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tv   News 6 at 6 AM  CBS  February 25, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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>> two people shot at a maybed in orlando. we are working to get you possible suspect. >> overnight in kissimmee kissimmee, a person in the hospital after being hit by a train. the question this morning, why were they on the tracks. >> why work on the 21 stretch of the highway is now on hold indefinitely. florida. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison. u for joining us so early. troy and amy are here. happy thursday to you. >> thank you. especially after a stormy wednesday. windy conditions could be an issue for high profile vehicle. this morning, not as much of a
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let's show you why. it is all because of the low pressure, the same one that brought us storms associated with the front. it continues to move off to the north and to the north and east. there is a counterclockwise flow around it. for the most part out of the north and northwest. that will be cool dry air building in. it is also going to be breezy. i would say windy, gusting near 25 miles an hour. watch out for that. we are at 54 in orlando. 50 in the villages. we fwrajly warm to 63 at noon today, only getting up to 67 at 4:00. with that window into downtown orlando. blue sky, sunshine, beautiful and dry day. the wine and festival is coming up, we'll let you know what to expect. >> the roads off to a nice start.
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too bad at all. everything in the green, which means you are able to head out the door. the live camera is showing a gradual wake-up. i-4 moving past michigan. there are eastbound cars moving away from you right now. according to map data, the busy stretch of i-4, sanford into now. that is your check on traffic. back to you. >> we have breaking news from orlando where two people were rushed to the hospital after being shot. we are waiting for answers from investigators about a possible suspect. the victims were found on king park. mark lehman is there live. mark. >> bridgett, i spoke with the watch commander. he tells me both victims are expected to survive. police say the shooting happened here at home behind me. you can see investigators have since cleared the scene. they are still not revealing much to us about what happened here. this is what things look like
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patrol cars lined the street as crime scene technician collected evidence. police were called to the home after at least two shots were fired. when officers arrived, they found victims with gunshot wounds. they were rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. that is the only thing police are revealing at this time. they say this is an active investigation but there is no suspect information as we take a look out here live. i can tell you there is no active search going on in the neighborhood. it doesn't appear anyone living here is in any immediate danger. i'm working to get answers from police about what led to the shooting shooting. i'll let you know what i learn in my next report. >> we are following breaking news after a couple is attacked at a gas station. the scene is happening at the circle k. detectives say the couple picked
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the station. they say a person pulled up and starred punching them. they say the woman they picked up hopped in and took off. >> breaking overnight, a person is rushed to the hospital after being hit by a train in kissimmee. it happened along east donegan avenue. firefighters tell news 6 the person who was hit was taken to the hospital but is expected to be ok. it is not known why they were on the tracks in the first place. place. it is now back open. >> work along the i-4 ultimate project has been put on hold. >> it is after a tragedy on the highway ends with a construction worker dead. the worker was killed after being run over. workers are trying to figure out how this happened.
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how long will this hold last? >> it could be days. it could be months. the contractor says there is no timeline for how long the i-4 ultimate project will be on hold. they say they are trying to figure out what caused this tragic accident. >> the 21-mile i-4 ultimate project is shut down this morning as crews who witnessed the first deadly accident tried to recover. >> deeply saddened all of us. we are -- we are -- we are grieving for our lost colleague >> troopers say 34-year-old marvin franklin was making a delivery when a dump truck backed over him. the contractor says franklin was a carpenter who had been with them on the project for a little more than a month. some witnesses say loud traffic and heavy winds could be reasons why franklin didn't hear the backup alarms, all part of the investigation.
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let's review our access. let's review our safety protocols and make sure we have the tools in place to have a safe project. >> fgl said some protocols will be how dump trucks enter and exit sites. there is no estimated date to resume the project. sgl only saying they'll go back to work when crews have had time to grieve and safety standards are acceptable. >> no estimated time at the moment. we'll take what time is necessary to really understand it. >> grief counselors will be rabl for crews who witnessed this tragic accident. we'll continue to check with investigators and the contractor and find out as soon as they know when the i-4 ultimate project will be back up and running. we'll continue to post that on our website,
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crimes. police say 37-year-old john powle and nathaniel woods bowl sunday. their crime spree started in azalea park when they robbed a man at gun point. hours later detectives say they pistol whipped an uber driver before robbing a tourist at the mall located on international drive. powell and woods were arrested after stealing a car. >> a seminole county mother accused of shooting and killing her son won't be getting out of jail any time soon. a judge denied bond for ortega. police say she shot her son five times while he was showering at their condo. investigators say she stayed in the home with the body for hours and then tried to take her own life when police got there.
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she sat on the couch for a long period of time and nothing happened. that would give you an indication, there is some disconnect there. >> she is now charged with first degree murder. >> this morning, governor scott has extended a state of emergency in the panhandle. >> this is after a tornado damaged hundreds of homes. we got a better look yesterday. meteorologists say it was a twister with winds up to 150 miles an hour that tore through pensacola. close to 40 poems homes were destroyed. the same area, hurricane charlie devastated in 2004. if there is any good news in all this, there were no reports of anyone being seriously injured. >> no tornadoes in central florida.
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service says it has fixed another critical failure in its weather radio. the daytona beach transmitter went down as storms moved through, a telephone problems being blamed just like the one that knocked out the orlando transmitter during severe weather last month. something you can always depend on is our pinpoint weather app. it sends out alerts when there are dangers. search wkmg in your app store. >> you'll get your chance to weigh in on a big expansion at the orlando international airport. a project aims to upgrade and create new facilities to accommodate all that passenger growth. work is already going on on changes including the people mover and expanned ticket lobby. tonight's meeting starts at the orange county extension office located on conway road. today central floridians will get to check out our newest attraction.
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a cosmic quest. the new attraction will give young trainees a chance to experience live action games focused on stem based space adventures. trainees will be able to experience a rocket launch, start a colony on mars and even see what it is like to live on the international space station. >> it looks creative there. >> that would be fun. >> we would all enjoy it. >> the beautiful amway center, a different start today than yesterday. yesterday's morning low temperature is about as warm as it is going to be for our afternoon high. upper 60's, after starting out in the 60's. we are in the 50's this morning. gradually getting into the upper 60's this afternoon. look at the wind out of the west-northwest, gusting near 20
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it is 54 in orlando. 50 at daytona beach. 48 at palm coast. 55 in melbourne. the bus stop will be chilly. make sure the kids have the jacket even later this afternoon. it will be cool enough with the wind. coming up, through the weekend, first let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. so far so good. >> absolutely, thank you very much. things look really nice on the roads. we don't have any real rush hour volume. you can see we are looking a-ok as far as your drive times. no extra travel time is needed. here's what is going on, very cars out moving. this is i-4 near saxson boulevard. things are completely in the clear, pretty much the length of i-4. your local roads are doing just fine. that's your check on traffic. back to you. >> a disturbing new study raising concerns about dangers
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>> find out about the number of drivers who say they are distracted by the wheel next. >> the government is -- apple says they are working to keep the government out of your locked phone. >> news overnight after a shooting sends two people to the hospital. an update to the story next. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers
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too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> we continue to follow some breaking news in orlando after two people were found shot. the victims were discovered near willy mays park overnight. we are told their injuries are non-life threatening. mark lehman is out there working investigators. >> this morning we are following iphone controversy. upgrading security measures making it impossible for a
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iphone. a federal judge has ordered the company to help the company break into fa rook's phone. reps say they would be required to create software that could put all customer security at risk. >> there is probably more information about you on your phone than there is in your house. our smart phones are loaded with our intimate conversations, our financial data, our health records. they are also loaded with the location of our kids in many cases. it is not just about privacy, it is about public safety. >> for their part, the fbi says information on fa rook's phone could determine if other people were involved in the attack. you might remember 14 people were killed in those shootings. >> this morning, more trouble for royal caribbean after one of its ships heading to port canaveral ran into a storm packing 100 miles an hour winds.
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suing t. passenger said he was thrown 18 feet against his cabin door and knocked unconscious. prooels royal caribbean said injuries. a spokesperson with the cruz line won't comment about the lawsuit saying until they get a chance to look at it. >> a former pasco county sheriff says he is planning on running for sheriff in volusia county. 72-year-old jim gelham launched the website. he becomes the sixth candidate to file papers to run to replace sheriff. he served as sheriff from 1994 to -- 1984 to 1992. he has never been charged with any crime. >> a study raising concerns about dangers on the road. about 87% of drivers engaged in at least one kind of risky behavior behind the wheel
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impaired, drowsy, running red lights, not wearing a seat belt. 70% of drivers talked bhiept wheel. nearly half of all drivers admitted to driving 15 miles over the speed limit. 13% said they drove when their blood alcohol limit may have been over the legal limit. those numbers are troubling. >> scary to me. >> facebook users can do more than like a post. >> the social network rolled out reactions as an extension of the like button. addition to the thumbs up, you can have sadness, you can show love. you can be angry angry. they tested reactions in a few markets. to use your smart phone, hold down the like button. on your desk top, hover over the like button and the icons will appear.
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our severe weather coverage, when we had a break. i said, it is about time. >> give you some options when you don't necessarily like it. >> nos a thumbs up or a thumbs down. >> a lot of people wanted the thumbs down but they didn't give us a thumbs down. >> we have a lot of great photos coming in. i begged a few minutes ago. that's all it takes. download the storm pins app for free. search wkmg to get it. here one from dee marie showing the sunrise yesterday before those storms. they say in the morning, sailor take warning. we have this great shot in ormond beach. this is a beautiful puppy, all warm this morning in the pj's because it is chilly. we would like to see more pet or
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that one may be in the running. here's one from barbara mudge. clouds looming, looking ugly at times. the villages from jimmy mack. we love this bird, happy about the weather finally clearing out in deland after we had some storms. search wkmg in the app store and pin your photos. it is free and easy to use. here's downtown fest. looking good. spectacular weather. we are enjoying a high of 67 on your saturday, low 70's on sunday. no rain, lots of sunshine. our friends from the morning mechanics will be out there. you can meet them. june engineer is our friend here at local 6, news 6 is going to be on the air with jay on the morning mix. listen to her from news 6. the lows chilly in the 50's in many spots. we are at 54 in orlando. 50 in daytona beach.
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it is 50 in the villages. here's a look at your pinpoint forecast. >> as we take you into the future, look at the sky in downtown orlando. 63 degrees at noon. only warming to 67 at 4:00. we will be dry across the board into the afternoon with plenty of sun. cool tonight, down to 52 at 10:00. no clouds in the forecast. those temperatures will drop quickly as high pressure continues to dominate our forecast. it will be windy. temperatures only getting to 67 in the villages. 66 in daytona beach. 65 tomorrow with sunny skies. there's the weekend, 68 on saturday. 71 on sunday. staying dry across the board even through next week. getting up near 80. let's check on the roads with amy right now in the napleton traffic center. >> really happy to say we don't have any accidents. nothing where you have to plan around. everything is coming back
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a lot of green on the map. your speeds are fantastic throughout the central florida area. not a lot working this morning which is a really good thing as you get your morning rolling. taking a live look outside as well. this is the reason why our drive times look so good. for a few cars on the 429, looking just a little bit west of north road, all of your major arteries especially in great, great shape. that's your check on traffic. back to you. >> thanks, amy. it is 6:22. the city beautiful loses out on a big chance to bring in tens of millions of dollars. >> the law that caused a convention to pull the plug. we'll explaining next. hopefully the second time will be the charm for scientists with space x. coming up, the details on the potential mission from the space coast. >> we are giving you the chance to go to universal orlando biggest party of the year. giving away four passes to mardi gras. it is easy to enter to win. go to 6. the contest friday night at
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>> tense of millions of dollars in central florida, they are senling for a new home. >> it is after the american heart association blast listed florida because of smoking laws here.
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organization will no longer conduct business in states allowing indoor smoking. in florida, smoking is allowed at bars with a permit. orlando hosted the event last year which brought in around 20,000 visitors between 40 and 50 million dollars. the orange county convention center is now working with leaders on a plan to try to get the convention back here. >> one of the biggest complaints for air travelers is a lack of space and comfort when it comes to seating. >> london designers say they come up with a solution. the chair is almost like an eco skeleton. movement. the design will be padded and covered and it will allow you to move and adjust more comfortably. designers hope the seat will take off in two years. >> coming up in the next half-hour, we are following breaking news coming out of orange county.
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gas station carjacking. >> this new information we have learned about their ties to another crime here in orlando. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news after a shooting sent two people to the hospital. we are live at the scene with the search for suspects next. you are watching news 6 getting results for dr. phillips and all
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>> two people shot and rushed to the hospital in orlando. the big question, who pulled the trigger. >> we arrived at the scene of more breaking news on this busy thursday. a man and woman beaten during a carjacking at a gas station. what we are learning about possible suspects. >> the search continues for a missing boater. what deputies spent the night doing in hopes of finding him. it is now 6:30 on this thursday morning. thanks for joining us. >> also joining us, we have amy and troy. good morning. >> good morning. things are quiet. i love it. >> where is the wood to knock on? >> i know. >> better watch out.
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wind. after yesterday's storms, a front has moved through. the front is bringing behind it, drier stable air. lots of sunshine to enjoy today. notice the blue arrow, the winds moving around an area of low pressure that is moving off, retreating, getting away from us. the same low that brought the storms yesterday. a counterclockwise flow, sending these winds in our direction direction. it will be a cool day. getting into the upper 60's after starting out in the 40's and 50's. 54 in orlando. 50 in daytona beach. 48 at palm coast. 55 in melbourne today. notice the gradual warmup, even though we'll see a ton of sunshine as we show you the view into the future over downtown orlando. 67 at 4:00 with no rain chances. we'll talk about the weekend and let you know about a warmup. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the traffic center.
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>> fingers crossed we can keep this maun taned. you don't have to allow any extra time. the roads look great. the sun is beginning to come up in the melbourne area. a few more cars. we are doing fine and your drive times do reflect that. all your major roadways doing just fine at this point. 95, even i-4 a little bit quieter than normal. that's your check on traffic. >> a man and woman attacked while pumping gas, what deputies think could be an elaborate carjacking plot. you talked about to deputies. what are they saying about this whole thing? >> they are calling this whole thing bizarre. deputies just cleared the scene behind me within the last hour. they are investigating and trying to put this whole thing together.
6:33 am
a man and woman picked up another woman and then came to the gas station. as they were pumping gas, another car pulled up and a man got outside and attacked the two people. that's when they say the so-called friend hopped in the driver's seat and took off. they tell me the cars involved are a dodge charger and a honda accord. i spoke with the victims. they told me they were walking home from the gas station. they are shaken up. the good thing is they are ok. once i get any new updates, i'll pass the information along to you on air and online. online. >> overnight police working to figure out who shot two people.
6:34 am
last few hours. mark lehman is live working to get us answers from police. how are those victims doing at this point? >> we got word both victims are expected to be ok. there are questions that remain unanswered about what led to the shooting that happened here at this home late last night. we were on the scene as crime scene technicians began collecting evidence. you can see the response from police as well. investigators say a 911 call came in around 11:00. when officers arrived, they found two victims with gunshot wounds. their injuries were non-life threatening. that is all the information being released at this time. police are not revealing what led to the shooting. they are not saying anything about a possible suspect. while investigators have cleared the scene out here, we are asking police if they are still searching for a gunman or if they have any idea who opened
6:35 am
once we get that information, we'll pass it along to you on news 6. >> we are waiting to learning when work will continue on i-4 as crews put the project on indefinitely hold. marvin franklin died when a dump truck backed up on him yesterday. witnesses say franklin may not have heard the backup alarm on the truck because of the high wind and also because of the traffic in this area. the contractor tells us they'll review safety products to see if anything needs to be changed. >> the search is on for three people accused of robbing a person and leading police on a chase. >> we are learning it could be tied to a carjacking. it started at steak and shake mere the altamonte mall. police went after the suspect who ditched their car near lake mary boulevard and driftwood lane. four suspects pulled a man into
6:36 am
phone and shoes before taking off. after crashing into a car on 436, a chase started on i-4. the suspect bailed out but three were able to get away. hours before all this happened. police put out onalert after a man driving a lexus was sgloofrjts. >> this morning, deputies in two counties are continuing their search to find a man missing on a local lake. family members got concerned after 76-year-old william roble didn't come home yesterday, right on the border of orange and lake county. sky 6 flew over the water after deputies say they found robles boat going in circles on the lake with no one on board. crews searched the boat by water and air.
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>> police need help finding the person who shot four people and one of those victims was 14 years old. this was breaking news on the morning news yesterday after the victims were found outside a home on sheridan road. it wasn't until later that police told us the number of victims and the armed suspect was searching for was driving in a car loaded with weapons. >> obviously, when you do a drive by shooting, you are certainly not going there to trick or treat. you are there because you are looking to do damage. fortunately, no one was killed. >> police arrested watson's brother but they are trying to find watson who they say is a suspect in a murder case last year. if you see him or if you have any information at all to help, call daytona beach police. >> a school director is facing charges accused of stealing from an oviedo store. erica pooler was arrested tuesday night. she is the director of the district office of school safety and alternative place of
6:38 am
she is accused of stealing from a kohl's. we checked with the jail and poler is out on bond. she is expected to be placed on leave while district officials investigate. >> later today, the so-called shaw shank fugitive frank fresh water could learn if he'll be released from jail. he is expected to appear before a parole board. he spent 56 years in hiding after escaping from a prison featured in the movie the shaw shank redemption. he was recaptured last year in melbourne. we'll let you know what happens at today's hearing. >> space x will try to launch a rocket from the space coast and then land part of it on a barge in the ocean. the launch was scrubbed last night. the company isn't saying exactly why, only that it wanted to make sure the liquid oxygen used was as cold as possible and that the delay was out of an abundance of caution.
6:39 am
p.m. if it happens, you'll see it live on news 6 and online. >> some good news for lottery players unless you played last night. the jackpot is up again. >> saturday's estimated prize is $266 million. that's because no one matched all of these numbers in last night's $236 million drawing. here are those numbers again in case you fell asleep and maybe won a smaller prize. you can catch the next drawing at 10:59 p.m. on the dot before the news at 11:00. >> it is time to find out what is going on with the weather. it was windy as i stepped out. it makes it feel colder. >> the wind will stick around all day. look behind me at this gorgeous view. you'll want to get in the water. it is still cool. the wind smakdz it feel cooler as bridgett pointed out. we are giving away an umbrella at 6:45 to our storm pinners. pin a photo if you can of this
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we are at 50 degrees in daytona beach. a little chilly and the winds coming in out of the west-northwest at times along the coast at 10 miles an hour. up near 20 miles an hour for inland areas today. at the bus stop, it is going to be windy, it is going to be chilly. a lot of sunshine even though we'll warm to 67. it will feel cooler at times before that. make sure the kids have those jackets. they'll need it heading out the door. we'll take you through the weekend, going to lake eola to the food and wine festival. we'll take you to the forecast hour by hour. let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. amy, any trouble yet? >> no, no trouble just yet. knock on wood. we are doing just fine. we have zero reported accidents throughout the area. taking a closer look, your average speeds getting around, really turning up, no issues, even that well traveled stretch where things are always slow, i-4 between sanford and orlando. we have nothing going on just yet. i'll take you outside to take a live look. it is beautiful.
6:41 am
this is on michigan avenue, eastbound cars, westbound cars, we added a couple of of them. we are still maintaining that. that is your check on traffic. back to you. >> there are new concerns over the zika virus. >> what hel officials are saying about three new cases and why it has pregnant women on high alert. >> overnight, a strong weather system that brought storms to central florida is being blamed for deaths in the northeast. we have a look at that damage in several states on thursday morning.
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>> we want to take you to a live look in new york where a coast guard boat has overturned. this is happening in the rockaway area of queens. the coast guard have been called out to help a fishing boat in trouble when their own boat flipped over in the rough seas out there. we are told five people were able to swim to shore and will be ok. rescue operations under way that they were going after.
6:45 am
breaking story in new york. we'll bring you updates as we get them. >> rough seas part of a storm system that brought us tornado warnings. check out the damage behind me. a fourth death was confirmed in virginia after a reported twister. here's a closer look at the damage in essex. there is not much left at all. police say at least 15 buildings were destroyed and 200 were injured. in pennsylvania people are dealing with this. heavy rains leading roads flooded. drivers having a hard time trying to get around because of the water. water. >> new fears over the zika virus. health officials now confirm three people in the state have tested positive for the mosquito born illness. the cases are the first in the state involving pregnant women so far. officials say all the patients traveled to zika prone areas
6:46 am
it is unclear where in the state these pregnant women live. the total number of cases for florida up to 32, stretching across 11 counties. the governor has requested hundreds of zika antibody tests. those tests allowed doctors to see if patients especially pregnant women have had the vierts even after they recovered. >> a small kitten in california is getting a reaction from animal lovers because of her unique peerns. >> this is one to check out. come to your tv. this kitten has the pattern that gives her the appearance of a mustache. she was found by a worker at salvation army. apparently someone left her in a donation bin. >> why would you do that? >> they put her in a donation bin. who does that? she was turned over to a shelter. she would be ready for adoption within the next few days.
6:47 am
>> look at that. so cute. >> mustaches are very in. she'll have an easy time finding a home. >> we asked for photos, we are getting a lot of pet photos. we love pet photos, you know how to get to our heart. let's show you some of these. we'll give away an umbrella. we'll let david -- >> i'll let you grab it. here's an awesome photo. this is from ginji and i forget the other one's name. here we go, we can't not show you their names. this is our baby sophie and then now, we'll take you into this cool shot. this is in edge water, this horse waiting on breakfast.
6:48 am
this is a sunrise shot from cassie. this is missy. missy in ormond beach. and barbara from new smyrna beach. and the bird. i wanted to pick missy. >> i like the pug. >> come on, you guys. >> we are wasting time. we have to pick. >> go with the pug. >> we'll go with the pug. do we have the name of the pug. my producers are going to kill me pause we are taking too long. there we go, it is at amara jane. there you go. >> we'll show the umbrella in a bit. we'll get in touch with you so you can get the free umbrella.
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the storm pins app for free. it is 54 in orlando. 50 in daytona beach. here's a look at pinpoint accurate forecast. 63 by noon. 67 by 4:00 so today a lot of sunshine, a lot of wind, those winds will be gusting near 25 miles an hour and there is a very slow warmup today into the upper 60's for highs as opposed to those 80's we had yesterday. clear tonight, looking good and chilly, 52 by late tonight if you are making plans at 10:00. the clouds and rain forecast. looking good and dry through the evening hours. tonight, temperatures will drop quickly as we don't have clouds to act as a blanket. sunshine, up to 66 in sanford. 66 in ocala. 66 in daytona beach. a cool day, a sunny day, a windy day. overnight into tomorrow, the 40's and even some 30's in northern zones.
6:50 am
cooler, drier air working in behind this front that brought us the rain. lots of sun, low 40's into early saturday and of course we have the food and wine festival at lake eola. if you are heading out, we are looking great, sunny for the most part. no rain and a high of 68 on saturday. 71 on sunday. notice we are dry through next week. we get back up to 79 for tuesday, 80 by wednesday. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. the pug is a good choice. don't you think? >> i thought all of the animals. we loved them all. sparse the roads, i like when i get to pass them along to you. looking outside. this is on the beachline moving past airport plaza, very, very easily. no major delays. still maintaining a nice pace. both directions are crystal
6:51 am
heading out the door, you don't need to plan any extra time. that is your check on traffic. we'll go back to you. >> a big weekend for the solar bears that goes beyond the ice. >> the team is looking to beat homelessness. you can help them get major results. it is faith and family night. we'll carry the game live with coverage begins at 7:30, don't miss it. the bears will donate a dollar for every single post on the internet with twitter, facebook or instagram using the hash tag, rethink homelessness. >> a check of our big stories, including breaking news from overnight. >> two people found shot near a park. what we are learning about how they are doing and the search for suspects.
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lowe's presents:
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man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer, at lowe's. >> let's get you up to date on the big stories, starting with mark lehman live overnight in orlando. >> we are waiting for answers from police on what led to two people being shot at this home on king cole boulevard.
6:55 am
night and rushed to the hospital. police think both people will be ok. they aren't giving out information about those victims or possible suspects. we'll post updates as we get them on >> two people getting gas at the circle k off bonnieville road when they were attacked and were carjacked. the details still complicated. deputies say while the man and woman were being punched, a third woman got in the way of that and got in the driver's seat and took off. deputies are trying to find the car. as we get information, we'll pass that on air and online. >> johnny, won't see construction along the i-4 project after the death of a worker.
6:56 am
a dump truck near the lee exit yesterday. until investigators figure out why that happened, they put construction to a halt. grief counselors will be out to help with workers today. we still have no idea when the project will continue. troy? >> a chilly start. we'll need those for a good bit of the day. a gradual warmup to 63 at noon. we get up to 67 at 4:00. we'll be dry, windy conditions, winds will be gusting near 25 miles an hour but expect a lot of sunshine. a beautiful day but a cool one. >> this is around when we see delays creeping in. not the case as kirsten was saying. as you can see by colonial drive, these happy to be westbound cars traveling away from you. >> it is about time to wrap it up for us. thanks for spending part of the morning on news 6.
6:57 am
your radio to mix 104.1. ginger is filling in so she'll be on the air. we want to congratulate tamara jane. >> the pug all bundled up. we'll get in touch with you and get your address. >> breaking news and weather on
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us,
7:00 am
bring me a higher love i could rise above captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, february 25th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a dramatic rescue is unfolding after wild weather cap sizes a fishing boat near new york city. powerful storms lead a trail of deadly destruction across the east. is there a bombshell hiding


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