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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  March 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> breaking overnight, a deputy rushed to the hospital after a crash that left an s.u.v. on its roof. we are live at scene working to get answers about what happened. plus -- >> we are the only campaign that has beaten donald trump, once, twice, three times. >> ok. the supertuesday results are in. donald trump and hillary clinton make big gains. other candidates also got some key victories and they are vowing to stay in the race.
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solid ground, scott kelly is back from space. >> i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. joining us this wednesday morning, we have troy and amy. >> we are glad he got home safely. great photos from him. we'll pinpoint a front. it will bring in a minimal chance for rain. not a lot of changes. >> as far as traffic depose, we have no significant hurdles, a couple of things clearing out of the way. >> what a difference a day makes. >> absolutely. we have breaking news from overnight in orange county. that's where two people, including a deputy are recovering after a crash left a sheriff's office cruiser upside down in a ditch. the crash happened along kelly park road near apopka. that's where we find johnny fernandez. what have you heard about that deputy's injuries? >> reporter: we know the deputy and the driver that was driving
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they are expected to be ok. deputies have a lot of questions about this crash, such as if the driver ran the lights or the construction barrel, if that played a part in the crash. i want to show you video from when we first got on the scene. troopers with highway patrol tell me they are trying to figure out what caused this crash. troopers say the driver was going through an intersection. the trooper's cruiser flipped over and ended up in a ditch. the damage was to the front of the s.u.v. deputies and troopers did block off the intersection as they start their investigation. both drivers were taken to the hospital and they are expected to be ok. we are back live, no word yet if that driver will be facing any charges. i'm going to be reaching out to troopers and to deputies to see if there is an update and once i get new information, i'll pass it along to you on air and online on,
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>> we'll check back in with you. starting off cool. things will warm up. >> troy, are we talking about temps in the 80's. >> getting up to 82. notice the front weakening considerably over the southeastern u.s. where it brought showers overnight into georgia. a 10% chance for one or two sprinkles through the lunch hour and then as this continues to push to the south. it will be a breezy afternoon and temperatures heat up quickly. no big need for a jacket. 58 in orlando. 60 is the temperature in daytona beach. more sunshine. getting up to 78 at noon. 82 by 4:00, even though a tront passes with a 10% chance. coming up, we'll talk about how much warmer you can expect it and if there are any other rain chances in the forecast.
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head over to the amy in the napleton traffic center. >> we had a lot of construction. things are back up and running, numerous projects under way. things are just beginning to clear. it is not causing any big issues. we are still in the green on all of your main arteries this morning. here's a live look by fairbanks along i-4. construction barrels pushed over to the shoulder. we are find ago few more lanes blocked. that is becoming a thing of the past. your drive times do continue to check out fine as you take a look at i-95 northbound and southbound. that is your check on traffic. back to you. >> it was a supertuesday for front runners donald trump and hillary clinton. >> both candidates coming away with big wins. those victories will have an impact on the race. mark lehman is breaking down the newest numbers. mark, almost all of the candidates can claim some victory from last night.
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major candidates can claim victory but all eyes were focused on democrat hillary clinton and republican donald trump. many were wanting to see if they could keep momentum going heading into supertuesday and both of them did in a big way. we'll start with hillary clinton, she took home seven states, that includes massachusetts where many thought bernie sanders would win because of his relationship with neighboring vermont. donald trump spent the night rallying in florida and looking ahead to the primary. >> foregoing a victory speech, donald trump instead held a pres conference. supertuesday placing him closer to the nomination. >> i think we have done something that almost nobody thought could be done. >> at a rally in miami, marco rubio claimed victory for the
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he is setting his eyes on florida's primary less than two weeks away. >> there is no place in america that understands the american dream better than this community and this great state of florida. >> taking home the big prize was ted cruz claiming his home state of texas with wins in two other states, cruz said it is time for other republicans to rally around him to beat trump. >> so long as the field remains divided, donald trump's path to the nomination remains more likely. >> instead of build walls, we'll break down barriers. >> also focused on donald trump was hillary clinton who won seven states. rival bernie sanders says he is not bowing out. >> the people, when we stand together will be victorious. >> of course, all this comes down to delegates heading to the convention later this year. i want to show you where we stand on the republican side. donald trump now has 315 delegates n. second place with a
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about 100 delegates behind at 216. after picking up a victory in minnesota, marco rubio stands at 105 delegates. on the democratic side, it is a much different story. hillary clinton now has more than 1,000 delegates to bernie sanders 387. this win of seven states puts her a third of the way to the nomination. all candidates will focus on pry mayors and caucuses on saturday. >> for a break down of the supertuesday results go, to our website, look for the story on the home page. is powered by news 6. >> breaking news overnight coming out of seminole county where police are investigating a shooting. our cameras caught crime scene teams for hours. we called for information on
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not heard back. we'll let you know when we get new information. >> new this morning, police are investigating after a man is found shot in a park. officers say the man was found near the entrance east of semoran boulevard around 8:00 last night. the victim was taken to the hospital where he was in stable condition. so far, police have not released any more information including details on a possible suspect. >> a milestone mission comes to an end. scott kelly is back on earth after spending nearly a year in space. this is video of kelly seconds after he landed last night along with two russian cosmonauts. he was smiling and giving everyone a thumbs up. kelly spent a total of 340 consecutive days in space and circled the world 540 times. it was part of an experiment to see how people handle long
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preparation for an eventual mission to mars. we are told he'll have a test and debriefing before being flown back to houston. >> what led to a crash and left two people dead on a busy orange county road. sky 6 over the scene along the colonial drive near christmas. a van heading east with its hazard lights on when the driver of a toyota slammed into the back of it. the driver of the van and the passenger died at the scene. troopers are now trying to figure out if that van was moving or stopped on the road at the time. the victim's names haven't been released. >> happening today, ucf leaders once again trying to convince the state to give green lights for a new campus. the school has been working to raise millions for the project. now, just yesterday, orlando mayor buddy dyer and john hit announced dr. phillips
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support to 16 million dollars. >> today ucf officials will present their newest plans to the board of governors. they have previously praefd a project but the governor vetoed it. we'll let you know what happens on and the news starting at 4:00. >> it is time to find out what is going on with this wgs. we hear it is a nice day. troy says there is a little bit of clouds, something to watch out for. >> a front coming through. we'll see clouds and a sprinkle or two through lunchtime. that's over with. sunshine breaking out as the day progresses. not enough rain when we talk about a 10% chance to sweep any pollen out. the allergy cast, not looking good. in the high category, oak, juniper and grass. we'll deal with that likely for the next several days, likely the next few weeks with no big rain chances for the next seven days. here are the temperatures out the door. pretty mild considering where we have been earlier in the week and certainly last week. we are at 58. you may want a light jacket.
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mild this morning at 63 in sanford. 65 in cocoa beach. 61 in ocala. the bus stop looking good and warm. no big need for the kids to grab the rain gear. the chance at rain at one or two sprinkles. 82 the afternoon high at 4:00 today with more sunshine later in the day after starting off with clouds. coming up, we'll pinpoint the timing of the front. we'll talk about whether you can expect a cool down behind it. what you can can't in the coming days. let's check on the roads right now and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. amy, better than yesterday. >> david said yell what a difference a day makes. back to routine things. we can handle that. take a good look at areas. all our average speeds are come back very fiesly. moving further south down towards the kissimmee area, everything is not going to be an issue. no extra travel time needed if you are traveling nice and early this morning. this is what our roads look like.
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beautiful, beautiful start to the day. day. >> a disturbing post on facebook leads to a police investigation. >> who police want to talk to after a picture shows this dog appearing to have tape wrapped around its mouth. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news as a deputy and one other person are hurt.
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pounder with cheese or crispy 10-piece chicken mcnuggets for just $5 bucks. grab your crew today. hurry in and say - lemme get a mcpick 2 bada ba ba ba >> a deputy cruiser enz up on its roof after crash in orange county. it happened on kelly park road near apopka. deputies say their cruiser was t-boned by another s.u.v.
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hospital but we are told they will be ok. troopers are trying to investigate what led to the crash. we'll have another live update from the scene ahead at top of the hour. >> we are following breaking news from overnight coming out of alabama where four people have been injured after a possible tornado ripped through parts of the state. the hardest hit area was in a town of besemer. at least five homes were badly damaged and dozens of others ended up with minor damage. the severe weather toppled trees and took down power lines. crews are expected to visit this area later this morning to confirm if a tornado or just straight line winds caused all that destruction. >> it is a picture that has animal lovers outraged. police are working to figure out who is behind this photo showing a dog with its mouth taped shut. the pictures showed up on face pook a few days ago. it was posted on an account of a man named brian future. there have been hundreds of comments from angry animal
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the poster defends himself by saying the tape wasn't sticky and the dog would bark. you may remember catherine lehman lehman lehmanski had a similar post. in the end she was able to keep her dog. >> in a few hour, a father accused of shooting her daughter's boyfriend will face a judge. >> 47-year-old felix junior is being held without bond in jail. police tell us the entire thing start with an argument in west melbourne. he was rushed to the hospital and is expected to be ok. police saverra hit her in the head and pulled a trigger a second time but she was not shot. she ended up with burns from the
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>> an honor for a deputy and a milestone for the department karen pierce was promoted to the rank of sergeant making her the first black female to hold that position at the office. she is no stranger to being recognized for her service. in 2012 she was named deputy of the year. she is currently serving in the u.s. army reserve. a round of applause for her. >> a reunion for a 9/11 dispatcher who helped to deliver a baby over the phone. >> do i get to hold him? >> we have a soft spot for these stories. >> mom didn't realize she was in labor until it was too late. mcdonald said he didn't do
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narrated the event. if her sobl called a few minutes earlier, she would have been on the line helping with the special delivery. >> i'm glad it went well because that's scary to me right now. >> we keep showing you these -- >> they are heartwarming for us, but for bridgett -- >> no way. >> the front is coming in weak and for the most part dry. rain, a sprinkle or two. no need for the rain gear for the kids heading out to the bus stop in the next hour or so. haze in the atmosphere. moisture around the lights in downtown orlando. a nice start. or two. we are at 58 degrees from that vantage point with a southwest wind light at 6 miles an hour
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with clouds overnight, we did hold in the warmth. the clouds act as a man ket. temperatures only at 64, dropping to 64. it didn't drop much. 58 in orlando. daytona beach at 60. it is 65 in cocoa beach. no big need for a jacket or the rain gear to start. here's a look at the rest of today today. notice as we take you through the day, we'll be warm. getting up to 78 at noon with breezy conditions. rain chances at 10% with one or two sprinkles. 82 by 4:00 today. into tonight, evening plans dry. still breezy. 67 at 9:00. at 10:00, we are at 65. fairly mild tonight. temperatures drop off overnight as we see more clouds eroding. there's the clouds and rain
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the white indicating a few more clouds. one or two dots of rain. through 2:00 in the afternoon t white indicating clouds breaking up. more and more sunshine through the day as the front continues to clear through. we'll see a drop in temperatures overnight because of the front. 82 in orlando. 78 in ocala. 78 in daytona beach. 80 in melbourne. the average afternoon high is 76 degrees. we'll be running above that by several degrees into the next several days. some warm air in place. let's take you through the rest of the forecast here. as we do, we'll warm up into the next seven days. we'll continue to talk about that. guys, an issue showing you the seven day. right now, let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center.
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as far as the roads go, still accident free. i-4, a lot of construction present which is on its way to being picked up. you can see on the expressway, as you make your approach. we have a couple of lanes blocked off. it is early. it is not causing any delays. no big accidents. your drive times on i-4 westbound and eastbound, you are still absolutely right on time. >> we have a recall alert >> we have a recall alert involving whole foods. >> why the grocery chain is recalling packages of bleu cheese. >> we have a check of our big stories on this wednesday, including breaking news from overnight in orange county. a deputy is injured after their s.u.v. crashes and rolls over. an update on that deputy's
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>> let's get you updated on the big stories. breaking news overnight where a deputy was hurt after a rollover crash. we are told the cruiser was t poned by another s.u.v. on kel park road. both drivers had to go to the hospital. we are told they will be ok. we'll have an update at the top of the hour. >> a boy in critical condition after he fell into a canal while walking home from school. detectives believe this boy scaled a fence off forest city road and tried crossing the canal but something happened causing him to fall. >> it was a supersuccessful tuesday for two front runners. hillary clinton and republican candidate donald trump. both took home seven states, all candidates have a ways to go before picking up enough delegates to clinch a nomination. >> a scam this morning, ahead at the top of the hour, what tooks are trying to do to get your
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>> news 6 getting results for a girl scout who had her cookie money snatched by a thief. what will happen later today to help the scout and her troop. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news. an investigation, why officers were called out there. >> you are watching morning new in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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>> a deputy injured in a rollover crash. what the deputy was doing seconds before it happened. plus -- >> i think we have done something that almost nobody thought could be done. >> ladies and gentlemen, the supertuesday results are in. it is donald trump and hillary clinton celebrating a big win. reaction coming up. good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. i'm david hall. >> thank you for waking up with us on this wednesday. troy and amy are here. how is it going? >> better than yesterday. >> today we'll pinpoint a front. it is a weak front bringing just about that much rain. one or two drops. we'll talk about the timing straight ahead. >> we have breaking news to get to in orange county from overnight where a deputy was


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