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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  March 7, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> the hunt is on for a gunman who shot at deputies at a restaurant. why workers say they are not surprised by the violence. >> what an incredible game. it is deja vu. we have a look back at the jaw dropping ending. i'm david hall. >> i'm kirsten o'connor in for bridget. we were all just talking about that game. >> what was it like? >> it was an incredible game. i don't want to give it away. >> we'll talk about it with you because it was so exciting. >> that's what people are talking about. >> the weather is looking good to start. we'll deal with warm air this afternoon as high pressure continues to dominate. a little cool to start this morning in spots. >> a beautiful weekend. >> we'll continue the trend. let's get you out the door and show you what you can expect. a range in temperatures. it is 43 in ocala. 51 in leesburg. 55 in orlando. almost 70 in brevard county at
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at cocoa beach, 67. it is mainly because of the winds coming in out of the east, light winds off the ocean waters which are warmer than the air temperature. when you have warmer ocean waters over the air, we continue to see temperatures start off fairly mild and then a cooler afternoon along the coast than inland areas. as we take you through the day, blue sky, sunshine. warming to 78 at 4:00 today with no rain chances. coming up, when rain does return. first, let's check on the roads good morning, amy on a monday. >> good morning. i want to show you this live camera. allow extra time because of construction. we have a lot of it this morning. this is a look at i-4 by kaley. you can see construction barrels on either side of the highway. i-4 is is moving along. a lot of access roads, we have detours in place. a heads up traveling around the west colonial ivanhoe area.
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on 408, still no major slowdowns there. good news, bad news. mainly good news. that's your check on traffic. >> back to you. an orange county neighborhood on alert after a woman said two men opened fire on her home while her two children were inside. >> we are learning it may have been over a fist fist. mark, the mother said the shooter or shooters are targeting heritaged son. what is the latest? >> it happened here at this neighborhood saturday night. the mother says two men came knocking at her door asking for heritaged son and without warning those men opened fire. >> we went crazy, screaming, crying, i went insane. >> a mother too frightened to show her face panicked at the sound of gun fire.
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had been in a fistfight. then her son opened the door. does he live here? yes, what is going on? then the man started shooting. >> the man shot into the garage, one of the bullet hit the wall near a baby swing. >> i have a grandson here. they could have killed one of us here. >> the mother said she is convinced she is convinced these are the same men that fought her son earlier in the night. >> it is incredible that they were going to kill my son in my house because they want revenge. >> the mother went onto say she is thankful mo one was hut. we have a call out to detectives for an update on their information. >> a scary situation. was the able to tell deputies anything about these suspects? >> because of the fistfight
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are. coming up, i'll tell you more about a key piece of evidence that could help deputies track down these men. >> mark lehman reporting live. >> we are learning what could have led to a crash in daytona beach. police have only said one person was hurt in the crash. no motorcycles were involved. so far, they haven't released any other details. >> in hours, the man accused of being drunk when he crashed his plane with his son onboard will be back in court. a hearing is set for 58-year-old christopher hall. investigators say hall smelled like alcohol and had cognac when he he crashed. his son was with him, the two were apparently getting ready to fly to ohio. neither hall or his son were hurt.
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operating an aircraft under the influence of alcohol and child neglect. >> orange county investigators working to find out who shot at deputies. over the weekend they were responding to call about a trespasser just before mid-nigh when they heard these shots. deputies say they then realized those shots were directed at them. you can see bullet holes in the parking lot right there. you know what, restaurant workers say while they are upset about the situation, the them. >> because we are open late especially on the weekend, we have people coming from the clubs, people getting drinks so it is not safe. >> gears say a dark colored suburban was seen speeding away from the restaurant. we are told no one was hurt in the shooting and deputies did not shoot back. sheriff's office.
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for your help identifying the mcdonald's. deputies released a sketch of the man. investigators say he is responsible for robbing the mcdonald's on university month. deputies say the man in the dark sweater there threatened an employee and then demanded cash before taking off. he is described as a white man in his mid 20's and about 5'10". here's one more look at the sketch. if you recognize this guy, call the crimeline at 1-800-423-tips. >> the orlando city lions return to action in the citrus bowl to season. >> it went down to the minute. >> next time? we just wanted to support the lions.
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injury. homed on, they head to the 93 and 94 minutes of time when collin went in the back of the net. look at that beautiful shot. the lions down one as time was running out. then we move to the 94th minute. a long pass, finds its wait to the adrian as the game ends, sending the crowd into a frenzy. orlando city will be back in action this friday with the chicago fire. i was at this game, it was a wonderful game but we wanted to avoid traffic so we left early, like in the 89th minute. >> you never think it will p the minute.
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>> now we know that maybe traffic. >> goal at the end. troy didn't see it either. >> i was downtown and a lot of folks were coming out enjoying . >> you can still get excited about a tie. >> here's the way it looks, looking at live downtown images. a nice warmup. 55 degrees right now in downtown orlando. >> there are the temperatures to the north and west, cooler. we are at 43 degrees in ocala. look at this, 67 in cocoa beach because of a light breeze off the ocean waters, leading to a warmer start but that same light breeze will lead to a cool afternoon in brevard compared to the rest of central florida. talking about mid 70's along the coast. here is the forecast today in orlando.
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warming to 78 degrees by 4:00, with no rain chances and good bit of sunshine. coming up, we'll talk about whether you can expect rain. bike week is under way. we'll let you know with the complete forecast. let's head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. good morning. >> good morning. >> it is construction that is the main issue slowing us down on this monday morning. here are an a couple of projects heading out the door. traveling offense on i-4 eastbound, between para and fairbanks. we have intermittent lane closures. another one i want to point out, over on the expressway west, traveling eastbound around the tampa avenue, watch out for the right lane. we'll take you back outside, this is by ivanhoe. you can see construction barrels set up. fortunately, very light on volume. that is your check on traffic. now, david and kirsten, we'll
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>> fresh off super bowl victory has ping. >> what the legendary quarterback is expected to announce later today. there is a life saving decision as a young pilot makes this florida golf course a makeshift landing zone. >> flint water takes center stage in the debate. the new call for action in that ongoing crisis. that's next. you are watching news 6 getting results for palm bay, palm coast and all of central florida, on
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>> we are a week away from the primary. a rough saturday. senator marco rubio is kicking off his push for voters in his home state today. the junior senator will make appearances in tampa and sanford international airport, fresh off his win in puerto rico. >> with things heating up on the republican side, the spotlight, bernie sanders and hillary
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>> reporter: vermont senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton debated in flint michigan to address the city's water crisis. >> what is going on is a disgrace beyond belief. >> the tap water become toxic with lead after officials switched the water supply to cut costs. investigation found state leaders knew about the problem but failed to do anything about it. both candidates called on the governor to resign. >> people should be held accountable wherever that leads. >> it was two days before voters head to the polls. the candidates sparred over an issue important to the people here. the auto industry. >> i voted to save the auto industry. industry. >> if you are talking about the wall street bailout, where many
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economy -- excuse me, i'm talking. >> clinton holds a major advantage. sanders hopes this weekend's caucus wins will change voters' minds. >> and both democratic candidates will stay in the state and face off but this time at a fox news town hall. >> a golf course became a runway after a plane made an emergency landing. look at some of this video. police say on saturday afternoon the plane landed safely at the golf course. the 18-year-old pilot told investigators the plane lost power and he knew he couldn't make it to the nearest airport. firefighters say this is not the first time a landing like this has happened. >> it doesn't happen every day but this is the second one on this golf course in the last couple of years. >> luckily the pilot and another
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>> star quarterback peyton manning decided to go out on top. he is expected to formally announce his retirement later today. manning and the broncos won this year's super bowl. he is perhaps just as popular for his success as the nfl top pitchman earning $12 million in endorsement deals. however, he is seeing controversy in his career. he was one of several athletes named in a title 9 lawsuit in the university of tennessee. he was listed in a documentary that alleged his wife received a supply of hgh back in 2011 and manning denies these serious allegations. he will retire as the all time leading in passing yards and quarterback wins with 186. >> an unusual drov playing out on the pages of usa today, not about a story but their cross words.
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puzzles shows at least 60 edited by parker boaro seemingly directly taken from the new york times. the website 538 examined the database and found parker republished puzzles in usa today with only minor changes under different bilines. parker chalked up the findings in coincidence saying he doesn't pay attention to other puzzles. >> interesting. >> i bet you my grandfather would have noticed that. he does all those puss and keeps it sharp. in the market for a job, the central intelligence agency is hiring. >> being 007 isn't a requirement. the job opening is for a librarian. you have to have a master's texas and pass a background
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exam. the pay is between 50 and 80 grad a year. >> jumping off a bridge. >> i can't tell you, it is classified. >> a cool gig. >> becoming a librarian, there you go. >> air quotes. we'll deal with cool air shg especially in northwestern zones. it is milder in brevard county. 70 degrees there. if you want to get outdoors, great area wide. getting near 80. there is an issue. that will be the pollen count when we talk about oak, baybury and grass. >> can't escape it. >> it will be sticking around. not a lot of rain in the forecast. i'm about to tweet this out. the high category, oak, baybury and grass. we'll continue with that with
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into the upcoming weekend. here is the rain and temperatures. 43 right now in ocala. 67 in cocoa beach. drier cooler air working in from the north. 55 in orlando. many spots cool enough for a jacket. then a warmup because of the light breeze off the ocean waters. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. >> notice as we step you through the day, we get up to 75 degrees at noon. the average afternoon high is 76. going to be close to that at lunchtime. we get up to 78 at 4:00 today. a beautiful day to get outdoors. lots of sunshine and no rain chances. high pressure continues to dominate much the same as we saw over the weekend.
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hovering into the 60's into the evening. there's the clouds and rain forecast. we'll see clouds on and off. sunshine breaking through. we'll see an east breeze off the ocean waters. it will be a light breeze. it brings moisture in the form of clouds, mot in the form of rain. a couple of rain drops on the screen. we'll be dry across central florida except for the clouds on and off into the afternoon. we warm to 78 in orlando. 77 in sanford. 77 in ocala. 78 in the villages. along the coast, just a little bit cooler, we are talking about the mid 70's because of the east breeze. 75 in daytona beach. 76 in cocoa beach. it always happens that way. it is milder and into the afternoon, it is a little bit cooler. 80 will be the high into tuesday.
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. we stay dry across the board. thursday, 84 both days, thur and friday. rain chances returning at 10% on saturday, 20% on sunday. let's head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. any trouble yet? >> we have trouble by way of the fact that we have a lot of construction. i want to show you this shot at i-95. it is dark, but you can tell we have construction on either side of the roadway. this is north of stuckway road. it is not just i-4. 95 t rest of your majors, we have our spots as well. out to the maps, another project. i want to remind you about this morning. we have numerous ones. we have long term construction as well as exit ramps which have been altered westbound side of i-4, between 81 81b through 81c. five to 10 extra minutes is probably not a bad idea. back to you. >> thank you.
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annual runway country show. >> i'll be at this one. i won't miss it like the soccer match. news 6 is is partnering with collin roofing to give you the ultimate fan experience. >> you are excited. >> i am. i listened to these songs this morning. we are giving away tickets for the entire three-day event. watch news 6 at 11:00, starting tonight for the country star of the day. then head to country. it goes from march 18-20 at osceola heritage park. >> parents, you may want to check through your freezer. >> what company is recalling a popular snack. everything you need to know about that story. memorials pouring in for nancy reagan. you'll see how world leaders are paying contribute to the former first lady.
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>> there is a recall alert for an item found in thousands of freezers. >> apple gate are recalling chicken nuggets. customers reported finding small plastic pieces in the product. apple gate is urging you to check the boxes of chicken nuggets with a best buy date of 2016. they were made in september of last year and shipped to retail distribution centers in several states and this includes florida. as plans move forward for a campus. the school gets another lift. >> what lawmakers are doing to help with that project. plus, a big traffic alert for downtown drivers. a big closure getting under way that could affect your drive for over a year. >> one family is on edge this morning. what they say caused the gunman to shoot at their home. that is coming up next.
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florida on air and on the news 6
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>> >> i was just thinking of my kids. i'm thinking, how can i save them? i'm all the way up there. i don't have any guns or weapons in my house. >> a family is terrified after a gunman shots at their home 20 times. why they all say it may be connected to a dispute between teenagers. >> remembering the life and legacy of nancy reagan. how leaders are honoring the 94-year-old one day after her death. >> the big drive cause asbig closure. a downtown street will be closed to traffic for the ethics 14 months. what you need to know to get around all that construction. 14 months. good morning, central florida. thank you for waking up with us on this monday. i'm david hall. >> i'm kirsten o'connor. i'm feeling the same way. i can't believe that. that's going to be a long time. >> it is out there. >> i had to detour myself to get in here. we'll be enjoying a beautiful


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