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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  March 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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after a 15-year-old parkway is gunned down in ocoee. what we are learning about the search for that teen's killer is coming up. plus -- >> on wednesday morning, some pollsters will have to explain why they are so wrong, not just about florida but multiple different places. >> all eyes on florida florida. what candidates are saying about hair chances for taking home the win. it is 5:30. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. amy and troy are here. >> it is monday. the weekend is gone. we lost an hour of sleep but we are ok. >> feeling the sleep loss this morning but fortunately, knock on wood, it is just construction. >> we are talking about heat and rain straight ahead. >> we have breaking news to get to first from overnight in orlando. a crash involving two police vehicles happened at the intersection of lb mccloud and
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what have police told you so far about any injuries? >> i just spoke with a lieutenant with orlando police. he tells me both officers involved in this crash, they are expected to be ok. one officer has minor injuries and the other officer had no injuries. we were here moments after the crash took place. i want to show you some of the video we got. take a look at the video. a lieutenant tells me both officers were on the way to help out with a traffic stop involving a stolen car. both officers ended up crashing into each other. you can see opd and s.u.v. ended up on its side. i'm going to be reaching out to police to try to get more information about what happened. once i get new updates, i'll pass it along on air and online. >> we'll check back in with you.
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before a warmup later today. >> it is already muggy. let's get to troy bridges in the pinpoint weather center. >> you can feel the sticky air. johnny needs his umbrella. he is getting rain on his jacket. we are seeing moderate rain in spots. here it is coming down in central florida, moving into volusia county, daytona beach, you can see light to moderate rain pushing out. just along the beach, holly hill, inland into daytona. seeing more. most of that is pushing out to sea. a few areas of rain and then lake county seeing the moderate rain, lake katrina lynn over to eustis, umatilla and back to areas like zelwood, downtown also seeing the moderate rain. we are up to 82 at noon, all the way up to 87 at 4:00 today, pinpointing a 20% chance for afternoon showers mainly it is about the heat. more heat tomorrow.
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forecast for election day. let's head over to amy in the traffic center. some of those roads are wet. you are not seeing a lot of trouble yet. >> a lot of that may have to do with the fact that -- we have construction that is picking up. certainly with that notification, thank you, troy, with the wet roadways, we'll keep our eye out for construction. construction barrels appear to be pushed over by ivanhoe. heading out the door, no extra time is necessary. back to you. >> thank you, amy. it is 5:33 now. the count down is on. we are one day away from results 2016. tomorrow voters all across the state of florida will make their pick for president. today, the candidates are pulling out all the final stops. >> yes, indeed.
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as those running look to capture the state's 99 delegates. kirsten, florida is considered a must win state for some. what is the latest? >> a victory for trump would give him all of those 99 delegates which would seem like the end of the line for marco rubio. if rubio can come out on top, he will have a fighting chance. >> if you vote for them in florida, you are voting for donald trump because this is a winner takes all state. the only one who has a chance to beat donald trump in florida is me. >> rubio's next stop will be in melbourne as his greatest opponent will be donald trump. bernie sanders called donald trump a pathlogical liar liar. >> we have supporters, people
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i happen not to believe anybody meeting. >> others sounding off, including john kasich. >> there is no place for a national leader to prey on the great country. >> while hillary clinton said him. >> i am not new to the national arena and i think whoever goes up against donald trump better be ready. i feel i am the best prepared and ready candidate. >> trump shrugs off responsibility for violence at his events. he has said he would pay legal fees for supporters who assault disruptive protesters. >> these people are disrupters. they are not protesters. they are professional disrupters. that's all they do, they stand up and disrupt. if somebody did that at a bernie rally -- many of these people come from bernie.
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rally at convention center. he will have some help from sarah palin in his corner trying villages. bill clinton will be at winter park fighting for hillary at 7:45. >> we are committed to bringing you the best coverage in results 2016. also online on, powered by news 6. >> right now, there is a plea of help. it is after three shootings left three people dead and what sheriff demmings called a weekend of violence. a 15-year-old was gunned down just walking on the sidewalk along north lake wood avenue. deputies identify the teen as antoine davis. his family says they believe the middle school student got caught up with the wrong crowd. they are seeking justice.
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call to action on the violence. >> whenever someone dies needlessly, when it culminates with a child, a 15-year-old who is tragically killed, it is all the more poignant for all of us. >> if you know anything about this case call the crimeline. >> later today, a former lake county teacher accused of having sex with one of his students will face a judge. marshal is accused of driving a 17-year-old student in the middle of the night and having classroom. he denied anything happened. young rice who used to teach social studies has since resigned. >> school officials will soon vote whether to make changes to a controversial academic policy affecting student athletes. the no pass no play policy states any student flunking a
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from participating in sporting contests for one fwrading period. according to the journal the school will vote whether the eligibility requirements will require at least a 2.0 grade point average. >> governor scott will visit five cities on his million jobs victory tour. this is to celebrate more than one million jobs created across the state in five years. more than one billion dollars in tax cuts in the last two years. he will start in jacksonville before making a stop in orlando followed by st. petersburg and also a stop in miami. >> i know when i stepped out, it was so muggy. >> you can feel it. feel that sticky stuff, it gets to you. tomorrow we'll deal with that
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for election day, getting up to 83. 88 at 4:00. notice we'll be dry. no rain tomorrow. get out and vote if we can. there is a 20% coverage of more rain. you can see moderate rain, along i-4, also in areas near azalea park, a large part of downtown orlando and central orange county. lake county over to volusia county, pinpointing rain. daytona beach drying out after this push has already gone through but a little bit more moderate rain over deland moving through volusia countial rain in lake county for eustis, back down to howie in the hills. we'll see more moderate rain. coming up, we'll pinpoint tomorrow's forecast, we'll talk about the heat and talk about rain chances for the rest of the week. all that in a few minutes. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the traffic center. some roads are wet. most of the rain is light. >> that will certainly help. thank you.
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we have minimal volume on our roads. over on the expressway, both eastbound and westbound directions are moving along very nicely. we are accident and delay free so far. i don't see anything going on on my live kaems. taking a live look at i-4 by lake mary boulevard, things are doing nicely. these cars are our westbound travelers. that's our check on traffic for now. >> 20 minutes before the hour, still ahead a recall this morning involving a popular nissan model. >> what the auto maker says is wrong with thousands of leafs. >> an officer gunned down in front of a police station. what we are learning about the man accused of pulling the trigger. >> following breaking news coming out of kansas where an amtrak train derailed injuring several people. the latest information from the
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you are watching news 6 on a monday getting results for lake mary, etonville both on the air
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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>> crews opt scene of an amtrak derailment. these are pictures from the scene just into the news room. we told several people are hurt.
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life threatening. as many as 28 people were on board including 14 crew members. we are continuing to follow this breaking story and we'll bring you updates as they come in on news 6. 6. >> a deadly police shooting that happened in maryland, we know the name of the undercover narcotics officer who was killed. a gunman ambushed him outside police quarters. this young man, 29-year-old officer ja kai coleman died after a gunman walked outside the police station and started shooting. detectives say other officers shot back. a second suspect ran from the scene and was arrested at a nearby shopping center t. state attorney is promising to get justice for officer coleson and the community. >> this crime is not just a crime against jakai, murder is a crime against our entire community. murder is the highest crime
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we'll treat it. >> police say officers were not trying to arrest or even speak to the suspects before the shooting. the officer who had been with the department for four years would have turned 29 years old next week. >> turning to orange county where we could know as early as today whether an apopka woman will face charges for the shooting death of her boyfriend. it happened along east 13th street in south apopka apopka. he was taken to the hospital for his injuries but then later dooed. investigators say williams is cooperating with investigators and she hasn't been arrested. >> this morning's consumer watch, listen up drivers out there, the auto maker is recalling 47,000 leafs becoming a problem with the breaks. the recall involves 201 to 2014 model years. the computer in the leafs knees to be reprogrammed because it
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company reps said they told owners about the problem. owners will be contacted mountain mail about free repairs. >> for many parents, it is a trend in baby announcements. >> one central florida family decided to go big when they announce whether their bundle of joy will be a girl or a boy. adam asked the orlando eye to light up their 400 foot observation wheel. >> on saturday all was revealed. the wheel lit up. blue. >> you did that with a k so we were all part of it. >> it was fun. >> you cut into the cake and there it was. >> something like that. didn't quite go as planned but
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>> we had a good time. >> and we know it is a girl. >> it is a girl. >> it is going to be hot. that's rough for you. >> so glad it is almost over. forecast. not a ton of rain to deal with. two. the big story will be the heat. up to 87 in orlando. the record is 90 set way back in in 1917. melbourne, 86. not quite the record but edging close to record heat even though cloud cover and showers. you can see the rain right now, most of it is in lake county, northern sections of orange county heading over into volusia county as we pinpoint where it is heading. over to the north and northeast. most of the moderate rain on top of azalea park and over into east orange county, we'll see more of that building in. quickly moving out. sanford and parts of seminole
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lake county, eustis, into areas of leesburg and back over to lake pansocki. some of that moving over into deleon. we'll see another round of light rain through the afternoon. 70 in orlando. 70 in daytona beach. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. >> notice the sky. we'll see clouds mixed in with sun. expect a good bit of cloud cover. 87 by 4:00 with a 20% coverage of afternoon rain. a few lingering showers tonight. forecast. plenty of clouds in place. moisture streaming in from the showers. notice through 5:00, nothing widespread. a little bit of lightning. nothing strong to severe.
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linger into that afternoon drive. 86 in leesburg. 82 in ocala. area wide, you can say hot especially when you talk about these upper 80's. it continues through tuesday and wednesday. we even put the word hot on the screen. 88 on tuesday. 87 on wednesday. no rain, of course, tomorrow is election day. a lot of folks heading out. it will be warm at least it won't be wet. taking you into thursday, there's the leprechaun, look at your screen. he is jumping up and down. only a 20% chance for rain. rain chances do return at 50% for saturday and sunday. let's check on the roads now with amy in the napleton traffic friend. >> i think he is cute. as far as the drive goes, you
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you don't need extra travel time. i-4 westbound and eastbound directions are still in the clear this morning. same thing goes if you are traveling over on 95. we are looking fine northbound. southbound, you are in the green. we'll take a look outside. this is what the expressway looks as we speak by good holmes road. no accidents record for the time being. that is your check on traffic. david and bridgett, back over to you. >> forget weight lifting or hours on the treadmill, there is a new trend in fitness. >> why clients are encouraged to row. coming up, a check of the big stories, including breaking news in orlando. what we are learning about injuries are coming up.
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5 5:54. two orlando police vehicles were involved in a crash. opd says they were driving to help out in a traffic stop. an officer suffered minor injuries but was not taken to the hospital. >> sheriff demmings is calling on the community for help after a violent weekend. three separate shootings left three people dead including a 15-year-old. detectives say antoine davis was walking on a sidewalk. so far no suspect description release ed released. >> senator marco rubio will be in melbourne while his rival heads back to tampa. helping hillary clinton's cause, president bill clinton will be at rollins college in winter pack tonight. >> we know the teams will be taking part in this year's tournament.
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>> a police chief set to make a big announcement about his future. what mike chitwood is expected to tell people. >> we are pinpointing rain this morning. you can see a lot of it light across downtown orlando, pushing over into east orange county, also into volusia county and seminole county. a good bit of light rain to deal with for your drive to wok. afternoon. it will be hot. we'll talk about the heat you can expect straight ahead. >> you'll take the fries.
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>> it is 6:00 a.m. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison. we are springing forward. >> we have each other. we'll be ok. >> one step at a time. we are dealing with heat and rain. >> i'm watching rain on the roads, so far, no impacts. we'll knock on wood on ha one. >> breaking news to get to overnight after a crash involving two orlando police officer units left one flipped on its side, this crash happened not far from john young parkway. that's where we find news 6 johnny fernandez with an update. johnny? >> i did learn from a lieutenant with orlando police within the last couple of hours that both


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