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tv   News 6 at Noon  CBS  March 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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list of charges... after police say she showed up to school... drunk. good afternoon .. i'm bridgett ellison. and i'm david hall... the seminole county substitute teacher... is accused of being drunk... while she taught children... in a classroom. ((cont warmoth... is live in sanford... and justin... another employee... told the prinicipal that ...this teacher... was behaving strangely...what more... can you tell us? ((end that teacher had a feeling that 52- year-old holly joel may have been intoxicated. so, she told the school resource officer who immediately removed her from the
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now here is a look holly joel's mug shot from the seminole county jail. the school resource officer said when he went to the classroom joel was subbing in... she could hardly stand up, her speech was slurred and she smelled of alcohol. investigators say they found some prescription pills in her purse ... along with a water bottle full of some sort of alcoholic beverage. they ultimately took her to the hospital to get checked out... and then she was booked into the seminole county jail on charges of child neglect, disorderly intoxication, and interfering with a school function. the school board says she has been permanetely removed as a sub with the district... and is ineligable for future employement. now, the princpial here sent this letter home to parents ... saying at no time were students in danger or unsupervised. joel is expected to face a judge at the jail at 1:30... we will be there and let you know what happens starting on news 6 at 4. live in sanford, jw, news6. breaking right now in jacksonville... an off-duty narcotics detective with the breaking right now in
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breaking right now in jacksonville... an off-duty narcotics detective with the sheriff's office was shot in the chest this morning... we're told other officers caught up with the suspected gunman and shot him to death. the sheriff says there was an exchange of gunfire at the initial scene...and then again where the suspect was shot. the officer was found shot in the chest outside his car with his windshield shattered by gunfire. he was taken by air ambulance... and rush he was taken by air ambulance and rushed into surgery. right now, the officers whose name was not released, is in critical condition. follow the story and having a date beginning at 4:00 >> marion county deputies identify the man that was found dead in the ocala national
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thomas lovato's mother reported him missing in january. that, she made arrangements for him to move down to melbourne with her. she hadn't heard from him since then. it wasn't until last week that his remains were found. cause of death has not been determined yet. detectives are still investigating. bernie sanders and hillary clinton face-off once again in a debate later on tonight. this time it's in florida >> the showdown comes one day after sanders claims a surprise victory over clinton. the michigan primary while donald trump has his gop rival in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. they could have an impact on the florida primary one week away. the bolshoi big lead for hillary clinton and it was bernie sanders pulling out the win last night in michigan. it was the biggest prize of the night in terms of delegates and we consider a big boost for his campaign. on the republican side, it's another night, dominated by trump.
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fiorina endorsed ted cruz. marco rubio was left trailing in all four states that he spoke with news 6 at a campaign stop in kissimmee saying the bid hinges on a win in florida's primary. the anger will be in miami tonight for the debate . it's just ahead of the for the primary coming up. watch her live report this afternoon here. there is a complete wrapup tonight at 11:00. to today we started out mild. things are warming up into the mid-80s. there is a chance that the rain could return for all of us next week .
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>> >> will be pinpointing the rain for saturday and sunday. we had a few forms wondering because of the clouds out there. at times a little bit heavy but we are seeing a mix of sun and clouds. these breezes bringing onshore moisture in the form of cloud cover. to southeast breeze. 10 mph and we warm up to 75 at the lunch hour. the average is between three b 4:00 and at that 76b0. we are very close to that is not above it . 79b0 in sanford and on through the day we make it up to 84 x 4:00. we will talk about weekend rain coming up. we'll talk about how long warm temperatures stick around >> get all the latest weather alerts directly on the phone by downloading the free app i surging wkmg in the app store. a man was shot several times and police say they are searching for a suspect in a dark-colored car.
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the man was taken to ormc and he is in stable condition. it started as a fight between people in the parking lot east of that nightclub. police are not identifying the victim it would only say the suspect they are searching for is a black man in his early 20s. a car hits and damages a deputy's cruiser. >> this happen while the deputy was trying to help the victim in another accident. it happened early this morning and eastbound lane by delta, and st. john's river bridge. dispatchers say the motorcycle crash on the eastbound side of the interstate they are responding when a car rammed his cruiser. for the highway patrol still investing both accidents. >>david: three teenagers are arrested after a wild ride. the tree teens crashed into a tree on markham woods road. them and they step spotted the group in volusia county. they took off before getting off at the highway on lake mary. all three teenagers tried to
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they were tracked down and all arrested. we will find out what caused this crash where car flipped over this afternoon near pakistan blvd., winter springs. we are told the woman driving is okay and right now there is no other details released. we will let you know once we learn more >> hundreds of veterans will be able to get here in central florida. john mica turned over the old nursing center on tuesday . kiersten o'connell tells us what this means >> congressman john mica laid out the plan to reopen 120 beds in the baldwin va center as quickly as possible. the bill passed and the transfer begins >> were talking about 20 days to to accomplish this event for florida veterans. the center has been a swing pays for outpatients. after the beds closed transferring all the patients and the staff to a new spot . >> inside the administrative office, there are signs that patients were treated here soon
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another bed for a new resident >> this will be the eighth facility for the network and its expected to hire at least 150 new employees. congressman micah says making the facility run would have taken half the time to open it un under federal ownership. cut cost significantly >> everyone came together. it's not really a controversial matter although some people can make it that way. we succeeded. >> the florida department of veteran affairs will come in on march 29. after that the timeline will be set but the director says he doesn't expect the facility to be ready for at least another year. veterans can find care at the state run nursing home and the beach. that's until the center opens. >>bridgett: the man behind amazon says his travel company could send them into space by next year. blue origin's founder and the
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the companies development site in seattle yesterday. thousands of people have . the company isn't taking apposite for their journey just yet that they say the eventual goal was to fly as many as 100 suborbital flights per year. stanford police are working to make sure people in the community know the proper way to stay safe. >> all of this comes after two separate instances involving children and guns. find out how a plan to spread the word one week after the little girl was actually shot to death. 15 vocal enforcement agencies are hoping to bond with community. it's coffee with a cop . we will explain arrested in connection with the shooting of a pastor but something else he is accused of doing. it causes secret service to
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. a man arrested after shooting a pastor. >>bridgett: kyle odom was arrested yesterday and agents are through this thing over the white house fence. he is accused of shooting a pastor six times in front of a
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the pastor is expected to survive. police there say while the attack was planned, they are still working to determine the motive. they spoke at a rally for the republican presidential candidate one day before it was shot but they say there is no information indicating the shooting was politically motivated >> stanford police are holding a free gun safety class. all this comes after two different instances involving children and guns. a six-year-old girl was killed in sanford after she was playing with a loaded gun. the excellently went off at her house. another child showed up at the sanford hospital with a gunshot wound to the hand. the sanford police department is at 4:00. mike lehman has more on what
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says about the experience >> coffee with a cop is a new tradition with the orlando police department. it's one that's also growing throughout central florida. they say the mission is to improve trust and build relationship one cup of coffee at a time >> they call it a conversation. it's no agenda but it's a chance for law enforcement to hear from you they serve >> what's going on with the criminal justice system about race issues in policing. john mina says coffee with a cop is introduced to the department a few weeks ago but nationwide tension rising in the community shows what's happening here as an invaluable >> it's important for the residents to hear from police officers. it's from what they are feeling. there is concern that i have . there's a cup of joe this morning and they say the importance of children teaches values and discipline and she pointed to officers and effort
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>> because you carry the gun , you do not have the right to infringe on people's rights conversations, the most important part is the fact that there is a conversation. the affordable leading can bring barriers for community leaders hope it sparks something more >> we hope it make sure there is something that's being done and not just talking about it. >> i really like it. i hope they can do it in more places >> it's a beautiful view outside. it's the buzzer at the top of the screen. remove the camera earlier and we could see a kind of them out there enjoying the blue sky >> sunshine and clouds but we don't want to see a lot of buzzers. they are enjoying the sunshine as well. we'll see more of that in the next few days with more heat and mid-80s.
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time for the weekend. it's not the best of news. here's the big area of high pressure. sinking air right on top of us and helping to prevent rain from being a big fat true. you see the wind and the red arrow indicating the south east wind bringing onshore just enough moisture for a few clouds. we will see a break or two in the day to warm us up nicely. the breeze is kicking up near 20 miles per hour. it's much the same set up like what we saw yesterday. we are at 16 orlando and 64 where we started this morning. it's 60b0. average high is 76b0 and it's much more mild than we're used to. started out in the 40s you can see the temperature this morning near 60. 57 in ocala and early this morning, can you believe we
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it's near 69 and 57 at daytona beach. here's the rebound. rebound is at 75 and 77 in cocoa beach. 77 in daytona beach and bike week is underway. it's a beautiful day in the issue, if you are going to the each will be the rip current risk. we will continue that through the weekend. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast >> notice the warm-up. av average afternoon highs in the mid-70s and many spots will make it up to 84 by 4:00 today. the east breeze continues gusting near 20 miles per hour. it brings onshore the moisture in the form of clouds. we are 82 this afternoon. there is a mild night and it's much more of the warm air and store in the early morning hours tomorrow. 70b0 at 9:00 and 58 x 10:00 .
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forecast, there is no rain paving the moisture moving onshore. there's an east wind and the southeast wind for the most part in the form of cloud cover. the clouds are in white that you see through 9:00. there is some among the closed overnight and we insulate the atmosphere once again like we saw earlier this morning. temperatures will be near 70 to start early tomorrow. we don't see temperatures dropping much. the clouds are acting as a blanket. cooler northwest in ocala but still, near 60 in orlando early in the morning tomorrow by 7:00. here's the way it looks. warmer tomorrow than today. today is up to 84 and 86 on thursday . 84 on friday. notice through the end of the week that rain chances are out of the question. it's not a washout with a 30% coverage. it's a 40% coverage on sunday with highs above average.
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board and you can see the clock looking forward. we set ahead one hour before going to bed on saturday night. we lose an hour of sleep we have more sunlight into the evening hours. we will get some yard work done >> more trouble for chipotle. one location is closed because of the normal virus. what they are doing to prevent it from spreading. that's our journey: outbreak. here's a look at stocks. the tao is back 57 points and the nasdaq is at 17.
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chipotle is in hot water again. >> in massachusetts franchise is temporary closed after one of its worker was diagnosed with the neural virus. other workers could be set. crews arrived at the villa rica restaurant with sanitation supplies on yesterday. the restaurant voluntarily closed on tuesday after four
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chipotle has been in the spotlight after e. coli outbreak . the restaurant will be closed until at least the end of the week. >> people on the other side of the world got to see a show in the sky. >> the total solar eclipse b
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a total solar eclipse wowed people in indonesia >> here's a look at the eclipse from nassau. it happened when they moved was directly between the sun. they said it would be seen best in part in indonesia. the best total solar eclipses said for august 2017. it will be seen across the corridor of the united states. that's as good as it will get to be able to see it >> i seen a lot of good live shots >> a huge nest alert .
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giraffe and brevard county standing at 6 foot portion four. the newest is the tallest baby giraffe ever born. the mail calf was born early on monday morning. he'll stay behind the scenes for several weeks. >> this is his second giraffe to be born in the zoo and under four months. >> this is breaking news >> it's going well >> big boy! it came out at 6 feet >> he is cute >> don't worry about that. >> none of that going on. we will warm today and the mid-80s. 84b0 and 86 tomorrow. rain chances are at 30% and is not a washout for the weekend >> we will join us at 4:00 for
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>> sage: i mean... >> chelsea: i know. [ both laugh ] >> sage: oh, my gosh. are you sure you want to give me all this stuff? have another baby? >> chelsea: trust me. there is plenty more where that came from. i may or may not have a slight shopping addiction. [ laughs ] especially when it comes to connor, so there' s like three of everything for him. >> sage: oh, god. thank you so much. really. >> chelsea: yeah, of course. i know! it' s my pleasure. seriously. i' m sure, you know, it' s been overwhelming with how fast everything' adoption. >> sage: not for me. i' ve been ready to take this little boy home ever since i heard he could be ours. >> chelsea: mm. i'


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