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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  March 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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also the injurys. >> a mess on i-4 after another crash and this one was deadly. what we have learned about the wreck that has part of t he highway shut down right now. >> i cannot believe how civil it has been up here. >> there is a big change in tone at the latest debate. in hours, one of those candidates is set to stop here. good morning. it is 5:00 a.m. i'm david hall. >> thank you for waking up with us this morning. we have everybody here. all of us were caught in the traffic so we were ready for it. >> it is still out there. hopefully it is in the clearing stages. we'll look at that coming up in a minute. >> we'll heat up today. rain chances rolling in for the weekend. you have more on the traffic. >> we have a closure in effect. it is the eastbound side of i-4 which does remain closed between fairbanks and para.
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of your screen. by para, they are allowing allow ing allowing cars to get through. we have eastbound lanes closed down. what they are trying to do is get cars off eastbound at 458. from there, you have to detour around whether you take local roadways after the fairbanks area. as soon as we get improvement, i'll let you know. step out so you can take a good look at that one. the rest of your roads are moving along right on time p for now. that is your check on traffic. i'll send things back to you. >> it is going to feel like summer than spring. >> it is feeling like summer. >> near 90 degrees for the afternoon high. rain comes in by sunday. not so much until then. we have a lot of heat to deal with and some wind will be kicking up and that will lead to a fire threat.
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it is 70 at cocoa beach as well as melbourne. look at the future as we take you hour by hour, breezy conditions. winds coming in, working in plenty of warm air. 83 at noon. the average afternoon high is 77. going 10 degrees above that by 4:00 today to 87 degrees. coming up, we'll talk about the timing for the rain. it looks like sunday will be a bit wet and stormy. we'll let you know about those details in minutes. >> we are waiting to find out daytona beach. >> a car and a motorcycle collided. that motorcycle as you can see ended up stuck underneath when both caught on fire. the crash shut down nova road for hours. this was north of international speedway boulevard. johnny is there live. what do we know about injuries at this point? >> we know very limited information about injuries or about what happened here.
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person was air lifted to orlando regional medical center with burns. when we got to the scene, we saw there were pieces of the car left over. look at what is left at the scene. there are still skid marks of where this crash took place. the scene is clear. i want to show you what it looked like moments after the crash. you can see the front part of the car involved was burned after the motorcycle ended up underneath the car. daytona beach police, they are investigating the cause of the crash. a witness i spoke to here said the crash, the driver was switching lanes when the driver of the car lost control and drove into the motorcycle the witness tells me the passenger riding on the motorcycle was air lifted to orlando regional medical center. we are back live. this crash happened the last weekend of bike week here in daytona beach. i'm reach out to police to try to get more information about what happened.
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pass that information along to you on air and of course online on, powered by news 6. >> we move to election 016 with pour days to go until the primary. >> republicans' tourn get in one last push for votes. the candidates appearing for a debate in miami. hours later, one front runner is set to make a stop. ted cruz is expected in just a couple of hours. mark? >> the doors are expected to open at 10:00 for what they are calling the cruz to victory rally. the texas senator is expected to be joined by carly fiorina after she recently endorsed his campaign. with several key states
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tuesday, the high stakes debate held a more civil tone. >> i may be running for president in croatia if we didn't have immigration. >> i though the hb that i use that i shouldn't be allowed to use. >> donald trump defended an earlier statement made about islam. marco rubio took aim. >> he told cnn islam hates us, did you mean all 1.6 billion muslims? >> i meant a lot of them. >> ted cruz said his words don't match his actions. >> if you have a candidate who is funding liberal democrats and funding the washington establishment, it is hard to imagine how suddenly he is going
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>> cruz is expected to be here at 11:00 for the rally. other candidates will be busy this weekend in central florida as well. marco rubio will be in the villages on sunday and melbourne on monday. >> a lot to watch. meanwhile, we won't get an endorsement from rick scott before tuesday night's primary. ginger caught up with the governor before last night's debate. >> i was not the establishment candidate. everybody has endorsed my endorsed my opponent. i trusted the voters then and i trust them today. >> we also have a full voter guide on our website with early
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head to and click politics you should the news tab. >> this student accused of flashing a girl at a publix is out of jail. he bonded out after deputies say he exposed himself to a girl inside a store in longwood. that wasn't the only story involving the popular grocery store. >> you have nothing to say to these families, do you have anything to say to these allegations? . >> we were there the as a man accused of taking pictures the skirts of girls at another publix walked out of jail. 27-year-old irwin was caught in the act. he hid his phone in a basket to take those pictures and the victims were as young as 5 years old. police took his cell phone and computers but they have not said what they found on them. >> the georgia mother arrested
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not planning on returning to her home state any time soon. >> 28-year-old clarion garrison sa says she plans to fight extradition to the state she ran away from with three of her children on wednesday. deputies believe it could be because her fourth child, a 2-year-old girl was found dead in their home according to georgia officials. since garrison did not waive her right, those charges could be upgraded as the investigation continues. >> ucf basketball quest for an athletic championship came to an end in the first round last night. the team will be searching for a new head coach. team officials said they fired the head coach as the team finishes the season with a 12-8
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under jones. athletic director white says they are moving forward with a national search for the knights' next head coach. school staffers said they would be parting ways with the women's head coach joy williams. >> in hours, an incredible sight in the skies is set to return to the space coast. >> the air show kicks off today. this year, there is a twist. >> ok. >> the three day event is at the space coast regional airport in titusville. check out this video from our news partners at florida today. i love these planes. i want to go see them. this is from last year. this year for the first time, the show will include nighttime performances with a special illuminated plane. gates open today at noon. >> i would definitely check that out. >> we should go tonight all of us, if we can stay awake. >> that's the hardest part. >> troy, that is the truth.
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get up so early. good weather for saturday, sunday, rainy for the air show. look at this, this is a live view in downtown orlando. 62 right now. winds coming in light out of the east. 61 in ocala. in daytona beach, 63. 70 in melbourne. here is the tyco air show official forecast for this weekend. today, it starts. 83 will be the temperature, warm and dry with mostly sunny skies. saturday is looking good. a mix of sun and clouds and then by sunday, we are still heating up to 84 degrees. we'll see a 60% chance for rain into the afternoon. we'll have to watch that one closely. we have a couple of good days to get out this and enjoy. we'll talk about sunday's rain. let's check on the roads in the napleton traffic center.
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so we are still dealing with this closure with the eastbound lanes of i-4 in a well traveled stretch. you can see east by fairbanks avenue. it is between parra that that closure is in effect. we can either take the local roads or come back to i-4. you can see where cars are let on. i was watching some of the police blockade. it looks like four. we have the eastbound closure in effect this morning. extra time is a good idea if you are traveling early. the rest of the roads are moving without significant accidents. same thing goes for the expressway as well as 417. that is your check on traffic for now. back over to you. >> we'll check back in with you in a bit. a major shakeup for the biggest charity for veterans. >> find out about the scandal that led officials to fire two
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we are following breaking news from overnight after this huge fire rips through a business. find the details we have learned about the effort to fight that inferno just ahead. >> we are staying on top of breaking traffic news after a deadly accident leaves parts of i-4 shut down. we'll have an update on that story next. you are watching news 6 getting results for new smyrna beach, windermere and all of central florida on air and on the news 6
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ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. >> welcome back. we follow breaking news on this friday coming out of winter park where a crash has parts of i-4 shut down. the wreck is in the eastbound lanes of the fairbanks exit. amy will have another update coming up in six minutes here on the morning news so stay tuned. >> meanwhile, a motorcycle rider is in the hospital trying to recover after a fiery crash. the woman riding the motorcycle ended up pinned after the crash.
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won't give us any information about what happened. >> also breaking overnight, firefighters in los angeles spent the night battling a massive fire in a 70,000 square foot building, walls of flames could be seen. check this video out. i was surprised by it, sending black smoke high into the air. officials say 100 firefighters responded to the scene. the fire has since been put out. we are putting a brand new look at dramatic chase footage in volusia county. >> the whole thing started started, deputies posted a video late wednesday night. detectives say they had to use stop sticks to slow the driver down. you can see sparks out of the back of the car. that didn't stop the driver who eventually pulled over and took off running through a neighborhood.
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he was eventually arrested. so far deputies have not released the identity of the driver or said what charges they will face. >> two of the top exec tiffs at the wounded warrior project have been fired. spending. they were two leaders of the nation's largest veterans' charity which brought in $3,450 alone. an investigation found money was flowing out on lavish employee conferences, including $26 million on an employee conference. more than 40 employees claimed spending was out of control. control. >> it was extremely extravagant, dinners and alcohol. alcohol.
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donations go back to the veterans' programs. for his part, dezi defended the spending. meanwhile the chair of the wounded warrior project board of directors will take over as temporary ceo. >> one man's phone ringing off the hook. >> it is resulting in interesting phone calls. a recent craig list ad asked people to call and give their best impression of chewbacca. the ad promises the caller with the best impression -- >> we sound like pigeons. >> if you win, you get a $50 reward. webb said he didn't post the ad and he has never even see star wars. >> most would go, is this the
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i was like, hello? they would be like, is that good? yeah, that is pretty good. >> that's pretty good. >> he did it better than both of them. >> it turns out webb's friends posted this ad as a prank. prank. >> is that good? yeah, that was good. >> what else do you say? >> we are all ready for the weekend. it is friday, we always get excited. we'll have a mixed day a. nice day today. a mixed day on saturday. some thunderstorms on sunday. we are not talking about severe
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lightning and rain. we have all this pollen adding up. any rain we get could help with that. a lot of people sneezing. a lot of people complaining about this. we'll hope next week we can lower these numbers just a little bit. until then, as we talk about this big area of high pressure, it is going to block those showers and storms from moving in. we call it a blocking high because it is almost like a brick wall preventing this front from moving in. that's why it is stalled out. it is a stationary front, a huge one, weakening rain and storms ahead of it. they will be moving in again by sunday. until then, more heat and a breeze to deal with. starting off in the 60's and 70's. 62 in orlando. 59 in ocala. 63 in daytona beach.
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no need for a jacket heading out. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. >> notice the sky into the future, up to 83 at noon a. mix of sun and clouds. 87 by 4:00. that's 10 degrees above the average. there's the clouds and rain forecast, still plenty of sunshine to enjoy through the day. a few clouds on and off. the east breeze kicking up. saturday, a 10% chance for showers. we'll see a little bit of rain when we say 10% that. means 10% of the area will see it. into sunday, that front approaches. we'll see a chance for showers and storms. 87 in orlando. most areas inland in the upper 80's. we'll be in the low 80's along the coast. tomorrow, 86 with a 10% coverage. sunday. mainly into the afternoon.
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set that clock ahead one hour night. let's check on the roads mow with amy in the napleton traffic center. alert. >> yeah, it does, this is the reason why, we are dealing with the eastbound lanes of i-4 closed by fairbanks. these are the cars which have detoured and are being brought eastbound westbound. you might want to consider para avenue. stick with the local roads or go around and get back to i-4. as soon as that opens up, i'll let you know. i want to show you the delay. it is still early on the map data. the major roads are moving along nice and steady. that's your check on traffic. back to you, kirsten and david. >> still ahead on the morning news, get ready to lose an hour of sleep. i'm sorry. >> you'll see why some say springing forward could cause problems in the office.
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it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> you might want to hold onto your pillow longer. >> that's because you'll be spending time in bed one hour shorter. the jump forward comes at a cost as we all know. opponents are changing changing argue it could cause a change in patterns and it costs the u.s. economy $434 million a year in employee related costs such as lost productivity. an increase in worker injuries and it shows there is a greater risk of heart attacks. >> that's not good. >> coming up in the next half-hour, twin brothers recovering after being hit while riding a bicycle. >> last night gop debate strikes a civil tone.
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central florida ahead of next week's primary just ahead. >> breaking news in volusia county after a fiery crash sends one motorcyclist to the hospital. we are live at that scene with the latest. it is coming up next. my school reunion's coming fast. could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro. when it's go, go to the site with the right room, rewards and savings up to 20% when you book direct.
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>> all eastbound lanes are shut down in winter park after a deadly crash. the detours you need to know about to get around that mess. >> overnight in daytona beach, a motorcyclist is flown to the hospital after being burned in a fiery crash. what witnesses say happened there. >> a change at last night's presidential debate. say good-bye to the insults and the interruptions as the matchup took on a softer tone. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us this friday. >> we have amy and troy. >> it is all about the heat and then some rain. we'll time out the rain and pin point it in minutes. >> we need to start with this accident.


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