tom, thank you. here's a traffic check for you. you're looking live on i-4 at the state road 408 ramp.
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from you? those are driving eastbound. traffic is stop and go this afternoon in both directions. we're talking about fog on the roadways as well as wet roads. so be careful. here's a look at those drive times for you. right now, i-4 westbound, st. johns river bridge to colonial, no major delays. it takes 27 minutes. look how slow it is eastbound. osceola parkway to colonial, that is a 42-minute ride. >> just in, the date you can cash in on a free admission at a local attraction. >> then the source of a carbon monoxide leak early this morning, local firefighters say poisoned half a dozen people. >> then snowed in or not, here's a number of parking fines d.c. police handed out during the recent blast of winter. >> and here's a look at stocks. 20 minutes after closing bell, the dow is up 125 points, closing a little above 16,000. watch >> you're watching news 6 at central florida. what a difference a couple of
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over downtown orlando. the traffic is not most people who sign up for health insurance on qualify for financial help to make coverage more affordable, lowering their monthly premiums. for less than $75 dollars a month. if you don't sign up, you have to pay a penalty of $695 or more. your last chance to enroll is
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traditional way tmost are made in a large factory, p and shipped hundreds of miles p to a retailers warehouse, p where they're marked up and up p before finally selling and delivering them pat the original mattress factory p we take a straightforward r we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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>> remember, news 6 is always on, your smartphone and your tablet. take us with you. >> the winter wallop left washington, d.c. with more than
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streets into ice rinks. cementing cars into place. it hasn't stopped the city from enforcing their parking bans. "usa today" reports the district dished out more than $1 million snowstorm. they also towed nearly 700 vehicles. they will ticket and tow any cars in the way. >> it seems like a double whammy. >> unless they were warned ahead of time because they need to plow or whatever. that's terrible. >> how do you even get a ticket over all that snow? >> and the poor people who had to work. i wouldn't want to be the parking police sent out during a blizzard. >> that's hard. if you always wanted to visit the holy land experience, now is the time to get in free. >> it's on a first come/first served basis and from past
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always a huge turn-out. the attraction calls its an inspirational theme park and urges people to come experience jerusalem in central florida. mark your calendars, the free day at holy land will be february 24th, on wednesday. it allows 2,000 visitors a day. if you don't plan on going, mark your calendars because traffic on i-4 is a big mess. >> we always get a ton of calls, what's going on, what's going on? >> that's what it is. >> ahead at 4:30, a new survey reveals the most outrageous excuses for when you're running late to work. the top three in 20 minutes. >> and carbon monoxide poisoning sends six people to the hospital. where firefighters say they found the leak. >> and 30 years ago today, the space coast program forever changed with the loss of the shuttle challenger. how nasa honored the seven crew
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>> a somber day in the history of space travel as today marks 30 years since one of the worst tragedies for nasa. >> the nation comes together to honor the seven astronauts who lost their lives this day, january 28th, 1986. the story from the cape in just
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>> but first, a weather alert as rain lingers into the evening. the drive home is going slow. this is a foggy look on i-4 near the amway center. i'll have a full traffic update in seconds. but first, chief meteorologist tom sorrells is pinpointing where the rain is coming down right now. >> that's a great shot. 30 minutes ago, that's what it looked like. 15 minutes ago it was clear and now it's foggy again, coming through in waves. take a look at what's happening right now in central florida from the villages into lake county, from leesburg to mascot, a bull's-eye of heavy rain right now. take a look at what's happening in apopka. a bull's-eye of heavy rain there, too, working its way to the northeast. it's moving on. the scattered showers are pretty heavy at times. you see almost a half-inch of rain has fallen in the last half-hour. farther to the north around beverly beach and flagler beach, all over flagler county, it's raining right now. farther south to brevard county it's raining there from ponce inlet in volusia county down to the county line. the rain just keeps coming right in here. the whole heavy swath of rain
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through in the next couple hours. by 6:30, it should be way over here on the coast. visibility, we were just talking about it with the camera shot. down to two miles in orlando. it's actually up to 2 miles in orlando. it was lower, half-hour ago. now we're down to a mile and a half visibility. kissimmee and new smyrna beach. coming up, i'll pinpoint the end of the rain. i promise you it's going to stop and then we'll talk about the cool-down for tomorrow. >> tom, thank you. see you in just a few minutes. this is a live look for you outside on i-4 at lake mary boulevard. notice we're seeing big slowdowns. the cars on the left side of the screen are heading eastbound really slowly and traffic is just inching down i-4 eastbound. so do give yourself extra time. westbound lanes are in much better shape with no heavy dlans. we're talking about heavy fog out there and the roads are slick. give yourself extra time if you're about to hit the roads
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>> their spirit and their legacy lives on in our achievement in space. >> that was astronaut scott kelly at the international space station, leading a moment of silence for the seven astronauts who tragically died on board the challenger when it exploded 30 years ago today. today nasa held a day of remembrance for the crew members. >> their friends and colleagues shared kind words about the fallen astronauts during the ceremony. >> news 6 reporter mark lehman attended the memorial. he has more on how the crew members were honored three decades later. >> although three decades removed from the challenger disaster, many still vividly remember the shock and sadness on that fateful day while honoring the lives lost, those gathering today said their memory remains fresh.
4:30 pm
retired space shuttle atlantis, hundreds gathered as a remembrance of astronauts whose lives have been lost. >> they've shown us that exploration is not without risk. >> but today's ceremony held a special significance. >> lift-off of the 25th space shuttle mission and it's cleared the tower. >> it's hard to believe it's been 30 years since we lost the astronauts. >> christa mcauliffe was set to make history as the first school teacher in space. >> she taught me not to worry about what is not important. and at the same time, to work harder at what is important. >> the disaster stunned and forever changed the nation, many remembering exactly where they were that day. still to this day, people tell her the impact challenger had on their lives. >> they were american heroes who gave their lives in the pursuit
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>> scobee joined other family members of the challenger crew, laying a wreath at the footsteps of the space coast memorial. >> they're a part of us forever and we'll never let them down. >> at kennedy space center, mark lehman, news 6. >> a lot of people are sharing with us on facebook. [reading postings] >> to share your memories with us, head to 6. >> there's so many people, you know, as you were mentioning, watching this in school or at home and, you know, just shocked and saddened by everything that happened. >> right now, six people at an orlando apartment complex are being treated for carbon
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it happened at the walden palms condos on vineland road, not far from i-4 where people were exposed to 11 times the normal level of carbon monoxide. news 6 reporter johnny fernandez says police are now blaming construction workers for the emergency. >> over a dozen people had to be evacuated from the apartment building and crews here tell me that the source of this whole thing is a generator found inside one of the apartments. >> it was a scary morning for residents that live here at the walden park condos. orlando firefighters say they got a call this morning from a nurse at doctor phillips hospital about a family of four being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. they lived here in this apartment building. when fire crews arrived here, they discovered what was causing this problem. this generator from this apartment. orlando police say construction workers left the generator running inside, leaving it to flood some of the units here
4:33 pm
crews on scene say besides the family of four, two people with similar symptoms were transported to the hospital. >> we're told everyone will be okay. families we spoke with off camera tell us many of them did not have a place to spend the night and they wanted answers. we tried to get results and reached out to management here at the complex. they told us they had no comment about this morning's incident. firefighters tell me that it may take up to 24 hours before people are allowed to go back inside their apartment. in orlando, johnny fernandez, news 6. >> a volusia county judge sentenced a man who prosecutors say attacked an 8th grader. that man, 28 years old, was sentenced to 25 years in prison. when he gets out, he'll be placed on sex offender probation. prosecutors say the attack happened in august of last year. they say he punched a girl several times while she was on the way to silver sands middle school. deputies say the girl told detectives she did not know the
4:34 pm
>> the woman who once accused casey anthony of defamation is now in the hot seat, accused of stealing hundreds of dollars from a cancer patient. >> only news 6 was there as zanaida gonzales walked out of the orange county jail this morning. here's kirstin o'connor with more. >> she's no longer behind bars, but we were the only ones here, trying to get answers from zanaida gonzales as she walked out about why she was arrested. >> is there anything you want to say? >> less than 24 hours after her arrest, zanaida gonzales walked free. she's no stranger to police. after casey anthony named her the baby-sitter who kidnapped and killed casey's daughter caylee. >> it wasn't until after detectives began investigating that they discovered that zanaida gonzales, the suspect in our case, was connected to the casey anthony case. >> gonzales sued anthony for defamation in 2013. but last september, the suit was thrown out. now gonzales and her boyfriend are charged with stealing a
4:35 pm
while he was staying at the star motel in kissimmee. detectives say the couple used to work as cleaners there and had access to all the rooms. deputies with the osceola county sheriff's office found gonzales and her boyfriend in orlando at the sundance in and suites where the manager says they've lived for some time. the man spent the night in jail and made his first appearance in court this morning. he has 24 hours to post $1500 pond before's transferred. gonzales is going to be appearing in osceola court as soon as orange county transfers her arrest records. >> surveillance video from one of the shops where the couple was using the stolen credit card helped lead to the arrest. >> well, a lot of people are excited about a restaurant making a comeback in florida. >> benigan's is returning after three years of closing all its locations here. >> brevard county will get the
4:36 pm
the new location will include an enclosed patio, 70-inch tv and other large screens at the bar. ribbon cutting ceremonies are set for next week. a lot of people will make the drive to get out there. we've gotten over 100 comments on facebook about benigan's. [reading postings] >> i don't think i've ever been to a benigan's. >> i don't think so, either. >> i think i have but it's been so long. >> maybe if they open one nearby, we'll go. >> yeah. >> ahead at 4:30, new health findings for foodies. what researchers say can help you maintain your weight. >> and meet the 2016 gerber baby. look at that face. she's from michigan, but we have some other local cuties to show off as well. >> she's adorable. but first, late for work excuses revealed. matt austin joins us with the
4:37 pm
wild cases. he's coming up in three minutes. getting results in sanford, cocoa and all of central florida
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>> here's a live look along i-4 right now, and it is wet out there and a really slow go. you can see traffic there, just barely moving at conroy road. give yourself extra time and really a downright gloomy day across all of central florida. meteorologist candace campos is pinpointing down to the street level. you showed us celebration. where did you go next? >> our next stop this afternoon was doctor phillips. and, unfortunately, it wasn't any nicer. it was still very gloomy, very rainy across town. as you can see here, we ran into a really fun little fan right there. he loved seeing us out there. and you can see some people really didn't have the umbrellas because the rain wasn't as heavy in doctor phillips compared to
4:39 pm
again, they came in waves, some pockets of heavy rain. it was a certainly gloomy afternoon. that's coming to an end as tom has mentioned. it's dropping into the upper 50's tonight. by tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, back into the mid-60's. about 64 degrees or so. come friday night, even cooler, by 10 p.m., dropping down to 51 degrees. overall looking much better as we head into the weekend. >> thank you, candace. >> and new at 4:30, late for work excuses exposed. >> a just released survey reveals some of the most creative ones out there. >> and matt austin joins us with the top picks here. we're guessing bad traffic isn't going to cut it. >> no way. that's mine, by the way. traffic. neither is hitting the snooze button, by the way. hiring managers were asked the most outrageous late excuses they've ever heard.
4:40 pm
fire from my blow dryer which i can see happening with some of the ladies i've worked with, with all the hairspray and then there was this one. vaseline overturned on the highway and cars were slipping who knows. one excuse was i was detained by homeland security, which who hasn't had that happen to them. and then there were these. >> i told them that i was throwing up sick. that's why i was late, when i really just overslept. >> someone from my family died. >> i didn't think it was a workday. it was a holiday. >> how did that fly? >> not so much. >> i love that one. i thought it was presidents day, no? i got to show up for work? a survey shows a quarter of us show up late at least once a month for work. but a third of employers say they don't care if you're late every once if a while.
4:41 pm
hide the fact the real reason is kind of lame. more than 50% get tied up in traffic. a third oversleep. 15% were delayed dropping the kids off at either work or daycare. it is usually something lame. >> yeah, like the car line can be tough. >> i think it can be tough. as a boss, you respect when someone has a crazy excuse, like a vaseline truck turning over in front of them. >> the thing with us working here, we would know if a vaseline truck overturned. >> we couldn't really use that to lie to our bosses. >> thank you, matt. >> no problem. >> chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. the weather today is delaying a lot of people. >> my commute today was 40 minutes. >> i had to make the call to say i'm late because i'm stuck in rain. they said, "now that's funny." >> didn't you look at the app, tom? it was everybody else on the
4:42 pm
it was not me, it's them. we've got a beautiful shot from titusville, even in the rain and the fog. that's beautiful. i see five palm trees there. good work there. i like that. rob, downtown orlando, leaned out the window and shot this one from the high-rise. rob shrugged this, "will it ever end?" yeah, rob, it'll end. give me a few hours and we'll clean it up nicely for you. i appreciate the stormy >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. >> i want to go to marion county. we've kind of neglected you today because it's raining all over the place and there are no warnings. in ocala it's raining a quarter inch an hour right downtown along 27 there. bellevue, raining heavily around the villages. it's raining at .29 of an inch
4:43 pm
widening the view out, here's howie in the hills. highway 19 right there. it's raining at .18 of inch per hour. coming into seminole county and orange county, it's raining. it stopped along the i-4 corridor for now, right through here. there's more coming in. it's only a momentary relief. we've got more scattered showers coming in. here's windemere down by the lakes. there's the moisture pushing in from the western side of orange county into downtown. stand right here. you watch it roll. coming all the way from tampa across orange county to seminole county to volusia, down to brevard in the next two hours. once we get past that, i really think the big push will stop. satellite and radar shows you what i mean. see all the moisture? there's the heavy band that came across the shoreline there in tampa and in behind it is still some light rain but no more big showers.
4:44 pm
two-mile visibility in gainesville. the same in daytona beach and about a mile and a half visibility right now in kissimmee. this is the tower cam and it's fogged out. remember the top of the show you could see through it and when i did weather last time, you could really see traffic and the rain has set in and you can't see anything. here are the current temperatures. temperature change in the last 24 hours, not so much in orlando. but look up north there. there comes the colder air, ready to funnel in here. visibilities again are bad. ocala three miles. villages. moisture tonight. done. the sky will clear. by tomorrow morning, we'll beat through the cloud cover with the sunshine on friday. it should turn out to be a pretty doggone good day. a little bit on the cold side compared to today. but a good day, nonetheless. all the way through saturday, a little more cloud cover builds in and we start to warm back up on saturday.
4:45 pm
gather some heat back. beach. 49 in sanford. 50 in oviedo and 44 in ocala. i'm calling it 51 in titusville kissimmee. the overnight low right here will be 51. here's tomorrow. >> not a total bad day. temperature reading at 8 a.m. will be 50 degrees. by noon, 59. daytime high tomorrow, 67. here's the extended forecast. friday's high, 67. saturday's high, 68. then on sunday, we make it back to a high of 74 degrees. next week, we look great. we look great until wednesday when it rains again. >> thank you, tom. we want to take a moment to say thank you to our friends at the salvation army for these beautiful flowers. they stopped by to see us today. we partnered with them on the angel tree, which was really so much fun for all of us. we didn't have any forgotten angels this year. so they stopped by and brought us these flowers to thank us.
4:46 pm
these are gorgeous. there's a picture of us. there's our general manager, jeff hoffman there, and you can see one of the salvation army employees that works there. >> a great day and always nice. it's the highlight of the day to have a surprise visit from the salvation army. >> they're great people to work with. and to bring us this to thank us, we love them. >> we love our partners. >> coming up, the word you'll want to remember the next time you're at the grocery store. >> and then travel worries as the mosquito-borne zika virus
4:47 pm
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>> some food for thought for the next time you hit the grocery store. >> according to a new study, having a diet rich in flavonoids may help you combat weight gain. >> it's natural compounds found in many types of produce. the study published in the journal followed more than 120,000 middle-aged people and found diet rich in flavonoids helped them with weight loss.
4:49 pm
begin with. >> was that coffee i saw somebody drinking? >> i think it might be flavonoids in coffee. >> it also appears in red wine and chocolate. >> there you go. go hit the chocolate. trending now, gerber's baby photo contest winner. meet 7-month-old isla from michigan. a panel of judges picked her photo from more than 170,000 entries. >> so sweet. >> they looked for features like happiness, expressiveness. her parents should be pretty happy. they'll receive $50,000 in prize money. >> now a lot of people are posting pictures of their cute winners on our news 6 facebook page. you have to check them out. this is the first one we received from becky of her cute little baby boy. there's not enough time to share all of our great pictures. check them out and post your own baby pictures at 6. >> i wish we had more time. >> no kidding. >> yeah.
4:50 pm
a picture of baby sawyer there. >> she's got a beautiful face but she didn't have the hair that all the other kids have. she was born with a funky mohawk. >> a lovely selection of hair bows. >> you put a bow on and she's beautiful. but we've got to get her hair to start growing. >> matt austin is joining us with what's coming up on news 6 at 5:00. >> we just got breaking news on the amber alert issued for two kids out of st. pete. we're hearing they have been found safe. good news to report here. details on that in just three minutes. >> we're getting answers about video showing five deputies kicking and punching a suspect. coming up at 5:00, how body cameras appear to paint a very different picture from the surveillance video here. and remembering the lives lost in a national tragedy. what the family of the teacher killed when the challenger
4:51 pm
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