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tv   Local 12 News Sunday 630PM  CBS  January 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> this is local 12 news. >> anchor: good evening. one person is dead tonight another in the hospital after a shooting at a convenience store. police were called to compton road this afternoon. that is where you find local 12 rat underwood and joins us live with what police say happened there. >> repporter: paula, in the last 10 to 12 minutes, police and mount healthy as well as deputies with the sheriff's
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cleared the america stop after telling away the vehicle were three people were inside when the shooting took place. it took place outside the front door to that can be stored on compton road. police say three people were inside. we spoke with the chief of mount healthy police earlier saying someone walked up to the car and open up fire, two of the individual inside the vehicle were shot. one has died, the second has been taken to university cincinnati nickel center. the third person is talking with police at last check being interviewed to see any information they can get from that person inside the vehicle. the scene is processed for several hours. as far as the suspect, no information has been given out to police. there are several security cameras so they will be looking at those as well. we know after talking with the
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the people inside the car are from the city of cincinnati and the third is from cold rain township. >> we do not believe they pose a threat at this point in time. we think it was directly related to those three individuals in that vehicle, but we have a guy with a gun running around and not scared to use it so that is a concern to us and we want that person off the street. >> repporter: i mention the deputies , according to the chief this investigation is being turned over to the hamilton county sheriff's office. reporting live tonight brad underwood local 12 news. >> anchor: i would think that is an area that would likely have outside surveillance cameras. do we know anything about that at this point? >> repporter: only talk to the chief, they do have cameras outside and inside.
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they are looking at those at the time we spoke with them they had not been examined they are in the process of transferring that information and there has been no update from police what if anything they found that could be helpful. >> anchor: after the snow we saw earlier today, we are in for freezing cold temperatures tonight and a cold start to the morning. wind chills for some are going to be below zero. scott joins us with winter weather that took us by surprise. >> meterologist: we mentioned last night on local 12 we would have around an inch of snow and that handout. we promised when the cold to start of the work week. i dropped our low temperature tonight down into the 5 to 10 degrees range. will be around for the next couple of hours and clouds will clear out as we near midnight and after midnight i have a seven at cincinnati by 6:00 in the morn. now to the east of indiana,
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tri-state now and still flurries falling beneath the beams sweeping over the tri-state. doppler hd shows flurries near wilmington, middletown extending into brown and adams county. even inside the 275 flurries continue will come to an end by the time we kick off local 12 news live at 11:00. temperatures range from the low teens and laurel to the low 20s peoples and west union wind chills are down into the single digits and his abilities are reduced as flurries continue in the tri-state. visibility will trend up. we have another shot for snow tuesday after a cold monday. warmer air comes in so during showers next weekend. will take you through the week in the next 10 minutes. >> anchor: you did warn us but still, it was a shock to the system today.
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steelers against the bengals a heated rivalry brought many people's emotions to a boating point on and off the field at least six arrest were made at paul brown stadium. most face a misdemeanor assault charge. 33-year-old mark cook had another man, the germantown kentucky man is accused of exposing himself and urinating on another person in public. 25-year-old david grillo aces a misdemeanor. court documents indicate officer saw the pennsylvania man throwing a beer can into the stands it hit a man in the four head causing a cut. 29-year-old philip bronson is accused of headbutting a person in the face during the game. 20-year-old tyler matthews is accused of hitting a man in the face the indiana man was arrested at the state of and charge. 28-year-old accused of hitting someone in the head. court documents say officers
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the game when he hit a woman in the head. 19-year-old jared mccarty faces a number of misdemeanor charges accused of under age drinking, showing police a fake id and hitting a woman in the face and taking her bengals ball. as we said, emotions were running high both in the stands and on the field. the heated matchup seem to get the best of some of the players and coaches from both sides. a look at the heartbreaker, brad? >> repporter: is going to take a long time for bengals nation night. an emotional swing, they went from ending their playoff drought to losing and heartbreaking fashion 18-16 the final with the steelers. antonio brown got leveled. round was not on the game and flagged for unnecessary roughness. and then it got out of control. players and coaches on the
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flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. the bengals and their fans stunned by the way their season came to a crashing end. >> it's tough, man. like i said putting in this work for six months i felt like we could have a run at this thing. come up short in now just go home, it's tough. >> repporter: go to our facebook page and cast your vote.who takes the blame for the loss? or the referees who never seem to have control of this game. cast your vote results later tonight on the sports authority. much more coming up in sports. an incredibly painful way for this promising season to come to an end. allah, that to you.>> anchor: we move on to what could be
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we now have 1.3 billion reasons to join powerball fever and no one matched all six numbers. so a lot on the line as brian weber reports all you need is two bucks and a little luck. >> repporter: do you feel lucky? the largest lottery world has ever seen is up for grabs wednesday. no one matched all six powerball numbers after saturday's drawing even though lottery officials say about 75 percent of all possible number combinations were used. the odds of winning $1.3 billion price 292 million to one. powerball signs like this are stuck at 999 million because they cannot register into the billions, it's never done before. the powerball has ballooned since his november 4 starting point of $40 million. the winner can choose either
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or a lump sum cash payment of $806 million with a chunk going to federal income taxes. that kind of cash is bringing out young and old, veterans and beginners and powerball layers dreaming of what they would do with all of that cash. >> i would pay off my kids houses, i would take them on a vacation. >> probably change my name and moved to some island. >> repporter: people living in 44 states as well as the district of columbia the u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico can play powerball. the next drawing is this wednesday. good luck! >> anchor: there were some small winners last night 25 tickets paid $1 million. three others were worth $2 million. two of those winning 1 million dollar tickets sold in ohio both of the winning tickets were sold in the tri-state. only seven miles separate the
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winning $1 million ticket. one was sold at a speedway in milford and the other at smokes and things and go shop. >> a person comes in and lets me know. >> if they don't hit i will play again until somebody does hit it. you never know you could get lucky and when. >> anchor: no $1 million tickets were sold in kentucky but four tickets worth $50,000 those players matched four of the five white ball numbers in the powerball. moving on after their service to our country.
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>> anchor: and in activation sermon is out for a northern kentucky national guard. the 1204th aviation support battalion was inactivated during a ceremony at the national guard readiness center in burlington. more than 300 soldiers gathered for the last time as a unit 's afternoon. the unit deployed to iraq in 2011 but is no longer needed due to realignment. people had a chance to get close to some creepy crawling creatures today. the reptile show returned for its first show of the new year. it is held once a month at the fairfield banquet and convention center on donald drive. visitors can take a look and choose from thousands of
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amphibians and small mammals. people can hold the creatures and ask budget. breeders were also on hand. the next show february 7, super
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>> meterologist: good evening. the snow we had this morning has ended it there is flurries floating through the tri-state. our attention turns to cold, the coldest air of the season. flurries will come to an end, god's will decrease over the next several hours so early tomorrow morning we are mostly clear wind will die down. that means temperatures will likely level off in the mid to upper single digit. keeping us below all of the guidance coming into the weather office, so far we have been below what our computer guidance has suggested we would be at.
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of seven may push it up a couple of degrees depending on temperature trends tonight. look for the updated bus stop forecast onstar 6410 and local 12 live at 11:00. we were up to the 25 for the ride home clouds will increase tomorrow morning and afternoon. whether cam in covington shows cloudy sky over cincinnati. temperature has been dropping through the morning and afternoon, 18 at last check. precipitation today melted down a 10th of an inch. the weather story tonight flurries come to an end to now and 9:00. clouds clear out the clouds increase tomorrow we are cold start to finish monday for a disturbance comes through tuesday. good upper-level support with the system tuesday. the snow will start and stop but will likely accumulate to an inch more. more on that in a second.
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in the lower 20s for the warmer spots. many in the mid to upper teens, factor in the wind, wind chills are in the single digits for some as warm as 20.18 at the cincinnati northern kentucky international airport mid and upper single digits overnight. if you are dressing the kids for the bus stop the air temperature will be at or near or below 10 degrees and the wind chill may dip below zero for at least a couple of hours early tomorrow morning. i suspect most will be about zero. it will be chilly early roman. notice the back edge of cloud cover to the west that will march our way over the next few hours. we have flurries showing up on live doppler hd including wilmington that i suspect there will be flurries around the 275 loop into northern kentucky. no additional accumulation. forecast model shows clouds
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tomorrow with a clear sky temperatures will likely be near or below 10 degrees when cincinnati. clouds increase gradually tomorrow morning and afternoon. no rain or snow in tomorrow's forecast but this disturbing from the northwest tuesday will bring burst of snow we have seen time and time again over the last couple of weeks and i suspect it will be accumulating snow in bursts. there will not a well-defined swath of snow at this point. with concerns for slick roads and abnormally cold temperatures late tonight and early tomorrow, plus the potential for accumulating slow our threat level is be aware late tonight or early tomorrow and again tuesday. wind chills were hover around zero early tomorrow morning at this point i'm expecting an inch or more of accumulating snow on tuesday. i don't think one community
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visibility is will likely be reduced as snow showers come through tuesday. start tomorrow near or below 10 degrees, tomorrow much of our warm-up comes after lunch with increasing clouds. there is the first of snow tuesday plus plenty of wind. and finally some warmer air as we get into the weekend a high of 25 tomorrow for highs in the 40s saturday and more snow showers on sunday. in the meantime, until we meet again you can check out the forecast on >> anchor: i'm not used to that. it was a heartbreaking race in the bangles to end the season. we take a closer look coming up
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>> anchor: for a brief last night it seemed the bangles misery was about to come to an
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was pelting paul brown stadium it all came crashing down. a fumble followed by two costly penalties in the bangles turn to come back into a gutwrenching loss that will hurt for a long time. was there for the pic, he ran right up the field into the tunnel celebrating what should have been the game clincher but the bangles give the ball back on the next play jeremy hill was stripped of the football and the steelers were there to pounce on and big ben led them down the field. antonio brown, knocked out of the game perfect flag for unnecessary roughness. adam jones would draw a flat in the steelers were able to do the unthinkable they would win thanks to a 35 yard field goal. >> it happened twice. i can't explain that. i don't see how the bangles don't win no football game and
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how do you lose a football game like that? there is no one person to point your finger at. just a whole bunch of players - >> anchor: stay with us tonight head to our facebook page and cast your vote leasing is to blame for last night's playoff loss marvin lewis, costly penalties or the referees really never seem to have this game in control? cast your vote for tonight on the authority. bitter cold, windchill of -25 but that didn't bother 88-year-old wearing short sleeves. vikings up nine in the fourth, broken play for seattle russell will some finds the ball tyler luckett for a huge game turned this game around. to get inside a five yard line. they were capped off the drive
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seahawks. less than two to play seattle leading 10-9. goes to kyle rudolph, he makes the play they take it inside the 20 yard line setting up a blair walsh. it is cold, lace is going to face a and he misses it. vikings lose at home to the champs 10-9 the final for seattle. it was bounce back time for the bearcats of cincinnati after losing to smu thursday they were on the road to face 3 and 13 south florida. we got down. second half cats on the run. ditches to shack thomas lead at four. good defense lease to offense or you see they had to thomas the spots corey in the paint 38-32 cats. his going to knock down the
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octavius ellis is going baseline off the glass for the bucket the final field goal despite over 10 minutes left they hold on and went 54-51 they are now 2 and 2 in the conference. hoosiers of indiana on fire after going after the ninth straight win their victim buckeye of ohio state. 10-zip, williams had 23. then it is yogi berra alley up to dj, 34-14 hoosiers. while with a 3-pointer he had 11 of the buckeyes 22 field goals. late in the game the drive, the dish the dog hoosiers get their
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>> anchor: cold in the morning. i worry about the driving. >> there may be spots early this evening or tomorrow morning. the roads could easily turn to ice. it will start tomorrow near or below 10 degrees. temperatures likely in the single digits at times below zero next chance for snow showers tuesday.
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