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tv   News 6 at Noon  CBS  February 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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breaking right now. workers are searching sewer lines as they look for a missing baby.
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>>david: i am bridget ellison. eric broke the news on twitter within the next hour. eric, what else have you learned? >> i found out the cruise in orlando are to inspect sewers. they just finished searching the manhole that is right behind me here. dave, the photographer can zoom in and i just pull up to new location right across the willowbend apartments. let me show you some video. it's a first location we wrap this morning. city crews got out at 1030 this morning. they are sending a massive camera down into the sewer system here and using it to search more than 200 feet of sewer pipe for each manhole. they have covered 400 feet so far. this is going in all directions here. have a t.v. monitor on board and they will see what the camera is picking up. so far they have not found anything.
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we now know the baby's baby willow. they took to check for traces of the infant but on that front, we can confirm that , complete with the crime scene . they are back in service. we check with orlando police to figure out what is next with the search and they would not go on record for anything. as you can see, the city of orlando is searching the sewer lines here at the willowbend apartments. you can see the contract workers putting up the cones. they are getting ready to go down in the third man hole to search another 200 feet of sewer. they are searching for any sign they will track what they see or if they see anything. the shooting in winter park leaves two people dead and
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evidence and suspects this afternoon. the discovery was made not far from rollins college. does justin is there live now on comstock avenue. neighbors and police say this is normally a quiet area >> this is a pretty nice area of winter park . all of college is right around the corner from here. winter park police are stressing that they are looking for anyone or any suspects in particular. this is where it all happened last night. you can see police are still on the scene. neighbors called 9-1-1 before gunshots. you can see just how active the investigation was. investigators look for evidence and talk with neighbors. winter park police are not releasing the names of the two people found or their relationship but they say they found one body in the yard behind the home. sidewalk. police want everyone to know that they are not looking for any suspects in this. they want that to be clear for
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pinpointing a forecast >> people are everywhere. we are getting out and enjoying the great weather. it's dry air in place and a beautiful day. hopefully get out at some point and enjoy it. high-pressure is dominating and there is a clockwise flow around the ridge of high pressure sending in the wind today. it will be breezy and the wind is off the ocean water bringing on some moisture in the form of clouds. free. breezy conditions and wind gusting at 25 miles per hour. there is the view b live in daytona beach you can see the waves kicking up . it's moving onshore and moving out of the north east at 21 mi miles an hour.
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66b0 right there in daytona beach and throughout the day today, we warm up nicely in right now we are at 66 in ocala. 70 in orlando and 70 in melbourne. the breeze is kicking up and we will talk about the races at daytona beach today. there is more information about what to expect this weekend for the daytona 500. a lot is going on i will talk about the good news as well as rain and if it rolls anytime soon will see you in in a minute. governor rick scott is an disney announcing some big numbers about the tourism for 2015. he says we broke a record with 105 million tourists visiting the state. we have more from epcot with the announcement
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millio se set by governor scott. it's the fifth year in a row for a record number of people visiting the sunshine state . he is hoping to shatter the number in 2016 >> the new goal is 115 visitors this year. governor credits than recent uptick to legislators spending more money to market the state. that translates to 1.2 million jobs in florida >> the businesses are going home and telling their family about what an incredible experience they had around the state of florida >> with tourism numbers defying expectations, the question is, can florida pickup the pace? >> we should expect more tourism. if you look at this weather, we have people who love people coming here. investments in the state. companies are spending more money on amenities and attractions. with six beaches rated top 10,
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remain it's best asset. >> >> we just learn the identity of of a pedestrian killed in a crash in orange county. the drivers involved with tom terry hit and killed after getting off the bus around 8:00 last night. the troopers say he was driving the suv that hit terry. he exited the bus and logged into the path of the suv. we are told the driver stop but is still under investigation >>anchor: the suspect went into the dockside restaurant and demanded money. manager started to get the cash out and he was shot. detectives arrested this man b cry carry. they recognized him from the surveillance video and he was questioned just hours earlier asking to borrow people's cell
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he is now charged with attempted murder. the victim is expected to be okay. let you know in court >> troopers say they have found the car they believe is involved in a deadly hit and run. as breaking on monday. was hitler he was out for a jog on satellite boulevard near state road 520. troopers tell us that an anonymous tip led them to a 1998 jeep cherokee. troopers say the suv has damage consistent with the crash. evidence. the troopers went tell us where the suv was found or information about a possible driver. we will keep asking for more information on the case and let you know when there's more developments. troopers are investigating a deadly crash that backed up traffic on i-4. they say all of westbound in the left lane when
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not slow down as he approached another car . eventually, he rear-ended. that charged a chain reaction and maxine mobile lich died. charges are still pending a state troopers investigate x disney reached a settlement with a family of a worker who was killed while testing a ride at animal kingdom. according to the orlando sentinel, a case was set this week when russell and disney struck a deal. the deal is confidential. he is a former mechanic that died during a test run. he died at the park in 2011. >> nassau says it's completely cleaned up black mold found in they they will delay a rocket launch plan for next month. this is video from nassau with crews inspecting the bags. they will be shipped to the space station on board. a routine test discover the presence of black mold inside two of the bags this month.
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crews removed all the bags and disinfected them with peroxide. the cleanup set things back and watch the launch big-name stars is is coming to central florida. good news for food and wine lovers. how much longer you can avoid the festivities as epcot. sout south carolina's governor b find out about the big endorsement for the
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>>david: it's a milestone trip for obama going to cuba. they are expected to release new information about the planned trip to the communist country. they said he will travel to cuba around mid-march. white house staffers say the trip will be brief but it will be part of a trip for latin america. the last dent to visit cuba wa was in 1928 with calvin coolidge. marco rubio has picked up a major endorsement with days to go before the south carolina primary. nikki haley endorsed the florida senator. he will be on the campaign trail through the primary. according to the latest, reveal needs the support. he trails ted cruz by 11%. last night, rubio took the stage at a republican town hall using the opportunity to slam crews
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you know it's not true. there is no other word for it x donald trump and jeb bush took place in a town hall forum in th the south carolina primary this friday >> listen up, foodies. international food and wine festival has longer to enjoy this year's festivities. the annual festival will run 62 days this year. that's more than one full week longer than one year ago. the 21st annual event kicks off on september 14 before wrapping up in november 14. tonight, a brand-new burger joint is holding a party. the opening brings us big stars. opening the first location in the suntrust building. paul walberg and new kids on the block with donnie wahlberg on on the gene. mark and paul should be at the grand opening which will include a block party and a free concert.
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until midnight >> concert? awesome! will come? it's been a minute since they've been together but that's a good one. look at daytona beach! you could see the waves bigger than they were. that's because of the wins out of the east and northeast. the sky is clear there and it's beautiful. i i just got out and about and it was nice. people everywhere on bikes in getting a run in on their lunch break. it's a great day to be out on the boat. look at this b it's from chloe in st. cloud. lakes there with her buddy wearing a life vest. it's a good idea to have the life vest. you can see a clear sky in the distance.
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kicking up at daytona beach. it's a beautiful noon hour. pin your photos for the newscast that starts at 4:00 this afternoon. we will show more about the afternoon today. just pin them with the app on the storm pin. search in the app store. download the app for free. the canon m dore starts at 7:00 tonight. it's at the international speedway and it's at 5:00 for folks at 64b0 at 5:00. by by 7:00, as the race begins, 61 will be the temperature. it will be a little bit cooler at 56 at 9:00 tonight. you may want a light jacket .
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ocean waters at 20 mph. te temperatures rebounding in or orlando. it 66b0 in ocala and 70b0 in cocoa beach. the average afternoon high is 74. we will be close to that as we head into the afternoon today. here is a look at the pinpoint accurate forecasts te temperatures are gradually cooling at 67b0 with loose skies and sunshine. it's a bit more of the breeze. so some will stick around tonight. it will be in the 50s through the evening. if you are making plans, you will need a jacket. if you close a rolling onshore through the afternoon along the
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early in the morning, 45b0 in ocala and 53b0 in daytona beach. the light jacket tomorrow morning. through the day we were nicely with a good mix of sun and clouds at 72b0. no ran chances for the daytona 500. th they will be a few storms in the front. we have several days. today's picture-perfect so get out if you can news coming into the newsroom. a bomb threat was called at the elementary school. students there have been evacuated. their canine units on the scene. we will let you know once we learn more information. >> toyota drivers have a major issue. >> 3 million vehicles recalled in the possible problems with
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it's a different story than yesterday. nasdaq is in the red at 23 points in the s&p 500 is going down 75 points.
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automakers are recalling 3
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the recall involves toyota rav4's built between july 2005 and august 2014. the automaker says seatbelts can be damaged by frame in the crash calling two split in half. toyota says it's received two reports of rear seat belt separating during crashes. company says they will add plastic covers to the frames for no cost. the star wars character came to life in florida. thanks to one dedicated fan >> they built referrals scale replica out of his fort myers home. it made it debut during the force awakens. he says he bought a half inch sphere and filled it with machinery. he says he directs it with a handheld controller. this guy is pretty talented >> helping toews save a cat that is unconscious. how they were able to recessed
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more information about a bomb threat called into holly hill elementary. there is been some evacuated in canine units on the scene. we will let you know what we heard from investigators. we are seeing new video from firefighters >> account was unconscious when they found it . th they say the fire ripped through a home on parkway street just before 8:00 last night. the homeowner wasn't there when this happen. two cats were trapped inside. one of the cats got out but the other needed oxygen. investigators say the fire started in the kitchen but the cause is still being
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both cats are expected to be okay. that is nice to hear >> awesome firefighters b they have a tough job in they are saving all lives. thank goodness for them >> cool story there! it's a good day to get outdoors. you will want to get outdoors if you can. you might be at work or maybe you can't go outside but just take a look out the window. it's going to be beautiful day. it will continue with a high of 74 and breezy conditions. wins off the ocean waters bringing onshore some clouds but so far, let us see sunshine we will be dry through the weekend. rain chances return on tuesday and the races going on today starting at 7:00. it will be picture-perfect other than a breeze.
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