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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 430  CBS  January 14, 2016 4:25am-5:00am EST

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3 3 good morning cincinnati. (ad lib to 3 3
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3 new this morning...there are at least three winning tickets for the biggest powerball jackpot in history ....sadly, they're not in the tri-state ...the california lottery says one winning ticket was sold in chino hills, near los angeles. there are also winners in tennesee and tampa florida ... the jackpot hit one- point- five billion dollars.. and some winners in ohio, kentucky, and indiana hit a million dollars because they matched five numbers... here are the numbers .. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the powerball is 10. we'll have more on the
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at four-30 ... 3 time/temp ...ahead at four- time/temp ...ahead at four-30 ...on the hunt ...police are trying to track down three men after a shooting in west chester inside perspective.local12 reporter angenette levy is in the spotlight thanks to the netflix documentary, making a murderer.she was there every day of the trial, and shares
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3 "my 24 year old son, josh brabender passed away from a heroin overdose." now at four- 30 ...a local father is showing his students what heroin's done to his family, 3 at least three people are going to wake up on the right side of the bed this morning ...where winning tickets were sold in the biggest powerball 3 and a movie filmed here in cincinnati is expected to get another chance at winning awards ...the oscar buzz surrounding "carol." 3 good morning cincinnati.thanks for joining us on this thursday.. i'm john lomax.and i'm sheila gray.the stories of the day are coming up. first a check of the weather.
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3 here are the winning numbers... 4-8-19-27-34 and numbers... 4-8-19-27-34 and powerball 10... there are at least three winning tickets in the record 1-point-5 billion dollar powerball jackpot. the winning tickets were sold in florida, tennessee, and california. danielle nottingham has the latest from chino hills where one of the tickets was purchased. 3 nats-chino hills, chino hills crowds of california residents descended onto this 7-eleven store in chino hills late into the night...where at least one, golden powerball ticket was sold:(sot mos mario frias/ lottery player) i live down the street. what are the odds? i could have won-nats-/sot- drawing(gfx) california lottery officials posted the big news on twitter -- minutes after the winning numbers were drawn.those who didn't win still came to the store to celebrateeven congratulating this store clerk...who
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the winner is:(sot store owner/ name withheld) it's my pleasure i'm very proud, and i'm very excited too(standup danielle nottingham/ cbs news/ chino hills, california) the 7-11 owner says the store sold thousands of dollars worth of tickets over the last few powerball fever took over the country:many waited for hours in long lines for a chance at becoming an instant billionaire.shane krugman and ryan mcguinness of tampa, florida created a whopping 70- thousand dollar private facebook pool ...for a buy-in of 500 dollars:(sot ryan mcguinness ) no matter how many people we got in, it didn't really matter,3,4,5 million dollars was still enough money for everyone jackpot-winning tickets were also sold in florida and tennessee, meaning the big payoff will be split at least three ways.california state lottery officials plan to head to the 7-11 in chino hills today ...hoping that the state's winner comes forward. danielle nottingham cbs news chino hills, california. 3 an additional 12 tickets in
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numbers but not the powerball. million dollars for selling the winning ticket.(ad lib) 3 in local news right now ... three people are on the run this morning as police investigate a shooting in west chester.someone shot an 18-year old man on north pisgah drive yesterday. he's in the hospital fighting for his life.. all police know is that the shooter was a man wearing a black coat and a dark hoodie.. they think another man and a woman with dark hair and glasses were also involved.. they got away in dark blue mazda protege with tinted windows.. it's similar to this car.. if you know anything about the shooting.. call crime stoppers. 352-3040.
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to our communities and our families everyday. a local father lost his son to an overdose.. instead of hiding the fact, he's using it as a powerful teaching tool.. todd brabender spends one hour a week with these eighth graders teaching them religion. but this week's lesson isn't from the bible, it comes from a letter he wrote. 3 "this is very difficult for 8th graders to hear. why would i burden you with this information? the answer is because when josh was in 8th grade he was perfect and beautiful and innocent just like all of you.""i wanted to share with them his tragic story to try and prevent them from going down the same road, my son was a heroin addict. he fought the battle for six or seven years."brabender says his son overdosed three times prior to the one that killed him december 30th, and wrote the letter just hours after it happened.he also says his son was recently engaged and about to have a baby. as sad as the story is, brabender says he's excited to meet his
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remind him of josh. to read his full letter.. go to local 12 dot com. 3 in other news in other news ... kentucky will shell out more than one-million dollars to lawyers in a same-sex marriage case.a u-s district judge ruled in 2014.. that the state's ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. the case eventually made its way to the supreme court, which legalized same-sex marraige last summer.a federal judge ordered the losing party.. the state.. now has to pay more than one million dollars to cover the fees and expenses for attorneys who fought on behalf of gay couples. 3 fairfield city schools will dedicate its new school-based health center tonight ...the district teamed up with primary health solutions to build the nation's first suburban offers primary medical, dental, vision, and behavioral health services to students, their families, and school staff.local12's perry schaible will have more on the program live starting at five on good morning cincinnati. 3 the movie "carol" earned a
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golden globes last weekend, but no wins.well today, there's another chance ... on a bigger stage ... the nominations for the 88th academy awards will be announced this morning.. and carol.. which was shot entirely in the tri-state.. figures to play a pretty prominant role.. it's expected to be nominated in four of the biggest categories -- best picture, director, actress and supporting actress.. and some experts believe it will pick up oscar nominations in adapted screenplay, production design, cinematography and best original score. 3 time/temp ...the u-s navy has some explaining to do ...we're following the latest on the detention of ten sailors in iran ...more terror attacks ...chaos on the streets of jakarta after terrorists blow themselves up, on good morning
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3 new this morning people are dead in terror attacks in indonesia's capital...terrorists carried out a series of coordinated gun and bomb attacks in jakarta.. and it's feared the death toll will rise. surveillance video shows a deadly explosion outside a starbucks cafe.witnesses say at least three suicide bombers exploded themselves in the the same time, two gunmen attacked a police post nearby.four attackers and at least one police officer are among the seven one's claimed responsibility.. but there have been warnings in indonesia about islamic 3 more violence in turkey this morning ...five people are dead.. and 39 injured after a
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station in ankara...kurdish rebels detonated a car bomb at a police station, then attacked it with rocket launchers and firearms.this attack just two days after a suicide bomber killed ten foreigners in instanbul.68 people are being detained right now for suspected links to isis in that case. 3 the pressure is now on the u-s navy to explain how ten navy sailors ended up in detention in iran.the sailors were released yesterday after they were captured by iranian forces in the persian of the sailors was seen on iranian state t-v apologizing for entering iranian waters ... military leaders say the video the conditions of the situation or what the crew was experiencing at the time are unknown.a u-s central command official says the video is clearly staged, and that the apology was an effort to defuse a tense situation, and 3 in other news ...asian markets are down this morning following a rough day on the american market.asian stocks sank following weakness in oil
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street.the dow fell 365 points to it's lowest point since september.the s-and-p dropped by 48 to 18-hundred-90.and the nasdaq lost a little more than three percent.both the dow and s-and-p have lost more than 7- percent in 2016. 3 time/temp ...saving your sight may not be aware how damaging your computer or but we've got some tips to help your vision ... the netflix documentary, making a murder, has put one of local12's reporters in the spotlight.hear what angenette levy has to say about her involvement in the trial of steven avery, next on good
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3 the c-d-c says one in five kids has been bullied at school sometime in the last year.these kids often don't want to talk about it with their parents or teachers.but some local high school stuents who are trying to spark that conversation ... with a play about bullying ....their story tonight.. in my family 411 report, on local12 news live at six. 3 a new report from the vision council has a warning about how much time you spend on your smart phone, computer, or tablet.this report is based on a survey of more than 10- thousand adults.and it shows symptoms of eye strain related to screens are getting worse. local12's liz bonis explains takes a look at what we should do to stop it. 3 betsy behne ( bay-knee) comes in to see her optometrist doctor dr. brian kuhlman ( coolman) at least once a year. she had surgery at age eight-- to repair the retina of one of her eyes,, which could have destroyed her vision.< betsy behne ( bay-knee) / loveland /
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eyes with patches,, so i know what it's like to be completely blind..and i don't want to lose what i have.> but all of us,, according to this new report from the vision council,, may be at risk for losing some of the sight we have too -- for another reason -- one betsy also knows all too well:< 1:39: 07 i have an i-phone,, i pad ,, and a lap top, and at work i work on the desk top,> too much screen time -- for most of us it's at least 2 hours a day one device,, for many its the use of multiple devices at one time. this has already led to nearly 7 in 10 adults reporting symptoms of what's now called *digital eye strain. < dr. brian kuhlman ( coolman) / optometrist at cei 1: 42: 40 so when you working on both a tablet or a screen,, our eye muscles have to focus the entire time,,and just like any muscle in our body ,, our eyes get fatigued.> it's not exactly clear yet what is contributing to this digitial eye strain ,,it could be that your blink rate changes which could lead to dryer eyes -- in
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however,,there's some question about the actual light that's coming from the screen.>< 1:45:00 probably the biggest question is about blue light , there is a lot of thought that blue wavelength light,, emitted from our tablets, computers and phones, can increase the risk of macular degeneration.>macular degeneration makes you lose focus from the center of your eye out..kind of like to stop digital eye strain --< 1:44:30 a general rule is what we call a 20/20/20 rule , so for every 20 minutes you are working you take a 20 second break...looking at something 20 feet away.>extra important if you already notice early warning signs of eye strain,, include headaches, ,dry eyes,, or eye fatigue. 3 liz bonis reporting. that's a break three times an hour, so you might have to set an alarm. we also have a link to the digital eye strain study at local12-dot-com. 3 now here's bob with a local 12
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3 a wildly popular documentary is sparking petitions for presidential pardons, demands for a new trial, and cries of foul play in a wisconsin murder case.*making a murderer* has also drawn a lot of attention to local 12 news reporter angenette levy, who covered the steven avery trial and appears in the netflix series.angenette's been flooded with interview requests.. and she agreed to talk with local 12's joe webb. 3 for millions of tv viewers, "making a murderer" was a holiday season binge-watching event. for angenette levy it was a story she covered as a reporter for wfrv-tv in green bay, wisconsin. she knew how it ended but watched the documentary with interest.i had absolutely no idea that i was going to be in it until a week before it premiered i received a text message with a link to the trailer. i thought it was's a 10-hour docu-drama centered
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wrongfully convicted of rape in 1985 and served 18 years in prison before d-n-a evidence exonerated him. two years later, after suing the county and investigators for $36-million in damages, he's arrested for the brutal murder of photographer theresa halbach. questions about planted evidence and the confession extracted from avery's nephew brendan dassey made this wisconsin's biggest story in generations. levy covered it daily with reporters from green bay, milwaukee, court tv, nbc and the two documentarians. she thinks the documentarians portrayed the media coverage as making steven avery look take on it was they were saying the media was part of the problem here that maybe these guys didn't get fair trials in part because of the media and there was so much coverage. the documentarians had total access to steven avery's family. media had
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angenette's role in the show has made her a bit of a celebrity. she's been getting a lot of love in social media..including a marriage proposal. she's been interviewed by fox news, elle magazine,the columbia journalism review and rolling stone. i'm used to asking the questions i'm not used to answering them. so it's a little odd.she asks a lot of tough questions in the documentary. and the documentary raises serious questions about the case. levy remains objective.i had someone ask me today, "did you leave thinking evidence was planted?" and i'm just like, "i'm not going to answer that question." the jury made that decision. i wasn't at the crime scene and i don't know what happened. i was just reporting on it and what they found.but did steven avery or brendan dassey do it? levy says her answer to that question doesn't matter because she wasn't on the jury. joe webb local 12 news.
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the 3 the filmmakers spent ten years working on *making a murderer*. we reached out to them for our story, but did not hear from them. 3 time/temp's dress up your pet day let us know if you ever dress up your pet, and share a picture on the local12 facebook ... behind the wheel with one of the biggest pop stars ....the late late show's james corden does some carpool karaoke with
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3 3 it's dress up your pet day ... so on facebook we're asking you to share pictures of your
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3 we want you to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 3 (show open) 3 now at point five billion dollars.we'll tell you about all the winning powerball tickets that are popping up across the country. 3 the fairfield city school district is using an innovative way to help students in need stay healthy. i'll tell you about 3 it's hollywood awards season. nominations for this year's academy awards are honoring the year's best in film. 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of
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