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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  March 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> anchor: now, the front for the gunman who fired at deputies at a restaurant.
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22 bullet holes in a garage and a family that lives here says it was teenagers who did this after a fistfight with their autistic son. mom said the high schoolers came to her house looking for her son and revenge. this is what the garage looks like tonight. good evening, i'm erik von ancken. the house is in the lake nona era, it is on -- troy, you talk to mom and son exclusively? >> reporter: that'll happening this evening. the shooting happened just before midnight yesterday the homeowner said two men showed up asking for her autistic son. the next thing they knew bullets were flying at their house. >> i have a six-month old grandson. he could've killed all of us. >> reporter: asking not to be identified the woman said her oldest son answered the door
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called home saying he had just been in a fistfight. >> does he live here? my son is like yet, what is going on. >> reporter: a total of 22 shots went into their garage. >> i went insane. you don't do that just for a little flight. >> reporter: the same two men who came to the house are the same guys are son out into a fight with earlier that night. one of the bullets hitting a wall or a baby swing. the family is thankful no one was hurt. >> i was just thinking of my kids. i'm thinking how can i save them? i have no guns, no weapons. >> reporter: we are able to speak to the woman son and were able to observe marks on his body from the physical altercation. despite the family giving the sheriff's office a possible name of a suspect and license plate number you have still not
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>> anchor: which is why we will be following up on this tomorrow. to another developing story. shots at them while responding to a call. deputies were at a restaurant on colonial drive before midnight last night. after getting a call about a trespasser. when they got there deputies say they heard gunfire and eventually, it was directed toward them. you can see bullet holes in the black sedan as deputies talk with witnesses and look for evidence. worker showed up this morning disturbed but not surprised to hear what happened. >> we open late, especially in the weekend. we have people come from clubs, you know, people getting drink and stuff. it is not safe. >> anchor: investigators say a dark colored suburban with four men was seen speeding away from
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nobody was hurt in the shooting and deputies did not return fire. we are over a year into the big drive i-4 ultimate project and starting tomorrow a new phase will begin and will impact drivers. garland avenue will be closed between colonial drive and mark street for the next 14 months. this is the area north of colonial. construction crews will start work tomorrow. the garland closure will allow for drainage and bridgework for the eventual creation for a new eastbound i-4 entrance ramp from colonial drive plus a general realigning of garland. now is a good time to plan a detour if you use that as a cut through by take a closer look at this project, head to / the big drive powered by news 6 and we will help you get around this on the morning news. the orlando city lions
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with a huge home opener. i'm talking 60,000 fans at the citrus bowl. [cheering] >> anchor: the stadium, you can see, was nearly sold out almost as many people attended as last year's home opener. a thrilling last-minute comeback and majority of fans were sporting purple welcoming the club to their second season of the mls. >> i love a win and what the guy and the new player way to go. >> great experience. ball. plus, the merchandising, everything with the stadium is great. >> anchor: jamie seh is going to show us how the lions had an unbelievable come back. the weather you saw was great for soccer today also perfect for the start of bike week downtown daytona beach and even
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crowd today. still a good crowd. look at the traffic? our visitors in town will love what is to come. meteorologist elizabeth hart is pinpointing a picture-perfect forecast. >> anchor: who isn't looking for warm and sunny in florida? believe it or not, we had a weak cold front slipped through today. the only noticeable change was a wind shift and increase we had wind out of the northeast at 20, 25 miles per hour through the afternoon. we will contend with that tomorrow although not quite as bad as this afternoon. the wind has relax, a few locations reporting, conditions from the villages up to the palm coast but breezy between daytona in new smyrna. temperatures cooling down pretty quickly tonight with mostly clear skies, 54 ocala,
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and 64 the warm spot in cocoa beach. you will not drop more tonight we expect temperatures in the low 60s and early tomorrow morning 54 palm coast in daytona, mid-50s orlando. i will be back in a few minutes to let you know when we are in the mid-80s. >> anchor: state lawmakers put aside millions of dollars for the new downtown ucf campus, ajit negotiators have agreed to spend more than $700 million of the ucf construction project they are going to get 75 million to the state's charter schools. to help police can result to catch the well-dressed bank robber we told you about last night. here is his mug shot this is anthony core penal they picked him up late this afternoon not far from the wells fargo and sea breeze boulevard that they say he hit yesterday with this outfit. acted like he had a gun and got
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money that he dropped the cuss somebody tried to follow him. tonight, he is in jail. orange county deputies released this sketch of a man they say is a robbery suspect. he targeted the mcdonald's on university boulevard last month. if you have information or can't identify who this person is, call the crime line. tonight, troopers are investigating what led up to a nasty crash in brevard county. the driver slammed into a light pole in a parked car on courtney and lucas in merritt island one person was ejected, the impact, sent car parts all over the roadway. to election 2016. marco rubio has won today's primary in puerto rico. this comes a day after he did not win any state and super saturday. tonight the spotlight was on
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taking the debate stage in flint, michigan. the city was picked to focus on the ongoing water crisis there. >> reporter: bernie sanders and hillary clinton debated in flint, michigan to address the cities water crisis. >> what is going on is a disgrace beyond belief. >> reporter: the tap water became toxic with red after officials switch the water, state leaders knew about the problem it failed to do anything. both candidates called for michigan's governor to resign. >> people should be held accountable wherever that leads. >> reporter: the debate came two days before paula's head to the polls for michigan's democratic primary. the candidates barred over the 2009 bailout of the auto industry. >> i voted to save the auto industry he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry.
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the wall street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this economy b excuse me. >> reporter: clinton holds a major delegate advantage but sanders hopes his weekend carcass wins in maine, kansas and nebraska will change voter's mines. hillary clinton is in florida this week. on thursday clinton will be campaigning in tampa. marco rubio is planning on making more stops in florida and will be at two different rallies at the tampa convention center followed by the sanford international airport monday night. still ahead, you may want to take a closer look at the chicken in your fridge. a recall because plastic pieces ended up in the food. a young pilot runs into trouble and makes a decision that saves his life.
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golf course and we are learning he is just a team. >> anchor: many of us made it into the mid-70s but before too mid-80s. >> anchor: people around the world are mourning the ond)phd) e'di beki, (tou ki. phd) ke t ec d nse p scuonphe)
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>> anchor: a teenage pilot is doing okay tonight after he was forced to make an emergency landing on a st. petersburg off course. here is a plane, it is a two-seater vintage plane right in the middle of the 12th fairway on the lakewood golf course. the 18-year-old pilot told investigators the plane lost power and knew he couldn't make it to the nearest airport so he looked for the biggest open space nearby. the firefighters who raced over to help one surprised at all. but this is the second one on this golf course in the last couple of years. >> anchor: nobody was hurt. the pilot and other teenager say they were fine the wing crack as the plane was coming to a stop. no golfers were hurt. a chicken nugget recall affecting 9000 packages, applegate customers have
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pieces in the product. applegate is urging customers to check their boxes in chicken nuggets with a date of september 27 of this year we are told the net were made in september 2015 and shipped to centers in several states and this includes florida. nancy reagan, one of the most influential first lady's died this morning at her home in los angeles at the age of 94. her assistant said she died of congestive heart failure. nancy and president ronald reagan remarried more than 52 years and celebrated her 94th birthday last july. former president bill clinton spoke with reporters about the first lady. >> she was first lady. she helped us a lot in our efforts to reduce the drug dependent in america. >> anchor: mrs. reagan will be buried next to her husband at the ronald reagan presidential
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governor rick scott sent us this statement it reads quote, nancy reagan made a monumental impact on our nation and know her legacy will live on just like her husband's legacy has. we sent our thoughts and prayers to the reagan family and all those knew her, end quote. we are a week and-a-half from st. patrick's day at winter park had a head start celebrating this afternoon. the parade rolled through park avenue, bagpipes, drums floats and plenty of green filled the street. st. paddy's day is not until thursday, march 17 but many families whether favorite and best green. there are a few jackets, not to complain but i hear the word perfect. it was windy. >> anchor: the temperature today was 76, that was the high in orlando but we had wind
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it was feeling more like mid-60s. i florida standers that means you need a jacket. up north, it would be a whole different thing. at any rate we had a very nice day. a little breezy. temperatures were probably in line with what most people would pick for a perfect day and we had no rain to speak of even with a weak cold front coming through. we stayed dry this evening. front over south florida and its wake we saw a win front that will gradually shift around and overnight it will become a bit more easterly. to the day tomorrow south easterly. temperatures today mid-70s, will go into the mid-80s. spring is upon us. we topped out at 75 in orlando in the villages 76 in leesburg as well as orlando, cooler
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palm coast. it is cool out there tonight low 50s palm coast, 55 the villages and 58 in orlando. it will be cool toward sunrise tomorrow .as chilly as it was last night. we are expecting upper 40s in ocala but should stay about that in the villages with an overnight low of 50 degrees, mid-50s in orlando and low 50s by set up tomorrow. overnight, not a whole lot to talk about except for the fact that we will see this wind flow becoming a bit more unsure. we do have potentially a few clouds from the central to eastern side of town as we start the day tomorrow at 7:00 a.m.. you see showers offshore our forecast model was to push a couple of these to the volusia coast but air mass is very dry so any kind of moisture that is there would
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reaching the ground. 1:00 a good deal of sunshine especially inland we will have clouds concentrated along the coastline as we head through the afternoon, even monday evening conditions looking very nice with wind backing down. here are the details on your hour-by-hour forecast. cool start once again 50s at 8:00 a.m. by noon time 72 we will get close to 80 degrees tomorrow but not quite there. breezy in the afternoon if you are wanting 80s, tuesday we get them as well as wednesday, thursday and friday all the way into next week. where looking warm for at least the next seven days and next weekend we will see the return chance of rain saturday and that is when we spring forward. you get the one less hour. try to get a few minutes each night leading up to that. >> anchor: sounds like you can
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>> anchor: less pollen. >> anchor: i feel bad for you. here are tonight's winning lottery numbers, 409, 8885, 36, 35, 19, 21 and 17 and jamie seh is here. >> anchor: sunday night is always a good night we got madam secretary the good wife but sports is the best drama around. i am biased but you can't script what happened at the citrus bowl today. in orlando city season opener the lions sent 60,000 fans into
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ggun ra egauay runk >> anchor: this was such an amazing comeback. >> anchor: that is right. at least the season gets off to an exciting start. a draw or try never felt so good. orlando city soccer opens a season with a finished your odyssey to believe. the lines fight off almost certain defeat today and they gave a lot of credit to all of their fans. 60,000 marched into the citrus bowl for the opener as orlando city but without kaka out with the five injury, 66 minute.
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the lions are down 2-0 and had lots of chances today. finally capitalized on one on overtime. the top score from a year ago puts it away. that is great, but orlando city needs another one and only seconds left. there is plenty of time, venture is your hero. he scores the equalizer with no time left saving the day. lines get two goals and 30 seconds and that equals a 2-to draw and one crazy scene at the citrus bowl. sports record david pingalore was there. >> how about this? are you kidding me! look at these people? they went crazy here. they were down 2-0. they come away with a tie
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look at them? they are loving it. >> we want to say thank you to every supporters who come today. it was amazing. the great fans they give us energy and we give them something back. >> how do you put that ended into any kind of words? your goal in the equalizer goal? >> we fought and came back and it was coming. the crowd was in from the first minute to the last minute. the team is ready to keep going and we push forward we got second goal. >> kept going. just keep the momentum in the stadium it keeps the players going. you are only a break away. as soon as you get one goal you are still in the game. >> you want to talk about people that love orlando city soccer, 60,000 people plus.
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>> anchor: i wouldn't. rookie of the year finishes with a goal and the assist on adrian venter equalizing score. 60,162nd orlando city is home again against the chicago fire at 7:00 kick off may still be out with injury. peyton manning has decided to go out as a champion. he is retiring from the nfl in a matter of hours. the team announced today manning will hold a retirement press conference tomorrow afternoon. it will be emotional. the quarterback told the broncos 's plans last night. seasons and 2 super bowl victories. he is the nfl's all-time leader passing yards and quarterback wins with 186. kobe bryant is about to retire. his farewell season hasn't been
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lakers pull off a huge upset. la shot the defending nba champion game wasn't very close lakers win 112-95 handing golden state its sixth loss of the season. college basketball was coming to emily. the downtown batournament perhaps ucf can take advantage of the home court. the nights close a regular-season with a loss it yukon tonight. but taco fall play well watch the freshman work for the dunk at seven foot forever this guy is an easy target for his teammates. finishes es vegas, wendy las vegas. drivers step with rain, wind upwards of 45 miles per hour a
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but it was smooth sailing for brad keselowski taking over the lead and cruising to the finish and picks up his first victory in almost a year. final round of cadillac championship mcelroy, mickelson bubba watson this is watson on eight with the long pot for an eagle. bubba held the lead for a while that adam scott on 18th would seal the win with this putt for par and he does. adam scott was down for the arnold palmer invitational win, wins for the second time this year. watson is coming for mr. palmer's tournament that is going to be ideal that will be with the best. arnold palmer invitational is like 10 days away.
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