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tv   News 6 at 6 pm  CBS  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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[real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> matt: now at 6:00, a central florida mayor plans to float on this makeshift raft from cuba to key west. we explain why. first, though, one of seaworld's best-known killer whales is very sick. seaworld says tilikum is deteriorating. this is news 6 at 6:00. i'm matt austin. >> ginger: i'm ginger gadsden. lisa bell is off tonight. the orca is seaworld's most prolific breeder and made headlines when he killed seaworld trainer dawn brancheau in 2010. a lot of people are watching the story. what have you been able to learn? >> reporter: i asked seaworld if we could see tilikum up close today. they said no. so instead we sent sky 6 over seaworld for a look into his tank. you'll see that in a second. they directed me instead to their website where they
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having with trying to treat tilikum for this ongoing respiratory illness. seaworld says it has done everything to prevent this, tilikum looking almost lifeless in his tank as you can see from sky 6. lethargic and deteriorating, to use seaworld's words. >> we take blood from him at least once a week, sometimes twice a week to kind of monitor what kind of inflammation is going on. it gives us a nice picture into his health status. >> thank you for letting the doc check you out, sir. >> reporter: they say tilikum has received the best care since he came from a canadian aquarium 20 years ago. >> we use a variety of antiviral fungals that's trainers will do several times a day administer in the fish. if tilikum would have showed up with this disease in the world,
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would have been gone a long time ago. >> reporter: but p.e.t.a. says the killer whale would be better in the wild and all should be freed. tilikum was featured in the documentary "blackfish", spotlighting the killer whale's past, most notoriously the killing of dawn brancheau. >> reporter: p.e.t.a. says there's sickness at seaworld but they say it's with management. >> ginger: thank you, erik. we're following a breaking news alert. sky 6 flew over a deadly motorcycle crash. troopers say a van hit the bike, killing the motorcyclist. it happened a little over an
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duvall street in merritt island. we're working to find out if any charges will be filed. >> matt: now to a crime tracker alert, a sunglass shot hit by crooks for the second time in a month. police need your help catching these guys right here. news 6 reporter troy campbell spoke with investigators about the wanted crooks. he joins us now live. >> reporter: the employee at this sunglass hut off i-drive, he told police the two men came in, pretended to actually shop before they just started filling up some bags they had. they did not have masks and they looked right into the camera. >> these images, captured on surveillance video inside the sunglass hut on i-drive. you can see one of the suspects in a blue plaid shirt, filling a red bag with glasses. the store employee standing near the register, telling police he feared for his life after the suspect said he had a gun. the suspect then demands money, taking $4,000 in cash.
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in fact, they started selecting items and then demanded the money is a little odd. >> a total of 29 oakley and prada sunglasses were taken, a value of almost $6,000. the store employee is then seen being directed in the back room. the suspect then decides he wanted a few more pairs of glasses. >> we don't know if there was a gun in the bag or not. you imply firearm and it causes a lot of fear. usually they try to hide their face but they didn't. that helps us. maybe someone can identify them and give us the information that we need. >> reporter: anyone who recognizes the suspects are asked to call the crime line. the thieves also demanded personal property from an employee. coming up at 7:00, we'll tell you what they demanded from the
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>> matt: thank you, troy. >> ginger: it's the waiting game of an orange county deputy killed in the line of duty. they're waiting to find out if the florida house will pass a bill this week and send it to governor rick scott to sign. it extends benefits to families of first responders and officers killed on the job. right now, deputy scott pine's family gets only half of his monthly pay. they want 100% and want the same thing for other families in their situation. pine was killed two years ago by a car burglary suspect who also killed himself. the senate passed the bill in february. the florida legislature ends on friday so the house only has a few more days to make a decision. >> matt: governor rick scott signed 15 bills into law today. one will give legal protection for good samaritans who break into locked cars to rescue animals or vulnerable people. it's for situations when pets, senior citizens or kids are trapped in a hot car. it will provide legal immunity for damage that rescuers might cause to the car.
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the mayor of de bary is planning to travel from cuba to key west, not in a plane or cruise ship. >> ginger: yeah, he's doing it on a homemade raft. news 6 reporter amanda castro spoke with him today about why he's doing this. >> reporter: four barrels and a piece of plywood. this is it. sink or swim, this is how the de bary mayor, clint johnson, is traveling from cuba to key west, in an effort to share a journey he says has never been told. >> it's just a piece of random metal and plastic. >> reporter: it will soon be an oar that the de bary mayor johnson will use for his epic journey. johnson is building a raft. he will float on it by himself during the 90-mile trip from cuba to key west. he's trying to recreate the same journey many cuban-americans make to get to the united states, speaking
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>> i want to know what they go through to get here. >> reporter: johnson spent several months speaking to federal agencies, the coast guard urging him strongly not to do it. but johnson plans to go through with it. he'll be blogging his journey and highlight the potential danger cubans face while out in the open water. >> i'll be able to send messages out during the trip to give updates about what's going on, the size of the shark that swims by or whatever. >> reporter: the united states and cuba reestablished diplomatic relations last july. he's hoping this will bring the two countries more together. despite the risk, he says he's excited for the adventure and the opportunity to share an untold story. >> it's largely unreported. it's a story that should be told. >> ginger: johnson leaves for cuba in mid-april.
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says the trip from cuba to key west can take anywhere from two to 10 days >> >> matt: her name made national headlines in 2009. now she wants her prison sentence reduced. misty croslin was in a st. john county court today. she asked a judge to overturn her conviction on drug trafficking. she thought she was only getting 6 years in prison and not 25. she claims she got confused because she was being treated for drugs with depression over hale haley haley cummings's disappearance. she married the missing girl's father, also serving 25 years in prison on drug charges. the judge wants to review the case and come back together in 30 days. they'll meet again in april. >> ginger: taking a walk outside appears to be becoming more
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the number of pedestrian deaths is on the rise. >> matt: we break down a new report ahead and get ready for wrestle mania, coming back to orlando. the details on the big event, coming up. >> tom: that's a big dude. no radar echoes to speak of on the radar tonight. at least not for now. i'll show you exactly what part of the country is getting rocked and when the rain shows up for us and how much heat. i'll pinpoint all the highs, in minutes. >> reporter: i'm news 6 meteorologist candace campos. we continue to report the forecast around town. we're in chuluota. you can see the water is choppy out there. if you don't mind the 80 degrees like today, you won't mind tomorrow. let's pinpoint your forecast right down to street level here for folks living in chuluota. temperatures for tonight, into the upper 50's, low 60's, and warming right back into the low 80's for your wednesday. the good news is both looking mostly dry. more news, after this.
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>> matt: more people are getting hit while walking, according to a new government report on pedestrian deaths. >> ginger: news 6 anchor julie broughton joins us to break down this report. >> julie: pedestrian deaths went up by an estimated 10% last year. it's called sobering data. the report is based on state traffic deaths just from the first half of 2015. the numbers show more than 2300 people died in the first six months. that is up more than 100 deaths or 6% from 2014. once the entire year is calculated, the association believes it will be a 10% increase.
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our state, california, texas and new york accounted for 42% of all pedestrian deaths. just this saturday, a person who was hit after midnight on eastbound colonial drive near bennett road. officers say two cars hit that person who later died at the hospital. the report points to several reasons for the increase in pedestrian deaths. they say cell phones distract more drivers as well as people who are walking. also with the warmer weather this year, more people went outside and walked. >> ginger: well, calling all women who are interested in law enforcement. the orlando police department is looking to hire more women. the police department will hold a women's law enforcement career forum tomorrow, march 9th. it's 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at valencia college. for more information, go to we've posted the address and contact information online. wrestling fans, get ready. the biggest event of the year is returning to orlando. >> matt: wrestle mania 33 will
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next spring. governor rick scott, orlando mayor buddy dyer and orange county mayor teresa jacobs were all there with wrestling big wigs announcing the event today. the citrus bowl is the first stadium in the nation to host wrestle mania twice. a record-breaking 74,000 people came to the first wrestle mania in 2008. the huge crowd brought $50 million to central florida. it's expected to bring even more next year. >> when you take all of the attractions here in orlando, which obviously are many, and diverse, you take all of them and you combine them all in one big umbrella. you still don't have what w.w.e. is. you still don't have what wrestle mania is. but if you take all those attractions and you combine athleticism, world class athleticism and you combine little hollywood, maybe some broadway in there, you throw in
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have some idea of what this truly is, this incredible phenomenon known as wrestle mania. we'll have 100,000 people this year at wrestle mania. >> matt: you think when he's having breakfast, he talks like that? wrestle mania 33 will be an international event. it happens april 2nd, 2017. tickets go on sale if you're interested. >> ginger: lots of people are interested. >> julie: we spotted a pint-sized wrestling fan hoping to meet his hero. see how his dream came true at 7:00. and new protection from credit card skimmers. what gas stations will now be forced to do. >> he's done a good job of creating a reality show personality, but it's not the same as who is going to be
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>> julie: marco rubio tells news 6 why he's the one who can beat trump in florida next week. and the countdown is on for the next launch from the campaign. why this supply mission will have a fiery finish on purpose, at 7:00. >> ginger: as long as it's intentional. >> matt: thank you, julie. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. we're slowly inching up the mercury. >> tom: let's jump head first into the radar tonight. not a whole lot of rain to track in central florida. i'm not looking for any for are days. the big story and the big eyes on weather will be out west where the rain and storms are happening right now. from texas to kansas, all kinds of rough, rocking weather out there. daytime highs today, let's start there for us. it was 80 in most spots. 79 in leesburg. look at the villages. 81 degrees for the daytime high today, the warmest spot anywhere
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78 from sanford to 73 in new smyrna beach. in daytona beach today, we did hit 77. cocoa beach at 76. right now, a1a, main street, got an e-mail last night from a guy who said "quit calling that main street." i know. it's our main street cam is what we call it because it's at the intersection of main and the boulevard. so 71 degrees right now in daytona beach. if you look at main street, it's packed with bikes. i know. 71 right now in daytona beach. 73 right now in orlando. 79 in ocala. is it really still 79 in ocala? yes, still is. 75 in the villages. down to 70 in palm coast. 71 from the cape to cocoa beach. satellite and radar together here, a big ridge of high pressure is parked right there off the east coast which is doing us a big favor. because it's bottled that mess up out there from texas to kansas, encroaching on little rock, arkansas. you can see the squall line without the big ridge of high pressure in place, it would come
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as long as the high is in place, the dry air continues to be our friend. the touch of moist air is trying to make a comeback. big explosions from louisiana to arkansas. but for us, just the onshore flow. wind coming in here from the east or the southeast in the next 24 hours. by tomorrow morning, 6:00 in the morning, this is what troy bridges will have for you at 6 a.m. a touch of cloud cover but not much rain. as the day wears on tomorrow, more of the same that we had today. we got to 80 today. tomorrow we could be as warm as 84 degrees before all is said and done. we're gradually stair stepping all the way to the upper 80's. overnight lows tonight, 59 in daytona beach. in de land this evening, we're tumbling to an overnight low of 57. we do 59 for you in sanford. 59 in oviedo. the villages, 58. titusville, you tumble to 62. in melbourne, we stop at 65 degrees. the official forecast in orlando
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partly cloudy with an overnight low of 62. here is tomorrow. first thing tomorrow morning, 63 degrees by 8 a.m. by noon tomorrow, 79. the daytime high could be as warm as 84 degrees. bike week forecast, mostly sunny all day long. wind tomorrow beachside about 5 to 10 miles per hour. so it does stay breezy. high tomorrow, 84. high tomorrow beach side, upper 70's. thursday's daytime high is 86. friday's daytime high is 84. and in the weekend, a chance for rain late friday and continues even higher on saturday and sunday. it is spring forward. >> ginger: that's a good thing. more sun. >> tom: that means summer is knocking on the door in the 90's. >> ginger: it's almost there. >> matt: thank you, tom. ping is here. some debate about the magic.
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happened to the magic last night? it was that close.
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avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert,
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>> matt: what a game while most of us were sleeping. >> ping: i wasn't. i'm a little disappointed at the season ticket holder over here. >> ginger: i'm sorry. i knew it was going to happen. >> ping: they say thank you to the orlando magic and showing up to become the next warriors' victim. the prize was a record-breaking 45th straight home win held by the bulls back in 95/96. that's why you went to bed. this shot right here, steph curry, first nba player ever to go past 300 three pointers in a season. he's now at 301 and there's 20 games left. upset. it was a two-point game, ginger,
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the final score was 119-113 about 1:00 in the morning. but i was up, ginger. >> we're eight games below 500 right now. we shouldn't be feeling too good about ourselves. >> ping: they're playing in los angeles against the lakers. from 1995 until 2005 there was a magic player that held a record for three pointers in the season with 267. let's go. tom, you go first. >> tom: b. >> ginger: i'm going a. >> matt: yeah, i'm going b, too. >> ping: you're all wrong. dennis scott. 267 three pointers in the season. for 10 years, he held that honor. march madness is coming.
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in houston, the weekend of april 2nd. what does it all mean? sunday at 6:00, coming up on news 6, election sunday with our friends at cbs sports with games starting a week from thursday, we'll be on the news at 1:00 in the morning. this is cool right here. 11:35 this sunday, it's an ncaa selections special for you. i've got live calls. you can call in, you can play ping's pop quiz. i'm giving away tickets to fun spot america if you get the answer right. >> matt: i want to call in. >> ping: i'm working on grant hill and about 90% with grant hill. >> matt: you can't say it until it's 100%.
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kaka is not going to play because of a thigh injury. but the newcomer makes the lions debut for the match at the citrus bowl.
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>> tom: here's a quick look at what's going on in the next week. the overnight low tonight is in the 60's. the high tomorrow could hit 84. 84! 86 on thursday. friday, we get more cloud cover and the rain chances start friday late. saturday and sunday. and then next week, we could get as high as 88. >> the cbs evening news with scott pelley starts right now. >> remember, you can always get the latest headlines at >> pelley: hungry for delegates. >> what is the breakfast strada? >> pelley: four states serving up more than 300. >> i ask you, come join us. we welcome you. >> pelley: there's a lot on the line and someone on the phone. >> hello. this is mitt romney calling. >> pelley: also tonight, storms pummel the southern plains. a failed drug test means a huge financial loss for maria sharapova. and the game changer of basketball. >> the way steph curry plays, it's pretty fun.


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