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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  March 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> matt: now at 5:30, while voters head to the polls in several primaries today. >> ginger: republican hopeful marco rubio campaigns in central florida and news 6 goes on one on one with him. but first, we're going breaking news right now. sky 6 is on the way to a motorcycle crash in brevard county. we're told this happened on courtney parkway in merritt island just a short while ago. investigators have said this is a fatal crash. we're still working to get more information and we'll bring it
5:31 pm, powered by news 6. thank you for joining us, everyone. i'm ginger gadsden. >> glad you're with us. i'm matt austin. so far the month of march has been very good to us. >> ginger: yes, it has. >> matt: it looks like it's only going to continue. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is here for the pinpoint weather first at 5:30. >> tom: it's that time. look at what's going on on the visible satellite. a little bit of cloud cover. nothing compared to the whopping going on from louisiana, texas and through arkansas. big rain happening there and virtually nothing to track here at home. our next shot at moisture is way back out to the west and doesn't get here for days. daytime highs today hit 80 in orlando. we maxed-out at 77 in daytona beach. and 75 out at the cape. the on-the-town forecast, within the next hour or two, we'll be down to 70 degrees at 8 p.m. by 9:00, 68. come the 10:00 hour, we'll tumble to 66 degrees. i'll be right back in a few minutes. we'll talk overnight lows tonight and i'll pinpoint the warmth that lies ahead. we're going to get hot before
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>> matt: here we go again. thank you, tom. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. now to some breaking news for you right now at 5:30. orlando-based rosen hotels and resorts are warning about a data breach breach. there's a possible fraud on guests' cards after staying at a rosen hotel. rosen says someone installed malware in the company's network and it was stealing information. they released this statement today saying, quote, "we're working with the payment card networks to identify the potentially affected cars so the banks that issued them could be made aware and we're also working with law enforcement's investigation." to read the entire statement and more info on how to protect yourself from the bad guys, head to, powered by news 6. let's go to election 2016 coverage now.
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tampa and sanford yesterday, marco rubio spent his morning in another part of central florida. >> ginger: yeah, stopping at a bakery in kissimmee, he appealed to voters just 7 days before the florida primary. here's more from kissimmee. >> reporter: after his stop here in kissimmee today, senator marco rubio said his focus is squarely on the sunshine state. today i spoke one on one with the republican candidate and he tells me even though four states are voting in primaries today, he's eyeing our vote one week away. >> we don't know who -- not a single vote has been counted yet. we have an ongoing campaign in florida and florida is going to be decisive. it always is. for a republican to be president, you have to win florida. >> reporter: and marco rubio did his best to win over the hearts and minds of voters in kissimmee. despite calls for the senator to bow out of the primary race, rubio says a win here will catapult him into contention with donald trump. >> i'm the only one who can beat
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if donald trump wins florida, he'll take all 99 delegates and on his way to the nomination. >> reporter: a recent poll shows rubio gaining ground on the republican frontrunner but trailing by eight points in florida. he's confident voters will turn to him on tuesday. >> he's done a great job creating a reality show personality but it's not the same as who is going to be president. >> reporter: he prepares for the final debate on thursday before florida's primary. he hopes the debate will focus on the issues and not arguing. >> reporter: what's your strategy going in before the debate on thursday night? >> i think the media and people running the debates need to ask themselves are we asking policy questions or asking questions to try to get a fight. >> reporter: from here, rubio continues his push in florida with stops along the space coast and to st. augustine and heads to miami as he prepares for thursday's debate. >> ginger: four states are
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donald trump still has the lead but both sides of the bid for president will be heading to the sunshine state this week. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off in a debate in miami tomorrow night. then the republicans take the debate stage on thursday. i'll be at both events with live coverage here on news 6 and >> matt: a big drug operation has been shut down in lake county tonight thanks to a crime line tip. deputies say they were hearing about drug activity at a home in clermont a few months ago. they've been investigating it ever since. deputies served a search warrant yesterday. look at what they found, all these plants growing inside that one home. every room in the house, they say, was being used to grow pot. 288 plants in total were taken, along with more than 25 pounds of the finished product. it has a street value of more than $300,000. deputies also found equipment used to cultivate that pot. quite the find.
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trafficking and growing charges for their involvement in that big operation. well, a car drives right into a home, leaving behind a gaping hole. fortunately the people at home are okay. >> ginger: it happened off washington street near downtown orlando. the silver eclipse went right into the living room of the house after going through the fence. police say the driver took off after the crash happened. investigators learned the car had been stolen. police tell us they're now searching for the driver and any passengers involved. both people who were in the home at the time are expected to be okay. new information tonight about the spread of the zika virus around the globe. the world health organization reports several companies say sexual transmission from the illness is more common than originally thought.
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constitutes a global emergency. time to get a check on the roads with julie broughton. >> >> julie: we're seeing typical slowdowns this time of day. again, anywhere really from the turnpike around i-4, you'll see slowdowns in each direction. also, getting reports of a crash that is causing some slowdowns and has the road partially blocked on oak ridge road at kings gate drive. expect some delays there in that area. again, i-4 eastbound from doctor phillips to the turnpike, notice where you see the areas of orange. that is a good indication that we're seeing traffic really slowing down there. average speed on i-4 eastbound from john young parkway up to the 408 drops from 30 miles per hour, slows down to 10 miles per hour heading to the 408 and picks up slightly into the winter park area. do expect those delays.
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boulevard to colonial, that typically takes around 14 minutes. if you're leaving your house right now, heading out in this area or waiting for someone to get home, that is slower than normal. it takes about 22 minutes. i-4 eastbound also slow. the turnpike to state road 408, that takes 11 minutes. >> ginger: thank you, julie. our beautiful start to march is not over yet. >> matt: news 6 meteorologist candace campos is touring seminole county right now. she's pinpointing your forecast in oviedo tonight. >> reporter: i'm news 6 meteorologist candace campos as we continue to pinpoint your forecast around town, right now chuluota. a nice, beautiful afternoon. a bit on the breezy side. you can see the water is a little choppy out there. if you don't mind the 80 degrees tomorrow. let's pinpoint your forecast down to street level for folks living in chuluota. temperatures in the upper 50's, low 60's, warming right back wednesday. the good news is both are looking mostly dry.
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>> matt: so today is international women's day, which women are my favorite gender and even google is celebrating. >> ginger: the company is known for its clever doodles. but today is extra special. google went to 13 countries around the world and asked girls and women to complete the sentence "one day i will." one girl wants to own her own science lab and another wants to ensure all girls get to go to school. to hear all of the heartwarming and inspirational responses, head to google and click play on the home page. turn up the volume because the answers are really spectacular. all the women and girls can celebrate national women's day by eating pancakes, guilt-free, i suppose. >> matt: today is also national pancake day, so i guess we're all invited. ihop is giving away a free short
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until 7:00 tonight. all they ask is you leave a donation for children's miracle network hospitals. the pancakes are calories for a good cause. the campaign has raised nearly $20 million in the last 10 years. >> ginger: it's a really good cause. >> matt: go enjoy that. apple has to pay up big time. find out why the tech company is now facing a major fine. >> ginger: and a local teacher making history. bridgett ellison spends time
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>> matt: here's a live look from sky 6 over the scene of what investigators say is a fatal motorcycle crash. it happened on courtney parkway and merritt island just a short time ago. one lane is shut down on courtney because of the crash. you can see it looks like the
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we're still working to get more information for you. we'll bring it to you as soon as we get it on, powered by news 6. well, central florida's newest teacher of the year is making history and getting results at colonial high school. >> ginger: morning anchor bridgett ellison has more in tonight's "getting results for our schools". >> reporter: this week we're at colonial high school where it's even greater to be a grenedier who is now the orange county public school teacher of the year. classes with the teacher of the year are popular at colonial high. lopez says her approach is about treating each student with individual care, no matter the class size. >> i want everybody to feel comfortable in my classroom. i want them to feel happy because that's the key to do the work and to work as a team. she motivates us. she puts us first.
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that we do and accomplish. >> reporter: her techniques work. the principal calls the 17-year veteran the staple at colonial. >> she's known for her a.p. language and she had a 100% pass rate last year. >> it's one of my favorite classes. we learn a lot more. i was expecting to learn more about the language but i'm learning a lot about the language and a lot about my own culture. >> reporter: she is the first ocps teacher of the year from colonial high and the first the district. it all started when last year's valedictorian led a charge to get ms. lopez recognized. but for her part, she is simply humbled. >> everything you do you have to do with love and compassion without thinking or why or recognition. >> reporter: now ms. lopez moves on state to the level of competition for teacher of the year and that announcement is coming this summer in july here
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i'm bridgett ellison. see you in the morning. >> ginger: she's incredible. lopez is also known for helping organize several community events through the hispanic honor society, including a recent voter registration drive and legal aid workshop for families with immigration issues. apple is shelling out some major bucks to settle a recent lawsuit. >> matt: it's accused of trying to fix e-book prices. the company now owes $450 million in that case. most of the money will go back to customers. apple was recently found guilty of conspiring with five major publishers to inflate the purchase prices of e-books being downloaded on devices. yesterday, the supreme court refused to hear apple's appeal. so now the tech company has to pay up. 374,000 wall cover plates and outlets and covers are being recalled because they could start a fire. they were sold at lowe's across
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through january of this year. the recall says they can come loose from the back plate, short-circuit the outlet, could cause electrical shock or fire. stop using these things immediately and contact liberty hardware if you want a refund. jetblue is looking for pilots and you don't even need experience. >> ginger: they're recruiting students to be part of a new program to train people with no flight experience to fly their planes. the candidates have to have a high school diploma or the equivalent and at least 23 years old by the end of the four-year program. you have to submit an essay and a $200 application fee. two dozen students are going to be chosen and guaranteed a job after graduation. it will cost a total of $125,000 over four years. jetblue is hoping to promote more diversity in the pilot profession. a guaranteed job. not bad. have you noticed something different about your mack and cheese lately? if not, no worries.
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that's probably a good thing for kraft because the company removed all artificial preservatives and dyes from its mac and cheese recipe. the company sold more than 50 million box of the new formula so far and so far, no complaints. we're only one country in the world still using harsh dyes in foods. i was in south america last month. i had cheetos. i didn't recognize them as cheetos because they didn't have the bright orangey color without the dye. they were still delicious. >> matt: i'm wondering if someone has a discerning palate like that. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. the heat is on its way. >> tom: it is. we've got beautiful storm pins starting off the forecast tonight.
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this is from geneva. that's the kind of cloud cover we've been dealing with throughout the day today. none of it dangerous or packing a wallop. there's the sunrise in melbourne beach. >> ginger: oh, come on. >> matt: i want a cup of coffee and flip-flops. >> tom: what's in india atlantic, my favorite place? >> ginger: bizarre's pizza. >> tom: storm pins went away. i'll advance right on past that. radar is as clear as can be. we have no radar echoes to look at. there's big rocking problems from st. louis to houston tonight, eventually cutting loose and coming this way, but not until friday will we get any rain at all, maybe as late as saturday. in the meantime we've got a lot of heat to get through.
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we hit 80 at o.i.a. records are all safe today. nothing going there. orlando right now, we're at 76 degrees. melbourne, 73. ocala, 79. just above ocala to gainesville, 78. 77 does it right now in the villages. 75 in sanford. 76 in orlando and 73 out at the cape. satellite and radar together, there's the big storminess i was just talking about. a big ridge of high pressure totally parked out on the east coast. we're in the warm sector of air with the onshore flow bringing in cloud cover. big cold front here trying to march across the country. but as long as that high stays in place, things just don't change much. so we're kind of stuck in a good spot. clouds and radar on the forecast here shows more cloud cover as we go through wednesday into thursday. you'll notice it's getting warmer and the humidity is creeping back into the forecast. you'll feel it when you step outside. as early as tomorrow and definitely by thursday. low tonight is 54 in ocala.
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67 in cocoa beach. the forecast low for orlando is 62. here's tomorrow. 63 in the morning. 69 by lunchtime. the daytime high tomorrow could orlando. tomorrow for bike week in daytona beach, 79. by noon, it's still a little bit on the breezy side. the high tomorrow, beachside, is about 76 to 77. 84 does it tomorrow. 86 on thursday. a little cooler with rain chances through the weekend. one week from now, rain chances drop a bit. the daytime high looks to be 88. that's for real. that's hot. >> matt: that's not messing around. thanks, tom. >> ginger: still ahead at 5:30, the video one police department is hoping will serve as a warning for people who drink and drive. >> matt: plus a big event is coming to central florida. when we come back, we get to meet one super cute, super fan who couldn't be more excited
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the citrus bowl. >> ginger: and then on news 6 at 6:00, four barrels and a piece of plywood. that's it. why a local mayor will be floating from cuba to florida on this makeshift raft. this is a live look over daytona beach right now. this is main street. it's bike week, of course. we're getting results for
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>> matt: one police department is using scary dash-cam video to stop drinking and driving. >> ginger: in january, the driver was caught going the wrong way. this happened in illinois. the car was spotted driving the wrong way with a tree lodged in its front grill. the driver had actually continued driving after hitting the tree, uprooted it, kept on going. police initially posted the pictures of the scene. people questioned their authenticity.
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dash-cam video and a message, "don't drink and drive." in case you missed it, wrestle mania 33 is coming to the citrus bowl. to help make the announcement
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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> matt: now at 6:00, a central florida mayor plans to float on this makeshift raft from cuba to key west. we explain why. first, though, one of seaworld's best-known killer whales is very sick. seaworld says tilikum is deteriorating. this is news 6 at 6:00. i'm matt austin. >> ginger: i'm ginger gadsden. lisa bell is off tonight. the orca is seaworld's most prolific breeder and made headlines when he killed seaworld trainer dawn brancheau in 2010. a lot of people are watching the story. what have you been able to learn? >> reporter: i asked seaworld if we could see tilikum up close today. they said no. so instead we sent sky 6 over seaworld for a look into his tank. you'll see that in a second. they directed me instead to their website where they


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