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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  March 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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tonight the toy explosion, a hover board turns into a fire ball inside the family's home. we are working to get them their money back. good morning everyone. i'm ginger gadsden. and lisa has the night off. and i'm matt austin. now it's happened here at a home on mcfall avenue. just north of the 408. erik sandoval is live downtown. first off, was anyone hurt. >> reporter: well you know when the crews here at station one arrived a tea the scene, they found a family with three children inside. thankfully, nobody was hurt. we found out, they got this hover board only three days ago.
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soot and mom is fighting to get her money back. as stephanie looks at this burned up hover board, she had one thought repeating over and over again. >> never should have bought it (they plugged in the hover board to charge while her family is watching tv last night. and that is when she said they heard a crackle. >> it just had a big like explosion, popping sound and i jumped up and it was fire. >> reporter: the hover board caught fire. you can see the scorch marks go all the way up the wall. the house. the family put the fire out with a fire extinguisher. and orlando fire crews arrive ed to make sure everything was okay. she says she's thankful neither of her sons were riding it when this happens. >> you better be glad you were on punishment. she had just got in trouble the day before and he couldn't ride it yesterday. so that's why it was in the >> reporter: she says she bought the hover board on this website. she tells us she called them
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but she still hasn't heard anything back. >> we want to help you get results on this. make sure you get your money back. so i want to get the phone number you called and the manufacturer and i'll put our investigators to work for you to make sure you get your money back. >> reporter: now we did want to get a hold of the manufacturer that made this hover board. we checked the box that this device came in. we checked the instructions, we checked everything that came with it. there is no mention of who actually made this hover board in the first place. we're going to be circling back with the vendor first thing in the morning to get results. we're live in downtown orlando, erik sandoval. wild story. good thing that kid was being punished. federal government put hover board makers on warning. you can watch a hover board testing video on we put the link on our home page. now to breaking news in orlando. big crime scene on terry avenue.
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police taped off the road nearal han community center. a man was shot and killed at an apartment complex near by. that heard about a dozen gunshots. no word on what led up to this. also developing tonight, the home stretch, marco rubio takes the campaign to central florida. and what many call his last chance to stay alive in the race for president. and he maybe catching up to donald trump too. a new pole out shows rubio in my opinioning at trump's heel. and he look ed to keep the momentum going tonight. sashell saunders is live at the international airport and sash shell, poles aside, rubio is guaranteeing a win. >> reporter: yeah, he is, but first, he has to get past gop front runner donald trump. he decidedly did not even mention trump's name tonight. >> it always comes down to florida. [laughing] >> reporter: senator marco rubio tried revving up voters in
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the race for the republican nomination. >> this is it. this is the last chance for this nation to get it right. >> reporter: his fight comes as opponents urge him to quit his hulk resting on a florida win. taking 99 delegates. still leaving him behind donald trump and ted cruz. >> he's the real deal. he's presidential. he should win. >> reporter: supporters point to his ability to unite a broken republican party. >> i believe he can unite the party. it needs to be united. the other candidates, i have disagreements with them on several issues. >> reporter: but trump continues to dominate. rubio refuse ed to mention trump's name in his campaign speeched but referenced the front runner's tactics. >> the conservative movement can never be about anger or frustration or fear. >> reporter: his strategy resonating with some young voters. >> he has clear and con cease policies. and the right temperament to be our next president.
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tell if rubio has what it takes. not much time considering that primary is on march 15th. so far, gop front runner donald trump is winning the state overall, but rubio is gaining traction in southern florida. he plans to continue his campaigns here in the state in kissimmee tomorrow. reporting live in sanford, sashell saunders news 6. thank you sash shell. donald trump and ted cruz took the trail in mississippi tonight. but it appears to be trump territory. the polls have him well ahead of rubio and cruise. he's to happened to win in mississippi, michigan andide ho. on wednesday, hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in miami. then it's the republican's turn on thursday. i will have complete coverage both nights on news 6 at 11. a cell phone crime spree. police taking a close look at
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connect ed to a string of robberies. longwood police arrested david duveny. and three kids on a store on 1792. adjusting the hoodies to hide their faces. right now they're only chargeed with prowling. last night these two guys caught an camera ransacking a verizon store. police say they smashed shelves and stole $15,000 worth of phones. they're working to see if the four they arrested might be connect ed to these guys. a medical marijuana bill is heading to governor scott's death. approve the right to triad. it'll allow patients with terminal conditions to try medical marijuana. he has seven days to sign it. in just hours, the governor will be here in orlando for what's being called a big announce ment. >> for now, this thing is a secret. the rumor online is that scott
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the citrus bowl will host wrestle mania. we drove down to the stadium, and with these, these are wwe trucks set up outside. >> it's all detectivive work. that's cute isn't it ginger? so we e-mailed the mayor's office tonight for some insight. shocker, we did not hear back. not the greatest kept secret. wwe superstar john is excited about something. he tweeted quote, very exciting week this week. honored to be part of very big news. we'll see if he's talking about orlando when the announce ment is made tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock. pretend to be surprised. new tonight, we talked to a real life bat man. >> no cape or car, but this dad is a real life super hero. dad puts out his arm to block a bat from waccing his son square in the face. he's talking to news 6 about his
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talk to him tonight all new at 11. >> we headed down down saturday just to take my son to a spring training game as his first professional spring training game. he asked to borrow the phone so he could take some pictures. he was looking to see how they turned out, and that's when i saw the hitter lose control of the bat. i went into dad mode and did everything i could block it to deflect it. head anything i could do because it was headed towards his face. >> the bat did this. i think it flipped around and hit me in my shoulder. >> everything didn't happen so fast, i didn't realize how close it came if it wasn't for that picture. >> i almost died if fizzn't for my dad. >> i said hey, raise your cap. when he did, everyone in the
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really cool for him. he was the most popular guy in the stadium at that point. >> that is incredible. i got chills watching how close. it was aiming for his known nose. that guy has a serious forearm out there. >> but he did what every parent does, if you stop short of a stoplight, they all do that. it's instinctive. just in, a frightening fall. a horrifying view as a guy drives his garbage truck off i 95 and crashes 75-feet below. what led up to this and why the driver is in trouble. >> and a different traffic problem, no crash, just a naked woman on top of a semi. wait until you hear this one. tom? wow. is this a newscast or what, man? it's a good one. >> we have flying bats, ladies on trucks. nuts. take a look tonight. we have big rain to the west and southwest.
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none for us. at least not yet. how warm we're going to be tomorrow and when that rain shows up for you. naked ladies on trucks. could your fitness tracker be counting more than your steps. news 6 investigates how the information they're storing could be used against you. that's next. you're watching news 6 and the news 6 app live on a monday. 11 o'clock news.
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they are one of the hottest gadgets on the market today. and many of you might have one on right now. fitness trackers like fit bit are ride ing a wave of popularity. but by tracking your steps and your sleep, are you also giving up your right to privacy. news 6 julie broughton investigates how all those details are being used that could prove valuable to police attorneys, insurance company, and maybe more. >> reporter: from when the alarm goes off to bedtime and all the steps in between, fitness trackers are logging realtime data about their every move. but will you regret that quest for steps. >> everything you do electronically leaves a small bread trail if you will. >> reporter: they already pull clues from cell phones,
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and if they aren't doing the same with wearable fitness trackers yet, they'll likely need to soon. >> obviously electronic devices and what they mean for criminal investigations is improving all the time. and it certainly is an avenue that allows us to furthered prosecutions. >> reporter: fitness trackers already popped up in courtrooms in at least two cases. for example, nina traveled from st. petersburg to pennsylvania and staying at her boss's home when police say she called to report she was raped by an unknown intrude her. but they obtained her search device and the device showed she was awake and walking around the entire night prior to the incident and did not go to bed as reported. police believe the steps recorded on her device proved she was awake and staging the crime scene instead of being asleep and rip out of bed like she claimed. she was later charged with making a false report and
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the second case, is the opposite end of the spectrum. a canadian woman injured in an accident more than five years ago before fitness trackers were on the market. her loire is trying to have her fit bit data entered into evidence to show her activity level now is low for a person her age in an effort to prove her personal injury case. they say these cases spell out liar be ware. >> you better be telling the truth because if you have something like a fit bit, it's going to blow your story. >> reporter: even if you think none of that can happen to you, keep in mind, your wearable tracker can already be leaking your data. a canadian researcher tracked fitness trackers, only one pass it had test for privacy and security. the apple watch. all the others found to have vulnerabilities. >> if you are worried about your privacy and you can do without knowing how many steps you've walked, you may want to forego the fit bit.
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from unreasonable search and seizeture. so -- if you didn't want to willingly turn it eh over. they have to prove the tracker was on the person at the time in question. thank you julie. for more information. we posted a link. head to 6 right now. exercising is dangerous. >> no it is now. i assumed everybody knows where i am anyway. if you've got one of these these, they can track you. >> if you are doing anything you shouldn't be doing, it's. it's not going to matter. that's right, chief meteorologist tom sorrells says we're in the middle of the honey pot. >> the weekend was good for you? excellent. first night of the workweek. we're going to settle in with at least decent weather for the evening hours. there are spots around the country that do not have it as good as us. the good spot is texas tonight.
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flood problems all over houston texas to dallas all the way to west memphis and just shy of the arkansas tennessee border here. dallas had severe storm problems going on. tornado warnings going on for a while, those should go away shortly. it'll be days for now before we ever get any more rain coming to see you. big news for us, it's still bike weak. here's daytona beach right now. they don't look too busy. 10 or 12 bikes coming out of there. i think they were ready to go home to watch the newscast. that's exactly what they were doing. 57 right now in orlando, we are at 64. 70 in melbourne and 61 in ocala. ocala stayed really warm. but it did cool off quickly. 64 from the villages to leesburg to orlando. 66 still in kissimmee. daint beach, again, 57. still 70 in southern brevard county and cocoa beach. so it's one of those situation
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on where you are, how much cloud cover you have. and how close you are to the water and how warm you're able to stay. satellite and radar together, cloud cover builds out east. none of that making a difference. all the stuff in the nation's interior been a blow up. they're coming in from california and the midwest in the next 4-5 days. right now in the water vapor loop, the dry air is still in place. all the bright lights to affect the moisture in and about 30,000-feet. but the dry air is firmly in place which means, a pretty good day for you again tomorrow. give it a big ten on the tom sorrells scale. it's going to be a great day again. futurecast keeps trying to bring a spritz, or sprinkle of rain. i'm just not believing much is going to happen during the day tomorrow. a little increasing cloud cover. but overall, i think the flavor of the day is still good. you will notice moisture building. humidity returning by wednesday and thursday.
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i think we stay dry until the weekend. 52 does it tonight in ocala. 56 in daytona beach. i'm going to call the overnight in the low side beautiful. 56, here's tomorrow. by noon tomorrow, 75 daytime high. 79, that's in orlando. week. 75 by noon, the high in daytona beach is 77. 79 in orlando, 83 on wednesday, 85 on thursday. no chance of rain until saturday. meteorologist troy bridges will be in at 5:00 a.m., sleep tight neighbors. it's time for our run away country star of the day. tonight's star is lindsey bryant. go to slash run away country enter her name for
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tomorrow for another chance at 2, 3-day passes. a site that literally stops traffic a woman on the top of a 18-wheeler in the middle of the high way naked. plus, shocking footage as a man drives off i 95 and crashes 75-feet below. the incredible video in just two minutes.
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craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at you will not believe the video we got tonight. the moment a garbage truck fell off of a florida interstate. let's get a closer look here. just released, this crazy footage. driving a miami garbage truck. all of a sudden, he looses control, watch as that truck falls 75-feet off the side of i 95. it landed on the ground below. troopers say it is an absolute miracle no one died. >> in the video, you see him hitting the left guardrail twice and then over reacting and going off i 95. it's a miracle that he survived. smith was not wearing a seat belt, was ejected from the truck.
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weeks and got a ticket for careless driving. but he's all right. now to a stand off that shut down a busy free way. a woman danced on top of a big rig for nearly two hours while naked. >> that's the most horrific thing i've ever seen and i'll be 68 in two days. well then. the woman in a black car, hands bloody. she appeared to be in a daze. then she was seen dodging traffic on a texas interstate before reportedly forcing a big rig to stop. >> she started getting out of the bottom of her close, she took off all her clothes. and become completely naked. and started climbing on top of the 18-wheeler. for nearly two hours, deputies say she stood sat and danced provocatively. parts of the interstate shut down as deputies firefighters and negotiator try ed to coax the woman down. firefighters moved rope to move the woman towards a bucket and able to finally get her down
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trying to imagine the view from that semi when she walked up. >> i don't think anybody else would do that. it was very interesting. ginger wanted to know. with scamp what we're going to do tonight. you're undefeated. ping's pop quiz. it has to do with this game top in the world yesterday here in orlando. that's the question. >> you're asking the question, it's yes. >> we'll see. >> this morning on the morning news, we told you about a major road closure going on downtown orlando. >> coming up tomorrow, how you can score a free stack of pancakes while helping to raise money for children in need. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> we'll try to wrap our heads around this soccer game. that just doesn't happen. >> i continue my guarantee after that tie. they're in the post season. it's like in december. i coached all evening long. got in touch with people in vegas. no one answered. the reason for trying to get in touch with these establish ment, tom was curious what the odds would be for a major league
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in the final minute of a match. seriously? the answer in a second. i mean, ginger are you watching this? kyle scores right there to make it 2-1. this is in the final minute. this was in stoppage time. adrienne right there. tie s the game up. unbelievable. so, with all that, all those phone calls, two goals in the final minute. this is what i come up with. five thousand-one, tom, two goals in one minute for an equalizer. one dollar would have gotten you 5k. >> you making that up? no that's a legitimate odds vegas would have given you. what an ending. >> (indiscernible) kind to know. it was a moment to remember and i think everyone remembered it. our first game to fill the bullet again. and most important games for us to come back and win and not


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