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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  March 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> ginger: police say robbers point a gun at a 2-year-old and demand jewelry from two women. their quick actions that landed the crooks in jail. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm ginger gadsden. >> lisa: i'm lisa bell in for matt tonight. we'll have that story in a minute, but first a sunny start to a big weekend. >> ginger: this is a live look at downtown daytona beach as bike week revs up. i wish you could see tom sorrells over there fist pumping. it's a beautiful start to the event as well. it looks like today's nice weather is going to continue. chief meteorologist tom sorrells
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weather first at 5:30. it's looking good out there. >> tom: i won't hide it. i'll be the real me. do it, do it, show me a bike. we've gotten rid of all the cloud cover. we've got cloud streaks where cold air is moving over the warm water. we've got dry air in place. your weekend forecast is looking better and better all the time. we've got a rocket to launch hopefully here within the hour, about 6:35. winds are from the north at 14, gusting to 24. it's clear and it should be clear at rocket launch time, too. hopefully it's all a go and then we can all relax. 63 right now in ocala. 74 in orlando. new smyrna beach, 61. daytona beach, 62. the cape, 66 degrees. wind speeds have been the big deal all week long. got a 9 -mile-an-hour wind at the cape. i feel like tonight's the night. i feel good about it, don't you? just say yes. >> ginger: yeah, we want it to take off. >> tom: positive energy. mild evening out there.
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we should be down to 60 by 11 p.m. i'll be back to pinpoint the overnight low and do the hour-by-hour breakout for your entire weekend. >> ginger: thank you, tom. will the weather hold up for a rocket launch tonight? spacex is trying for a fifth time to launch the falcon 9 rocket. >> lisa: so far all systems are go. here's a live look at cape canaveral. the rocket launch happening at 6:35 tonight. the last four attempts have been scrubbed because of high wind or issues with the ship's liquid oxygen fuel, the very last try had to be scrubbed because of a wayward boat. spacex is hoping the fifth time is the charm. you can watch the launch live here on news 6, after the news at 6:00. the launch is set again for 6:35. if you can't watch the launch on tv, you can always head over to where we'll be streaming it live right on the home page. >> ginger: if you're heading out to the launch, you can get the latest weather alerts directly
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free app by searching wkmg in your app store. >> lisa: developing tonight out of volusia county, three men arrested after pointing a gun at a 2-year-old and demanding cash from the two women who were with the toddler. >> ginger: investigators say the women put up a fight, too. it all happened a few hours ago in the parking lot of the winn-dixie plaza in deltona on howland boulevard. jennifer ortega joins us live from deltona. what do we know about what happened right now? >> reporter: we know the three men were arrested after fighting with the women in this parking lot when they had a 2-year-old child. now, deputies say an armed man hopped into their suv parked at the winn-dixie plaza with two women and a child inside. the suspect pointed a gun at the 2-year-old and demanded the women hand over their jewelry and personal belongings. one of the women fought with the suspect and he jumped out and ran to a truck waiting for him
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they rammed into the truck. here's the victim and the 911 call. >> i saw the whole thing. now she's getting out of the car, getting violent. >> did they take the car? >> they hit my girlfriend in the face and pointed the baby with a gun in the head. >> i feel like three guys, they're not going to do this to an older person, child or anybody else. >> reporter: the three suspects jumped out of the truck and ran off on foot towards deltona high school, putting the school on lockdown. deputies were able to catch all three of them, one with a canine dog. we're told the child and the two women are doing okay. again, the three suspects have been arrested. they're facing a laundry list of charges. in deltona, jennifer ortega, news 6. >> ginger: a couple of brave women there.
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the florida mom charged in connection with the death of her son, learning her fate today. >> lisa: a duval county judge sentenced lana barton to five years in prison in connection with the death of her son lonzie. jacksonville. >> reporter: lana barton is back in the baker county jail tonight after being transferred there after her sentencing here at the duval county courthouse. she walked into the courtroom and didn't say much as details of the 21-month-old's death were read by prosecutors. barton's parents were for the first time at her hearing. they had no comment when it was over. in court, the attorney argued because she was cooperative with investigators and agreed to testify and did so against william ebron, she should only be sentenced to one year in county jail, the judge disagreed, sentencing her to the maximum allowable. >> justice would be lonzie still with us.
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the arms of a loving family. >> reporter: barton's attorney says she faked a pregnancy, hoping he would lead investigators to where lonzie's body was. the prosecutor called it a charade and said she acted in her own self-interest from the start. he also says part of the frustration is no definitive truth about what happened is coming out. >> when you don't have the ability to do that because people lie, because people withhold, because people delay for months and months and months before they come forward and because even when they do come forward, their story conflicts with other things, yes, it's frustrating. but i think more frustrating is the fact there's a little child dead who should still be with us. >> he said in court there were pictures of ebron's cell phone, showing injuries to lonzie's head and an abdominal bruise which could have been potentially life-threatening. >> unfortunately, there would have been a number of folks who would have had exposures to the
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injuries were inflicted. can i pinpoint any single injury to any person, the evidence doesn't support being able to do that. >> reporter: lana barton is back in the baker county jail facing multiple drug charges in baker county. but at some point, she will be transferred into the florida prison system. when that happens, she'll first undergo health and mental screenings and be assigned to a prison. >> lisa: thank you. lana barton's boyfriend at the time of the child's disappearance, william ebron, has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the child's death. he'll spend 20 years in prison for that charge. in addition to charges of child neglect, lying to police and tampering with evidence. >> ginger: police have arrested a person of interest in a deadly apartment shooting in altamonte springs. he's believed to be connected to the homicide. he was arrested on an unrelated warrant for violating his probation. he was driving a black infinity connected to the death.
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found dead in the parking lot of the lotus landing apartments on april 27th. police say he died from a single bullet to the head. the investigation is still ongoing. call crime line if you have any tips. here's the number. it's 1-800-423-tips. deputies have arrested this man, 50-year-old keith isaam. a woman was jogging with her dog and a child in a stroller in de land. she came up with the man who was walking with his wife and barking. he was startled and lifted his shirt to show he had a gun. he was arrested for not having a concealed weapons permit. >> lisa: let's get a check of the roads with julie broughton. >> julie: we've been watching slowdowns in the downtown area. the crash we've been watching near i-4 and colonial, that has cleared. we're seeing heavy traffic in both directions, it's moving. it's a little slower eastbound. the cars moving toward me are westbound.
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delays in this area, this time of day, especially on a friday. here's how it looks as we go in closer to the downtown area. where you see areas of yellow, red and orange, we're seeing slowdowns. so the speed drops to 5 miles per hour and further to the north of the 408 toward winter park, it picks back up to 30 miles per hour and slow heading westbound from downtown toward the turnpike, approaching the turnpike, average speed there about 25 miles per hour. we've also been watching some slowdowns for our friends in marion county on i-75. that's where the left lane is blocked on i-75 northbound before you get to state road 484. expect some delays in that area. i-4 westbound if you're heading out or waiting for someone to get home, from lake mary to colonial, it takes 24 minutes. >> lisa: it's going to be a busy
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>> ginger: yeah, the first viafest kicks off tomorrow. it looks like it's going to be a great time. news 6 meteorologist candace campos is joining us live from the mall where the event is going to happen. >> lisa: it looks like the weather is going to be absolutely wonderful this weekend. >> reporter: you can't ask for a better weekend, no matter where you are in central florida. many locals in leesburg have fond memories of the old lake square mall, whether you worked here during high school or had your first date, but throughout the years, the mall lost its sparkle. until now. the revitalization of the newly named via port mall is hoping families will start making new memories, starts with the first annual viafest. >> it's a lot better today than it was six months ago. it's better six months ago than
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>> reporter: from a new bowling alley to a revamped food court, via port is making strides to becoming a place the community of leesburg can enjoy coming to once again. >> it's a good place for them to come to now. they have something to do. when you get off with work on friday and kids get done with do? now we have a place to come to. >> reporter: it hopes to not only be a place of entertainment for all ages but also an economic advantage for the city. >> it's bringing a lot of jobs, definitely. you know, we, of course, are employing a lot of people. so i think it's going to revitalize, especially with the shopping. it's going to keep turning over. i think it will do great. >> reporter: something else weather. viafest runs from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., all tomorrow and it ends with a great fireworks show at 9:00. there's something for everyone. whether you're a family or a couple or just coming out here to enjoy.
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of course, you can see there's rides here for the kids and all different types of food. for folks out here in leesburg who want to get out and enjoy the viafest, the first annual, temperatures are going to be warming up into the mid-70's. still plenty of sunshine and then looking mostly dry and mostly clear. just in time for the fireworks throughout the evening hours. >> lisa: thank you, candace. pinpointing our weather for leesburg this weekend. >> ginger: you have no excuses not to go out and do something. there's tons of things to do outdoors. he has won more medals than any other police dog in his county. >> lisa: now central florida's endo is helping officers fight crime once again. next how endo, the police canine, is now responsible for the arrest of a drug dealer. >> ginger: and for anyone who hates using an airplane bathroom, you're going to love this story.
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street and magnolia avenue in daytona beach yesterday afternoon. that's where police set up an undercover drug buy and bust with a narcotics dealer. but he ran before they could arrest him. so endo was called in and tracked the suspect through a backyard and a six-foot-high fence. the canine eventually discovered the man, sherman atkins, hiding under a porch covered in plastic. deputies say endo pulled the guy out from under there so his handler could make the arrest. the suspect is facing multiple charges now. >> lisa: way to go, endo. the u.s. government is investigating ford's f-150 pickup truck after getting reports that the brakes can go out. there have been more than 30 failure. four drivers said the problem was so bad it caused their trucks to crash. the investigation covers more than 400,000 trucks from the
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the c.d.c. is issuing consumers to all customers and restaurants tonight about a salmonella breakout. alfalfa sprouts could be contaminated by salmonella and not safe to eat. 13 people in four states have reported getting sick >> five people had to be hospitalized. the sprouts are sold nationwide, but so far no cases have been reported in florida. amc theaters are now the biggest movie theater chain in the world. >> ginger: they announced they're buying a cinema for more than $1 billion. it's expected to be completed by the end of the year. amc was purchased by a chinese company in 2012. well, if you've ever been in an airplane bathroom, you know it can be gross. that's all i'm saying. this may sound like it's just
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boeing says it's developing self-cleaning bathrooms for its passenger jets. the company says its technology would use uv lights to kill more than 99% of those nasty bathroom germs. the entire bathroom, including the toilet, would be illuminated for three seconds after being used. right now, the project is still in the testing phase. i say bring it on. >> lisa: yes, but sometimes, you know, does that remove all the liquid that's left on the counters and the toilet and the floors? >> ginger: people are just going to have to be responsible. you can't have robots and lights do everything for you. be adults and wipe up after you wash your hands. the sign is posted there, too. >> lisa: those bathrooms are nasty. >> tom: they're not up to orlando's standards. they're just not. >> lisa: chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. the weather is absolutely beautiful for the weekend. >> tom: it looks good, doesn't it? >> ginger: yeah it does. >> tom: a lot of people are
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take a look at what's going on with this shot. this comes to us from tim. he's checking out the motorcycle. it's a little blurry, but i love it anyway. and this is from port orange. he titled this one blue. >> ginger: that's a commercial for carona or something. >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. the radar tonight is clear and dry. we had a touch of rain earlier today. that was way, way early, pre-down stuff for most of us. it's been dry every hour i've been away today. it's been dry. 53 degrees in atlanta. 65 in pensacola and 63 in jacksonville. jacksonville had a few thunderstorms last night.
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rough stuff was going to the north and we would get lighter rains moving through. everything is going our way. 62 degrees on the bikers in daytona beach. 66 in the villages. 69 in leesburg. 74 in orlando. 67 in melbourne. wind speed right now, from the northeast at 14 miles per hour in daytona beach. new smyrna beach, 21. 13-mile-an-hour wind in sanford. 12 in orlando. wind gusts in the last hour at the cape was 18 miles per hour. much higher wind gusts at new smyrna beach. this 18 and 21-mile-an-hour wind gust not enough to shut down the rocket launch. we're less than, what, 40 minutes away now, 45 minutes away now? it's going to happen. i really believe it's going to happen. the satellite and radar, the big front is through. you can see the dry air aloft, the orange and dark. the clear sky continues into the night. i really believe it continues through most of the day tomorrow as well. this is the way things shake out, tomorrow by 1:00 in the morning.
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cloud cover on the coast. that's about it. not a big deal at all. during the day tomorrow, everything goes our way. sunday we start to gradually warm up. overnight low tonight will be 50 in palm coast, 50 in leesburg and 48 in the villages. i'm going to call our low in orlando, 52. the sky remains mostly clear. here's tomorrow. it's going to be another fantastic day. 58 degrees in the morning. 75 by noon. the daytime high tomorrow hits 78 degrees by 4:00 in the afternoon. low tomorrow night, 54. sunday, nice. the high is 78. monday, 77. all next week, motorcycles galore, everything is beautiful. 85 for thursday and 85 on friday. >> lisa: love it. thank you, tom. >> tom: by now. >> ginger: using sounds to find their way. >> lisa: one university is using wind chimes to help the blind get around campus.
5:53 pm
how this simple idea has become life-changing for some students. >> ginger: then at 6:00, getting ready for donald trump. what new info we're learning
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>> lisa: that's why we've had the big recess debate for so long now. >> ginger: exactly. >> lisa: the big drive goes downtown. work has started in the areas on either side of garland. the road is still moving for now. an update on how the commute could change again. >> ginger: and a juvenile is arrested in connection to a double murder in winter park. what the mom of one of the victims is saying tonight. also a body found in the ocala national forest. what details marion county
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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> lisa: now at 6:00, getting
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frontrunner. tonight what we've learned about security at ucf during donald trump's visit. but first a juvenile is arrested in connection with a double murder in winter park. his role is not clear. i'm lisa bell. >> ginger: i'm ginger gadsden. matt austin is off tonight. we know a person is charged with one count of first-degree murder. kirstin o'connor spoke with the mom of one of the victims tonight. she joins us live from winter park. what have police been able to say about all of this? >> reporter: it's a break in a case after a shooting that left two men dead outside this home in winter park, just blocks away from rawlins college. police tell me they made that arrest last week, but now their tongues are tied because this case is sealed by order of the courts. >> we wasn't expecting nothing like this. >> reporter: she tells us


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