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tv   News 6 at 6.30pm  CBS  January 31, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> tonight we are learning if this is part of a larger crime trend. plus -- >> i'm going to make our country great again which is what we want. >> trump talks. the candidate commenting on his absence from the fox debate in a cbs news exclusive. >> new information to want in the sudden last minute
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why the lead singer said he could't sing. good evening. thank you for joining us. it was an unpleasant wake-up call for our visitors this morning. windows were smashed on some 70 cars parked overnight at hotels. the vandals hit three hotels. the monumental movie land hotel and the country inn suites. justin has this crime tracker alert. >> instead of heading to the theme parks, tourists staying at the country inn and suites on universal boulevard woke up with a mess to clean up. >> we were surprised and shocked. we just got here last night. >> orlando police say up to 50 cars just in this parking lot were broken into, windows smashed, valuables taken. >> they broke our window. >> detectives say the smash and grab burglaries happened in the
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didn't stop at just this hotel. deputies were on the scene at a few others at the tourist corridor. it appears some 70 cars were hit just overnight. ontario resident had his window smased in but nothing was taken. now he is trying to not let this affect his family's trip. >> there are millions of people that come here. the tourists are targeted, i guess. it doesn't really deter us. something to think about. >> and these burglaries the latest in what seems to be a growing crime trend. two other counties, brevard and flagler had similar incidents happened in the last month. >> two hotels in flagler county were targeted. you can see the damage those thieves left behind and these pictures deputies gave us. in brevard county, folks staying at the hotel inn were victimized in a similar fashion.
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finding whoever is responsible. responsible. >> officials -- investigators haven't said if these car break-ins are connected but they are checking to see if there is a connection. rescuers rush to an airport when a small plane flipped over at the edge of the runway. brevard fire rescue sent us these pictures. this is a cessna 172 on its roof. they say the pilot turned out to be ok. the plane skidded across the grass and overturned while trying to land. >> in seminole county, no bond for the suspect at the center of the officer shootout in sanford we have been telling you about all weekend. investigators say this is rashad smith. he pointed a gun at cars near airport boulevard friday night. when a sanford officer went to check it out, smith started shooting at them. we are told the man walking by was hit in the leg. the officer returned fire.
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today. it will warm up for sure over the next few days. here's a live look from our city cam over downtown orlando. looking dark and coolish. elizabeth hart promising mid 80's this week. >> oh, yeah. excellent observation. >> man, you are on it. as you were eluding to, we had more cloud cover than we are expecting. no rain. you can see a few showers out over the open waters. we have a few trying to creep in from the gulf of mexico so we can't completely rule out a little sprinkle here or there as we head through the evening. overall, we expect dry conditions. the high level clouds here streaming in from the gulf. we have moisture coming in from both directions. as we look at temperatures, holding at 67 in orlando. 66 in ocala. 64 in daytona. 65 in cocoa beach. 67 in melbourne.
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we may see patchy fog developing by sunrise. monday morning commute. temperature wise. a low right near 60 degrees in orlando. as eric mentioned, 80's are on the way. >> and it is dark. >> tonight the search continues for a missing ocoee girl who disappeared one week ago. police searching for kaley. she was last seen sunday. tonight we spoke with kaley's mother who say police say there have been reported sightings of her in the sanford area. this includes someone reportedly seeing her with an older male near the seminole town center. her mother still feels kaley could be in danger. anyone with information where she might be is asked to call police. >> we know the name of the man who was burned to death in the woods in volusia county. deputies say that malcolm rule of orange city built a fire in
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control skormging trees and brush in deland, east of the budget inn. deputies say the 52-year-old's body was burned when they found him. tomorrow. >> tonight a longwood woman is in trouble for not protecting a child that was raped earlier this month. they say during their investigation, they learned this woman didn't properly supervise the child. they charged her with aggravated child neglect. a week and a half ago we told you that longwood police arrested a sexual predator at a home on springwood court. >> a university of florida student has died after he fell from a six story residential building this morning. gainesville police say security footage shows chance wolf walking out of an elevator opening a door overlooking a courtyard and then falling over a glass barrier. the 20-year-old died at the hospital.
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foul play. in iowa, the final frenzy to get people to caucus is in full force. voters will meet on monday to make the first decision for the race if the white house. the polls show a tight race in both parties. analysts say turnout is what is going to make all the difference. >> on the eve of the iowa caucuses -- >> it starts here tomorrow night. >> every presidential candidate has the same message. >> i'm going to ask one more time for your vote. >> the first votes in the 2016 election will offer more than delegates, it will set the tone of the race and determine which campaigns can turn support into turnout. marvin miller showed up at help. he is a registered democrat but plans to jump ship. >> i like the man himself and what he has done. everybody else, not so much.
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holds a five point lead over ted cruz. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck within the margin of error. >> political experts say this late in the game volunteers shouldn't be trying to change people's minds but make sure economied reporters show up on caucus night. >> you have to physically show up. >> collin baldwin is 15,000 supporters spreading the word on behalf of sanders. he has als and says volunteering makes him feel alive again. >> it is brick by brick, one call at a time, one door knocking at a time. >> each campaign is fighting for one vote at a time. time. >> new at 6:30. we are hearing the reason behind the last minute cancellation of a huge concert last night. the lead singer of the band def leopard couldn't sing.
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a half hour before the show at the amway was due to illness. def leopard tweeted if he continues to sing, he may do permanent damage. fans were told they could get a full refund through ticket master or hold onto the tickets for when the concert is rescheduled. ticket master didn't say when that would be. >> people all across central florida are trying to help a local boy scout troop after somebody stole their trailer. inside that trailer the boys' camp gear, worth about $20,000 to replace that and the trailer. as a result that man on the right spike hopkins who is running for orange county sheriff has set up a go fund me account to help boy scott troop 996. >> they tweel use this equipment to give back to the community w.
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like bass pro shops help these guys in donation of equipment. whoever the person was that got out of their septic tank and came and stole the trailer, next time you on church property your need to go and ask forgiveness and not commit crimes. >> for those who want though go, to we have a link to the go fund me page. >> a city in mourning after a 13-year-old girl was killed, next at 6:30, what led investigators to the arrest of two university students four days after this young girl disappeared. >> we saw mostly low 70's for the afternoon high. we are heading back into the mid 80's. i'll let you know when they get here. >> later, a fight to the finish at the row locks 24, why some say the last laughs were the most intense they have seen in the last decade.
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covering titusville, apopka and
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>> police arrested two promising virginia tech students in connection with a girl's death. police say davidizen hour abducted nicole lowell and natalie keeper helped him dispose of the body. eisenhower, an engineering major and member of the school's cross country team is now charged with abduction and murder.
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engineering student is charged with inproper disposal of a body. >> investigating all kinds of things, social media included. lots of things coming in. >> there was a four day search that included 1,000 members of the cadets. police haven't said why or how she was killed. >> let's talk about something else, how about the heat? my joke about it getting dark, we are banging away, we are not paying attention -- >> i know, i was just teasing you. look outside, it is dark. but it was a nice evening. it will warm up. >> it will be warm within the next couple of days. today we didn't get as warm as we expected. we low 70's around most of central florida. we were forecasting about 75. cover. some of it, at least the high thin clouds streaming in, you
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in out of the southwest, upper level-wise. showers developing on the gulf of mexico. they are not having a lot of success holding together. we have light rain over the gulf stream. we will see a southeast wind flow setting up. through the night, there is a chance that from the west or from the east, we may get a quick sprinkle. here were the highs. we topped out at 71 in orlando. that is close to average. usually for the final day of january, we hit 72 degrees. 70 in palm coast. upper 60's right along the immediate coast. in daytona and new smyrna and 70 degrees for you high in ocala. right now, 66 in kissimmee, also in leesburg. also in new smyrna and 65 out in cocoa beach tonight. the winds haven't been a factor. most of us looking at calm conditions, that may help to contribute to a problem overnight. that would be fog developing. it is not a problem.
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we could watch that be compromised as we head into the overnight hours. something to keep in mind for your monday morning commute. 55 in ocala. these numbers, a fair bit above average, usually we are bottoming out in the low 50's as we head towards the beginning of february. taekz look at clouds and rain forecast, you can see the clouds stick around for the remainder of the evening. we get breaks towards 1:00 a.m. tomorrow. we'll certainly start the day with cloud cover close to the metro. more sunshine at the coast for daytona and melbourne. heading through the afternoon, a certainly enough to allow temperatures to warm up. we should see right near 80 degrees in most locals around afternoon. towards monday evening; a few clouds breaking up, setting us up for another nice day on tuesday. here are the details on your hour by hour forecast. temperature around 60 degrees
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nice and warm pi noontime. heading to a high around 80. we'll run 8 degrees above average. look at tuesday. take that, 84 degrees. what do you say about winter? we'll see. there will be sun. he will probably see his shadow. >> sure. >> wednesday, our next approaches. we may have thunderstorms in the mix. then we are cooler and dry next weekend. not a huge cooldown. mo 30's for the overnight lows. just a nice little range of weather for the next few days. >> skramy is here. >> sometimes you may think you have had a long day at work. >> everybody felt that way. don't tell that to the drivers in the rolex 24. these guys have been going all day all night. 24 hours of racing through the overnight to this afternoon, finally comes to an end and
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>> a very cool event, i mean, where will you see lamborghinis and audis all in one place for one day, besides a car dealership. this is a very cool race. the ultimate test of speed, endurance and team work came to an end. the rolex 24, the 24 hour parade of the finest and fastest race cars wrapped up this afternoon. after racing through the overnight, you know, anything can happen after dark. this car engine failed. that can happen after hours and hours of racing.
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literally, stirring a pit stop. it catches fire. everyone was ok. after the sun came up, apopka's ricky taylor drawing the racing corvette has the lead. ricky won this race 20 years ago, it was not the taylor's moment. that team settles for second as driving the honda passes for the lead. he drives that car and the teqila racing team, the final stretch stretch. the first win or a honda. >> it is amazing to be here. >> it is kind of unreal to be here here. >> there were other races within
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these are twin car vets and teammates duking it out. they exchanged leads several times. the winning driver was oliver gavin. scott styles says he takes responsibility for the game eight day slide. he says it is up to him to teach the guys what it takes to win and he has to do a better job. the magic are on the floor attacking on the celtics. the team that beat them on friday in boston, early highlights from amway center. puts it in drive and scores. a minute later, payton makes a pass and the celtics will take advantage. boston is up 11. the magic come back and embrace this losing streak? i'll have a full recap tonight at 11:00. the men's basketball team could not keep up with the huskies.
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>> has anyone else felt the void this weekend? for the first time since august, to football games that count. the pro-bowl does kick off in hawaii. jamesous winston will be one to watch. we really can't wait for this one. one week from right now, we'll all be watching super bowl 50 on news 6. your central florida home for the game. the panthers left the east coast for the west coast today. now check out cam newton's pants. they are yellow with a leopard print or something. that's a fashion statement. so one of the few times in his career, peyton manning is an underdog. he is number one in the league.
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will not be easy for the denver defense defense. they have to give the defense to stay on the field. every phase has to do our part. we want to carry our weight and not take our defense for grant. grant. granted. >> i love this matchup. manning is the favorite and cam newton is the quarterback of the present and future.
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>> look at this, we have a week to go, san francisco, they are getting ready and very excited. kicking off a celebration. what a nice backdrop with the golden gate bridge. >> absolutely. as jamie said, we are excited. hosting the super bowl. >> that will be awesome. the only problem is we have to wait a week for it.
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