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tv   News 6 at 6 AM  CBS  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> it is time to get going. breaking overnight, a crash shuts down a road in osceola county. what we learned from troopers at the scene. >> a teen dead after being shot at and crashing in the middle of the neighborhood. what his family is saying this morning as they plead for help to get results in finding whoever did it. >> it is back to work at the building that has been at the center of a controversy. only news 6 was there as the homeless people tried to get back. back. >> thank you for joining us so early. troy and amy are here. >> such a nice weekend. sorry that it is over but good to be back on a monday morning. morning. >> slept. that's what i usually do, when i get a chance. when you get up at 2:00, you
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>> coming up, how you can make money by playing with legos. details on that story are just ahead. >> troy, i want to thank you because i had great weather for the baby shower on saturday. >> i'm glad that went well for you. you deserve it. a nice day today. a warmer day near 80 degrees. starting off in the 60's. you can see right now, we are at 62 degrees in orlando. 61 is the temperature in sanford. 459 is the temperature in ocala. melbourne at 62 degrees. blue sky sunshine, a few clouds off and on. look at the warmup. by noon, all the way up to 77 degrees. 80 will be the temperature at 4:00 today with partly cloudy skies through the afternoon. this afternoon, starting off with patchy fog. i have just checked on visibilities.
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we could see more fog work in. we'll watch it. first let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> good monday morning. glad we don't have to add fog. look outside, very dark. we are making excellent time. this is i-4 this morning over by orange camp. westbound. want to pass along word of one accident this morning. this looks like it is going on off of the major interstate, it is worth noting, edgewater by lee, getting reports the center lane is blocked. use caution through the area. that's your check on traffic. back over to you. >> breaking overnight, we are waiting for answers about what caused this deadly crash in osceola county. we were right there minutes after the crash on 192 at hickory tree road. troopers say one person died. they are not releasing any other information yet about the victim or what caused this crash. as soon as we get new details, we will let you know what
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>> also developing this morning, in just a couple of hours, a county building has been at the center of controversy is finally set to reopen. >> the property appraiser closed up shop. on friday night, the chief moved in and told everyone there they would have to leave or they would be arrested. only news 6 was there over the weekend when some people tried to come back. mark lehman is there live at the building. how are things looking right now out there this morning. >> an officer patrolling the area when we first arrived. you can see behind me the area around the building is now empty. a dramatically different view now as property appraiser's office appears to reopen for the first time in a week. >> a woman walks away with blanket in hand. she was asked to leave by police. the area outside the building is now under close watch as the property appraiser's office
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the department closing this location last week after a growing number of homeless outside made it unsafe for employees. on friday, police told them to go to a shelter or go to jail. >> if you don't leave, you will be arrested. >> it is a move that may be difficult but one that become necessary after police found crime. >> shooting up in the bathroom, fights, prostitution. >> more than 80 people were taken to the salvation army over the weekend. part of the problem is not everyone wants help. >> the doors here at the office will be reopening in about an hour and a half. we'll be here when that happens. this is just a temporary fix at the salvation army a. more permanent fix is in the works works. i'll tell you more about that coming up. >> thank you for the update. the family of this 15-year-old
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pleading for help. harris was shot in the afternoon in the middle of a neighborhood. whoever did it is still on the run. it happened friday along central street, north of state road 436 near altamonte springs. johnny is live along hiawassee road this morning the where it is believed the teen went to school. johnny, the family is devastated. >> that's right. all the family wants is answers. they are asking the public to come forward if they know anything that happened. according to harris's mom, she believes she knows someone out -- someone out there may know something about what happened. she asking them to come forward. harris's mom said this ordeal started on friday when the teen asked to sit in her car and listen to music. instead she says he drove off and 15 minutes later, deputies say someone standing in the middle of center street near altamonte springs fired several shots at harris. harrison crashed into a tree.
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but did not survive. >> we miss him, the family misses him. she is very hurt. if someone can come forward mother to mother. if she knows anything, you know, feel it in your heart to say, this is what i need to do. >> and at this point, seminole county deputies do tell us they are following a number of leads. at this point, they have not made any arrests. if you have any information about this whole thing, you are urge today contact deputies or crimeline at 1-800-423-tips. back to you. >> all right, thank you, johnny. >> an autopsy is set for today after a man was found burned to death in the woods. deputies say 52-year-old malcolm rule of orange city had built a fire that got out of control east of the budget inn east of
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deputies say they encountered rule earlier in the night sleeping on a bench but he refused to leave. >> a big traffic alert this morning for thousands of drivers. one toll plaza is now closed. we were there as crews shut down the plaza on the beachline near oia. they are tearing it down to improve traffic in the area. don't expect to save any money. new plazas are setting up to collect your cash at several exits in the area. if you don't have cash, you could end up paying more. kirsten will explain that for you coming up in a live report at the bottom of the hour. >> the first vote will be cast later tonight in iowa. with polls showing a tight race on both sides, the candidates made closing arguments on sunday. >> if everyone here brings nine other people to the caucuses, we will win the caucuses tomorrow.
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we will win the general election in november 2016 2016. >> the latest poll shows donald trump leading the race 28% followed by ted cruz at 23%. it is also close on the democratic side as hillary clinton leads with 45% while bernie sanders has right around 42%. there is possible for snow in iowa which could have an impact on people getting out to vote. we'll bring you a complete update on news 6 at 11:00. don't miss it. >> the orange county school district is holding an emergency meeting for parents after news one big school will be delayed another year. the district announced friday the new audubon k-8 school won't open until august of 2018. tests indicate the soil on the proposed site would need work before it could support the school as planned. tonight's meeting is set for
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>> the magic are back in action against the celtics looking to get back on track after dropping 12 of the last 14 games a. few days ago, the celtics beat the magic by 19 points. you know what, things would play out differently back here at home in orlando. magic would fight back from a 13 point deficit. orlando tops boston 119-114. the magic will need the momentum when they head to san antonio tonight. tipoff is is set for 8:30. i hope they can keep it going. let's check in with troy. >> so exciting when they win against a team like that. we'll deal with a little bit of fog this morning. i checked on visibilities. we'll be pinpointing a chance for fog to develop within the next hour. notice the clouds to our south, the rain also to our south, doing some traveling today,
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there will be some showers there, a few thundershowers. for us, low level moisture. then the clouds burn off. we see a mix of sun and clouds through the day. the sun will heat us up. a warm 63 at the bus stop. the kids don't need a jacket heading out. they will need short sleeves through the day with a high of 80. coming up, we are talking about rain returning a chance for a few storms as well what kind of cooldown can we expect? all that in minutes. let's check on the roads with amy right now in the napleton traffic center. good morning, amy. >> good morning. thank you very much. good morning to you at home. things looking fine on the roads. construction is clearing out of your way. beautiful start to the day. eastbound cars coming towards you. westbound moving away. at this point all of your drive times looking nice. if you are heading the beachline
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from 95 to the airport, taking you 14 minutes. eastbound side, flipping that from airport to 95, 30 minutes. we are in the green looking great. i'll send things back to you. >> a mystery surrounding a missing boy scout trailer. >> how one leader is helping to get results in the search. plus, a florida woman turns the tables on a police officer. why she says she pulled him over just ahead. >> new developments in the search for a missing ocoee teen, what her family is saying about reported sightings of her next. you are watching news 6 getting results for all of central florida on the air and on the
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sdmoo. >> police investigating reported sightings of a missing teen in seminole county. kaley posey was last seen over a week ago. news 6 spoke with kaley's mother who tells us there have been a few reported sightings in the
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who reported seeing her with an older man. poses's cell phone has been shut off. there haven't been any posts made to her social media pages. anyone who knows where she may be should call police. >> the cop passed me so fast, my car shook side to side. that's when i said, what is the emergency? i got upset. >> she says she was driving 80 miles an hour and still could not keep up with the officer. that's when she put her cell phone on the dash board and followed the officer before getting his attention near i-95. >> the reason i pulled you over, i wanted to know what is the emergency? >> i don't know how fast i was going but i can tell you this, i'm on the way to work. i don't believe i was speeding. but you are entitled to your opinion.
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the officer went onto say he would slow down. officials with the miami-dade police department say the incident is being investigated. >> a boy scout troop is trying to get results in finding who took their trailer filled with camping supplies. it was taken from the lutheran church in orlando. it will cost about $20,000 to replace everything. they are getting help. an officer set up a go fund me page for the group. >> they use this equipment to give back to the community. with that, i ask that any company like bass pro shops shops dander mountain, they help these guys in donation of equipment. lastly i'll say this, whoever the person was who got out of their septic tamping and stole this trailer, next time you go on church property, you need to go there to ask for forgiveness and not commit crimes. >> if you want to help, head to
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to the go fund me page to help the scouts. >> gainesville police investigating a death near the university of florida campus after a student fell from an apartment building. police are saying 22-year-old chance wolf fell from the sixth floor of social 28 around 2:00 a.m. sunday. the journalism student was found unconscious and pleading before getting transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. police say they not suspect foul play. wolf was from westin florida. >> the search for a missing native. this young man, 19-year-old paul safone was last seen on the 27th of january. he is a former student at holy trinity episcopal academy. if you have information on where he could be, call police. >> we'll tell you about super bowl 50, events kicked off this weekend. security was tight as people saw officers there with guns, dressed in swat gear.
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them coming out. the city also got into the spirit as they lifted the bridge. just a reminder the only place where you can catch super bowl 50 is right here on news 6. the coverage starts bright and early at 6:00 in the morning. whoever said you have to grow up did not know about this job listing. >> you could soon be paid to play with legos. the company wants to hire 20 master builders to make sturdy legos. >> that sounds like a lot. >> a lot of work. blocks. the hiring process will include a buildoff. right? >> i would enjoy it. >> sounds like you need to know what you are doing though. 20 master builders?
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>> it sounds like a tv concept. a buildoff and someone wins a job at lego. >> i would watch it. >> when you go to the park, a lot of master builders built that. >> you were there when that whole lego land opened a couple of years ago. certainly a fun place to go. maybe go today. if you want to get out and about, it will be hot, near 80. warm for a lot of folks, especially when you consider where we should be. the average is 72. there's a beautiful view in downtown orlando. you see more and more people hitting the roads. i-4 getting full. a lot of white lights. those are the cars coming in our direction. there's the 62. we have a light north-northeast wind right now just enough of a breeze to keep the fog at bay. what about the temperatures to our north? just a little bit cooler.
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it is 60 degrees at new smyrna beach. 63 at cocoa beach. 61 in melbourne. here's a look at your pinpoint accurate forecast. >> as we help you plan the day, we draw your attention to the sky, expect a mix of clouds and sun. first this were, we'll be dealing with some fog. low level moisture in place that will burn off after 9:00. not a lot of fog so far. that's the good news. we get to 77 at noon. 80 at 4:00 today with a few more high thin clouds. a good bit of sun getting through. for tonight, mild temperatures, one or two rain drops possible. we'll say a 10% chance or less across central florida as more moisture works in with a south and southwest wind. that wind is leading to 80 degree temperatures today. we'll be at 68 degrees at 10:00 tonight. by 11:00, 66. a mild night making evening plans. the clouds and rain forecast
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mix of clouds and sun. the south and southwest winds working in more warm air from the south and that's why temperatures get up near 80. upper 70's to 80 degrees in most spots into the afternoon. no big rain chances, we'll see one or two dots of green on the map trying to paint a rain drop or two. most of us will be dry. the coverage at 10% or less. 78 in leesburg. 79 in sanford for seminole county. tomorrow, that's ground hog for groundhog day. 85 will be the afternoon high temperature. 82 on your wednesday. rain chances at 30% wednesday. of 73. a cooldown. highs in the 60's for super bowl weekend. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. good morning, amy. >> good morning to you. i want to let you know about one accident in orlando at this hour. it is right at the intersection of edgewater and lee. you'll notice there is a part of the intersection blocked.
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any direction. use caution if you are going to be going that way. roadways looking fine. construction is picking up, a live look outside at i-4 by fairbanks. very nice. westbound coming towards you. still plenty of elbow room. that's your check on trafb. back over to you. >> 6:22. good news for drivers. how fast prices are dropping at the pump. ahead at 6:30, dozens of cars broken into in the tourist district. find out why detectives say this could be related to other crimes. >> you are watching news 6 getting results for all of central florida, on the news 6 app. we'll be right back. i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that.
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right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>> >> good morning. in consumer watch, p you have been keeping track at the pump, the price keep going down. >> we are talking at a rate of half a cent a day. >> the national average is $1.80 a gallon where one week ago, the average was $1.83. in florida, the average price is $1.83, dropping three cents from a week ago.
6:23 am
$1.74 which is a four cent drop from last week. >> when comes to staying in shape, riding a bike is a healthy exercise. >> they are taking it to a whole other level, they are biking more than 38,000 miles, from alaska's north coast to the southern tip of argentina. according to our news partners, the pair made a pit stop in brevard county. after that they had time to stop here. their journey has taken them more than 7,000 miles. they are taking their time because they won't reach their goal in argentina until april 2017. >> my legs would fall off at that point. >> we wish them well. >> there are growing concerns over the zekea virus. >> a big change for drivers, our
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we are live with how a plaza shutdown will affect your morning drive and your wallet. >> the on this monday you are watching news 6 getting results for all of central florida on air and also on the news 6 app. we'll be right back. is fresh florida shrimp and clams, served over rice! it's simple to create a seafood delight. visit for more scrumptious recipes. delicious is always served
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>> breaking news in orange county after one person is killed after this crash in u.s. 192. >> developments surrounding a homeless camp controversy. what is expected to happen today after police moved in over the weekend. >> a traffic alert to tell you about going on in orange county after a major change comes to this busy toll plaza on the beachline. what you need to know before morning. florida. thanks for joining us, it is i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. also joining us on this monday, at the table, we have amy and troy. >> the weekend is long gone. >> it is true. >> head to work. >> it is a good monday though. >> how are we looking on the roads? >> i'm watching one accident that could cause issues. >> thank you for the info. >> patches of fog to deal with.
6:27 am
the big story, the heat. getting up near 80 degrees. >> coming up, a doctor who treats more than aches and pains, how this doc is helping through song. >> he sings, that's nice. >> that makes the medicine go down. >> can't wait to hear his sing. >> we'll deal with fog, a little bit of low level moisture in place. visibilities. visibilities. >> 62 in orlando. 63 at cocoa beach. right now, a little cooler in northern county like flagler county, palm coast at 54 degrees. it is 59 in marion county. you may want a jacket. most of us warm enough to not need a jacket out door. all the way to 80 at 4:00 this afternoon with no rain chances, at least for the next couple of days.
6:28 am
returns and the chance for thunderstorms and a cool down behind it. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the traffic center. >> good morning. here's what is going on. we have an accident on the local roads in orlando. it can be a busy area at the intersection of edgewater and lee. we have part of the intersection blocked. it is in the center lane. you can get past it. do keep that in mind if you will be traveling that stretch. everything as far as interstate travel is not an issue right now. a beautiful look outside. you can see over by fairbanks this morning, eastbound cars moving away from you. westbound coming towards you. no significant slowdowns. that's your check on traffic. i'm going to send things back to you. >> we continue to follow breaking news from overnight in osceola county, where a person died following a crash. it happened on u.s. 192 and hickory tree road near st. cloud.
6:29 am
other information, only saying the crash shut down the lanes. >> in the last few hours, we watched crews shut down the airport toll plaza. in the next few months, the whole plaza is going to be torn down. this is right between semoran and conway roads. kirsten is live. you found out even though this toll plaza is going away, drivers won't be saving any money, what is going on? >> no david, some drivers may be paying more if they don't have a sun pass or an e pass. we have been watching the changes this morning. construction is already under way. just part of the series of big seeing. this is one of the first plazas that was put up by the expressway authority. because the airport runway are
6:30 am
left that doesn't have high speed tollway. that means traffic can back up here. 75,000 cars pass by every day. by 2035, the expressway authority says that number will climb to 122,000. that's why the plaza is being removed. it doesn't mean you'll get a break when it comes to the tolls. the authority has added brand new toll plazas at conway road, trade port drive and boggy creek. instead of paying at the airport, you'll pay when you get on or off at those new ramps. complicated. they have added e pass readers so you you won't have to pay the full amount at the mall. you'll get a discount because you are only going on the highway for a short distance. if you don't have an e pass, you
6:31 am
these tolls will be less at ramps if you have an e pass, that's the key. the authority is really pushing everybody to get one, if you don't have one, as for the plaza, that construction is going to continue for several months months. >> happening today, dozens of county workers will return to the property appraiser office office. >> the office reopening after police came out over the weekend to put all the hopeless campers into shelters. only news 6 was there when some people tried to come back. >> since we have been out here this morning, we have seen officers patrolling the property. you can see that it looks different from what we saw last week. they are trying to keep the area clear as employees return for the first time in a week.
6:32 am
remained on watch. the homeless are being asked to leave as the property appraiser's office prepares to reopen its doors. >> if you don't leave, you'll be arrested. >> police gave the 100 camped outside an ultimatum. others refusing to leave. >> for weeks, a grow number of homeless have called this their makeshift home. undercover officers began mixing into the crowd. they say a local gang member was helping control the group. others saying that drug use on the property was ok. >> when the sun went down, this turned into a crime area.
6:33 am
to accommodate the people over the weekend. that is a temporary fix. a more permanent one is offering a homeless facility to be built but those plans are stalled until the city can come up with the operating costs for that facility. we are told police have surveillance video or undercover video from officers here last week. that shows everything that was going on here outside the building. they plan to release that video as early as today. >> thank you, mark. a crash underinvestigation. a good samaritan killed after she tried to help the victim of another crash. this happened along u.s. 1 south of harbor road. troopers say that's where a motorcycle lost control of his bike and was thrown into the southbound lanes. the good samaritan who saw this happened tried to get out and help. that's when she was hit by another car. the motorcyclist and good shar
6:34 am
troopers say the crash is underinvestigation. >> in brevard county, investigators look intoodz what caused this plane to turn over at the meritt island airport. officials say the pilot was trying to land when something went wrong causing the plane to skid off the runway as you can see and flip over. the pilot was not seriously injured. that's the good news. it is unclear what caused the crash. crews at the national transportation safety board and faa are now investigating. let's move to volusia county as family and friends are expected to come together tonight to mark a somber anniversary. it is all in the search for a missing woman. today marks six long years since rogers disappeared. detectives say the 28-year-old was last seen walking away from her home on the first of february of 2010. her cell phone hadn't been used since then and her bank account remains exactly the same. the victim's mother holds a vigil each and every year. tonight's ceremony will be at 5:30 at 1069 boulevard in port orange.
6:35 am
>> the suspect involved in a shootout with police won't be getting out any time soon. the judge denied bond. on friday night, smith was pointing a gun at cars on 17/92. when police got there, they say smith started shooting at them. officers fired back. a man who happened to be walking by was hit in the leg. that person's name hasn't been released. his injuries are not life threatening. threatening. >> we are expecting new details today about just what happened to one couple found dead in their apartment. were there when the bodies of katie and marvin barker were found at mission club apartments off idrive. deputies say the two were boyfriend and girlfriend. the couple had no history of domestic violence. they say at this point they are not searching for any other suspects connected to the case. >> happening on the space coast, we'll find out who will join a long list of men and women recognized for their rolls in
6:36 am
two astronauts will be selected for induction into the u.s. astronaut hall of fame. the announcement will come at 10:00 a.m. at the kennedy space center. should be a fun time. >> we are starting off so nice this morning, it is going to get hot. >> pool day perhaps. right? >> sounds like a plan. today we are getting up near 80 degrees in many spots. after all that rain a few days back, back last week, it was cold at times. this week, a different setup as plenty of those south and southwest winds today work in, bringing in more warm air. you can see rain to our south. traveling down to miami, south florida, certainly a good bit of rain and cloud cover. we are seeing some low level clouds and some patches of fog. a lot of that will burn off as we head into the next couple of hours. you can expect a warm day at the bus stop. make sure the kids have their short sleeves, not the rain gear today. up to 80 by 3:00. coming up, we'll talk about cooler air behind a system that brings rain later in the week.
6:37 am
with amy right now. you know where she is. the napleton traffic center. >> that i am. a live look outside. i-95, not going to be an issue for your travel. northbound cars coming towards you. either direction looking nice. traveling around orlando, we have a center lane blocked. you can get past it on all sides. use caution. all of your drive times looking excellent. that's your check on traffic. we'll send it back to you. >> a big change is on the way for folks in cuba. >> what residents will be able to get for the first time ever. >> there is a crime tracker alert in the heart of orlando's tourist district. still ahead, find out why the suspect ahead of struck before. >> plus, growing concerns over the zika virus are prompting an action.
6:38 am
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>> members of the world health organization will discuss the ongoing fears of the zika virus. they'll declare this international health emergency. it is part of the same family as yellow fever. currently the virus has been detected in 25 different countries including 12 states here in the u.s. it has been linked to a medical condition which causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads and underdeveloped brains t. world health organization has only declared an emergency three times, including one for the ebola outbreak in 2014. >> a crime tracker alert after vandals break into cars at hotels. investigators trying to get results for those responsible. this happened overnight saturday at three different hotels. the canada drive hotel, the country inn and suites in the
6:41 am
police say thieves shattered the windows of 70 different cars, stole items from those vehicles and ran off. the majority of break-ins, about 50 of them happened at the country inn and suites. victims say they are trying to not to let those break new smyrna impact their vacation. >> i think there are millions of people who come here. it doesn't really deter us. it is something to think about. >> investigators looking into reports from two other central florida counties who had similar incidents in the past month. >> new this morning, news for people in cuba. country leaders announced they'll launch the first broadband home internet service. reps with the telecommunication country say cubans will get the service through fiber optic connections. it is a huge milestone for cuba
6:42 am
broadband only started last year. >> an omaha doctor is giving patients more than what is covered in the insurance policy. >> that's because he makes sure everyone leaves with a smile and a song in their hearts. >> not bad at all. employees of this man say he is always singing to his staff, patients and complete strangers. he said singing helps to calm patients as well as themselves. the doctor was offered a recording contract -- >> really? >> he turned it down so he could help others. >> he can carry a tune. >> makes it easier to deal with the doctor. >> a lot easier. we'll be dealing with fog this morning. not a whole bunch. that's the good news.
6:43 am
a nice shot over downtown orlando. you can see plenty of cars out on i-4, not dealing with any major trouble weather wise. we'll check in with amy to find out if there is other stuff to deal with. i'm sure there will be problems. 62 is temperature in downtown orlando. that's what it feels like. we have plenty of moisture in the low levels of the atmosphere, not in the form of rain but in the form of low clouds and fog. not a lot of fog to deal with, you'll feel that air. it is sticky when you step out, we'll burn the moisture off. ocala. 54 at palm coast. the northern counties, flagler county, marion county a little cooler than the rest of us. you may want a light jacket. 62 is the temperature right now in orlando. it is 63 right there at cocoa beach. as we help you plan the day and take you hour by hour, notice we are up to 77 at noon. the average afternoon high temperature is 72. we are well above that even at
6:44 am
we continue to climb to 80 degrees by 4:00 this afternoon. heading out tonight, maybe to have dinner, lucky you. you may want to sit outside. by 10:00, still at 70 degrees. there's the clouds and rain forget. notice the clock at the top of the screen. green trying to enter the picture. tomorrow, good and dry, before we persistent poit a new front, bringing rain by midweek and a bit of a cooldown. warm ahead of that system. a couple of days before it moves in, 79 the high in ocala as we take you where you live by 3:00, warming to e at daytona beach. 79 in sanford. 80 degrees in orlando. 80 in kissimmee. we'll be in the upper 70's in
6:45 am
there we are as we take you into groundhog day tomorrow. there is punxsutawney phil. he is moving around. what do they have to eat? do they have to chew on wood. >> they eat grass? >> i think so. >> 85 will be the afternoon high on groundhog day. we don't ever worry about what that thing says, that furry creature because we know what will happen. it will be warm for some time. 82 on wednesday a. cooldown to 65 on friday. there's the area of low pressure with the front bringing a 60% chance of rain thursday. the cooldown on friday. upper 60's for the weekend. let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic good morning. >> good morning to you. it is a good morning on the roads getting your work or school week started. your drive times not going to be an issue. st. john's river to colonial
6:46 am
heading eastbound, osceola parkway to colonial, 18 minutes. rest of the major roadways really looking as nice. 95, not turning up either issues. we'll get you outside to get a live look. not going to be an issue, can see northbound cars heading away from you. we'll send things back to you. >> up next, a check of the big stories. >> a person was killed in an overnight crash.
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oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> 6:54. just waking up, staying on top of breaking news this morning from overnight, a person is dead after a crash in osceola county, along 192 near hickory tree road. in the past five minutes, we learned it was a pedestrian who was killed. the crash shut down the road for hours overnight, it is back open right now. it is just one of the big stories we are following on this monday.
6:50 am
changes today. kirsten? >> reporter: david and bridgett, we watched overnight as crews shut down the toll plaza. in the next several months it will be completely torn down. don't expect to save money. the expressway authority is making a change to improve traffic, because all the nearby exits have brand new toll plazas on the entry and exit ramp, the expressway authority is encouraging everyone to get e passes. the savings will be substantial to those using cash. >> workers at the property appraiser office are set to return work here for the first time in weeks. it has been at the center of a controversy involving the homeless. dozens have been camping out. that's until friday night when the police chief toldern they had to move to a shelter or be
6:51 am
they are working on a solution. but a permanent fix is still liking months away. >> you are not wearing the winter coat. you don't need it. loy and mid 60's. heading out the door in the next few minutes. patchy fog and cloud cover. that will burn off. look how quickly we warm. all the way up to 80 degrees at 4:00 today with a mix of sun and clouds. the average high, 72. well above it. >> we are really doing ok, take a look at the cars moving away from you. a slowdown, you'll see occasional tapping of the brakes. we are pretty normal this morning. >> with so glad you could start your day with us here. >> here's one of the stories we are still smiling about. a once in a lifetime shot a. man was taking pictures of his pregnant wife along jacksonville when a dolphin photo bombed them in the background.
6:52 am
>> look at me. >> this is quickly going viral. facebook. >> a cool picture. >> thank you for joining us. when you are on the go, get breaking news and weather, >> central florida's number one
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