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tv   News 6 at 6 pm  CBS  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> now at 6:00, a rude gesture to our cameras from a woman sentenced for welfare fraud. news 6 investigators looked into how her crime stole your money. but first, a deputy walks up to a car to arrest a wanted teen but detectives say he hits the gas and drove straight for her. tonight the deputy is back home after getting treated for head, back and other injuries. this is news 6 at 6:00. i'm lisa bell. >> i'm ginger gadsden. matt is on assignment. thanks for joining us tonight. the orange county sheriff's office says 15-year-old ortiz is now facing attempted murder charges. they're asking him to turn himself in. deputies say he hit the sergeant marcy pierce this morning, forcing her on to the hood of his car. new at 6:00, we're learning more about sergeant pierce and her
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news 6 reporter justin warmoth has been following the story all day long. >> sergeant pierce is in her 22nd year at the orange county sheriff's office. sheriff jerry demings said her husband is also a sergeant with the department. in fact, he told us his wife heard the call -- her husband heard the call go out that his wife was struck. >> sergeant marcy pierce was trying to serve a burglary warrant this morning, something she's done several times for the sheriff's office for the last 22 years, but the next thing she knew the suspect she was trying her. >> she ended up on the hood of the car. he entered the roadway and began to accelerate at a relatively high rate of speed. >> just sounded like nascar starting off, tires squealing, not your average, you know, just burn rubber. it sounded like a high-speed chase. behind the wheel, a 15-year-old who has been arrested before for
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enforcement officer. neighbors wonder how the juvenile justice system allowed him to be back on the streets. >> it's getting to be out of control. officers have a job to do and they can't do their job safely with criminals on the street doing the things they're doing. >> this was a bold action this young man took today and that's really the sad part of this. 15 years old, already been in trouble with the law and again today taking the action that he took, we want to certainly hold him accountable for his actions, even though he's a juvenile. >> sheriff deming says after sergeant pierce landed on the hood of ortiz's vehicle, she jumped off. the impact knocked her unconscious but alive. something sheriff demings is thankful for tonight. >> at this time while she's in a lot of pain, she has a very jovial personality, but still
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a serious situation today. >> sergeant pierce is out of the hospital tonight. some good news there. the all-out search for ortiz is still happening, though, at this hour. the last time he was seen was in a white honda hatchback with black rims. if you see that car, call 911 or crime line immediately. live at ormc, justin warmoth, news 6. >> thank you. the search for baby willow continues into its 5th day now. today the search went under water. sky 6 flew over as the dive team combed a retention pond off silver star road in orange county. they were searching for any sign of the missing newborn. the girl's mom, susan richardson, told police she gave birth to the baby on monday. she will not say what happened to the infant after that. the search happened just steps away from a convenience store where a woman says she talked to richardson a couple weeks ago. >> she be out here panhandling. >> panhandling?
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we told her when she had the baby, bring the baby to me. then she asked me for a dollar and she just left. >> orlando police are still hoping baby willow is alive. they're asking if someone saw the baby's mom on monday between 10 and noon, to call police. you can remain anonymous. to? that's what they're waiting to find out from investigators in volusia county. today investigators say they found more human remains in the woods near the volusia county jail. deputies say a surveyor spotted a skull yesterday afternoon near red john drive and international boulevard in daytona beach. today, deputies found other bones, but they suspended the search until next week, saying they need better equipment to tackle the terrain. investigators tell news 6 they have several missing persons cases they're looking into. >> tonight, a central florida woman convicted of stealing your money is locked up in jail. >> it is part of an
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following since last april. candace neil was featured in mike deforest's investigation into welfare fraud. the judge says this kind of fraud will not be tolerated. >> that's right. when we first met candace kneel last year, she would not talk to us but instead flashed us her middle finger. earlier this week, a jury convicted neil of ripping off taxpayers. now she's been ordered to pay for that crime. >> wearing handcuffs, candace neil made a rude gesture as deputies hauled her off to jail. >> neil will be locked up for the next six months as punishment for stealing your money so she could send her kids to this daycare. >> you're giving the middle finger to taxpayers. are you giving the middle finger to taxpayers? >> earlier this week a jury found neil guilty of stealing state money that's meant to help working families with jobs afford childcare. on this application, neil claims she was employed at the itty bitty learning center but the
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worked there. she submitted falsified pay stubs in order to obtain $20,000 in childcare subsidy. she was actually unemployed at the time according to prosecutors. >> it's unclear what she was doing while her poor kids were in the daycare center but apparently nothing productive. >> i just want to say i know what i did was wrong. i accept full responsibility. >> since there is limited money available, state investigators say neil's crime prevented others with jobs from getting childcare. >> your kids got benefits that the jury determined they were not entitled to get. that meant that other people didn't get the benefits. >> the judge sentenced neil to six months in jail followed by 14 years of probation. during that time, neil must pay back the $20,000 she stole from taxpayers. >> when neil gets out of jail in august, she's been ordered to pay at least $100 a month until
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court today. >> very interesting. mike deforest, thank you. >> breaking news in brevard county now. sky 6 is live over a huge fire cocoa. this is on citgo road west of u.s. 1. take a look at that. you can see the smoke pouring into the sky right now. fire crews on the scene with some heavy machinery there, trying to knock this fire out. you can see them also pouring now. no word yet on what started this or if anyone was hurt. it looks like it's a pretty big area, though, there. we will stay on top of this for you and bring you any updates as we get them during this newscast. >> now to a breaking news alert on red light cameras. today an orange county court ruled a third party is not allowed to determine whether a driver ran a red light or not. she filed a suit against the city of orlando after she got a ticket. the city of orlando uses american traffic solutions which
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a traffic officer signs off on it. the court ruled in favor of hastings. >> today lawyers for the man charged with murder in the death of his wife and her two children withdrew their motion for a speedy trial. luis toledo appeared in a volusia county court this morning. his lawyers would not say why they withdrew that motion. this week, lawmakers in tallahassee made a compromise to rewrite the death penalty law. toledo could face capital punishment if convicted. he's accused of killing yessenia suarez and her two children in 2013. their bodies have never been found. the florida senate could vote as early as next week on the new death penalty law which will determine how this case moves forward. the attorneys are expected back in court for a hearing at the end of this month. >> it is certainly going to be a great weekend to head outdoors and enjoy the fantastic weather or hang out downtown. that's where a lot of you might
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candace campos is pinpointing the game's forecast. she joins us now with more on what we can expect tonight. we know inside the amway it's a steady 73 degrees. >> that is true. what a great way to start a weekend that will be full of events. let's take you a live look over at the amway. the weekend is going to be gorgeous. it's going to be the story all weekend long. why not start it off with a great magic game and great weather going in and out. let's come back into the newsroom. it's a beautiful shot actually. as we look at the magic game, temperatures are going to be in the upper 60's. by the time you're heading out of the game to downtown orlando, maybe some wahlbergers, just saying, i would highly recommend it, temperatures will be in the upper 50's by 11:00. with some patchy fog developing throughout the overnight hours. >> i've got some beef with you about that. thank you, candace. >> a cargo ship filled with
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>> and it's heading back to earth. when and where it will enter our atmosphere. >> and if you've spent any amount of time driving on i-4 lately, you know to expect the unexpected. how technology is keeping up
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>> >> by now, most of us are used to the construction along i-4, with the lane shifts and road closures. you may be wondering who is responsible for updating the data that feeds your g.p.s. >> our news 6 traffic reporter made a trip to the i-4 ultimate project headquarters in maitland to find out. >> if you spent any amount of time driving along i-4 lately, you know to expect delays and the unexpected. with major construction in full swing, sections of the interstate are frequently
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shifting lanes, new off and on ramps. it can be hard to keep up with the changes. for most of us, we leave the navigation to technology, one of the largest electronic mapping companies in central florida is a company called here. >> the people at here are working alongside with the i-4 ultimate project to keep drivers up to date with the latest developments and modifications along the interstate. in order to provide you with the most accurate information, here frequently hits the road with the specialized field collection vehicle to get a firsthand reading of the road. >> just be out there on the road and see it. >> usually turning a few heads in the process. >> definitely draws attention. everybody looks. you see it when it's coming down the road. >> it's not just head turning. this car packs some serious technology. >> you see the light starts to spin on top, g.p.s. at the very top and the cameras are below
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>> that equipment is able to capture the exact patterns and layouts on the road. it can be converted to 3-d and maps we rely on to keep us on course during the changing roadways. >> others do not update automatically. update yours regularly to keep up with the changing conditions. >> to take a closer look at this and all of the big drive reports, head to head to website. just head to big drive, powered by news 6. >> a 41-year-old teacher is east ridge high in clermont. the students had previously been in one of his classes. he's being held with no bond. we're working to get more on this story. we'll have an update on news 6 tonight at 11:00. >> they may be in space, but even astronauts have to take out the trash.
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capsule today loaded with 1.5 tons of garbage. in december a capsule was launched to the international space station full of supplies for the crew. since then the astronauts have used the same capsule to store their garbage. the spacecraft filled with junk is expected to reenter the atmosphere and burn up over the pacific tomorrow. >> and nasa announced today on twitter it had a record number of people applying to be astronauts. they say more than 18,000 people applied for the job. the deadline was yesterday. >> so send in your application? >> no way. i know my limits. >> there's a new push to keep women safe at night. >> julie broughton is here with a preview of this for us. >> all new at 7:00, how police and an advocacy group are teaming up to help nightclubgoers get results and get help.
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answers to this senseless crime. >> a family's plea for answers, they're now desperate to know who shot and killed two brothers. a crime that's been unsolved since super bowl sunday. >> your heart goes out to them. thank you, julie. >> tonight we'll meet a central florida teen following her dream to be the next singer/songwriter just like taylor swift. she sings at public events, sports games, on tv show sets, even at the house of blues. >> i've been practicing for three weeks straight, every single day. and juggling school, homework, extra activities, lessons and then practicing. it's a really long day. it's worth it in the end. >> i want to hear more. >> louis bolden sits down with the local 16-year-old and gets a behind-the-scenes look at the up and coming performer's life. it's a story you'll see only on news 6 tonight at 11:00.
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now we watch this and we get to know her and we get to say we knew her when. >> you sat down with other up and comers recently. >> unfortunately, i sure did. not so coming. >> we're still waiting for -- >> people are still watching that story online at if you missed it, matt and lisa were trying to make a hit record, trying their hardest. >> we'd be willing to do back-up for adele, too, if she's interested. >> way back. >> don't kill her dream, tom. don't do it. >> love you. look at what's going on with this beautiful, beautiful picture. air force thunderbird, y'all. yes, sir. these guys are in town to do the flyover for the big daytona 500. you've heard of that race, yes? >> a little bit about it. >> something about it. >> you're just giggling amongst
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>> no, that's a good-looking establishing shot there. there's a close-up shot of the thunderbirds there. how cool is that? i've never been up with the thunderbirds or any of them. >> i went up with the blue angels. don't eat a big meal beforehand. >> i would never. look at sunday's big race, we're talking about good weather all weekend long. we've never had a daytona 500 that was this easy to forecast. degrees. it should be the daytime high in daytona beach on sunday. right now, it's all good to go. things are great. radar is clear as nice as it can be. i'm not looking for rain tonight or looking for rain tomorrow. these are the overnight lows tonight. 45 in ocala. or this morning. 45 did it in ocala. we dropped to 51 in orlando. we rebounded great, all the way back up to 73. we did not get back to normal. normal overnight low is 53. normal high is 75. this was a pretty doggone good
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temperature readings are holding in the 60's in all the spots across central florida. the only one that's still in the area is lakeland. all the orange you're seeing is the dry air. that's the story of the day. you've got dry air in place, good things happen. even the cloud cover along the coast this afternoon didn't produce any problems. tomorrow it's more of the same. and sunday just looks primo. let's talk lows. overnight low tonight, 47 in ocala. that's 7 or 8 degrees warmer than you were last night. 50 in the villages and 52 in sanford. the overnight low in orlando will be 55. here's tomorrow. >> by noon tomorrow, 69. the daytime high goes to 75 degrees. that's tomorrow. sunday, one better. 77 degrees on sunday. i guess that would be two better. you know what i mean. one step better. 77 degrees for the daytime high
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big rain comes in on tuesday. >> perfect timing. >> it really is. >> could not be better. speaking of that little race you were talking about at daytona over the weekend, ping is out there live for us tonight. >> i am live. last night at 11:00, i showed you something no one in the world would have had at 11:00 last night. tonight at 6:00, another guarantee that nobody in the world will have.
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>> here we are live out at the world-famous speedway. of course, we're talking about the daytona 500, 1:00 start on sunday. out here tonight, it's one of the best races of the weekend. it's the truck series at 7:30. as for the daytona 500, i'm going to tell you right now, dale earnhardt, jr. is one of the best. in the first of the two dual races, literally finishing first. his 17th career victory here at
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the second race, got a little bit testy. they all get wild. jimmie johnson, matt kenseth has to start at the back of the pack tomorrow night -- or sunday at 1:00. >> i'm glad we brought this car. if it was another car that was a brand-new car that they promised me was as good or better, i don't know if i'd have that same trust, built a great relationship with this car. regardless of what will happen to it on sunday or beyond, very proud of it. >> i liked how he talked about his car. he has a name for that car, amelia. we're on the road here with the ping me inbox. just on cue. how do you like this? >> how did he get there? did he drive himself? >> i actually had to drive it out here. maybe you want to look at the
6:26 pm
are you having fun out here? yeah, of course. oh, by the way, tropical ford, there's 11 ford cars in this. oh, man, what has it come to? >> there's the inbox, brought to you by tropical ford. as for joey chitwood, the track president here, he put together a great $400 million renovation project. >> the daytona 500, this is exciting for you. >> it really is. close to 10 years since we were
6:27 pm
it was part of our plan. great renewal from last year. fans understood what the experience was going to be like. we're going to have a packed house. a great weather forecast. get us good weather. we'll have a great event. >> tom promises good weather. i'll see you tonight live at 11:00 with the ping-pong and
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>> and that is it for us right now. the cbs evening news with scott pelley starts right now. >> remember, you can always get the latest headlines at we will see you back here tonight at 7:00 and 11:00. goodnight. >> pelley: pax romana. >> i think he's a terrific person. >> pelley: trump makes peace with the pope on the eve of a critical weekend for both parties in the presidential race. also tonight, law enforcement's battle for access to the cell phones of criminal suspects. remembering author harper lee, and her american classic. >> it was a sin to kill a mockingbird. >> pelley: and steve hartman, when a young boy summoned the


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