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tv   News 6 at 5.30 pm  CBS  March 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> ginger: a precious pet disappears during bike week. >> matt: now her owner and police hope you can help track her down. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm matt austin.
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we'll get to that story for you in just a moment. but first, another hot march afternoon. but there is change in store for the weekend, we understand. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is here with your pinpoint weather first at 5:30. what does that mean? >> tom: big changes. we're going to stop the 90-degree stuff. the cold front is going to take time to sag our way, but we have moisture that will eventually build in. on radar, i have smoke plumes to track up north there in merritt island. farther to the south, here comes the east coast sea breeze which has pushed in past melbourne and cocoa beach. 80 at the cape, 79 at cocoa beach and 81 in melbourne. across the interior, we're well into the upper 80's at 87 degrees in orlando. in the next couple of hours we'll drop off a bit once the sun goes down. 80 is the reading at 8:00. 9 p.m., 77. 10:00 tonight, 75.
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i'll be back in a few minutes to pinpoint overnight lows. then we'll talk about just how hot things will be tomorrow and when the real cool-down kicks in. >> ginger: tom, thank you. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. we have continuing coverage now of results 2016. yesterday's primary elections are in the books. and for orange county, things did not go so well. in the latest in a string of issues from yesterday, today we just confirmed checks issued to poll workers for election night have bounced. the orange county election office tells news 6 a.d.p. did not deposit the funds from the county in order to cover those checks. at least 1400 people are affected by this. now the county elections office is printing its own checks directly to help solve this problem. you can pick up your new check between now and 7:30 at the elections office. news 6 reporter troy campbell
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voters feel about another issue they faced during yesterday's elections. >> reporter: the group held these signs outside the orange county elections office, saying it's not about being republican or democrat but, rather, being able to exercise your right to vote. >> every vote counts. every vote counts. >> it doesn't matter. everybody gets a chance to vote. it's in our constitution. it's what this country was founded on. it's that simple. >> reporter: standing on the sidewalk of the orange county elections office, this group holding signs, demanding county and state leaders be held responsible. after about a dozen orange county polling places ran out of ballots within a couple of hours of the polls opening. >> when we heard about that, we felt really disgusted that was happening. it really does matter everybody gets a chance to vote. >> reporter: polling locations, cities holding municipal elections were most effected. an extension was requested for polling hours at locations that had to turn away voters.
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with the secretary of state's decision not to extend hours. the reason, by 2 p.m., all locations were restocked with the correct amount of ballots. >> everybody who voted yesterday filled out a form to get registered to vote. the government knew which precinct they were going to and which party they were going to have to vote for and they still couldn't get enough ballots ready in time. >> reporter: i also spoke with the elections supervisor inside of his office here at the elections headquarters. we'll hear what he has to say about the ballot shortage, later at 7:00. >> ginger: for a recap of all of our election coverage, including our coverage of the ballot shortage, head to, powered by news 6. a man's pet bird is missing. she's not just any bird. >> matt: she's a motorcycle-riding mascot, who's been around for 20 years. she was a sight to see at this year's bike week and now she's gone.
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right off the back of his motorcycle. loren korn spoke with him today about how he's trying to get her back. >> reporter: it's been non-stop for mike as he's posting these flyers all around town, hoping someone knows what happened to his best friend after she was taken right here from this parking lot. >> 20 years on a motorcycle. >> reporter: and he says he never had a problem showcasing spike the parrot until saturday morning during bike week. >> watched a band for another half-hour, came back out, 11:30, she was gone. >> reporter: he filed a police report and is now peppering the area with flyers and talking with people who might have seen her. >> talking to all the locals, the people who live on the streets, anybody that is down here and knows people on the streets. >> reporter: he says spike is very well known, playing a role in his motorcycle magazine, even making her debut on a bike week t-shirt. >> the community loves her. >> reporter: he's offering a reward to bring her back home and says he won't stop searching until he does.
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married, have no kids. that was my girl. >> matt: spike has that i.d. bracelet on her leg. it's stamped pf 407. her owner is from seminole county but plans to stay in volusia until she's found. she means a lot to him. here's one more look at her. beautiful bird. she also has a microchip embedded in her skin that will allow her to be identified if taken to a vet's office. if you know where the bird might be, call police. a customer says she left her purse at a moe's in daytona beach. was gone. the restaurant manager looked at the surveillance video and saw two women rummaging through the purse and eventually taking it with them. here's a look at the two ladies. if you recognize them, there's a pretty good shot of them there, call crimestoppers.
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now to my favorite story of the day. a woman pulled over driving the wrong way down colonial drive, had a very interesting excuse for the officer. she told the oakland police officer last week she was driving on the wrong side of the road because she's from canada. >> ginger: is she now? >> matt: here's the problem, though. the officer explained to her that canada actually drives on the same side of the road as we do here in florida. so the excuse didn't hold much water. she's facing charges of having pot and meth along with those traffic infractions. >> ginger: she meant across the pond. not canada. >> matt: canada, france. a city in france. today was an important day for sunrail and thousands of orange county workers. >> ginger: the commuter train offered free rides for all county employees. sunrail says ridership has been down so far this year. january saw a 12% drop from last year and while february did
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original goal set when service launched back in 2014. today's free ride was just one of several upcoming attempts to get more people on the train. >> i would like to see it increase. i think everybody should commute to work. get rid of your cars. >> ginger: starting next week, a partnership between the city of altamonte springs and uber will offer passengers a discount if they take an uber to or from the city's sunrail station. time now to see how the traffic is moving along on this wednesday afternoon with julie broughton. >> julie: it is a slow go out there in a lot of spots. here's a look at the map for you again. this gives us a good idea where you see the colors of the traffic flow and where we typically see slow traffic this time of day, right there through the downtown area. that is no exception today. traffic is slow on i-4 in both directions there, approaching state road 408. a look at your drive times for you, i-4 westbound if you're heading out in the next couple
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or waiting for somebody to get home, heading from lake mary boulevard to the downtown exit at colonial, it typically takes 14 minutes, so not terribly slow. but expect some minor delays. that is an 18-minute ride. here's more. >> julie: remember, you may see smoke along i-95 in the oak hill area in volusia county because of a brushfire. it's not causing any major delays. i-95 northbound from taylor road to i-4 takes four minutes. southbound on i-95 from state road 40 down to i-4, that is a six-minute ride. >> matt: thank you, julie. here's what's coming up tonight
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>> g.p.s. tracking ankle bracelets could be coming back. here's a closer look at how it could save lives, coming up at 11:00 tonight. >> ginger: we've barely seen any rain lately but our neighbors to the north is under water. >> matt: the system that's drowning them is on its way. candace campos is joining us live, pinpointing the storm as it heads our way. >> candace: the water is still rising across portions of southern louisiana and right now, folks who live there say they're still waiting to see how far that water will rise. check out this video from earlier today. you can see for people who have lived here a while, they say at this time it's different. it moved in fast and hasn't slowed down just yet. remarkable images you see there. the other thing that's different is they're prepared normally for storm surges coming in from the gulf of mexico. because of hurricanes during the summer. this time it's the storms overflowing the mississippi
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causing those problems. all that moisture will continue to track to the east-southeast over the next few days. therefore, bringing us some rain florida. so back out here live in the newsroom, i should say let's hear from somebody out there. >> it's a probably good 10 foot over the normal four-foot depths that's normally in here in the bayou here. >> you do what you got to do. let it raise up and when it comes down, you clean up and go again. >> candace: again, most of the moisture is tracking to the southeast over the next few days, bringing us the rain for saturday and sunday. there's a big event going on for this weekend. the big runaway country. we've been talking about it all week long. unfortunately along with the cowboy boots, you'll need the rain boots as well. as we break it down for friday, it will be a nice day if you're heading out for the evening. 82 is the high by about 4 p.m. look what happens come saturday and even into sunday.
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temperatures will be a little cooler because of the rain-cooled air, topping off at 80 degrees and upper 70's for sunday. again, it looks like it might be a bit soggy, but we're all going to be out there having a great time. >> matt: we'll swim out there if we have to, candace. >> ginger: sounds like we're going to be singing the blues at the country show if it rains out there. >> matt: up next at 5:30, a new study breaks down the cities that are the worst for clogged roads. >> ginger: plus, you see them every single day if you're driving on some of those roads, but have you wondered how road signs are made? we'll take you into a special shop, when we come back. >> matt: and uber isn't just for
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>> matt: you've probably driven past dozens of street signs today. have you ever wondered how they're made? >> ginger: the traffic anchor went behind-the-scenes to see where the important road markers come from. >> i keep a big stock of warning signs here. we keep them all on hand. you never know when you need them. >> reporter: as a band once sang "signs, signs, everywhere signs," and that's certainly true in here. this is the place where your street signs and traffic signs are born. this is the sign center inside the public works department in orlando. right in here is where just two men work together to make thousands of signs every year. the signs that mark our streets, tell us where to turn, how fast we should go and keep us safe and moving along on our way. it takes an average of 15 to 20 minutes to make each sign from start to finish. here's how it works. first a work order comes in and
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into the shop computer. then it gets sent to a not so standard printer. >> for what you see here, it's on this machine. this machine is cutting it out here. we use a knife plate inside the cartridge right there. >> reporter: once the letter sheet is printed and checked it goes back out to the floor where the sheets are sized up and cut down. >> take this one and i'll show you how it's finished up. >> reporter: the letter sheet is adhered to the template. once the sheet is removed, the sign is revealed. >> each street will have two of these. that's it. just repeat the process a few thousand times. >> reporter: the next time you stop at that stop sign or turn on to the right road, you'll know who got you there. >> ginger: that's really cool. >> matt: fascinating. >> ginger: chipotle is seeing the effects of several illnesses connected to its stores over the
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>> matt: seeing it in its wallet. a new report out today shows the most recent e. coli outbreak is cutting into the company's bottom line. the chain says it will probably show its first quarterly lost ever for the first three months of this year. chipotle has not posted a loss since it started trading on wall street a decade ago. the company also said it's considering raising prices to help pay for additional food safety. uber is expanding services again. >> ginger: it's no longer just for hailing a ride. the ride-share company is expanding its food delivery service by launching a standalone uber eats app. they've been delivering from local restaurants more than a year now, but it's now going to be even easier thanks to the new app. the service will be available 24 hours a day in chicago, houston, l.a. and san francisco. no word on when it will come to
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see, i couldn't do that job. you'd get a half-eaten sandwiched delivered. >> matt: it wouldn't fit the bill. >> ginger: exactly. los angeles is the worst for time spent in traffic with drivers spending an average of 81 hours on logged roads. washington, d.c. and san francisco tied at 75. d.c. is a lot worse today, i can tell you. >> matt: is that per month or a week? >> ginger: i think it's a year. florida did not make the top 10. commuters in london spend more than 100 hours each year stuck in traffic. >> matt: hope you have a good podcast. it's what gets me through the traffic. >> tom: we complain about it a lot. >> ginger: we really shouldn't. >> matt: yeah, compared to those places and we get better weather. chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now.
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you know, we can deal with that. now we have rain heading our way. >> tom: get some rain and springtime weather back. let's check out the satellite and radar tonight. not much happening there yet. a little more cloud cover. instead of dry air extending to the texas coast, it's a cold front about right here with some moisture funneling this way. so eventually we'll get rain and then we'll cool down. on radar tonight, i've been talking about the smoke plumes. still some smoke plumes up north where the fire's burning there. here's the east coast sea breeze and tracking that and seeing what's going on with the temperatures because of the sea breeze. the overnight lows this morning, in the 60's everywhere. again. we rebound pretty nicely. daytime highs in the mid or upper 80's across the area. our high in sanford was 89. 87 in orlando. 86 in cocoa beach. we had the exact same high today in orlando as we did in melbourne. look at our current temperatures now. because of the sea breeze that kicked in in brevard county, all the temperatures are starting to
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new smyrna beach is down to 79. the sea breeze there, 79 in cocoa beach. 81 in melbourne while orlando is still at 87 degrees. melbourne, 81. ocala holding in at 84. satellite and radar together here shows you exactly what's going on with the frontal boundary and the lack of moisture. most of us have no rain. still a little bit of cloud cover producing rain over the gulf of mexico and that is going to clash this way slowly. the cold front is not flying in here. it's kind of sagging in here. slowly drifting in. the water vapor shows you exactly what i mean by the end of the dry air. it's all moved down south into cuba and into the open waters of the atlantic and the white areas and the blue areas, with all the moisture, are knocking on the door. so overnight tonight, no worries. not just yet. tomorrow morning, patchy fog will greet us. that'll burn off fairly quickly. we'll get to sunshine. then we warm back up into the 80's again. by tomorrow evening, there will be pockets of activity. none of the storms will be huge tomorrow. there will be little pockets of
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then on friday, as we go through friday, more and more scattered showers begin to develop with the front pushing in. the 5 a.m. radar looks like that. into the afternoon, the sea breeze kicks in on the backside of the front that comes here and meanders around for 48 hours. the low tonight in orlando, 65. here's tomorrow. >> tom: patchy fog in the morning, 68. by noon, 80. daytime high about 86 tomorrow. then 82 on friday. bigger storms hold off until saturday. sunday's daytime high is 76. back to work on monday, the high is 72 degrees. we've got big changes coming in and it's going to take rain showers to get us there. >> matt: nice-looking next week. thanks, tom. >> ginger: thanks, tom. coming up next, it's worth more than a billion dollars. >> matt: find out why some people are less than thrilled with the new minnesota vikings stadium. >> ginger: then at 6:00, new video showing what's left of an iconic mansion. what the homeowner is saying
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>> matt: more than two dozen people are in the hospital tonight after a serious pile-up. >> ginger: it happened early this morning in grand ridge, from jackson county. investigators say a semi truck rear-ended a school bus, which was then pushed into a second school bus. students from at least two schools were hurt in the crash. but we're told their injuries are not serious. police say they believe speed may have been a factor. well, imagine if you're favorite football team built a stadium on a road named after their arch nemesis team. >> matt: the downtown stadium happens to be located on chicago avenue. so the vikings have proposed to rename a street. but a city planning meeting this week had their proposal and they rejected it, in their own city. so for now, the stadium will stay on chicago way when it
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by the way, they absolutely hate the chicago bears there in minneapolis. >> ginger: of course. well, maybe it will light a fire every time they have to drive into the stadium for a game. >> matt: that's right. maybe they'll touch the sign before every game. >> ginger: i don't know. that just doesn't seem right, though. lisa bell is here with what we're working on for the news at 6:00. >> lisa: a 10-year-old cheerleader gets the gift of a lifetime, a new prosthetic arm. how the community and a ucf nonprofit came together for this young girl. and five kids are sickened after swimming in a pool. news 6 is getting answers about what happened. also, we are asking questions about a strange traffic stop. a local woman thought a fake cop pulled her over. what we've learned really happened, coming up. rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. that same chicken pulled by hand? it's what we do. freshly-baked bread and crisp veggies? it's what we've always done. the new rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway.
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>> matt: what she thought was a fake cop, turns out to be a real trooper. for days, officers searched for the fake cop, thinking they were looking for a suspect, not a florida trooper. this is news 6 at 6:00, i'm matt austin. >> lisa: and i'm lisa bell. was this traffic stop by the book? >> reporter: yeah, it was actually completely legitimate. it was a traffic stop that was never reported. that's because the f.h.p. trooper who pulled this girl over never called it in. when clermont police were called to calm down this crying driver, they had no way of telling if this person who pulled her over was real or fake.


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