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tv   News 6 at Noon  CBS  March 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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rush off the debate, ted cruz is here ahead of the primaries. justin joins us live from the rally. it's a faith assembly of god church on curry ford road.
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click it's a lot of excitement here and a lot of optimism here. he is pulling in third . he is hitting the campaign trail hard in florida to rally some of those votes. he is on the stage at faith assembly of god in orlando. sean hannity is holding a town hall meeting with the texas senator in front of 1000 cruise supporters. she just got here and carly fiorina who recently endorsed him with speculation growing that she could meet his running mate. chris has been closing in on donald trump in the national polls of florida will be a big battle for him. says he is here campaigning ahead of the primaries. marco rubio's campaign showed up your and gave the media a statement saying any vote in florida not for marco is a vote for a child nomination. will have a full recap for you on news 6 at 4:00 but in the
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website on justin, thank you. donald trump is in south florida rally voters in south beach. the recent violent outbreak at one of his rallies was appropriate when one of his supporters swung back at a protester. ben carson endorsed him today and says he and trump have buried the hatchet and he says the front has something to offer a >> he is much more cerebral than not and a much more reasonable person than he comes across >> the republicans have a more . voters in the winner take all state head to the polls on tuesday and voters in illinois, missouri and north carolina had that day during the debate. trump said the gop candidate
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end of the primary season, even if it's my majority, should be the nominee >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton is getting big-time help on the campaign trail. will appear at several events included at the hilton in lake when i was the hotel later this afternoon. on friday, she will be in a whirlwind tour starting in tallahassee and heading to petersburg. bill nelson will show his support for clinton appearing at the library and new smyrna beach on saturday and at the macedonia baptist church on sunday. we will have all of your coverage on air and online as the primary results come in on tuesday night. we have a full voter guide on the website with early voting hours. go to and click on politics under the tab. we are from a developing story with a train heading and killed a pedestrian. lauren is there as investigators try to figure out what happened there >> holly hill police are trying to figure out what
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struck a person this morning >> railroad crossing lights flash red after they were at the accident happened 8:00 the tracks near six. the medical examiner arrived after the person was struck by northbound freight train and killed instantly. investigator said engineers all the person and tried to stop but couldn't. officers block the tracks forcing guards to take a detour slowing down traffic as police continue to investigate. investigator say it's still unclear who the person is and why they were on the truck in the first place >> and helen hill , news 6 >> weatherwise is heating up but rain is coming forward as troy is pinpointing when and where >> by sunday we will see rain increasing . not so much tomorrow so we have a few days where the humidity is going up rain will not be a big factor. look at this b the hazy sunshine with the mix of clouds and sun with a live view in downtown orlando at the amway center.
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it feels more like 82. the wind is of the southeast near 15. . we are 80 in samford and 77 in 80 80 at daytona beach and 78 in melbourne to help you plan the rest of your day into the weekend. the big air show in titusville today getting up to 80b0 there. 82 on saturday and 84 on sunday. notice the main chances are up to 60% in titusville. talk about rain for coming up in a few minutes >> there is an alert from local law enforcement to parents about human trafficking. they want everyone to understand the danger and this comes after one man is arrested and the charges include child pornography. mark lehman is in orlando and what is the warning authorities are trying to get out? >> they are looking for more teenage victims. the charges the suspect faces
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at the press conference, agency they're using the arrest as a warning for parents >> make no mistake that human trafficking and sex trafficking is a problem >> the problem is highlighted with the rest of this man. martin wright is in jail facing charges of human trafficking and child pornography >> manipulate them into getting them to do ask that they are not comfortable doing >> an 18-year-old student contact police telling them that she was a victim. a day later, a 16-year-old student can >> he would drive them to appointments where they would perform sex acts for money. would take the money >> the advertised sex for money on the website they were able to track them down using his facebook page. he is now in custody but there is concern for more victims >> if you are out there and you want our help , we are here to help you .
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>> they want people to be vi victim >> parents, look at social media and look at the sulfone! he faces life in prison on a long list of charges. the investigation continues and police are asking anyone who was a victim or thinks they know someone who is to call the human trafficking hotline at . thank you for the update breaking news in orange county as deputies on getting a shooting near center ln., parkway and north obt . go injured. we will let you know me learn more . we find out everyone is doing after she was involved in a fiery the crashing of the car in the
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caught on fire after the biker ended up under the car . it happened on nova road not far from the speedway boulevard. control and drove into the woman who became trap. she was switching lanes on her bike when she was hit . she was airlifted to the hospital and we will let you know when we get an update on her condition >> we know this crash in fairbanks involved two semi trucks and a motorcycle. they see the motorcycle driver, brandon lawless crashed into the back of one of the semi's after not realizing it was stopped in traffic . that truck slammed into another semi and lawless was thrown onto the traveling and died at the scene. the other two drivers were not injured >> hundreds of people gathered to say goodbye to the former first lady, nancy reagan. relatives of every president dating back to john f. kennedy are attending the funeral. that includes michelle obama laura bush, rosalyn carter and hillary clinton. reagan will be buried beside
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ronald reagan at the california. she died at her home on sunday and she was 94 years old >> using the dramatic footage from a jason volusia county. find out how detective said it was started in what was seen flying out of the back of our car. tell you what the tyco airshow by? grab seven daytona beach and will show you how people are switching gears into spring break season. you are watching news 6 at .
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welc welcome back. it's a live luck showing your main street in daytona beach with bike week as it wraps up . people getting ready for spring break in march has been a busy
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here. businesses are switching gears a little bit into spring break mode. >> mainstreet is packed with crowds between spring break and bike week. they say it's one of the busiest weekends of the year. >> it's a little bit crazy bumping into anyone >> harleys are lining the streets but they will be rivaled by swimsuits and coolers >> it's a great atmosphere all the way around. we week students are starting to file into daytona beach for the first spring break >> my friends are looking into missing items . >> they are walking up and down looking for shoes and everything >> between brinks, lodging and swag >> they are ready to shell out
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>> it's ridiculous and last night was awesome awful. jill abercrombie on main street says they change the menu to keep plates coming out hot >> it's been a mixed crowd but it's been fun. everyone is safe . >> they are looking at dramatic footage coming out volusia county. a driver took off after a traffic stop. check this out . drivers posted this video of the driver speeding at nova rd., wednesday night. they use sticks to slow the driver down. you could see sparks flying out of the back of the car. that did not stop the driver who pulled over and took off running through the neighborhood.
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far as he was arrested. remedies are not released the identity of the driver and am not said what charges they will face >> the gates just opened up by the tyco airshow . this year there is something new. the three-day event is at the airport in titusville and this is some video from the news partners at florida today from last year. thank you guys for this great footage. this will also include nighttime performances with a special illuminating plane looks fun >> look at that view! just packed with people. >> i will be there in a few minutes. >> it will be bumper to bumper. we are seeing sunshine out there with no rain today and not much rain in the forecast. there is one or two showers moving onshore but sunday has some good news with some of the pollen swept out of here.
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it's on the high category. we wash out with some of the rain on sunday but next week as we heat back into the 80s the temperatures right now in the afternoon average high is normally around three or four in the afternoon. we are already above that at lunchtime at 81b0. it's 80b0 in samford and 75 at the summer beach. 80b0 at daytona beach and 77 at the villages. 78b0 at melbourne. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecasts >> noticed the sky as we take you into the future. it's much like what we are seeing now. blue skies mixed in with sunshine and a few of the clouds here or there. we are looking 87b0 by 4:00 today. we are still at 81 x 6:00 this evening.
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the south. it's a southeast breeze. it's bringing onshore some moisture in the form of cloud cover. it's a little bit more humidity in the breeze will kick up . it's gusting their 20 mph at times. here's her evening forecast as we take you through as late as 10:00 tonight. we are still at 70b0 so its warm temperatures and human error is sticking around tonight. here's the clouds and rain forecast. we draw your attention to the clock and we count down throughout the evening. we will see sun and clouds throughout the day in a few clouds tonight. no rain and tomorrow it's one or two raindrops trying to enter the picture here. we see an east coast seabreeze develop ends a little bit oversold. most of the rain will be a 10% coverage with clouds building and ahead of the front that will finally move in here. we had a high-pressure blocking the north and northwest. it will move in with rain
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>> where you live in the morning is 58b0. beach and here is the weekend and read . it's a high of 86 and it's both saturday and sunday with rain chances at 10% tomorrow. 60% on sunday and don't forget b if you set your clock ahead on one hour before you go to bed on saturday night. we lose an hour of sleep but we have more sunshine in the afternoon. rain chances only a 20% . it's back into the mid-80s for highs across the board. the average high as 77b0 and we are staying well above it . the wind and not a lot of rain threat >> for losing that hour of sleep i wish i could put up the side phase to margie >> white house staffers are looking to get cheaper diapers. we will look at the program that they are hoping will make things more affordable. here's what stocks are doing on wall street. it looked better better than
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dow jones is that 212 points . the s&p 500 is on the move under 30 points. we will be right back.
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she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message we can make and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. the white house is
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make diapers more affordable for you. you are losing an ho
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welc welcome back. it's time for the runaway country music festival. this event is top acts like kenny chesney and eric church. we are partnering with them to give you the ultimate fan experience that you can't beat . we are giving away tickets for the entire event and all you have to
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11:00 for the country star of the day. you can go to . >> you can take advantage of the extra disease. you can spend an hour or less and the bed come sunday night >> clock spring forward one hour at 2:00 am. the jump forward comes at a cost. the opponents argue that the lack of sleep could lead to more traffic accidents. in addition, the 2013 study shows the switch in times cause million . this is per year and employee related costs such as lost productivity and increases in worker injuries. it also showed that there is a greater risk of heart attack. >> a lot of people are whining. it will be brutal for us on monday morning. a lot of folks are
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bike week . it's only a 10% chance of rain on saturday. it's a high of 82b0 in daytona 81. there is a 60% chance of rain. here at the lunch hour, many spots are at 80b0 and we are 80 and samford and 81 in orlando. 80 in daytona beach and on into the early morning hours tomorrow, we are near 60 and
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get started with prism essential tv plus up to 40 megs of internet speed. just $75 a month for a year with autopay. speed may not be available in your area. only from centurylink. call and switch today. >> billy: the roll-out for pass key is going to be huge, and it' s gonna come a little bit sooner than we expected, but that' ll give it a sense of urgency, as in the public needs this web security program today, it' s gone. >> jack: and when newman sues us? >> billy: why? ' cause victor was stupid enough to fire natalie and cancel the contract? >> jack: doesn' t mean she' s free to come work for us. look, even if he doesn' t have a legitimate claim to this intellectual property, it doesn' t mean they can' t sue us to tie us up in court. >> billy: there' s not gonna be a lawsuit, jack. trust me. newman enterprises doesn' t want anything to do with pass key. i already offered part of the profits to victoria.


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