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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  March 16, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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down a suspect. >> we are live showing you the work going on right now to figure out what started that huge fire. >> thank you for waking up so early with us. troy and amy are here. >> good morning. watching construction clear out of the way. that's the main thing for now. a nice start to wednesday. >> we'll heat up once again. get ready, that's the big story. no rain, if you are making plans to get outdoors. rain will return later in the week, as early as tomorrow. we are dealing with a little bit of fog. visibilities are ok on the road. we'll see a reduction in visibility. watch out for that. visibility in villages just over a mile. you'll see patches that may be difficult to drive through. temperatures mild in the 60's.
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in most areas. look at the noon hour, 85. all the way up to 89 by 4:00 today, edging chose to records once again. yesterday, daytona beach tied the record of 89 set pack in 1971. we'll talk about when rain returns. today is looking good with a mix of sun and clouds. let's check on the roads. this time yesterday, it was a mess. >> that is for sure. you can see the difference a day makes. on i-4 this morning, we have no accidents to report and construction is picking up. completely in the clear, running in eastbound and westbound directions. lots of construction this morning. not a lot going on. you can see hoof green data coming back which is fapt stick. let's get you over to check on our drive times. that is your check on traffic.
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for suspects after a home invasion in orlando ends with one man injured and his dog dead. this happened in the last few hours on conroy road south of curry ford road. two suspects forced their way into the apartment, robbed the victim and took his car. as the suspects were leaving, they shot and killed the dog. the man ended with injuries after being hit by the suspect's gun but he was not shot. misare trying to find the victim's silver mercedes. we are staying on top of this developing story. story. >> the results are in. donald trump wins here and he took three of the five states for grabs with one state, missouri, still too close to call. >> that means it is the end of the road for marco rubio.
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way ahead and they turned out to be accurate. >> the race here in the sunshine state was called earl. how those numbers broke down. we are talking about donald trump, he took home nearly 46% of the vote. his next closest challenger was florida senator marco rubio but he finished a distant second with only 27% of the vote. a disappointing night for him. the loss was enough for him to drop out for his race for the white house last night. >> it is clear while we are on the right side this year, we will not be on the winning side. >> after a big loss in his home state marco rubio ending his bid for the presidency. donald trump knocking him out of the race and looking beyond the rye mayor fight. >> we have to bring our party together. we have to bring it together. >> trump's win adds 99 delegates
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he picked up wins in illinois. in ohio, it was governor kasich who came out on top, the win keeping him in the race. >> i love you. >> as the field narrows for republicans, all three picked up delegates. ted cruz is maintaining the race is a two person contest. >> only two campaigns have a pleas plausible path to the white house. >> hillary clinton took home a votes. >> as for clinton, it was a big night all around with victories
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illinois, north carolina, ohio and north carolina. she holds a narrow lead in missouri. clinton watched the results come in from south florida. >> our next president has to bring our president together so we can share in the promise of america. we should be breaking down barriers not building walls. walls. >> as for sanders, despite the losses, he is not dropping out. a spokesperson said they are focusing on the next big races in arizona, idaho and utah. >> orange county supervisor of elections is dchg the decision not to extend voting hours, that's despite big problems at polling plays. a computer glitch is being blamed for not sending ballots to voting locations. that meant some people got turned away. we got to the supervisor to talk about how they would stop this
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>> we know we send the numbers to the printer with them reversed. we got back what we sent to them. we should have done a better job of checking numbers against our requests. >> at one point there was a request to extend voting until 1:00. our coverage of primary night continues for you on your election headquarters with county by county results and full analysis and reaction as well. look at the home page, click orlando is powered by news 6. >> a historic mansion goes up in flames. >> we are talking about a 10,000 square foot home. firefighters are working to figure out how it caught fire. the mansion called the pumpkin center is located on the water at third street south in cocoa beach. that's where we find kirsten o'connor.
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been at that scene all night. >> we spoke with fire crews on the scene. they have been here overnight. one of them says he arrived when this fire was still going. they tell me they are working on hot spots. they are being careful about this. this was all happening late last night. this morning will be the first time these crewses get a good look at the property and what they are really dealing with. let's give you a look at what neighbors saw after this fire started. the flames were racing through this 11 bedroom home, generating an orange glow that could be seen for miles. they could see the smoke from there. the estate was once owned by al new heart who recently passed away. it was called the pumpkin center.
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expensive home, now considered a $5 million total loss. >> the community was behind the new owners preserving the history of pumpkin center. obviously that won't be the case now. >> the fire chief tells us the house was under renovation. it is believed to be empty. that is something the fire marshal will be out here investigating, trying to make sure there wasn't anything else inside the house. it was believed to be vacant so they don't believe there was anyone inside. you heard the fire chief talk about how much this house meant to the community and what it meant as a landmark to the area. that's something we are working to put together for you in our next half-hour. >> a day care owner is facing charges. a mom says she wants the day
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not reporting abuse against her daughter. >> i'm scared. i said, what are you scared? she said one of the teachers pops my biscuit when i have an accident in my pants. >> clark say day care reps said they called called. banta is still employed at the day care. it is up to the state attorney's office to decide if the case will move forward. >> firefighters calling a string of fires suspicious. four homes were damaged in one of those fires. that inferno caused damage and torched 45 acres of land. fire rescue workers say they don't believe the fires are occurring naturally. they are working a number of leads to figure out who or what is behind all this. this.
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dangerously close to a publix. firefighters say it spread hot embers to nearby areas. fortunately, no buildings were damage. >> the magic were hoping to get a win after a 1-4 tough west coast swing. the magic welcomed the nuggets to the amway center and orlando's bench would come up big. jason smith would put up 25 points to help the magic win 116-110. orlando is back in action tonight at charlotte. 7:00. we still have a month left in the season. i'm still holding out hope our team -- >> got to stay positive. we are starting out mild but you know it will be hot later. >> up near 90 today. watch out for the heat. find shade if you are outside in it for long. you can see haze out there with our live view over downtown orlando. we'll see clouds as the sun
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68 is the temperature now. expect temperatures close to that around sunrise. then we'll see breaks in the clouds before more clouds build in this afternoon. a mix of clouds and sun heating us quickly today. right now, 68 in sanford. 65 in daytona beach. the bus stop looks like this this afternoon. all the way up to 89. the average high this time of year is 78. short sleeves and shorts in order if the kids can wear those. coming up, we'll talk about rain as early as tomorrow. let's go over to amy in the napleton traffic center. amy? >> thank you. things are moving along smoothly. no significant accidents to add to the mix. drive times along i-4 with construction moving out of the way look great. westbound st. john's to colonial, 15 minutes. same thing on the other side. taking you back outside, a look at the express, looking nice by the toll plaza. nice shot eastbound looking out
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that is your check on traffic. back to you. >> thank you, amy. president obama could be closer to naming a supreme court nominee. >> what we learned about what a decision could be made. state approved, the milestone for ucf that puts the school one step closer to a downtown campus is coming up. >> we are following breaks news after a home invasion left a man hurt and his dog killed.
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>> police are searching forror two suspects after a home invasion on conway. the suspects forced their way into one apartment and shot and killed the victim's dog before stealing that man's car. they are trying to find the silver mercedes. we'll bring you updates as they come in -- >> overnight, we learned president obama could announce his nominee for the vacant supreme court justice spot. >> the announcement would follow
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he died while on a hunting trip. since his death his replacement has been a hot button issue. there are four liberal and four judges on the bench with a ninth judge holding the critical swing vote. vote. >> texas will look for thousands of people in marion county. last night voters approved the increase in the sales tax, taking it from 6% to 7%. the four year hike is expected to take in 166 million dollars with the money going to road repairs and other projs. projs. projects. >> governor scott signed off on a budget that includes $20 million in funding for the campus. he vetoed funding last year. john hit called the improvement one of the most important
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other projects not so lucky. governor scott vetoed more than $256 million from the state budget, including money legislators wanted for economic projects, 10 million for quiet zone projects and 4.6 million for proposed research and incubator facility at ucf. >> in live tv anything can happen. >> we know that is the truth. one california weather man had to learn this the hard way. >> the skies are mostly clear, the birds have been attacked. attacked. >> during his forecast, a bird landed on the sky camera giving him quite the scare. for his part, he seems to be taking it in stride, saying the al
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>> we have seen bugs that -- they look huge. one time on the noon show, just before we came to the shot, this thing jumped up and i switched it because i didn't want to freak anybody out. hopefully it is not happening -- >> no critters out there. >> spiders are the worst. today is going to be hot again. we can't stress it enough, think of your pets if you are out and about, maybe bring them inside because we are talking about temperatures up near 90. let's show you a great storm pin photo. pool. the lab ra doodle. titusville. from is from jeanie martin. blue sky, sunshine, a beautiful day yesterday. we'll see more of that. steve said tom sorrells nailed
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yes, he did. western forecasting a high of 90 and we got there in spots. hot weather. more of the same but not quite as hot when you consider how close we'll be to records. the record for orlando is 94 for today set in 1921. not quite the record but still hot enough. up to 86 in daytona beach. the record for both of those areas 90 degrees. not quite the record but getting close. dealing with fog this morning. low level visibilities are reduced a little bit. so far so good. up to two miles in orange county. there will be pockets of visibilities that will be reduced down to a quarter of a mile, possible in areas as we take you closer to 7:00, 8:00 in the morning, we'll be watching that closely. we are at 68 in orlando. 66 in ocala. 66 in daytona beach. here's a look at the pinpoint
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>> notice the sky over downtown orlando, blue sky, sunshine, a few clouds on and off. we'll see the break in the clouds, allowing temperatures to get up there to 85 at noon. 89 at 4:00. the record set in 1921 is is 94. 77 at 9:00. we are at 73 as late as 11:00. a few clouds on and off. no rain today. we'll pinpoint a few showers for tomorrow. today, the upper 80's, near 90 in most spots. expect a high in the mid 80's. a 30% chance for rain for st. patrick's day tomorrow. rain chances increase to 40% into friday. let's check on the roads now and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> thank you very much. good wednesday morning to you. things unfolding nicely for the morning drive as you get ready to head out the door. you can see eastbound and westbound sides right there,
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morning. nice conditions over on i-4, right by michigan avenue. eastbound cars moving away from you. a lot of open pavement. your drive times hitting hitting i-95, southbound, it is still early. >> we are just days away from central florida's largest country music festival. >> if you have missed away our giveaway last week, we are upping the ante. you'll have a chance to win a grand prize including vip passes for party passes and for parking. to enter for your chance to win, go to and donate to a charity organization viethd safe stable housing for vets. when you donate, you are entered to win.
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>> a new study says the best way to quit smoking may be the hardest. >> quitting cold turkey is the most effective. even smokers who preferred quitting gradually were 25% more likely to keep their pledge if their gave up smoking all at once. researchers followed two groups who quit cold turkey. while most struggled, quitting apruptly was more effective. >> the man in the hat is back. >> walt disney studios announced
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theatres for a fifth time. he will break out his trusty whip one more sometime while steven spielberg will be in the director's chair. >> a home invasion turns violent. >> what police are doing to track down the suspects. what we are learning about an iconic mansion destroyed by fire. plus -- >> the fact is we have to bring our party together. we have to bring it together. >> donald trump looks towards the general election. what the results of battleground
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[thwack] the spring home event. from classic to contemporary, havertys. >> we had a fantastic evening. i never would have thought this could happen. >> a big win in the sunshine state for donald trump and florida's winner take all primary.
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another ends his bid for the white house. we have results for you in election 2016. >> a man shots and kills a dog. now the search is on for those suspects. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. troy and amy are here. >> good morning. >> good morning. things are unfolding nicely. troy and i are pinpointing an issue. >> fog is the issue out there this morning, especially in brevard county. visibilities down to a quarter of a mile or less as predicted. we knew this would happen. it will likely get worse as we head closer to 7:00, 8:00 this morning. let me show you visibilities. there's melbourne, brevard county, mainly central and southern brevard county seeing the worst of the fog. in these areas like melbourne and palm bay. many areas are looking ok but there are patches of fog to deal with.


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