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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  March 3, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> a man rushed to the hospital after a motorcycle he was worked on exploded at a racetrack. what deputies say may have played a role. >> a young girl is dead after an accidental shooting. her uncle is set to face a judge after he is accused of leaving the gun within her reach. >> the big name politician expected to take on the gop front runner today. good morning. it is 5:30 on your thursday. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. troy and aim are with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> we are a half-hour into it and things are getting better. >> sounds good. >> no rain. tomorrow morning we'll pinpoint rain for the drive to work a little bit as a front moves through, a reinforcing front to bring more stable air as we head into the weekend. it times out well. here is the setup.
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indicating light winds out of the north behind that front that moved in yesterday. still some cloud cover streaming in. we'll have dry conditions today before the next front brings us a chance for a few showers early in the morning tomorrow. we are at 56 in orlando. 46 is the temperature right now in ocala. it is 50 at daytona beach. 57 in melbourne. cool enough for a jacket heading out the door. here is a picture into the future. today into the afternoon, a mix of clouds and sun. the sun breaking through some of the clouds into the afternoon. look at the temperatures. we are up to 79 by noon. 82 at 4:00 today. coming up, we'll pinpoint the timing of tomorrow morning's quick dash of rain. we'll also talk about what to expect with the allergy cast. i know you want more rain to sweep the pollen out. we'll let you know if there is any of that in sight. let's head over to amy in the traffic center, talking good news this morning, right? >> it is getting better. >> it is getting better.
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i wanted to show you this live camera. we had construction from the overnight. those eastbound lanes but in the past five minutes, we have seen that pick up. by lake mary, in the process of clearing. we have reports of one accident coming in. want to pass this along to you. we have reports of something working on colonial drive. westbound lanes around 520. i'll keep you posted. >> now to breaking news, a man was badly burned after deputies say the bike exploded. it happened at orlando speed world on east colonial in bithlo. johnny is there live this morning. have investigators told us exactly what he was doing to the happened? >> deputies tell us that the man may have been handling nitrous oxide before the explosion.
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at this point, the cause of this whole thing is under investigation. now, we were here yesterday, right after the explosion took place. take a look at the video. we were here as the motorcycle was towed away. deputies say the man was working on the motorcycle last night when the explosion happened. the man was air lifted to the hospital. we checked and speed world's website say they were having a test at the track. these nights give people the opportunity to grudge race and have fun runs. at this point, deputies have not released the name of the man. i'll be reaching back out to deputies to try to get an update. once i get new information, i'll pass it along to you guys on air and online on >> a melbourne man facing charges after police say he got
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it happened around 8:00 last night. according to police, 54-year-old stanley jones rear ended a car, causing that vehicle to hit another car. officers say jones took off despite one of the other drivers being injured. he was later found near his apartment. after his arrest, officers tested his blood alcohol level and determined it was more than twice the legal limit. his two prior convictions for dui dating back to 2013. he is being held on a $24,000 bond. >> a seminole county man arrested in connection with a shooting that left a girl dead will appear in court. he was arrested on charges of child neglect. it comes after his niece was hurt while handling a handgun tuesday night at a home on hylon avenue. the girl was taken to the hospital but she didn't make it. police say williams allowed the girl to play in an area where the gun was stored without a lock under a living room sofa. >> we have information about the
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this case is getting national attention. the national center for missing and exexploited children is calling on you, the public, to come fared with any information about baby willow. we have been following this since susan gave birth at the apartment off silver star road. wilson will not tell investigators what happened to the baby after that. they have searched the area but have found nothing. richardson is locked up on charges. >> police are working to find the person who robbed a kissimmee gas station. thanks to the quick thinking of store clerk, the man got away with nothing. it is a surveillance picture of the would be robber. police are looking for. investigators say the man walked into the 7-eleven seven seven- seven-eleven. the man took off empty handed. p you recognize this man, call police.
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of this -- a big controlled burn. sky 6 was over that last night. this was near st. john's river and 415. lots of flame and smoke visible there, which had some nearby neighbors worried. workers say the burn is complete but drivers in the area should watch out for left over smoke. >> another twist now in election 2016, a shakeup for republicans. >> the remaining candidates prepare for another prime time debate, one is announcing he will be a no show. ben carson has all but dropped out of the race saying he doesn't see a path forward for his campaign. it comes as a 2012 republican nominee mitt romney gears up for a news conference that has a lot of people questioning ha he will say. let's get to mark lehman. mark, a lot going on. what is the latest? >> it centers around donald trump, picking up momentum after winning seven states on supertuesday. the billionaire has been fending
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many believing he is tarnishing the party's brand. >> donald trump appears locked in a battle. mitt romney is expected to call out the billionaire publicly for the first time. >> i want universal coverage. >> jumping ahead of the speech, trump posted this video to his facebook wednesday night questioning romney's credentials. trump has been questioned about his failure to release tax returns and failure to disavoy kkk party leader david duke. >> there is no guarantee. attacks from the accomplishment could make trump stronger. >> all of this comes as marco rubio is expected to step up attacks in tonight's debate. it will be the first without ben carson. the neurosurgeon said he sees no path forward.
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>> if you have been supporting ben carson or john kasich or marco rubio, all good, honorable men, we welcome you on our team. >> as the race heats up, we are learning new specifics from donald trump on his plans for healthcare. trump laid out a seven-point plan calling for the repeal of the affordable care act. that will likely be a big topic in tonight's debate as could be mitt romney's remarks. he is expected to deliver his speech. we'll post updates as we get them on >> dozens of women an men are expected to strap on the high heels in hopes of stomping out domestic violence. you heard us right. men will be wearing those city let toes. it is part of the fourth walk a mile. advocates are expect to walk in high heels from orange county courthouse to orange county regional history center to raise
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registration for the walk starts at 5:00 with the event at 6:00. >> are you going to wear the heels? >> i don't know. i have wide feet -- >> we can find some to fit you. you have to do it. a win for one lucky power ball player. >> he picked up last night's $292 million jackpot. we don't know where that ticket was sold so check those tickets. here's a look at the winning numbers -- >> i'm mad because i did not play. play. >> someone here in florida. >> maybe it is a friend or a neighbor. >> here's how it looks with the
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our main pollen count is high when we talk about tree, oak tree and grass. those two are predominant pollens that will be a concern as we head into the next few days. we need some rain to sweep shall have this out of here. it is not going to be a big deal. we'll see rain move in and then it is out of here. a quick moving shower or two for the drive to work tomorrow. today dry. 46 to start. 56 in orlando. 50 as the temperature in daytona beach. starting you off at 7:00 at the bus stop. 58 degrees. cool enough for a light jacket. and then this afternoon, certainly warming up, getting up to 82. short sleeves in order. >> we'll talk about what to expect for the weekend. let's head over to amy in the traffic center. what is happening? >> right now, we have construction picking up.
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a nice dry roadway. a live look at the beachline. a little bit west of the toll plaza. plenty of elbow room. want to check in with our drive times on i-4 where we have had a heavy construction presence. that is in the process of picking up a little bit ahead of schedule. you can see westbound, st. john's river to colonial only taking you 19 minutes. eastbound colonial. that is our check on traffic. >> there are new questions this thursday morning surrounding the safety of lee janet after another emergency landing. >> why a flight from central florida was forced to land in jacksonville. plus -- >> i'm happy my baby is here. >> a woman whose kidnapped baby found, what she is saying about the culprit investigators say
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>> we are following breaking news, a motorcycle explosion at orlando's speed world sends a man to the hospital. what we have learned about his injuries.
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>> a man is recovering from burns after a bizarre accident. the man was working on a motorcycle when it exploded. he was flown to the hospital for burns. news 6 reporter johnny fernandez is gathering the latest details. he'll have a report at the top
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>> this woman whose baby was kidnapped at gun point is telling her story and she is coming to term with the fact that one of the suspects was her cousin. the child was snatched in front of her 7-year-old son t. kidnapping ended when teraji was found at an apartment complex. she found out the suspect was her cousin. >> i used to tell her, i'm proud of you. it broke me to find out it was her. >> the 14-year-old was also arrested this connection with this kidnapping. she recently had a miscarriage. she is undergoing a mental health evaluation. >> the latest problem was yesterday when a flight from sanford international had to
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jacksonville for a pressurization problem. the problem was the third in a week for allegiant. mechanical problems have caused flights to divert. the company says the planes are safe. the passengers were given full refunds. >> a girl found out the hard way something should not be put up your nose. >> she got a safety pin stuck up her nose. ouch. it was there for six months. can you imagine? there she is --. >> she is happy now. >> the 5-year-old chloe russell. she had an a runny nose. her parents couldn't figure out what was wrong. >> enjoy those cheerios. they thought it was a sinus infection. she would go to the doctor until one day --
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it was so nasty. >> she blew her nose and out it popped. it turns out she is fine. >> we understand. >> she put it up there for fun. >> i did this but not with a safety pin. i was 3 and i put a rock up my nose. >> that's what kids do. >> you played with goats. i put a rock up my nose. >> a surprise for a family after an unwant guest made themselves at home in their pool. >> chris said he went outside his home to let his pets out when he noticed bubbles in the pool. he went in closer to take a peek-a-boo and he found a 9 foot alligator in the pool. they called a trapper who came and got the unwanted gator.
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>> he came out, used the lasso affect. it was scary. we had waves in the pool. he tired him out and pulled him out and right out the door. >> look at that gator's face. >> the family says the gatoror is from a nearby pond. >> come on in my pool. >> it looks like well screened in which is a little concerning. >> they can get through a screen. that screen won't stop them. >> check the pool before you dive in. >> today is thursday. every thursday at 6:45, we give away an umbrella. i got a comment from someone who won an umbrella last week. she said it hasn't rained so she hasn't taken a picture. go ahead and take a picture. we want to show you and your dog rose bud. >> i remember rose bud. >> we love rose bud. >> we have other great shots.
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download the storm pins app for free. this is the sunrise yesterday at orlando international where they are doing some construction. it is from deb can in orlando. look at this --. >> love that. >> this is henry. henry is ready for spring break. >> henry has a hat. here is one getting ready for bike week. that officially starts in daytona beach tomorrow. so what about the forecast? let's check it out. bike week forecast for friday looking good. we'll start out with a little bit of rain with a quick moving front. it is out of here by 10:00 in the morning for most spots. by friday afternoon, we get up to 76 in daytona beach. looking good, looking sunny, warm, comfortable conditions. saturday, 74. sunday, 76. staying dry through the weekend and, of course, more festivities
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we'll continue to update the forecast. temperatures this morning, cool enough for a light jacket in most spots. a nice warmup today. we are at 56 in orlando. 58 in sanford. 50 in daytona beach. 46 in ocala. it is 57 in melbourne. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. >> we draw your attention into the pictures here. we give you a glimpse. noon, a mix of clouds and sun. 79. then we are up to 82 degrees at 4:00 today. on into tonight for your evening plans, 69 at 9:00. good and mild tonight. tomorrow, we pinpoint a front. today a mix of clouds and sun. then the front approaches. this is a weak one, moving in fairly quickly. 6:00, 7:00 along i-4. and then pushing down to the south into brevard county after that. by 11:00 tomorrow. we are looking good and sunny.
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we'll pinpoint it carefully. 79 the afternoon high today in ocala. 82 in sanford. 80 in daytona beach. a warm day. tomorrow, a touch cooler if you can call it cool. we'll shave off a little bit from that afternoon high mainly because of the weak front. a high of 79 in orlando tomorrow. into the weekend staying dry. 77 on saturday. 77 on sunday. back to the mid 80's next week. let's go over to amy in the traffic center. amy, what is happening? >> the forecast looks beautiful. as far as the conditions on the roads go, we are moving along nice and strong. limited issues, construction is picking up very nicely. a tiny ahead of schedule. no significant slowdowns between i-95 and the airport this morning. 408 eastbound and westbound. you are in the green.
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back in at i-4. one or two more cars. take that construction barrels, travel is is on time there as well. that's your check on traffic. back to you, bridgett and david. >> a big change on the way for the swamp. >> what football fans will be able to watch to buy at the stadium. >> a motorcycle exploded at orlando speed world. what deputies are again! r again! again! again!
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>> here's look at the big stories we are following for you. deputies tell us a man had b to be air lift to the hospital after the motorcycle he was working on exploded. deputies say nitrous oxide which is used to help make engines run faster may have played a role. >> the uncle of a sanford girl who was accidentally shot and
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eric williams was arrested on charges of child neglect. investigators say alyssa burke died after getting ahold of the gun that williams had left underneath a sew sofa. >> what is expected to be discussed today that could determine who is going to pay for this. >> plus, the battle over ride sharing services heads to tallahassee. at the top of the hour, what changes uber is asking legislators to make that could impact the price you pay in in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original
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>> a man air lifted to the hospital after an explosion at a racetrack. >> breaking overnight a reunion for astronaut scott kelly. what he had to say after arriving back on u.s. soil after more than a year in space. >> do you recognize this woman, what she is accused of doing merchandise this home and the victim is is asking for your help getting results finding her. >> thanks for joining us. how is it going? >> things were busier earlier. >> weather wise, looking good


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