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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  January 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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watch live, anywhere, anytime. cbsn. cbs news. always on. >> across the country it is america's favorite jackpot game. get ready, search, this is powerball. tonight, an estimated $97.9 million dollar jackpot. get those tickets our. the first number, 16. after that, 5. from oregon, winner of $2 million. he will use money for travel. the next number, 12. after that, we have the number 31. and finally the number 43. tonight's winning powerball, 18. your multiplier is 4.
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great night. we will see you this wednesday night. >> it is the first time it canceled. i am on the verge of tears. >> anchor: thousands of expensive ticket holders are furious a huge concert tonight canceled just minutes before the big show. first, developing, the search for a missing teenager, her mother getting more concerned and frantic by the minute. the last time anybody saw this girl was a week ago at the bus stop. live in ocoee, the only reporter who talked to her mother tonight am what does she think happen? >> the teen's mother says it is possible her daughter did leave willingly, but may have found
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ocoee police creating this fly showing pictures of the missing teen. >> reporter: a lot of worry, unknown. >> trying to contact people. >> reporter: showing pictures of her daughter, anybody who knows where her daughter is, to call police. leads. >> reporter: she says her daughter left for the bus stop 6:00 monday morning, but never returned home. she moved to stay with her mother in april. >> i called the police, did she take anything? i didn't think about that. i went upstairs to her room, clothing, shuses, make-up and stuff like that was gone. >> reporter: the high school junior hasn't posted on her social media pages, her cell phone turned off. friends haven't heard anything. >> trying to get her picture out as much as we can. hope somebody has seen her,
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somewhere. somebody has to have seen her somewhere. >> reporter: 17-year-old kaley was in good spirits the last time the two spoke, and wants to know her daughter is safe. >> somebody knows something, i just want them to say, she is ok she is safe, i know where she is at. >> reporter: since her bus stop was so close to a fire station, the family said they had hoped video may have captured somebody picking her up. police told them there are no cameras at the location. again, if you know anything about where the missing teen is tonight, you are asked to call police. >> anchor: hope she comes home soon. live picture. the major concert tonight was canceled a half hour before the
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this is how some people found out. they spotted this sign. it was taped up in ticket window am others got a text message or in. all of them were pretty angry. >> never, ever i just told her, canceled. i am on the verge of tears. >> reporter: jessica tells us she has seen death leopard 23 times in concert, the 24th was supposed to start at 7:00. she found out at 6:30. from this voice mail. >> it sucks. because we were walking down the straement. i get this text message from some 800 number. it tells me it was canceled. we were blocks away. >> we are from wisconsin, we had a family vacation, we found out they were playing, we thought it
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>> reporter: exactly the opposite, when they walked up to the ticket window and noticed this taped to the glass. >> the venue, we are like, hey, why isn't there activity, then we saw the sign. >> they said, we will see you tomorrow night in orlando. i am alive being yes, you will. >> anchor: death leopard tweeted this five hours before the show, saying they would see you there. tells of thousands of fans were there, including the crowd past the police car, partying on church street. all the amway would say is someone was sick. we don't know who was ill. the band stix and tesla were also supposed to be there. they haven't said much either. if you have a ticket, ticketmaster says you can get a refund or hold onto it for when they reschedule.
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we hear when that will be. sorry about that. a man expected to be in court tomorrow accused of exchanging gunfire with officers, 1792 and airport boulevard in sanford, south of 417. witnesses say they had to run and hide when the bullets started flying. >> next minute, bullet flying. >> anchor: police say it started after somebody called 911 saying smith was pointing his gun at cars, 1792 near airport boulevard when a sanford farce went to check it out, investigators say he started shooting. a man walking on the sidewalk was hit in the leg, and trucks in the parking lot were also hit. >> we heard sirens, 1792, looked up. u-turn. cops get out yelling, stop, down. heard two shots, pop, pop, pop,
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truck, looked, dude was running through the lot. >> anchor: police say the officer was not hit. the suspect is suspected to face a judge tomorrow morning. another shooting, this caught on camera in ralyesterday afternoon. a woman and two men carjacked an elderly man yesterday. the surveillance video was recording the seconds after, you can see the commotion with the dogs barking and running. the car was spod on south. -- spotted on south. three officers opened fire when the woman tried to run them over. she was hit with bullets but is expected to survive. the officers are on heave while investigation continues. mild temperatures and clear skies got our woke off to a warm start. it is only getting warmer. pinpointing the rest of the weekend's warm forecast.
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stellar day today. it started chilly. general speaking, i had no complaints about the weather that want. high, thin clouds from the gulf of mexico, even a couple scattered showers. we will see increase in cloud cover through the day tomorrow. temperatures are heading up. we are at 52, the cool spot in ocala, palm coast, 57 in orlando and holding strong at 60 in cocoa beach. we will be looking for clouds overhead, temperatures 52. no 30's tomorrow morning like we had this morning, up in marion county, we expect to hit 44, by sunrise tomorrow. 80's are back in a big way in our forecast, details on that coming up. a $2007,000 reward up for the
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the arrest, while the mother police say a car drove by and unloaded bullets into the house and car. paramedics rushed him to the hospital. today we learned he died. the toddler was the only one hit. the intended target was inside the house. >> i heard pop, pop, at least five to six times. i knew it was close. i didn't realizes how close it was. >> anchor: police say it was gang-related. so far they have not made arrests. at least one person is dead, injured after a shooting and stabbing at a motorcycle show in denver am police say two rival clubs were possibly involved in the violence. investigators believe two or more exchangeed gunfire. no arrests have been made. several are being questioned tonight. detectives are investigating the death of a couple at an orange county apartment complex. tonight we know their names, but deputies say there's no history of domestic violence between the
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deputies were called to the mission club apartments this morning on international drive, south of seaworld. they found hall and baker dead inside one of the apartments, they were boyfriend and girlfriend, they are not searching for any suspects. >> they are looking at the possibility of a murder suicide. they will look at everything regarding this case to make the determination. that is one of the possibilities they are looking at. >> anchor: the only other thing deputies had say is the investigation is open and ongoing. in palm coast another search is underway for a three-year-old boy, believed to be with an escaped inmate. the woman on the right in those pictures is the mother. and the girlfriend of this inmate. he is listed as missing and
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his mother and bullock, u.s. marshals are leading the investigation. if you have information, you know where the boy is or these people are, meteorologist call 911 immediately. tonight a stunning new theory about where our moon came from. what new research just revealed ahead. plus, a brand-new poll the last hour shows how close it is in iowa tonight. what will make the difference in this critical caucus, according to the analysts. >> most of us made it to the low 70's today, and 80's are in our near future. >> anchor: a game changer for a rocket company, and taxpayers am why this rocket should save all
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>> anchor: we are two days away from the iowa caucuss, a new poll showed donald trump is on the g.o.p. lead, and the other side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck. donald trump has a five point lead over ted cruz and 13 point heed on marco rubio.
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in early january, but has been under constant attack. hillary clinton is hanging onto a small lead. bernie sanders is so close, he is within the margin of error, some undecided voter say they are taking clblt's email situation into consideration. >> national security issue. >> anchor: with the polls so close, expert say undecided voter will make a difference in this race. donald trump talked to cbs this week. you can watch the full interview tomorrow morning on face the nation, 10:30 only on news 6. it has only been a few days since the air force says space x can fly, the air force last week approved the new upgraded falcon 9-4, national security certification.
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powerful roblting, the same that launched and landed in december at the cape is eligible to take up top secret satellites for the government, allowing them to compete against the usual contractor, ula, which charges much more for a launch, hundreds of millions, so space x has bited for a mission that could launch as soon as next area and should save a lot of money. nasa says we are learning more about how earth got its moon, the new evidence from rocks brought back by apollo astronauts more than 40 years ago, compared recently to rocks from hawaii. researchers have learned the crash was a head-on collision, meaning, if you are still with
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moon was formed from parts of early earth, not the other planet which crashed into really. which is why they say some spots look like the moon. >> no mention of cheese anywhere >> anchor: or the man, blue moon any other jokes. how about we talk about how warm? >> anchor: i know, i am looking forward to it. there were people raving about the cool start. >> anchor: nice change. >> a little chilly. we have a cool 911 ahead of us, from here on out, temperatures are heading up, up, up. satellite and radar, not a lot to talk about. we have a thin veil of clouds mexico. you will notice more clouds through the day tomorrow. because of that, and also we are going to see a disturbance developing near the straits. some of that moisture is going
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florida. we expect to stay dry tomorrow and into the day monday. we topped out at a very comfortable 72 in orlando today. 69 in leesburg, 70 for palm coast, and one of our warmer readings, cape canaveral, a high at 72. this evening, all of us have cooled down into the 50's except cocoa beach, you are holding onto 60. favor 7 in orlando, 55 in kissimmee, and 54 in the villages. overnight, 40, ocala, villages, and palm coast, 52 in orlando. you will drop a couple more degrees in cove, overnight low of 58. couple thing going on tomorrow. some of the high level cloudiness drifting in from the west. you see showers trying to develop to the south. we expect them to stay off-shore but it is not our of the
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mid-afternoon sprinkle on the south end of brevard county. most of that probably will built reach the ground. there will be sufficient moisture you could get a couple sprinkles. sunday evening, you see clouds thickening up, and once again, cup of shower just off the brevard county. for anybody heading out to see the billing race, chilly start by noon, 68, heading to a high of 72 as the race is wrapping up before 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. a few degrees warmer in central orange county, high of 75. there you go, anybody who likes it warmer, back to 80 monday. that should be a beautiful day with partly sunny skies. we introduce rain chances on ground hog day, 81, increasing wednesday and thursday as we get
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i am optimistic we dry out friday, may have rain earlier in the day. we will be dryer and cooler next week. >> anchor: if you like it cool, hold on, something for everybody. thank you. here tonight's florida lottery drawing, good luck. time to live the dream. tonight's jackpot is $38 million. the multiplier is 3. the winning numbers 3-1-1, 45, 5 46, 27, 32, and 15. now, factcy 5, imagine winning hundreds of thousands of dollars. the numbers tonight, good luck, 11, 10, 27, 36, and if you
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>> anchor: tonight's winning powerball. sqads as a girl, we used to proudly wear the death leopard t-shirts. the show must go on in deltona, 15 more hours. the rolex, nearing halfway. the lights are on, the marathon race continues, an update
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>> anchor: i think they are happy there's no rain. >> clear, smooth sailing. it is a relay, they are always changing drivers. it is a really neat race, if you want to see it, you can head to deltona now, you had see plenty of racing the next few hours.
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the rolex 24, nearing the 9 hour mark, roughly 15 more to go in that endurance race, it was perfect day for racing at deltona. the rolex got started this afternoon. a woman behind the wheel, shot to the lead in the first hour. lights come on. look at the car, stalled in the middle of the course, so difficult to avoid. that really cool car could not avoid it. that is a bummer. that car is out for good. nascar driver, his racing team is still in it. long way to go. the rolex ends at 2:40 tomorrow afternoon. the losing streak, they have lost eight in a row, and it
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they dove play better against the celtics than friday night. boston won easily last night. help skiles says one of the biggest issues is something that is not quite as obvious as the lack of defense or energy. it is a losing mentality. >> what we are combatting more than anything is just unfortunately there's a lot of losses the past few years, so you are convincing what it takes to win, realizing the franchise now thinks it is important we win, we have to do certain things, add things up to, 2 plus 2 equals 4, no short cuts, can't skip steps. if you are in the business of skipping steps, you will continue to lose. >> anchor: 12 -11 equal 1, the wins the last 12 game. boston tomorrow, a game with the spurs the next day, trip to observe observing city wednesday
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friday. the magic, facing some of the best in the league. it will be tough. coach mike white is the new guy looking more like the right guy after a big win in gainsville. motivation, the two teams had to be separated, coming out on fire. smith, drives strong, 2 of his 24. up double digits in the first. wide open three. the gators put on the finishing touch, 88-71. that will look very good on the tournament resume. >> congratulations, you guys were incredible. but in the sense, you exposed yourself, that's what you are
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>> johnny mans el's resume took another hit, police called to investigate a possible saul. he hasn't been arrested. a police investigation is ongoing. the nfl says it is looking into the incident. in october, he was questioned by police about a domestic incident with his girlfriend at the time. they were seen arguing in a vehicle. he was not charged with anything then either. one week from tomorrow, you will be watching super bowl 50. panthers versus broncos, kickoff 6:30 on cbs. manning has rarely been the underdog through his long career. he will be in the super bowl. panthers, 6 point favorite after dominatinging regular season and playoff, denver, could be a work in progress. he says his team can get better, denver has to improve quickly. >> i can assure you our efforts
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improve is certainly there, and we will do everything we can to be the best we can be in a couple week. >> anchor: it is more like a couple days.
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