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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 8, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. it is tuesday, march 8th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a california commuter train derails into rushing water. rescuers race to get passengers out of the wreckage. donald trump launches new attacks after which advisers admit it was the worst weekend of his role.
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artist producing in cue back for more than 50 years. but we skbin today's "eye opener" with your world in 90 skojds. >> it slid for quite a while. i wasn't sure whether we were going to turn over or not. >> a train derails in california. >> no one was killed but you can see how serious it was. >> a vote for any other candidate is a vote for donald trump. >> a vote for john kasich or ted cruz is a vote for donald trump. >> raise your right hand, everybody. do you swear that you're going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? raise that hand. i love you. i love you. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders ahead of that vote. >> that vote is for the auto bailout. he voted against it. >> that is absolutely false. torrential rain in california flooding the south.
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>> $55 million for erin andrews in a lawsuit against the hotel for putting a stalker in the room next to her. >> she is a true american hero. >> here's a way to stop traffic. a woman got naked and danced on top of an 18-wheeler in houston. >> your car's on fire. >> all that -- >> i was being carried up when he let go of the injured player. not pleased. >> he played with passion and went out in style. >> something about 18 years. >> and all that matters. i think it's well documented, the extraordinary love she had for her husband. story. >> oh, complete, total. real.
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>> not only are you a hall of fame er in back here's you in golf. how can you be so a great and have such a terrible swing. >> i've got a -- toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." commuters are describing a northern california train flew off the tracks. the accident sent a train car into a rushing creek. last night southeast of san francisco. >> a tree that fell during the storm is blamed for knocking the front f the train into the water. at least 14 were hurt including some with serious injuries. john blackstone is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. what you see behind me here is one of the short cars of the ace commuter train, the train that
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now, this commuter line, the altamont express is closed down. passengers describe a wild ride. the alt the altamont corridor express. >> its went to a complete stop. >> 214 people were on board as it twisted through niles canyon during a rainstorm which caused debris to fall onto the tracks. >> the tree was on the track. >> one of the cars slid into the mud, water rushing around it. the car came to rest on its side. it derailed but remained upright. >> people were crying for help. i went looking for the conduct tore.
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when it hit, flew straight out. had a bad head injury. >> reporter: the train left at 6:38 p.m. a little more than half an hour into the ride it derailed. alameda firefighters launched an urgent rescue operations. >> we made our way on top of the train and made sure that we were basically clear on all six sides of the train. >> to get the equipment to get across the water, they did a fantastic job getting everybody out of here. >> passengers were bussed from the scene to safety to the fairgrounds. >> i've been taking this train for 15 year, nothing like. this generally this thing is really, really safe. >> reporter: this area of track is part of the very first trance continental rail line. it's been built and rebuilt many, many times since the
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they pay union pacific to run it. union past success here studying the rails now. >> john, thank you. a possible tornado severely damaged at least seven homes in parker county, texas. flooding forced drivers to abandon their cars there. some recorded nearly 4 inches of rain. nearly 30 million americans face dangerous weather. powerful thunderstorms and damaging winds are now forecast. four states are holding primaries and caucuses today. new poll numbers shows donald trump is still the rupp candidate to be. they give him a 19-point lead over ted cruz followed by marco rubio and john kasich. >> michigan has the most delegate delegates. trump leads cruz there by 13 points.
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decisive for the gop race. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ted cruz looks for a win in idaho. hawaii is a bit of a mystery, but in the main, it is clear that the aspect of the campaign most important will be here in florida for the following week because trump's rupp rivals are beginning to play a bit of demolition derby behind the front-runner. >> see the size of that hand. i was going to grab him to show him how strong that hand is because he made that sucker up it. was going to say, marco? >> reporter: in mississippi he continued with the attacks. >> then he started lying. i call him lyin' ted cruz. >> reporter: eager to rebound after what his advisers admit was the worst week of campaigning. >> donald trump was the worst
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whoa, whoa. >> reporter: in addition trump must now confront spend millions in knee-capping. several launched attacks on his vulgarity and allege he's a flimsy conservative. >> he's really just playing us for chumps. >> reporter: he hopes to end with a win in his home state. >> corrupt marco rubio has spent years. rubio's camp insists he can win at home and hotly denied rumors to avoid an embarrassing loss in a winner take all contest next week. >> i'm going to be on the ballot. >> reporter: rubio must combat unwelcome efforts to divide the
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that's why both campaigns now sound alike. >> a vote for john kasich or ted cruz in florida is a vote for donald trump. >> a vote for marco rubio or a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trump. >> reporter: one of the sustained criticisms of trump appears to be sticking. he posted a three-minute video on facebook defending his now defunct trump university. one former student suing him for fraud was once a satisfied student. >> former mayor michael bloomberg said he will not run for president this year. he criticized the candidates for not focusing on important issues. he kept it up yesterday writing, quote, there's a good chance my candidacy would lead to the election of donald trump or ted cruz. that's not a risk i can take in
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i love our country too much. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are chasing delegates in michigan and mississippi. michigan is a bigger prize with 131 delegates at stake there. a most recent poll shows clinton leading by 13 points. both candidatesanced s sanced s s s s answered a question last night. >> i certainly consider him to be an ally. >> would you consider him as a p choice? >> let's not get ahead of ourselves. my gosh. i don't want to think any further ahead than tomorrow and the michigan primary. i can't do that. >> well, they're on the same page about that. bernie sanders said he's not talking about being vice president. the white house says first lady michelle obama will attend
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president obama reflected on meeting the former first lady in his early days in the white house. >> i had the opportunity to meet mrs. reagan once. obviously she was already advanced in age but could not have been more gracious and more charming to myself and michelle when we first came into office. >> reporter: ben tracy is at the reagan presidential library in simi valley where nancy rag listen be buried next to her husband. good morning. >> good morning. she's following the tradition of a former first lady. the funeral on friday will be private but the public will have wednesday and thursday to come here to the library as mrs. reagan lays in repose to say good-bye. flags were lowering to half-staff at the white house and here at the reagan presidential library where they
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including two days for the public to say good-bye. >> it's going to be tens of thousands. >> how prepare ready you? >> as prepare as we can get. >> reporter: they begin preparing their funeral plans while in office. so like the funeral for reagan in 2004, this has been decades in the making. how involved was mrs. reagan in the planning for her funeral? >> very, very, very, all the way down to the pallbearers that will walk with her casket t people who will be reading as part of her program. >> reporter: the guest list includes 1,000 people most chosen by mrs. reagan herself. invitations were mailed out monday. it includes politicians, former dignitaries and some of their hollywood friends. >> i think our view on that is if they ask to be invited, in all likelihood we will honor
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>> i suppose on the democrats side hillary clinton is in a different category given that she's a former first lady. >> exactly. if she were to come, that is as former first lady that. is something more by tradition. >> now the republicans have a debate thursday night in miami so it will be interesting to see if any of them show up here friday morning in california. one potential problem on friday, there is rain in the forecast, but the folks here at the library tell us they've long had a rain and a shine plan. norah? >> thank you so much. a dramatic end to the erin andrews stalker trial. the jury awarded her $55 million. the stalker pacific northwested pictures of her nude online. they hold two hotel companies partially response for the breach of her privacy. anna werner was in the nashville court room where the verdict was red. an narks good morning.
7:14 am
the hotel companies have not said whether they would appeal this decision. it took seven days of testimony and the jury consisting of seven women and five men took hours to come to a verdict. >> reporter: erin andrews fought back tears. the tv sportscaster's convicted stalker michael barrett will have to pay 51% of the award. the owner and managers of this nashville hotel will be responsible for the rest. nearly $27 million. >> i thought for a few seconds and i was like, oh, my god. >> reporter: andrews had asked for as much as $75 million claiming the hotel made it easy for him to book a room next to her. he made a peep hole and recorded video. >> they connected me.
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>> reporter: andrews didn't speak as she left the courtroom but on twitter she thanked others. their outreach made it possible. >> she is a true american hero and i think we all know it and love her for it. >> reporter: lawyers for the hotel said they were disapoumted for the decision maintaining barrett was a criminal solely to blame. >> we believe and continue to believe this was not foreseeable. >> reporter: well, both hotel companies released statements after the verdict last night reiterating their commitment to the safety and commitment of their guests. after the verdict, the judge turned off the cameras in the court room. we then watched as the jurors left and andrews thanked each one individually. two reached out to hug her and one even askeded for their autograph.
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they're cutting their ties with maria sharapova. this follows news yesterday she failed a drug test. allie laforce of cbs sports is here with how the admission threatens sharapova's career and the game. allie, good morning. >> you're right. this is shocking. maria sharapova has reigned as the highest. the 28-year-old's unexpected announcement on monday could be a fatal blow to her career, but also the sport is taking a huge hit. >> i take great responsibility and professionalism in my job every day and i made a huge mistake. >> maria sharapova admitted on monday testing possible item for year's australian open.
7:17 am
had been taking the substance to deal with health issues. they banned her on january 1st. >> i received a letter on december 22 pd and a link to a button where you can press to see the prohibited items for 2016 and i did not look at that list. >> it's very difficult to understand how no one on her team would have made a point to look at that list. >> mel doan yum is intejded to treat patients with heart problems and is not approved in michigan. it's band because it's used by athletes with the intention of enhancing performance. she's a tennis power hours winning five titles. getting endorsements from companies including nike, tiffany, and porsche. it raises questions both for
7:18 am
>> to have her out devastating for tennis. >> reporter: the association says she will be banned. she could face a full ban up to four years, however, her attorney believes any sanctions upon the tennis star could be dramatically reduced. it could be reduced because it's her first time or if she shows no fault or negligence. she said i got the list of the new list of banned substances. i chose not to look at it. >> do you think people believe her? >> i want so badly to believe her. they want to be big e faster, strongering and the drug is always ahead of the law, but you have to take responsibility for what you put in your body and she did not in this case. >> well said.
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an athlete consider 1-800-of the greatest football players of his generation is officially retired. denver broncos quarterback peyton manning made the announcement monday. he's stepping aside after 18 seasons, two super bowl championships, and five mvp awards. >> today i retired. there are players who are more talented but no one who could outprepare me and because of that, i have no regrets. and i'll even miss the patriot fans in foxborough and they should miss me because they sure did get a lot of wins off me. >> manning leans the game holding numerous records throughout his career. >> he's going to take time off to think what he wants do. >> i think he'll be in the booth. >> i do too. hollywood blockbusters are
7:20 am
ahead, how matt damon is helping a big budget chinese movie >> starting off dry being we will continue dry across central florida the next several days, although we are seeing clouds with the west wind, east breeze through the day today, 64 is the temperature in duct orlando. beach. we warm to the 80's this >> >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by cintas.
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astronaut scott kelly is coping with soreness and swelling after returning to earth. ahead he reveals the physical effects after spending a year in orbit and the mission he took on himself. >> the news is back on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. used to date theresa, but they're still friends. well, kamiko and darren could get 0% apr financing. low monthly payments for jillian. amazing lease deals for liam and tons of inventory for his friend theresa. nice. during toyota's 1 for everyone sales event get 0% apr financing on a 2016 rav4. offer ends april 4th. for great deals on other toyotas visit got room for one more? toyota.
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>> >> good morning. breaking news out of orange county, where police say a stolen car crashed into someone's home. the driver is still on the run, north lakeland and bentley.
7:29 am
detectives will be checking out the car in hopes evidence will lead to the drive. outside, temperatures returning to the 80's. gestarting out with lots of sunshine, mixed with haze and moisture in the atmosphere, certainly no rain, as we show you daytona beach. 54, a jacket in order. milder in brevard county, near 70. through the day you can expect a quick warm-up, 79 at noon, up to 82 by 4:00, staying dry all week and mid 80's. rain for the weekend, though. the roads now. >> thank you. even though clean-up efforts are underway, we have quite the issue working this morning, we have a crash with lumber on the road, turnpike southbound at obt on and off ramps are closed. otherwise, just now beginning to
7:30 am
i-4 by fair banks avenue, pretty normal looking. >> you can get breaking news alerts with our local 6 mobile app. he hit my hands. no one's ever hit my hands. look, are they small? he referred to me if my hands are small, something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. >> he'll make sure he's the party of the big tent. i'm sure. why would a guy with a small penis put his name in giant letters on top of a giant
7:31 am
at least he can put his name ten stories high vertically. hey, hey, no. that is different. that is different. i guarantee you. i guarantee you. that is different. >> i believe you, stephen. do you have anything to add to that conversation? would you like some water? >> no. >> do you have anything to add to that? >> stephen is right. coming up in this half hour, readjusting his life on earth, astro not scott kelly says floating in space for a year has made returning difficult. plus we'll show you how beijing filmmakers are betting big on hollywood's star power. that's ahead. it's time snow you this morning's headlines from around
7:32 am
the attacks saturday killed more than 150 al shabaab militants and destroyed their cam. officials say they were planning a large-scale attack. the group said they planted a bomb in a laptop that exploded yesterday at a small airport. they also took responsibility for the explosion on a somali airliner last month. "newsweek" reports on why benjamin netanyahu turned down a meeting this month with president obama. didn't want to visit during the presidential primaries. the white house said the decision was a surprise but israel says it had warned he might not. the suspect kyle odom spent time at the church in the days leading up to the shooting in northern idaho. the pastor did survive. he led a prayer at a ted cruz rally earlier in the day before the shooting.
7:33 am
crime was politically motivated. "the wall street journal" is reporting on surging oil prices. investors hope major producers will scale back output to ease the oil glut. united states oil prizes hit a 13-year low last month. since then they have risen 45%. crude oil stock in the united states are at more than an 80-year high. astro nout scott telly said it was easier to adjust to life than to get used to gravity again back on earth. he lived on the international space station for 340 days. nasa continues testing him to learn how it impacts the human body. he posted a twitter feed writing, grarchty gets you down. he spoke with manuel bojorquez.
7:34 am
>> good morning. it's where we spoke with him about the mission and how he's feeling one week after his return to earth. you seem to be walking a little funny. that's the effects of this, right? >> yeah. my legs are not good. >> reporter: he's still getting used to walking on earth. the soreness is one of the effects of spending a year in zero gravity. >> my legs are a little swollen, still, from the fluid that shifts up to our space and gets pushed back through legs. >> your body has gone through some stuff. >> yeah. i'll show you my legs later when the cameras are turned off. >> just so the viewers know, it's swollen. >> yeah. >> what was the toughest part of it?
7:35 am
your loved ones, you friends, your family. a year is not short, but it was very rewarding, it was enjoyable, it was something i feel privileged to having got to do. >> nasa is testing the effects of long duration space travel for a future mission to mars and kelly came with a huge bonus, an identical twin, astro not mark kelly, cow.h.o. could be studied on earth. >> i do clearly recognize there's a dirps between 159 day so i'm pretty sure they're going to see differences for me in space and him on earth without question. >> man, they are delicious. >> but while he wasn't busy with more than 400 experiments, kelly had fun.
7:36 am
in a gorilla costume for a personal mission to inspire the next generation of space pioneers. >> i think it's our job, our responsibility to do that as the public face of nasa. anything we can do to get them more excited about studied science, math, engineering, is something we should be doing. >> he posted more than 700 images on social media too. it struck him too. >> i'm more of the tough pilot fighter kind of guy but not after a year spending time in space. i'm more compassionate now. >> it changed you. >> i think it does when you spend all this time removed and detached from earth. you follow what's going on on earth and mostly what the news reports is not good stuff. >> yeah. we should be going better. we should be doing better.
7:37 am
>> and after 340 days in space, kelly told us one thing he is thoroughly enjoying now is being able to sit down for dinner without his fork or his glass floating away. norah? >> manuel, a great interview. >> the little things, huh? >> the little things and how much we'll learn from what he has done in space. it's terrific. >> i like what he said about the planet. we need more compassion. we've got a good thing going down here. let's ees fix it. doctors with the first uterus recipient. the 26-year-old only identified as lynn city has recovered well. she received the organ from a mom in her 30s who died suddenly. >> i want to be open and honest and share my story. i was told at 16 i would never have children. from that moment on i prayed god would allow me the opportunity to experience pregnancy and here we are today at the beginning of
7:38 am
>> wow. the transplant is designed for women either born without a yut ruz or suffered permanent uterine damage. she'll have to wait at least a year before she can have in vitro utilization. it will be removed after she has kids to avoid unnecessary risk to taking anti-rejection drugs. >> good for you, lynn city. we're hearing this morning from the man who protekded a young fan from a baseball game. we showed how shaun cunningham deflected a boy from a bat. it turns out he was protecting his own son. he says his paternal reflexes just took over. >> just kind of went into dad mode and did everybody i could to try to block it, deflect it, throw my arm in the way, whatever i could do. i saw it from the get-go. there was no time to think about it. it was just a reaction.
7:39 am
words. >> i'll say. his son landon was looking at a picture he took on his phone when the bat suddenly came his way. >> when they bat came at me, it was flying. >> landon, we love your voice. he was able to keep the bat. his dad got a souvenir of his own, a deep bruise on his palm. we heard landon this morning, my dad is awesome. >> he has quick reflexes. >> big muscles as well. >> i noticed that two. two powerhouses team up to create the best blockbusters. >> america and china are two of the biggest movie markets. i'm seth doane in beijing. we'll look at how hollywood and china are working together. for some reason if you have to head out the door, you can watch us live on the cbs all access digital device.
7:40 am
you don't want to miss charlie and and dip lowe. >> yes. >> diplo dances. alexander bell graham. hmmm... no. that's kinda a tough one. in school it was always a male inventor. i just realized that. to k to know that there were it gives me like motivation that i can invent something and make maybe like a change in the world
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narrator: every day all over the world... american citizens go missing. it' s this team' s job to find them... ...and bring them home.
7:44 am
the final death rattle came that night when they gathered for the regular fight club meeting in what appears to be donald trump's parent. there apartment. there's the guy who went to prom with his mother, the one who made and the store proprietor whose only hope of being a nominee is that the other three literally kill each other. so pretty strong odds actually. >> that's not what you said. >> it's not what you said it's not what you said. breathe, breathe, breathe. >> i don't mean to sound sexist, but i think men are just too emotional to be president. >> well rning the tables. a little emotional there. >> those men shout too.
7:45 am
a new international alliance could change what's showing at your u.s. multi-plex. u.s. and china are already leaders but now hollywood and beijing are teaming up to create even bigger blockbusters. seth doane is in beijing with a new global partnership. good morning. >> good morning. china is predicted to overtake america and become the world's biggest movie market but bias early as thekt year. in this high station battle for the box office, chinese movie makers want to produce a blockbuster american audiences can't resist. spoiler alert. one of the main reasons matt damon character in the "martian" successfully returned home to earth is thanks to the chinese government. now matt damon is apparently trying to return the favor to help a chinese film to land successfully in the u.s. he signed on as the star of a
7:46 am
called "the great wall," giving a big boost to itself u.s. box office potential. the studio behind the great wall is the u.s. based legendary entertainment. the film was shot in china. >> everybody in the weathercast was so kind and welcoming to the western actors. >> while china wants to make sure its films are seen in the u.s., u.s. studios are doing everything they can to tap the lieu ucrative market. they made sure to visit the team last year to promote "the marchand mar martian." >> it was on purpose. they wanted to make sure this film would play well in china. >> reporter: the chinese government only allows 34 foreign films to show.
7:47 am
productions to bypass that 34 film restrictions. "kung fu began 3" is a co-production between dreenworks and chinese investors and it's a big hit in both countries. >> that kind of synergy is taking place on a large scale. it works really well on both sides. >> chinese producers of "the great wall" are hoping a big budget and a big american star are just the ticket and a big break the chinese film industry needs to make it in america. norah? >> thank you so much. goes to show you. >> huge markets. >> huge markets. >> that's right. why was a woman driving with a tree sprouting from the hood of her car? ahead what a police officer found after pulling her >> how did she satisfy?
7:48 am
with clouds. there's a beautiful view of daytona beach. right now 54 is the temperature. cool enough for a jablting. bike week going on. 64 in orlando. warming to 82 this afternoon with mix of sun and clouds. staying in the 80's all week. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by kohl's. mom: hm, how about...? dad: hey haley, break a leg, huh? girl: that's rude. that means you're going to do fantastic. oh! well, thank you. are you nervous, honey? a little. buena suerte, mi hija. i'm gonna rock this thing! vo: now that's the good stuff. the sonoma collection.
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bet you haven't seen this before. a newly released dash cam video shows an extraordinary sight. a tree about 15 feet tall stuck into the grill of a moving car. it happened in late january near chicago. the 54-year-old driver told police she couldn't even remember where she hit the tree. she is charged with drunk driving and she's due in court next month. >> she remembered that there was a tree in front of her car. >> and, charlie, could she remember that the airbags were deployed? ma'am, you should stay home. you need to stay home. >> oh, my gosh. more straight ahead including charlie in cuba. twenty more years of this job? yikes. my kids say go for it, mom. be that woman who does what she loves.
7:53 am
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> good morning. with the florida primary a weak from today. marco rubio stepping up efforts, stopping at a bakery in kissimmee between 9:00 and 10:00 this morning, this hours after
7:59 am
county. new numbers show him trailing donald trump by 8 points in the sunshine state. we are warming up fast. we have your forecast. >> we are seeing a mix of sun and clouds, a good bit of sunshine through the day. an east breeze moving on shore, moisture in the form of cloud cover. we show you the view of downtown. we are 65 with the light east breeze. 63 in leesburg, 55 in ocala. through the day we warm to 82 by 4:00, we stay in the 80's all week, and set the clock ahead one hour before bed saturday night. >> thank you very much. we are dealing with issues at the moment. we have an accident with debris on the road, southbound turnpike at obt. the on and off ramps closed with fairly extensive clean-up effort.
8:00 am
shoulder is blocked because of a multicar accident, 91 westbound osceola parkway this morning. not too bad east, as you make your way to downtown. that's your check on traffic. you can get breaking news alerts with our local 6 mobile app. it is tuesday, march 8th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including the first performance in cuba by a major american musician there in more than 50 years. hundreds of thousands of people came out to see the dance music maestro, and we were there. but first here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00.
8:01 am
closed down because of an accident. the passengers describe a wild ride. donald trump's campaign expects big victories while ted cruz looks for a win in idaho. hawaii is a bit of a mystery. mrs. obama is following the tradition of a former first lady. it took them seven hours to reach a verdict. this is shocking, the the tennis world. the 28-year-old's announcement on monday could be a fatal blow to her career. >> he's going to take time off to decide what he's going to do. >> he'll be in the booth probably. scott kelly trained if ar year. it's a mockup of the international space station. chinese movie makers want fro deuce a blockbuster american audiences can't resist. arnold schwarzenegger officially endorsed john kasich. >> or maybe a chicken case a dia. i have no idea.
8:02 am
>> or he said a horse junky is sick. it's hard to tell with arnold. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. investigator this morning blame a downed tree for a dramatic computer -- commuter train derailment in northern california. more than 200 people were on board the train last night when one of the cars flew into a creek on the line from san jose to stockton. >> the car came to rest on its rushing water. the second car also left the tracks but remained upright. 14 people were injured in the accident. rescuers rushed to the scene and wreckage. it was a chaotic scene. rescuers carried those not seriously hurt to a local
8:03 am
donald trump is 19 points ahead of ted cruz and 20 points ahead of marco rubio. more than 21 are available. michigan has the most with 59 delegates. at rally trump asked his supporters to show up to the polls. >> you have a biggy. what is it? what are you voting? come on? tomorrow. raise your right hand, everybody. do you swear that you're going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? raise that hand. i love you. i love you. all right. you can't go back. no, i'ming on kidding. if you want to go back, you can, but i don't think you will because nobody is going to do the job i'm doing. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are fighting for more than 150 delegates. the latest poll's average shows clinton has more than a 40-point lead in mississippi.
8:04 am
>> and in michigan clinton's lead shrinks. 131 delegates are at stake there. boast candidates answered questions as a televised hall in detroit. clinton was asked about the private e-mail server she used state. >> at the time you and your staff deleted nearly 32,000 e-mails, half of the total volume, were you aware the server was going to be sought after by several authorities? >> no, but let me just clarify. there's a lot of misinformation going on here and let me start with the basic facts. i have said it wasn't the best choice to use personal e-mail, it wasn't a mistake, however, i am not alone in that. many people in the government past and current have on occasion or as a practice done the same. nothing i sent was marked classified or that i received was marked classified. >> hillary clinton criticized
8:05 am
voting to bail out chrysler and general motors back in 2008. sanders said he did until the auto bailout was combined with a wall street bailout. >> in this case, there was one vote to support the automotive industry, and i believe -- of course, i knew at the time that if that industry went down, millions of jobs, not only in michigan and ohioer but all over this country would be impacted. of course, i voted in the vote i had the opportunity to vote, to support the automobile industry. what i did not vote for was the bailout of wall street. and that is essentially what about. she did vote for that. >> sanders said, quote, i wanted the 1% to bail out wall street. the ronald reagan thursday.
8:06 am
for friday. nancy reagan used the influence that came with being first lady. she came to her for many big decision and she took controversial stands in way that had never been seen before. >> over those eight years in washington, the zraj rated ups and downs of life at the white house, i found what was really important. i found how to matters. mrs. reagan went public in 1987 with the fact that she'd had a mastectomy following a diagnosis of breast cancer. at the time it was seen as a radical step but she used her decision to encourage women to have regular mammograms. in 185 their act tore friend rock hudson died of aids. reagan. even so it took three more years
8:07 am
the disease in public. >> aids affects all of us. >> his son ron responded to it. >> you could personalize it with a tragedy like rock hudson's or some other way. that's the way she got to him and she was well aware of it. >> in 1994 the husband his wife knew and loved slid into alzheimer's. she promoted it, breaking with po president bush and conservative republicans. >> i just don't see how we can turn or backs on this. there are so many diseases that can be cured or at least helped. >> nancy reagan went on to raise millions for alzheimer's research. it was the last act of a life lived quietly but with fierce determination. for "cbs this morning" th morn is i'm i'm bill plante, washington.
8:08 am
know the historical impact the first lady has had behind the scenes talking about personal issues and policy issues. >> leslie made a good point. many people who might not have thought of nancy reagan for years are now looking at all the things she accomplished. it makes you have a great admiration. >> it reminds you that being a president is a lonely thing and you need someone there who knows you and you see in the morning when you first get up and at night when you to bed. >> charlie, speaking of trust -- he does trust us. >> i do. >> don't you, charlie. >> yes, i do. >> charlie got a firsthand look at the cold war melting with with the help of a music star.
8:09 am
from selling drugs on the
8:10 am
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400,000 fans turned out surns for a remarkable concert in havana. diplo became the first major act in more than 40 years. we rode along with him. president obama will make history this month when he travels to cuba. days later the rolling stones will perform. but diplo and his show started the party early and what party it was. on havana's main concourse
8:15 am
embassy, three deejays put on a show that made history. it seemed like every young person in havana was there. this was. the music of their parents. it was theirs. >> the music speaks for itself. they don't know who we are. it's just the sound, the music. >> reporter: they are major lazer. a trio of deejays known by their stage names. diplo is the founding member. >> you said this is the most important show. >> i think the pressure is on to do this show. it's kind of an amazing opportunity. >> you had to do this. >> i think it's important. i think it's important to do something very new. that's why we started to make music. we started to rent old vfw halls in philadelphia and represent kegs.
8:16 am
now i think it's important to keep those dialogues happening. that's what we're doing here in havana. >> diplo became a sought after producer by creating beats for artists like m.i.a. and new sound for pop stars like justin bieber. and this past year he and major lazer created the hit "lean on." >> spotify says it was the most -- >> -- streamed song ever. >> ever. >> of all time. i think with that particular song it speaks volumes because it's very worldwide. even in america, we're not a huge act by in means, major lazer, but everywhere in the world it hit people. >> jamaica. >> trinidad, mexico. everywhere we go, it was a huge hit. it has a huge sound.
8:17 am
the whole song itself is a bit of song of everything. it's a special time right now. on the radio, for instance, you have to have a revolutionary sound to kind of get people's attention. people are culturally aware. they've heard a lot of music. the fans are out there and they're ready for something brand-new and chaotic and exciting. >> when i came down i was entering a new song. >> reporter: driving down what would be his new stage we found out why he's the busiest man. he played more than 300 shows across the globe striving to push electronic music forward. and for you, what do you hope to do with it? >> i think it's for us to play music in places like this because they're going to change it.
8:18 am
>> is there a playlist or is it spontaneous? >> sometimes dpinltds. sometimes when we have the lighting cues we have to keep it formatted to a light list. sometimes we go off on a tangent. if the crowd wants this, i geel that way. that's the whole job of the deejay. is. >> does it differ from country to country? >> 100%. >> reporter: there was rhythm on hand in havana with little talk of politics. it was after all a free government approved concert. but in place of diplomacy, there was melody. everyone says they want to see cuba before it changes. but if this weekend was any indication, the change is under
8:19 am
all we need is somebody to lean on >> i mean there is a sense that this is an important time firefighter these cue for these cubans' lives. to feel connected. >> for the first time they're investigated connected. i was surprised how much they knew, how culturally they were aware since there was such a blockade of culture reaching cuba, and i think it's going to change a lot. you can't stop -- when information starts to come, you can't stop that flow. >> havana, cuba. >> you know what's amazing about this, someone who's in leadership of the cuban government said, we've had more change here in the last two years than in all of previous time. i mean it's really changing. the government is still in control, and economic change will come first before there's any political change. but it is changing and people are flooding in there.
8:20 am
hotel groups are coming in. everybody is waiting because they know there's an explosion that's going to take place there, and you just see these buildings and the architecture, you know, and this island. it really is a remarkable place and everybody can't wait to see the possibilities. >> and you had to feel wit the people. that sea of humanity, cheering on diplo, goes to show you even if you don't know the words or the music or the group. >> exactly. >> i liked seeing diplo and you. you see the bromance. he tweeted going to cuba with the homie. i never thought of charlie as a homie. >> it was fun. >> i can tell you had a great time. great interview. it's fun to see what's happening in cuba. >> i want to be where it's happening. >> we should go.
8:21 am
>> we should take the show to cuba, chris licht. >> oh, you'd like to go? okay, gayle. >> that and potato chips will get you nothing. the force is strong between a boy named luke and his dog jeddi. next, the life saving story. look at the dog. you're watching "cbs this morning." every day of your allergy season... ...for continuous relief. with powerful, 24 hour... ...non-drowsy claritin, live claritin clear. every day. want great whitening without the mess? think outside the box. colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen for 5 shades whiter teeth. brush, whiten, go! no mess, no waiting, no rinsing. colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen. don't let a cracked windshield ruin your plans. trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing)
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
8:25 am
this 7-year-old may be alive this morning because of his dog named jedi. luke has type 1 diabetes. his dog, a black lab, is trained to know smell. he sensed trouble. he leapt off the bed and alert happening now police in saratoga county need year help. she's been missing since friday morning, was last seen leaving her mother's home in wilton. she's about five foot nine with group hair and
8:26 am
there will be sure to be there to bring you the latest updates here on news 6 and the news starting at noon will have the latest on that as well. should be a nice day out there. time to get the forecast from meteorologist troy bridges. a good day for the smack university. how does it go? i don't know. it looks like this outside across central florida. a little cloudy at times with sunshine breaking out as we show you the view in high definition over daytona beach. 61 is the temperature right now with the south southeast wind at only three miles per hour. it's a little bit cooler north and west, 55 in marion county. brevard county at 70. we make it up to 82 by 4:00 today with a mix of rain. mid 80s tomorrow and we stay in the 80s as well as dry all week, rain chances at 40% by saturday. we set that clock ahead one hour. let's check on those roads and head over to amy biondello in the napleton traffic center.
8:27 am
we have sky 6 up and running this afternoon so we can take a look at what's going on over on the turnpike. you see all that wood that's on the road, that is why the southbound side of the turnpike has the on and offramps blocked. one more accident as well, left-hand shoulder still causing this delays because of a melt vehicle crash on osceola parkway. that's a check on traffic. "cbs this morning" continues next. you can get updates any time with the free mobile 6 news app. search wkmg in the app store to get it right now. have a good one. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. m take a look at this. first the guy practically sit on his face carrying him off the field. then the guy in the backdroped it. after the player hit the ground, he said, no, thanks, fellow. he hobbles off. his teammates carry him to the side and he says what happened there.
8:31 am
>> stretcher training 101. hold the patient on the stretcher. >> reporter: coming up this half hour, supermodel lily aldridge is in our toyota green room looking gorgeous with a preview of the sports ill ring special. ted talk has more than a million years but he knew he had to change his view of the world after becoming a teenage drug dealer. he takes jeff glor on his mission of change following years behind bars. that's ahead. time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. "the new york times" reports on the surge of pedestrian deaths in 2015. drivers and walkers using cell phones may be partially to blame. in the first six month 206s 15 the number of pedestrian directs rose 6% compared to the same period in 2014. they have accounted for 15% of
8:32 am
that is the high share in 25 years. can i say this is the one thing i've noticed about living in new york is that people look at their phones and stand in the middle of the street. >> and stop. >> and stop. >> and it really alarms me. it really alarms me. >> you do see it more and more and more. just walking across the street, not looking where they are. literally when you walk in the streets today jourk to make sure you're not going to bump into somebody because they don't know where they're going. >> and watch for traffic. our kalamazoo affiliate wmt reports the teenager wounded in last month's shooting spree will be released from the hospital today. 14-year-old abigail cough will transfer to a rehab facility. doctors believed she was dead but she squeezed her mom's hand
8:33 am
that's an amazing moment. the band says the last ten days of tour will be made up later this year likely with a guest vocalist. the group is supported to perform this spring and summer. "business insider" reports they're joining google. he championed chris chan when he ran it for 11 year. the cite is notorious for hateful contact. they report a ship wreck off the north carolina coast. it was found 30 miles from wilmington. archaeologists believe it us with a confederate blockade runner. a diving team will examine the vessel tomorrow in an effort to identify it. the "washington post"
8:34 am
help men cope with stress. they provided stress to rats and together. they were less aggressive and were better afterward. it's like freshmen. i know, charlie, you think it's important. women do it very easily, but men it seems harder. it shows you how important it is. >> absolutely. and it's changing. >> yeah, you've got a lot of male friends. and the "san francisco chronicle" report another record-breaking night for stephon kur stephon en curry and the warriors. that tops the marks by chicago in the mid-'90s. the bulls are the last visiting team to beat the warriors during the regular season in january of last year. curry hit this wild shot to become the first player in nba history with 300 three-pointers wow.
8:35 am
he is host of popular ted talk but his success comes after a deadly mistake. he shares his transformation in a new book called "righting my wrongs." >> three decades ago he took another man's life and in the process forever changed his own. san gore spent 19 years in prison including 17 in solitaire cop finement. >> shaka sanghor is glad he's not the man he was. 30 years ago when he was just 14 years old sanghor ran these
8:36 am
the honor roll household student escaped the household and began selling drugs. he was hit by three bullets in 199 1990. traumatize and hardened he started carrying a gun. a year later he fired that gun into a car. >> you fired how many shots? >> four. four fatal shots. >> if you were standing on this corner 25 years ago and you see that kid pull that gun out, what do you say to him? >> it's not worth it. it's not worth it. that 30-second decision is going to destroy your life and there will be a moment where you'll wake up and you'll regret that decision. >> every day. >> every day for the rest of your life. >> at just 19, sanghor was already a father with another child on the way and now a convicted killer facing 45 years in prison. >> i went from one broken environment, one very violent volatile environmen into
8:37 am
>> sanghor spent 19 years behind bar, 17 in solitaire confinement, times he describes wronget. alive. >> amid the squaller of prison he found salvation in prince senn nenss. reading tomb him places incarceration could not unthere were two personal letters, one from the family of the man he murdered. >> what i want you to know other than the painful things you have brought upon my family, i love you and i forgive you. >> there were times the family had forgiven you but you hadn't forgiven yourself. >> it was one of the hardest things to do is to forgive
8:38 am
as taking thing. >> the second litter came from a son he never got to raise. >> my mom told me why you're in jail. don't kill, dad, please. that is a sin. jesus watches what you do. pray for him. >> that was the most devastating letter i ever received in my life but it was also one of the most important letters because that letter helped break through the facade of toughness, prison toughness and got straight to my heart in a real way. i had to figure out a way to leave a legacy to him that humans are redeemable and i made a commitment to do that. >> senghor started writing a journal and eventually a fiction. in 2010 he got released. >> when i got that letter from my son, i began to write a journal.
8:39 am
prison business that leads to recidivism, not rehabilitation. >> that will do away with the lock them up and throw away the key mentality because it doesn't work. >> there has to be life skills and spiritual growth and mental stimulation that speaks directly to the person. i'm a firm believer that our human potential to grow and turn our lives around is infinite. >> reporter: he mentors kids following in his packet. arbor. >> reporter: but his ultimate focus is on fatherhood. he has a 4-year-old now, a life he's determined to be a positive part of. >> it's just one day at a time, you know. waking up, living every day with purpose. i feel like i've done something whatever it is, it's a successful day. >> senghor is working with the
8:40 am
population in half by 2020 25. it's a controversial issue but one that is increasingly getting bipartisan support. >> that's a great piece. what was it about him that gave him the power? >> it's his el kwans the way he can talk about it but in prison, its was a discovery of literature and a different world and voices that empowered him he could change his own life. >> i first heard about him if there from oprah who did an interview. she said meeting him is life changing for her. when he said about the ability to change is infinite, the difference he can make and is making. >> because he's very honest about everything. you can ask him about everybody and he'll tell you. he said he's not completely fixed and never will be but he says he judges each day now by how much he did in that day. if he did something positive, it's a great day. >> and the eloquence. >> he's quite a dwight.
8:41 am
when we come back, she went from being a tom boy to -- look at this girl now -- to one of the top supermodels. yep, lily aldridge, she's in our toyota green room. we look at our vick to ya
8:42 am
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8:45 am
now we've got no bad blood here. huge hit. she is rocking runways around the world. the supermodel has started an advertising campaign for companies like carolina herrera and michael kors. he's best known for being a victoria's secret angel. tomorrow night she gives you a view in the swimsuit special. lily aldridge, welcome back to the take. this is interesting. i go to the green room and what is she listening to? not kings of leon, but whou are you listening to? >> the eagles. i love the eagles. >> i expected you to be blasting
8:46 am
let's talk about the swimsuit section. it's different how? >> the victoria's secret runway show, this is definitely behind the scenes of our swimsuit catalog. you get to see us being silly and having fun and following us throughout our day. >> and you were in st. bart's. >> we were in st. bart's. it was absolutely incredible. it's so nice because we all got to be together and have this bonding experience. there are so many new girls, a lot of new angels have come into the fold. so it was a really bonding moment. i got to welcome them and congratulate them. >> isn't it scary getting there? >> the flight in is terrifying. it's a tiny propeller plane that goes through the valley and i think they turn the engine off and glide onto the runway. some of the girls didn't know it. they filmed their reaction on the plane which is hilarious and terrifying. >> what are you hoping that this
8:47 am
>> we just want people to see us as humans here, personalities, see that we're, you know -- >> that you're regular girls. >> we're regular girls. i am. i am who i am. >> do those look like regular girls. >> we're taking selfies. >> we were talking backstage with your glam squad. one of your guys say people don't understand all the work that you do to to what you do. >> we do a lot of work but we're so blessed. i thank god every day for my job. it's an amazing job and i'm so greatful. i'm so honored to be part of it and i love this special. it's really fun. >> all morning long we were saying you were a tom boy. >> you went from tom boy to -- >> i played soccer for 11 years. i thought i was going to be on
8:48 am
i became a model. >> you were discovered at 14 where. >> i was at my school carnival and the woman that discovered me was a mom with her kids and she had a little agency. she was very lovely and nurturing, you know. it didn't do anything -- i was lucky they met such a lovely woman. >> your mom was a former playboy. >> playmate, yes. >> and you have a daughter. >> i have a dauter. do you want her to get into this dixie pearl? >> she's 3 1/2. she's into finger painting and disneyland and stuff like that. she can do whatever she wants. >> as a member of taylor's girl squad, i'm dying to know what he thought? did you call and say, what the hell or that's kanye being kanye or what happened? >> i think anything -- i think that people everywhere should lift each other up and empower
8:49 am
life, so i think that, you know, the world should be about empowerment and helping each out, not any negativity. >> that's a good answer. >> that's a very good answer. >> but what did you all say? >> we were like -- i'm just kidding. >> but taylor swift handled it well. >> she's been a good girlfriend. >> she's such an amazing woman, very gracious, very hard-working, very generous, like she invited us all to be a part of this music video, really took her time to thank everyone, gave us all awards. she's very gracious. >> she's a great. norah and i have been to her concerts. we've been to three. charlie loves her too. >> how can you not. >> exactly right. >> and how can we not love you either. >> thank you. >> are you going to be watching the swimsuit special? >> i'm watching it -- we're watching it together.
8:50 am
>> yes. >> thank you, lilly i.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
that does it for us.
8:54 am
(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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8:56 am
>> good morning. a crash causing serious problems in brevard county. >> it has been a very busy morning, things are getting worse now. nobody is moving. this is 95 this morning by wickham road. this is northbound. you notice northbound and southbound nobody is getting through because of a tanker involved accident am they are in the process of opening lanes. they are still working to divert traffic off the road before you get to this spot. avoiding this stretch on the approach to wickham a really good idea. >> police say a carjacker stole a mom's car with her 12-year-old daughter sleeping inside of it. the mom left the car running while she went inside to get another child to take them to school.
8:57 am
realized there was a child. he took off on foot. fortunately the girl was not injured. with the florida primary a week from today, marco rubio stepping up efforts in the state. the senator plans to stop at a bakery in kissimmee, between 9:00 and 10:00 this morning, the visit hours after a big rally in seminole county. new numbers show him trailing sunshine state. outside today, expect warm breezy day. >> we are warming to the 80's again, through the afternoon today. starting off mild in spots, 70 in orlando. as well as cocoa beach. still cooler, not a lot in ocala 64. daytona beach, looking good and dry for bike week. 82 the high in orlando by 4:00. we warm to the upper 70's in daytona beach, so a warm day with the breeze near 20 miles
8:58 am
friday. notice we stay dry all week, and would not you know it in time for the weekend, we increase rain chances to 40% saturday. a couple thunderstorms possible with a new front. we are also going to set the clock ahead one hour before going to bed saturday night. look at the 80's sticking around mid and upper 80's by monday. >> thanks. join us at noon. in the meantime,
8:59 am
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