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tv   News 6 at 6 AM  CBS  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> a deputy injured in a rollover crash. what the deputy was doing seconds before it happened. plus -- >> i think we have done something that almost nobody thought could be done. >> ladies and gentlemen, the supertuesday results are in. it is donald trump and hillary clinton celebrating a big win. reaction coming up. good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. i'm david hall. >> thank you for waking up with us on this wednesday. troy and amy are here. how is it going? >> better than yesterday. >> today we'll pinpoint a front. it is a weak front bringing just about that much rain. one or two drops. we'll talk about the timing straight ahead. >> we have breaking news to get to in orange county from overnight where a deputy was
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this crash ended up upside down. it happened near apopka. news 6 johnny is is out there live. you just got another update, johnny. >> that's right. i spoke with deputies within the last couple of hours. deputies tell me the deputy that was involved in this crash, he just finished responding to a call. they are trying to figure out what led to the crash. i want sho show you video from when we got to the scene. you can see the deputy's s.u.v. is flipped offense. troopers say the deputy was going through the intersection when he was t boned. the s.u.v. was smashed up in the front. there is a lot of construction going on in this area. that may have played a role in what happened.
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this morning we know both drivers were transported to a hospital. we got word they are expected to be ok. once i get updates, i'll pass that information along on air and online at powered by news 6. >> outside it will be sunshine and warm temperatures. >> we are pinpointing a front that will bring clouds but late in the afternoon. expect more and more sunshine. you can see it was stronger trying to move through north georgia. as it continued to the east, it weakened with light rain and drizzle now. as it continues closer to central florida, we have clouds out ahead of it. as we head into the day, we'll see sprinkles, a 10% coverage, breezy conditions with winds out of the west first. starting off near 60 in many spots. 61 in ocala. 61 in melbourne.
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we see the front continuing to push to the south. coming up, we'll take you through bike week, the official forecast for that, it all starts friday if you can believe it. that in a few minutes. let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. >> much better than yesterday. i'm watching the tail end of construction. you will notice no accidents being reported for the time being. everything still looks very, very nice. your drive times are reflecting that, even an i-4 with all that construction. westbound and eastbound, you are doing fine. looking beautiful. it is dark. as you can see, 95 over by palm bay, not a ton going on. >> turning now to the race for the white house. thousand to supertuesday is in the book. >> it was supertuesday for the
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mark, it is all about trump and clinton. >> all eye were on the two front runners. to see if they could get their momentum going. both of them did. while bernie sanders won four states, clinton won seven. that gives her a huge lead. on the republican side, it was an equally impressive night. he took home seven states. trump did not win in texas where hundreds of delegates were up for grabs. that went to ted cruz. marco rubio pick up his first win. both rub yes and trump watched the results come in right here in the sunshine state. >> let me introduce the next president of the united states. >> the trump campaign held a press conference to mark a string of wins. the billionaire vowing to unite
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>> once we get all this finished, i'm going to go after one person, that's hillary clinton. >> in miami, rubio said his win -- >> we won't just save the american dream, we'll expand it and reach more people than ever. >> standing in the way is ted cruz who took home the biggest prize of the night, his home state of texas. >> on the democratic side, it was hillary clinton claiming victory in seven states, the win pushing her well ahead of bernie sanders. >> this country belongs to all of us. >> before the results came in, we learned donald trump will be making a stop at ucf on saturday as he campaigns for the primary. all of the candidates have a
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enough delegates to clinch a nomination. >> we have a full break down and what it means for the race. we are following some breaking news from overnight coming out of sanford. that's where police are investigating a reported shooting. crime scene investigators spent hours at the scene. we have even called police a few times for some information about what happened and to find out if a suspect could be on the run. so far, we have not heard back. we'll let you know when we get new information. >> an 8-year-old boy is in critical condition after a tragic accident. deputies say he fell into a canal while walking home from school. it happened yesterday off forest city road. detectives believe the boy scaled a fence and tried to cross the canal on a concrete walkway next to the pipe. something went wrong, causing water.
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her son jumped in to try to save his friend. >> they thought he was the one drowning. they said. no, he was the one who saved him. >> he knows that's a path that i did not tell him to take. >> parents say this isn't the first time they have seen kids near the canal. some are are calling for pra security in the area to make sure something like this doesn't happen again. >> a man who shot and killed another man after an argument turned himself in. he shot 25-year-old swinton in the chest last night on garden street, two blocks west. swinton has surgery by died a short time later. >> the man accused of killing a student and injuring two others after another shooting has now been indicted on first degree murder charges.
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death of 23-year-old johnson after a fight at the golf club. he is charged with two counts of murder in the shooting of two other students. he will be arraigned on march 16. >> an update on the condition of a 3-year-old boy injured after a crash in volusia county. sky 6 flew over this area last night. police tell us 29-year-old ashley wilson went to the store leaving her 3-year-old in the s.u.v. somehow the car shifted into reverse and the child fell and was injured. >> we'll have to wait until friday before space x tries to fete a falcon nine rocket off the ground. it is the fourth time in the past few days the mission has been delayed. previous teams were scrubbed due
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>> with all these attempts it has to be frustrating for the crews. >> good and warm. a couple of sprinkles to deal with. trid we start bike week. getting up to 76 degrees on saturday. 78 on sunday. warmer conditions as we head into sunday. not by much, as we take you to daytona beach. right now out the door, 58 in orlando. 60 in daytona beach. 61 in ocala. 61 in melbourne. we'll pinpoint a front with a few additional clouds and only a 10% chance for rain, mainly along that front into the noon hour into the afternoon, rain chances pretty much over with, except our southern zones. even there, a 10% chance for sprinkles. 82 will be the afternoon high. no need for the jacket, certainly no need for the rain dpeer.
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we'll talk about the start of bike week. let's check on the roads to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> take a good look. what you are looking@lancaster and obt. we have police activity. it looks like a possible crash in the northbound lanes. the rightside is is blocked. everybody is squeezing past. lancaster and obt, a little extra caution is necessary. otherwise, your live camera over the main artery are doing fine. this is at the beachline, west of goldenrod. we are adding a little bit of volume. nothing to slow you down. speaking of which, the drive times look great. either direction of i-4 westbound and eastbound. you are finding a delay free commute. that is your check on traffic. >> one man is dead after a shooting involving police. >> what investigators say caused
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>> how they are getting results for a girl scout after she was targeted by a robber. >> breaking news after a deputy is hospitalized following a crash. we have an update on the story next. rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. that same chicken pulled by hand? it's what we do. freshly-baked bread and crisp veggies? it's what we've always done. the new rotisserie-style
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>> we are told they will be ok. johnny is at the scene working to get updates. he'll have another report at the bottom of the hour. >> we are learning new details about the man shot and killed by an sper in palm bay. >> detectives say that man was hold ago gun. so far police have not identified this person, only saying he was 39 years old and was gunned down outside his home. they say this was after he pointed his gun at officers. detectives tell us the man's gun
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in his pocket. detectives went to his home after he threatened three workers next door. >> the city says there have been several reports of customers getting calls and the claim is their electricity will be turned off unless they make a payment over the phone. ocala says it will never call customers. if you think there is a problem with your account, contact the ocala call center. >> commissioners voted to support legislation urging governor scott to clear the groveland 4. the resolution comes two weeks after the mayor issued a similar proclamation. while none of the four were in attendance, commissioners say they plan to present them with that resolution at a future meeting. >> our partners are teaming up to getting results for the girl
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we first told you mopped night about this story, a man swiping the cash box from a 12-year-old scout scout. after hearing about this horrible story, the radio station went to that store and collected donations, hundreds of dollars to replace the money that was stolen. >> we heard about it on channel 6. we said, you know, this is ridiculous. >> it is awesome what they did. they will give a donation to the troops today. we'll have more on that later today on air and on >> a man is in the hospital after a shooting while his father sits behind bars. sky 6 flew over the scene near deland yesterday. deputies say 58-year-old grady shot his 34-year-old son in the chest. they say it all starred because of a fight between the two over the victim's mother.
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hospital and he is listed in critical condition. his father is being charged with aggravated battery. we checked with the jail and he is being held without bond. >> it turns out the sunshine state is the most dangerous one for motorcyclists. new numbers show florida is is number one in motorcycle deaths. since florida's mandatory helmet law was repealed, many think they don't have to wear a helmet. half a million bikers are expected to be out at bike week this year. festivities set to kick off on friday. >> a tlelg new attraction in los angeles promises to give riders a one of a kind view. sky 6 is a slide that lets people scoot across from the
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>> it is part of skied space chgs a multilevel experience that will spread across four different floors this will be made with clear glass that is more than an inch thick. it is the only thing separating you from the street which is 1,000 feet below. >> the attraction opens at the end of june. who would do it at this table? >> sometimes when you go down a slide, you don't go fast -- >> i would try it but i was thinking that, what if you get stuck -- >> and then the grass -- >> you said more than an inch. how much more than an inch? >> we are going to pinpoint a front. this is going to be a minimal front. i know i sound excited. we'll see that much rain. we need more to get the pollen out of here.
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few days. here is that allergy cast as the front brings minimal rain. oak, juniper and grass. grass. go to twitter if you want to share it with your folks. people say i have been sneezing, a lot of folks realizing that. we'll see a front come through. it is a weak front. through the georgia area, also through the carolinas. it dwindles. we'll see a trailing bit of moisture. most of that trying to die out. through the noon hour, a 10% chance, a 10% coverage of rain. breezy conditions. with clouds along the boundary and it clears out. we are looking ahead to bike week. spectacular weather to enjoy,
6:20 am
friday as everything starts, 78. 78 on sunday. upper 70's in many spots, including daytona beach as we head into bike week. this morning, 58 is the temperature in orlando. it is 60 melbourne. a mild start considering no need for a jacket or the rain gear, even though we'll have this front. here's a look at the forecast. >> notice today, temperatures warming quickly, even though we'll see clouds around the noon hour as that front pushes through, a coverage of rain through the early afternoon, mainly there in southern brevard county as we push this to the south. 82 will be tafrn high temperature. still warming up, the front not bringing big changes. mid 60's into the evening hours.
6:21 am
the kids don't need the rain gear. with mild temperatures this morning, a warm afternoon, no need for the jacket. 78 in ocala. 82 in orlando. there's your thursday. 78 on friday. rain chances out of the picture on through the weekend. again, we are close to the average which is 76. let's head over to amy in the traffic center. >> good morning. good morning to you at home. we are watching police activity. this is happening right in the intersection of lancaster road and opt. you can see cars merging. heading for this area, a couple of minutes. big heads up that is going on at the intersection of lancaster and obt. the rest of my camera is not finding significant accidents. on i-4 past the turnpike area
6:22 am
your drive times, hitting the expressway, no major slowdowns whatsoever. that's your check on traffic for now. back to you. >> giving you and your family a chance to get up and personal with legos. >> it is easy to enter to win. go to facebook to news 6 to enter. you have until tonight to get your family a chance to win hose tickets. >> after nearly a year in space, an astronaut is waking back up on mother earth. >> ahead at the bottom of the hour, we have new video of scott kelly's return.
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another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. >> all for listeria concerns. whole foods has recalled may tag bleu cheese nation-wide. recent tests in iowa reveal the presence of listeria bacteria in samples. the recall involves cheese sold in packaging like the ones shown here.
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no illness has been reported. >> comic book fans got a special sneak peek. >> ben affleck gave visitors to the warner brothers studio in hollywood a special surprise in the name of charity. the celebrating auction donated $10 to charities. you are entered for a chance to attend the film red carpet premier and take a spin in the batmobile. >> that would be fun. >> they'll never forget that moment. >> it was a dominant supertuesday. >> what it means for the primary coming up.
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mouth taped shut spashs outrage. what investigators are saying about this picture ahead. >> breaking news overnight after this crash sends two people including a deputy to the hospital. we have a live update on that story coming up next on this wednesday morning, you are watching news 6 getting results for all of central florida on air and on the news 6 app.
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>> a deputy rushed to the hospital after a crash that left that you are sif on its roof. we are live at the scene. plus -- >> we are the only campaign that has beaten donald trump once, twice three times. >> supertuesday results are in. the candidates also got key victories and they are vowing to stay in the race. >> scott kelly returns to earth after spending nearly a year in space. good morning, it is 6:30 on this
6:31 am
i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. joining us, we have troy and amy. >> we now have one issue i'm watching in orlando. it looks like police activity. so far, a quiet morning save for that issue. >> we are pinpointing a front. >> we'll check back in with you in a moment. breaking news first from overnight in orange county where two people including a deputy are recovering after a crash. that wreck left the sheriff's office cruiser upside down. the crash happened along kelly park road in apopka. that's where we find johnny. what have you heard about the deputies injuries? >> this morning we know the deputy and the driver, they are going to be ok. but this morning, still a lot of questions, deputies are still trying to figure out what caused
6:32 am
if a driver ran a red light or these construction barriers troopers tell me they are trying to figure out what caused this crash. i want to show you video. the deputy going through the intersection when he was t boned by another s.u.v. the trooper's cruiser flipped over. the damage to the other s.u.v. was to the front of the s.u.v. deputies and troopers blocked off the intersection as they started their investigation. both drivers were taken to the hospital, they are expected to be ok. this morning, there is no word if that driver will be facing charges. i'll reach back out to troopers and to deputies to get new information. once i get an update, i'll pass that information along to you on air and online on . >> it is a cool start but it is going to warm up again. >> time to check in with troy bridges. we are talking about temps in the 80's. >> absolutely.
6:33 am
the kids getting on the bus behind johnmy. the good news, no big need for the rain gear heading out. no big need for a jacket. starting off mild. you can see the front, we'll pinpoint through the noon hour. bringing a sprinkle or two into the carolinas. as it continues to weaken, only a 10% chance for a sprinkle or two with breezy conditions. starting off near 60. you may want a light jacket. 58 in orlando. 61 in ocala. 64 in leesburg. through the day, clouds along the front. some clearing this afternoon. by noon, 78. the 10% chance for rain. we'll talk about the timing with the model data straight ahead. we'll have the bike week forecast. that starts friday. let's check on the roads with amy in the napleton traffic center. a better setup than yesterday.
6:34 am
we have a couple of accidents working in. this is the largest. this is in orlando. we have a crash working, one lane is blocked. use caution if you will be traveling. as you make your way to the approach and you should be ok. you can see delays starting to fill in this morning. a live vek outside. lovely conditions. we'll look at your drive times on i-4 where all data is coming back on time. back to you. >> it was a supertuesday for donald trump and hillary clinton. >> both candidates coming away with big ones in yesterday's voting. those victories will have a big impact on the race. race.
6:35 am
victory but all eyes were on hillary clinton and donald trump to see if they could keep momentum going and both of them did in a big way. i want to show you how things broke down. hillary clinton took home seven states. that including massachusetts where many thought bernie sanders would win. donald trump had a similar night winning seven states and he spent his might right here in florida, celebrating that victory and rallying supporters as he looked ahead to the primary less than two weeks away. >> donald trump held a press conference in palm beach beach. >> i think we have done something that almost nobody thought could be done. >> marco rubio claimed victory for the first time in minnesota. he is setting his eyes on florida's primary less than two weeks away.
6:36 am
understands the american dream party than this community. >> taking home the biggest prize was ted cruz claiming his home state of texas with wins in two others states, cruz says it is time for other republicans to rally around him to beat trump. >> instead of building walls, we'll break down barriers. >> hillary clinton won seven states but bernie sanders says he is not bowing out. >> the people when we stand together will be victorious. >> here's where we stand on the republican side. donald forbes now has 315 delegates. after a big win, ted cruz stands at 216. rubio brings his total count to 105. on the democratic side, hell
6:37 am
winning seven states. she stands at more than a thousand delegates. this count puts her a third of the way to the democratic nomination. all will be focusing efforts on saturday where a handful of states will hold primaries and caucuses. >> for more about supertuesday, go to, look for the story on the home page. >> we are staying on top of breaking news. police are investigating a reported shooting. our cameras caught this scene for hours overnight. so far we have not heard back. of course, we'll let you know when we get new information. >> police investigating after a man is found shot inside a park. officers say the man was towned near the entrance just east of
6:38 am
the victim was taken to orlando regional in stable condition. so far, police have not released any other information, including details on a possible suspect. >> scott kelly is back on earth after spend ago year in space. as you can see, he was smiling and giving everyone a thumbs up. cruz even had a chair ready for kelly as he is adjusting to being back and dealing with gravity. kelly spent a total of 340 consecutive days in space and circled the world some 5,000440 times. times. >> what is next for kelly? he will be taking a star city near moscow for medical tests he is expected to arrive in houston later tonight.
6:39 am
figure out what led to a crash that left two people dead sky 6 is over that scene last night along colonial. troopers say a van was heading east when the driver of a toyota slammed right into the back of it. the driver of the van and a passenger died at the scene. drive are trying to figure out if the van was moving or stopped. the victim's names haven't been released. >> leaders will try to convince the state state, the school has been working to raise millions of dollars for this project. john hit announced the charity pledged $3 million bringing the community support to $16 million. ucf officials will present their newest plans to the board of governors. they had previously approved this project but the governor vetoed it. we'll let you know what happens on our website.
6:40 am
>> the pollen has been high. it has been sunny. no rain in the forecast. >> are we expecting any chances of rain? >> that much. the word of the day, a sprinkle. that will be it. >> we'll deal with the high pollen count. you can see the clouds ahead of the front as we take you to volusia county. there's the slingshot ride. today we'll see clouds and then we'll see more sunshine as the day progresses. 60 is the temperature from that vantage point. it is 58 in orlando. 63 is the temperature in ocala. 64 in lake county for leesburg. a mild start in many spots. we get up to 82 by 4:00 with a chance for rain around the noon hour. brevard county, we'll see a 10% chance for sprinkles into 4:00 this afternoon. not a lot of rain. i would not grab the rain gear.
6:41 am
front and if you can expect a cool down. let's check on the roads. >> i'm watching a new crash at 436 right on your approach towards howl branch. this has the right lane, you have a police presence set up around that accident. we are dealing with another one right at a busy intersection. we have a crash sitting out there. all kind of angles will be impacted pi that one. you can see a pickup and delay as you move past that one. general volume is now beginning to fill in. as we look at i-4. looks like eastbound and westbound, still right at the speed limit. a disturbing post on facebook leads to a police investigation.
6:42 am
to talk to after this picture emerges showing a dog with his mouth taped shut. >> breaking news as a deputy and one other person are hurt after this crash what dnths say happened and how those injured are doing this wednesday morning. we'll be right back. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito --
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go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> just joining us, a deputy cruiser ended up on its roof after crash in orange county. it happened on kelly park road near apopka. deputies say the cruiser was t boned by another s.u.v. and both drivers went to the hospital but they will be ok. troopers meanwhile are still trying to investigate what led to the crash. we'll have another update from the scene in minutes. >> overnight in alabama, four tornado ripped through parts of the state. ing see the aftermath behind me. the hardest hit area was in a town beszemer. five homes were badly damaged and dozens of others ended up with minor damage. national weather service crews
6:46 am
later this morning to confirm if a tornado or just straight line winds caused all of that destruction. >> it is a picture that has animal lovers outraged. police working to figure out who is behind this photo. the pies first showed aup few days ago. it was posted on the account of a man named brian future. since it appeared there have been hundreds of comments from angry animal lovers. the poster defends himself saying the tape wasn't sticky. he claims he was trying to show his roommate that the animal could get out of the tape. you may remember a similar story in november. 45-year-old catherine lamanski was charged with animal cruelty after a similar post on facebook went viral. police tracked her down in north carolina. in the end, she was able to keep her dog. >> a bighorn for volusia county deputy and a milestone for the department.
6:47 am
rank of sergeant making her the first black female to hold the position at the sheriff's office. you can see this this picture, her daughter pinning her. pierce is no stranger to being recognized. in 2012, she was named deputy of the year. she is serving in the u.s. army reserve. >> a dog in california has her paws full this morning after delivery what could be a record litter. this makes me tired hearing this story. >> this is video you have to see. come to your tv. the mom gave birth to 17 sheep dogs. the pups are used to protect love stock. the owner said he is having to
6:48 am
>> i feel for mama. >> one comes out -- how many come out at once? >> i have one right now. >> it is if you have for you to see these videos, even with dogs. we'll pinpoint a front. it is going to come in mainly dry but there is a little bit of moisture associated with it. this is the front that brought the severe weather out in alabama as we were just talking about. david was telling you about the severe weather. none of that is here. not a lot of rain to sweep the pollen out. this is one issue a lot of people have been talking about. oak, juniper and grass. a 10% coverage with one or two sprinkles across the board. we won't sweep any of the pollen out. you can see the front. it weakened as it continues to push through. you'll see clouds through the morning hours.
6:49 am
afternoon, mainly once we get more drier air behind the front. there is a 10% chance for a couple of sprinkles through the noon hour including orlando. a 10% chance through the afternoon in brevard county. it is all about the timing of that front. we look ahead to bike week, starting this friday. warming to 78 degrees in daytona beach. 76 saturday. 78 on sunday. staying dry across the board. looking ahead to bike week, this upcoming weekend will be spectacular. no issues with rain. temperatures mild. 63 in ocala. 58 in orlando. 65 at cocoa beach. 78 will be the temperature at noon. orlando downtown as we take you into this picture into the future. more clouds around the noon hour. then the clouds break up through the afternoon. we warm to 82 today and overnight, fairly mild with
6:50 am
we'll be in the mid and upper 60's for your evening plans. there's 1:00 this afternoon, the green dots, one, two, three, that's all we'll see, three sprinkles as this front moves through. a mix of sun and clouds and more sunshine through 5:00, 6:00. by 7:00, lingering clouds. highs today ahead of the front, 78 in ocala. 78 in daytona beach. 82 in orlando. 80 tomorrow, 78 on friday. 76 on saturday. rain free through the weekend. making weekend plans, it is going to be spectacular. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> i was just watching a tow truck trying to tow this vehicle
6:51 am
you can see it at the corner of the screen. the rights lane is blocked. 436 at howl branch. we are just now beginning as the sun comes up. 95 north and southbound. a quick check on your drive times, eastbound, westbound, no slowdowns. up next, a check of our big stories including breaking news from overnight. >> a deputy was hurt after an s.u.v. crashed and rolled over. we have an update on the deputy's injuries coming up. nora? >> we have all the supertuesday results. john dickerson join us with how the races are shaping up after donald trump and hillary clinton's big wins. we reveal the list of the best places to live in america.
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>> it is a busy morning. let's get you up to date. >> johnny? >> david and bridgett, we are working to find out what led to a crash that injured a deputy and a driver. this all happening overnight. take a look at video.
6:55 am
the scene looked like on kelly park road. investigators say that deputy was just wrapping up a call when he was t boned, causing his cruiser to flip over and end up in a ditch. both the deputy and the other driver were taken to the hospital. we are told both will be ok. the highway patrol is investigating this crash. once we get updates, we'll bring those updates on air and online. >> also breaking overnight, waiting for answers from police about a shooting. we know crime scene investigators spent hours at a home over night. despite requests for information, they are not telling us what happened. we'll post updates as we get them on >> we have been watching the final results come in on supertuesday. it was a supernight for donald trump and hillary clinton. clinton took home seven states in yesterday's voting including texas. that gives her a big lead on the
6:56 am
bernie sanders. on the gop side, trump had a big night taking seven states. he didn't win texas. that went to ted cruz. marco rubio picked up his first win, narrowly taking minnesota. the focus is quickly shifting to florida. trump and rubio watched the results come in in south florida. trump is planning a rally this saturday at ucf. it appears ben carson and john kasich will be staying in the race despite big losses. we'll have complete team coverage ahead at the top of the hour. >> no need for a jacket we get up to 78 at noon. a front moves through as we pinpoint it. a 10% chance through the day. day. >> a live look outside. traffic beginning to fill in on i-4 and a beautiful morning. the accident in orlando at the
6:57 am
obt. heads up for that. we are coming to live out there. >> when you are on the go breaking news and weather on our website, powered by news 6. that is central florida's number one choice for news online. >> have a beautiful day. >> don't forget to pinpoint weather app. get your weather, i sent out the push alerts. i have already done that today about this front, a 10% chance for showers, cloudy skies. have a good one. >> looking good. take care. served with sirloin steak. saut\ fresh zucchini, squash and tomatoes. it's sure to be a family favorite. visit for great recipes. delicious is always served
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