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tv   News 6 at Noon  CBS  March 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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unarmed. sandra bland... and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. right now, the primary days here. they choose their nominee but there is technical problems. good afternoon and thank you for joining us on this tuesday. we begin election coverage with some serious issues facing orange county voters.
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with mark lehman in baldwin park. what are you hearing about the problems? >> the supervisor of elections say it boils down to a problem of checking in voters electronically. here at precinct 525, we were seeing longer lines earlier and is not so bad right now. they say the issue has been fixed but voters say they won't be deterred in making the vote count >> i'm trying to encourage my friends to come out and not to wait >> it will get ugly >> other voters in baldwin park at a line outside the door while trying to cast their ballot >> i think they could have more pools in there to vote register because they have 10 places to vote . have two people taking names >> compounding the delay was a technical issue with checking in voters at this and other precincts in orange county. it's something that supervisor of elections says he anticipated
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along the way we have backup plans and every polling place to handle the situations >> voters were checked in manually until they fix the issue. hiccup and what could be a busy day at the polls >> this is why try to get out here early. advice that many people give. make sure you arrive early in ma your id handy when you got to vote . the polls close at 7:00. >> advice, thank you >> in apopka, amanda castro says they cannot vote today because they were told that there were no ballots left >> we have voters still walking into the christ of life church here in apopka.
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what they are being told is wait in line or they are allowing people go in machine. they have one disability machine up and running. you were told they could wait until they get more ballots but the voters were told when that would be. running out of republican ballots across orange county. we got calls into the newsroom reporting similar problems i polling place in belle isle. one more place in a pop at errol estates we are told they got more one hour later: they call the supervisor's office and there just hearing back saying they are frustrated. they say they came in before work or they are stopping by to do it quickly on the lunch break .
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and they are upset about that. i just find it unacceptable. it's the fact that we can't do our constitutional right of voting. that is unacceptable in my opinion >> i just heard back from the supervisor of elections and we are told they are printing the ballots and they are delivering them to the polling places . we will keep pressing to get results on this problem it will have leaders starting at 4:00 on new six >> florida isn't the only place primaries. the stakes are the highest in florida and ohio with john casey and marco rubio desperately needing to win in their home state. done champion shows us what to look forward to today >>reporter: the face of the republican presidential race could change today as voters cast their ballots on primary day in florida , ohio, missouri
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>> donald trump leads the polls in every state except for ohio. he is in a tie with the state's popular governor, john casey . he voted and said he feels proud of his campaign >> by continuing to run the race, the positive campaign has now started to shine through >> here in florida, marco rubio's future is on the line at polling places like this. the senator predicted a win in his home state he is way behind in the polls. >> we will elect 99 delegates to one person. >> ted cruz might have his best shot at winning in illinois were the latest battleground tracker has the texas senator within striking distance of tron. bernie sanders is trying to pull off another midwest upset against hillary clinton.
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>> clinton has a big lead in florida. it's a winner take all statement 214 delegates up for grabs. we have our troops tonight at the trump , clinton and rubio event in palm beach, west palm beach and miami. we had of a special webcast on one thing is for sure b the welcome the weather is not causing any problems. it's warm outside. troy bridges is pinpointing everything >> lots of sunshine out there. no rain but we will heat up near 90b0 and many spots. it it's not a blue sky out there but they put out the beach umbrellas. it's as early as 8:00 this morning.
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for spring break enjoying it. winds are kicking up out of the west southwest. it's 30 mph bringing in more of the warm air. at times, we see clouds on and off. we are 80b0 and it feels like 81b0 right now. orlando is at 80 two now at 77 o'kelly and 83 in melbourne. 90b0 today and it's a hot day with a well records set in 1971. we could use the rain. we have pollen issues in all this heat . we will talk about when rain returns . the latest alerts on your phone by downloading the free app is searching wkmg in your app store. now, to ocoee. three suspects run a red light causing a crash with a enter garden patrol car. troopers say before the crash b nadine is there now .
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>>reporter: what we do now is the suspect is still on the loose. this is the end of the intense standoff starting at 4:00 am. he started a home invasion and then it turned into not one but two crashes. one involved a police cruiser and the intersection here they were looking for this mercedes with three of the five suspects inside. they sent a be on the lookout. they spotted the mercedes and tried to pull it over but the mercedes gunned it and ran another car. the driver of the car fighting for his life today. while officers try to clear the scene, another car hit a . the suspects got away. three of the five were any mercedes and two other were believed to be in a bmw.
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complicate its story. take a listen as the searches on the cars are fleeing the area and it's just tragic. they recover the mercedes and bmw that they believe the five suspects were in. the home invasion is a terrifying story involving a kidnapping and a pistol whipping and a beating. it's on the details. we're trying to put them together at 4:00. live in wintergarden, news 6 >> incorporated you for the up a >> they make it easier to enjoy their updates. what they are doing to help people in the community, coming up next >> we tell you what the irs telephone scheme. what they are warning you about
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sneak peek of the future of legoland.
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a traffic alert get you up to speed after deadly wrong way taxi. it happened near stanley grow this morning. that's where johnny fernandez spent the morning. he tells us what caused it >> i for westbound is closed for more than five hours. they piece together how the
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wrong side of i4. it's just after 3:00 this morning. they were both killed. they found a bottle of hennessy they want to go out and have a good time. it's the number one reason that you don't get behind the wheel . they are waiting on toxicology reports on the van driver. those results could come back in a couple of weeks. fernandez >> right now, we get a sneak
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bricks. it's the biggest expansion they've made since the park open. there is five upgrades including new rides and a new retreat. it all starts today with a waterpark expansion featuring a building center. by may, the movie will be shown inside of the wells fargo theater and this summer, they will glow at night life with a special show >> john mike is warming the public for a irs game. there's my spike in colors demanding personal information. they sound threatening and they convinced on the irs is planning serious action if they don't mean meet their demands. several cases of been had handed over. in tonight's game between the magic and the nuggets, the
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one dollar for every tweet using the hashtag, rethink homelessness. it's until two hours after the game ends. the heat is on with a little bit of hayes. >> oh yes! the heat is on! >> i know it is a song. we see sunshine out there in the haze that bridget was mentioning is out there. it's humid air in the atmosphere. it makes you feel little bit warmer than average. watch out for that. people want to go to the beach. get out there with a rip current risk being very low. that is the good news. it is chilly in the mid-60s. i like the water temperature to be in the 80s. this is joy the dog. in the photo with the storm pen at . watch out for the animals. . you could put some ice cubes in the water bowl and that will
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heat across central florida. big election day. a lot of folks might be standing in line so hopefully outside . the record high as 91b0 set back in 1971. melbourne is getting up to 88. 88 in daytona beach and is very close to the record there. look at this. we are already at 82b0. 81 in sanford and 79 in the villages. here's a look at the pinpoint
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as the day progresses on to later on today , we see a couple of clouds and that helps insulate the atmosphere. temperatures are not dropping much. early in the morning tomorrow, we are at 62b0 in the villages and 64 in orlando. 62b0 in daytona beach for the early-morning temperature. it's a mild start area wide. here is a chance for some patchy fog . right in early. we start at 4:56 am right here on news 6. 88 tomorrow and 85 on thursday. it's st. patrick's day. look at the little leprechaun. it's only 20% chance of rain with highs in the mid-80s through friday. rain chances do increase by the end of the week and wouldn't you know it b
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higher at 50% saturday and sunday. temperatures are closer to the average of 40 78b0. we are 84 saturday. the heat! we hate the heat! whether you like it or you hate it, you will get both. >> good to know >> if you are a wine lover, you will like this story. >> it could be added is in . we will tell you why they are put in there and how to avoid it in the first place. that's next at noon. here's a look at how stocks are doing. not looking too good. you compared it to yesterday.
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25% of americans drink one on a regular basis. you will be surprised to see within your wine. inconsistent grape harvest force winemakers to put in additives. some people out there very upset over the lack of disclosure. if you're looking for a wine
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additives, look for organic. you are not alone. half of floridians plan to take a trip springtime trip . if you plan on traveling, the best way to book flights is during nonpeak hours. look to fly on on busy days which is tuesdays, wednesdays and saturdays. if you are driving, aaa says despite the recent strike, you can still expect to save $25 per tank compared to this time two years ago think they may have discovered a cousin of the mighty t rex.
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re researchers think they may have discovered a cousin of the tyrannosaurus rex.
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carnivore became so feared. fossils. they belong to the dinosaur that scientists say was a little bit smaller of a predecessor of the t rex. fossils were found more than a decade ago using ct scans of its brain, scientist determine the smaller dinosaur already had the powerful senses of the main predator >> i don't want to be near that >> news 6 is committed to bringing the best coverage. it's just another reminder. we will have our cruise at the trump, rubio and clinton events tonight as the result rolling. there is a special webcast at 7:00 pm . if you want more information, go to powered by news 6. a lot going on. folks going out and doing some voting. we are not talking about rain. get out there. hopefully there are not big lines.
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we show you the shot again. you can see the beach chairs and the umbrellas. the spring breakers with local folks getting out and enjoying all the sunshine. 80b0 is the temperature and it feels like 81. it is 82 in orlando and 83 in melbourne. 77 in ocala. we have to make it up to 90 and the record is 91 set in 1971. it's a hot one today. tomorrow is almost as hot with no rain today or tomorrow. you can see the leprechaun on thursday. it's a high of 85 with additional clouds. the new system brings in a 40% chance of rain on friday and through the weekend with thunderstorms and a 50% of coverage. temperatures are close to where they should be in the upper 70s
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>> she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i
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>> shawn: you know what? you don' t even have to say it. i heard enough. i' m sorry. i know i' m in the way. >> sage: you' re not in the way. >> shawn: really. not a big deal. i' ll get my stuff. >> sage: shawn, we want you to you want me to stay. but you never signed off on me moving in. >> sage: that doesn' t matter, shawn. >> shawn: our deal was that you would cover my medical expenses and adopt my kid. nobody said you had to take care of me. i' m gone. >> sage: okay, shawn, i' m not comfortable with that. even if we didn' t know who you were, we would never feel comfortable letting a pregnant woman go to a place she did not feel safe. right, nick? >> phyllis: jack announces that he' s washed his hands of


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