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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  March 15, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> breaking news on i-4. a deadly wrong way crash shut down part of the interstate in orange county. the detour you'll need to get around this mess. >> it is election day as voters will head to the polls to pick their president. the question is will marco rubio get a victory or will florida push donald trump closer to that nomination? >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. it is 5:30 on this tuesday primary day. >> also joining us, we have amy and troy. >> oh, yes, we were just singing the point dexter song, hot hot hot. we'll talk about how hot in a minute. >> we have a big issue on i-4. we'll certainly be keeping you updated throughout the morning. that's where we'll go now to breaking news on i-4. two people have died after a mini van and taxi collided.
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drivers was going the wrong way. johnny is live near the crash scene near the sand lake road exit. what else have we learned so far? >> i want to let you know the medical examiner, it looks like they pulled into the scene. we know according to troopers two people, they are dead after this wrong way crash. i want to show you video of when we got to the scene moments after the crash took place. look at the video. you can see the extent of the damage of the mini van and the taxi involved in the crash. troopers, they are not saying which car was heading the wrong way. there are reports of one person trapped inside one of the cars moments after the crash. still a number of questions remain about what happened here such as who the drivers were and if they are locals. how long i-4 is going to be closed down. once i get updates, i'll pass
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>> as you can imagine, the crash is impacting the traffic pattern. >> let's get to amy with what is amy? >> this is certainly a huge issue as you get ready to start your morning. again, we have the westbound down. a very, very active scene by sand lake road. that's where the closure is. they are taking you off i-4 westbound right at the kirkman road exit. they are detouring you to sand lake road to travel locally and reconnect with i-4 on the other side of the closure. not a huge delay because it is still very, very early. i do want to let you know the rest of our road doing nicely. take a good look at that. no issues, a massive one on i-4. that's your check on traffic for right now and for your check on the forecast. here is troy bridges. good morning, troy. >> good morning. we are dealing with the heat today. the hottest day of the year so
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getting up to 90 in many spots. starting off in the 70's in many areas. 71 in orlando. it is 72 at cocoa beach. the upper 60's in our northern zones. 68 right now in marion county for ocala. look at the climb when we talk about temperatures. the average afternoon high temperature is 78. we are going well above that. more than 10 degrees above where we should be as we head into 4:00. we are at 90 degrees. 91 is the record set in 1971. no rain for election day. be careful if you are outside for very long, try to drink a lot of water. coming up, we'll talk about rain weekend. >> the countdown is on. in less than two hours, polls will open up and voters will election. it is a key race for candidates as a loss could be the end of their campaign.
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help carry them to their party nomination. mark lehman joins us from the supervisor of elections. tonight all eyes will be on florida. >> reporter: the sunshine state has the most delegates at stake. that means every candidate is vying for those votes. here and across florida, voters will begin casting those ballots. >> what we need is someone who can do the job, who can get stuff done, who can lift us up tomorrow. >> former bill clinton ral lig support for his wife in winter park last night. the latest poll has hillary clinton with a double digit lead over bernie sanders, 60% to 34%.
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voters he is in it for the long haul. >> i think we'll win in ohio. >> it is do or die for marco rubio. >> we'll shock the country. we'll win the 99 delegates in florida. >> standing in the way is donald trump. many saying key wins could give the billionaire a big enough lead to secure his bid as the republican nominee. >> you know who i'm working for? i'm working for you. polls all across florida will be working at 7:00 this morning, the latest university poll shows trump with a big lead in florida over senator marco rubio 46% to 46%. coming up, a look at the early numbers and why after today, there will be a drastic change.
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bringing you the news coverage. tonight we'll have reporters at the trump, rubio and clinton events. we'll have a special web cast at 7:00 on if you are unsure of where to cast your vote, we have information about polling places on, powered by news 6. >> as voters prepare to head to the polls, one couple said vandalses targeted them. patti said she woke up and found this, the word nazi and kkk spray painted in red to slander donald trump and his followers. yager said the homes targeted had signs supporting trump. >> it is a violation but it is not just a violation to me. it is a violation to everyone. it is a violation to everyone that believes in civil liberties. >> jager says it doesn't change
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still openly support donald trump for president. >> a bad crash shut down a busy intersection. you can see a hummer crashed into a concrete poll which fell on top of a vehicle. one person had to be air lifted to the hospital. at one point 58 homes were without power. >> as clermont police say someone posed as one of their own and pulled over a woman on the drive home. it happened on state road 50, not far from lake sumter state college in clermont. that's where we find kirsten this morning. officers are warning people to be on the lookout. what is the latest on this case? >> reporter: police are trying to track this guy down after they say he pulled the woman over dressed in uniform and carrying a gun. it happened near this parking lot. the man said she was heading
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and he pulled her over in a parking lot. she described the man to police who tell us he is a white man in his 40's and 50's. he is about 5'6", 190 pounds and has silver hair. we have an idea of the car he was driving. the victim and witnesses said the man was driving a black ford crown victoria that looked like a year 2000 model. according to the police report, that car had lights inside the windshield which made it look like an unmarked patrol car. no one was hurt but police say that woman was shaken up. a few employees said they saw this man. he was dressed in a brown uniform. hay had no idea he was not an officer. police are asking anyone who saw him or have seen that car to give them a call immediately. >> this morning, florida congressman john mica is warning
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i.r.s. telephone scams. he says there has been a significant spike in scams where callers pretend to be agents demanding money or personal information. mica says the scammers sound threatening and convince the victim the i.r.s. is planning serious action if they don't meet their demand. several cases have been turned over to the department of treasury. >> happening today, lego land giving a sneak peek of the future. this comes as the theme park will hit the bricks on exciting projects. lego land fifth birthday coming this fall, the winter haven theme park will give announcements on what officials are calling exciting and innovative projects. this represents the largest period of expansion in their four and a half year history. morning. we'll pass along the latest updates on air and online at >> the big weather story is the heat. >> hot hot hot is is what troy bridges has been singing all morning. >> i can't believe lego land is almost five years old.
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if you are heading out, we can't stress it enough. this is going to be the hottest day of the year. try to drink a lot of water. find the shade when you can. a little bit of haze because of the moisture in the atmosphere, not in the form of rain but at times in the form of haze and fog. as we look closely, we'll see that with the lights out there. not a lot of fog so far. the wind is just strong enough to keep it at bay. you see the southwest breeze bringing in plenty of warm air. 72 at cocoa beach. daytona beach at 69 degrees. it looks like this later today, 90 for the arn afternoon high. melbourne getting up to 88. we'll get up to 88 in daytona beach. very close to the records there as well. coming up, we'll talk about when rain returns. a big concern out there with a traffic alert. amy in the traffic center with the latest. >> what we have going on because
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accident, the westbound lanes of i-4 are closed between sand lake and kirkman roads this morning. you can see here, it is a very, very active scene. this is not expected to clear at least for another hour. we'll keep you updated. how to get around in the meantime, they are detouring cars off those westbound lanes at kirkman and taking you on to sand lake so you can travel locally that way and reconnect with i-4. you might want to consider taking john young parkway as a potential alternate. i want to pass along the rest of smoothly. even though westbound closure not causing any delays because it is still so early. that's your check on traffic. i'll send things back to you. >> new developments this tuesday morning surrounding the health of sarah palin's husband. >> what happened after a snow machine accident forced the former alaska governor to cancel a rally.
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officers are injured in a shooting. what we are learning about the suspected gunman is next. >> breaking news along i-4, a deadly wrong way crash has shut down the westbound lanes.
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>> here's a live look at i-4 near sand lake road exit where a deadly wrong way crash has all
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right now. we know two people were killed after a tax is si and mini van collided early this morning. troopers are still on the scene investigating and clearing out the wreckage. they tell us the van driver was going eastbound in the westbound lanes. both drivers were killed. in the last five minutes troopers say the highway will be closed another hour. amy will have an update in about six minutes on how to get around this here on the morning news. >> were following breaking news overnight in chicago where three officers are recovering from injuries injuries after reportedly trying to stop a drug deal. detectives say a woman is currently being questioned in connection with the shootout. all of the officers were rushed to a nearby hospital and should be ok. >> later today the husband of
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one day after being injured in a snow machine crash. the accident forced sarah palin to cancel an appearance at a donald trump rally. palin did appear in tampa but then returned to alaska to be with her husband. >> in your consumer watch, planning to get away for spring break, you will be alone. about half of floridians plan to take a springtime trip in the next three months. if you plan on traveling, experts say it is best to travel during non-peak time. here's good news if you are driving -- aaa says despite a spike in gas prices, you can still expect to save about $25 a tank compared to this time two years ago. there is the glass half full. this horse we are about to show you is turning heads for his sense of fashion.
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be better suited for a runway. >> look at this. >> dapper. >> he is wearing a custom made tweed suit and a hat. it was part of the a promotion for an upcoming horse racing festival in england. the designer said it took 21 and a half yards of fabric from scotland to complete this look. >> got to be hot but he does look good. >> you don't want to do too much in your good clothes. >> he is got it going on. windsor knot? >> i didn't look close enough. >> mixed feelings. >> we love to dress up our pets. we have great storm pin photos from yesterday at the beach. a lot of folks out and about. the good news is even though there is a rip current risk, it
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we have spring breakers in town. maybe you are planning to go near the beach into the next couple of days. here's a great shot from allen leroy. our friend barbara mudge showing folks heading out with a cooler and a fishing rod. looking a-ok today. watch out for the heat. i just checked on the water temperatures at daytona beach. we are talking about mid 60's. that's a little too chilly for me. you may like it. were dealing with the allergy cast. temperatures starting out warm across central florida and only going up from here. we are at 70 in orlando. 72 at cocoa beach. the upper 60's in northern zones. 68 at palm coast. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast.
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the day hour by hour, you look at the sky there into these time periods. a lot of blue sky and sunshine today. of course, sunny skies warming us to 88 at noon. 90 at 4:00. the record is 91 for this day in 1971. at 9:00, we are still at 78 degrees. what? that is crazy warm. you'll be out and about and enjoying the warmth. the early morning hours once again not cooling much. clouds and rain forecast not showing rain. we see a few areas of clouds moving in from the west with a southwest wind. the wind will be light. it will bring in plenty of warm air. getting up to 89 in leesburg. 87 in daytona beach. 88 for cocoa beach. 90 in kissimmee. 90 in orlando. as we take you into the next
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thursday. the average highway is 78. we are remaining well above that. there's st. patrick's day on thursday. a 20% chance for rain. rain chances are higher into the weekend, even friday, a 40% coverage. a 50% chance on saturday and sunday. let's check on the roads now and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center with a traffic alert. amy? >> we have had no improvement. we have all westbound lanes closed down on i-4. this scene is still active. a busy stretch of i-4. what they are doing to try to help you get around until we can get some kind of improvement. cars are detoured off at kirkman road. you are traveling to get brought back to i-4 at the other side of the closure. you can see not a lot for delays. things remain very early. we don't have a ton of cars on the roadway. that's our one saving grace about this accident so far. taking a look at i-95.
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doing fine. you can see northbound and southbound, no significant delays at all. >> runaway country is just a few days away. we are giving you another chance to win tickets. >> from now through 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, you have a chance to win our grand prize. including vip passes and party passes and vip parking. to enter for your chance to win, go to country and donate to a veterans' community. this is a local organization that helps to provide housing for veterans. when you donate, you are entered to win. many. wine? >> ahead at 6:00. what is in the glass of vino that is not listed on the label. >> a check of the headlines
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crash along i-4 after a wrong way crash.
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>> if you are about to head out, hang tight as we follow breaking news for you. two people are dead after a wrong way crash along i-4 in the westbound lanes near sand lake road. you can see the scene right here, all those lanes are closed right now and are expected to stay that way for at least another 30 minutes or so. we have live team coverage of the crash and the detours coming up at the top of the hour. >> in an hour, polls will open and voters will cast their ballots in the state's primary election. all eyes are on marco rubio, many saying it will make or break his campaign. the senator is behind in the polls to front runner donald trump. >> a breakdown in negotiations
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>> a deadly wrong way crash shuts down i-4. i-4. >> we will have a chance to reshape the primary. to reclaim our primary. >> it is primary day in florida. we have everything you need to know about the last minute push for votes in what many say could be survival tuesday. good morning. it is 6:00 a.m. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison. thank you for joining us. troy and amy are here. >> good morning. >> we are dealing with big issues on i-4. >> it is all about the heat. straight ahead. >> we want to start with what is happening on i-4. it is breaking traffic news. a deadly crash has i-4 shut down on the westbound side near sand lake road. johnny, you just got another update, what are they saying? >> that's right. within the last 30 minutes,


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