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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 6  CBS  January 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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just cloudy skies, looking into downtown cincinnati and we're in the 30s and 40s, quite a range of temperatures, valid a little, hamilton 37, wilmington and batavia checking in the low 40s, there's no rain on radar, at least not around here. here is what is i'm watching, showers coming into western kentucky, that will arrive by later this morning, and i can't rule an isolated shower from 8:00 until 12:00, the better chance of rain comes in the an, 84 at noon, and 83 at 4:00, with rain becoming likely as we go into the an. the weekend turns colder and really cold next week. i'm going to step interest next week's rain, and look at the weekend,let go to jen with a check on morning traffic. >> reporter: morning traffic has been quiet right now. we do have one issue and it's the water main preak and as we
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our photographer adam roberts shot earlier, you can see that while there's a water main break, that got on the roads there, you can see the traffic going through. there's one lane going, and open in each direction, getting close to clearing, right now traffic may slow you down just a tad. our producer is going to call and see when that will be completely open, and we will bring it up. right now you can get through the area. interstate i-71/i-75, traffic picking up but nothing to worry about so far. as for the so is butler county, when we start to see problems we will let you know about it. here is sheila. a manhunt to find the person who shot an 18-year-old man in the middle of the day at westchester. police say they do have justin cook in custody, but he
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shot casoo's friends are trying to figure out what happened. >> he was really smart. he was in high school this past summer, we were all so proud of him, and i remember him being so, so happy. >> westchester police are asking anyone who knows anything to call crime stoppers at 312-1340. right now police are looking for a person who shot a truck at a road rage incident critically injuring the woman. the woman in the truck wasn't alone, a passanger ran away after the shooting. police are also trying to find that person. olivia heir hart was killed in columbia, she was a just a
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>> to give up for many people whew are -- we're going -- while we went to the beach, she went to hon honduras to take care of people, and that is not surprising at all. the high school is organizing a memorial service at the auditorium, and everyone is welcome. a mother is still determined to help raise money with a rock concert. 80% of the money from rock and inspire is split in two ways, half goes to research for multiple sclerosis, the other half goes to help improve the quality of life for people with ms. she started the cause after her husband was diagnosed. >> we believe that the the world's unifying force is music and we want rock and the fire to celebrate progress together, create hope, and have the power of music on our side.
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week from tomorrow at the 20th century theater at oakley, starts at 7:00, and you can find information at 39 degrees, at 6:03, if you are battling cabin fever, maybe you have a chance to kick it this weekend. megan moore is at the boat and travel show giving us a chance to look at what they're offering this year. what is that thing you are holding megan. >> reporter: it's not a pell letter. it's a propeller. it helps you with the golf game, especially during the winter months in you want to work on your strength, and get your arms going. this is the thing to do it, apparently. i'm here, you're going to be at the golf show, this is happening this weekend, so this is going to help you with strength? >> yes, do you want 15 extra yards this next summer, of course you do. i know you do. the things that i try to do during the winter months in the
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develop some strength, swing something, i'm not going to work too much, but it's an easy way for you to swing and get some strength. >> you really feel it. >> yes, you can do this, my son did it and added 30 yards to his swing. >> reporter: that's amazing, and you have other winter indoor tips, you know, stuff inside that you can't get out. >> you want to make more putts? of course you do. one of the things i like to do is just putt in the basement, i will get a golfball and i will put a sharpy line on it. you may use it as autographs but i use it to mark my golfball. indoor tips in the wintertime, straight back and straight through. these clubs will help you go alignment, straight back, straight through. very good. not too bad. see got you too strong now. >> reporter: what else, i
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>> well, one of the things that i like to do is make sure you're lined up. >> reporter: okay. >> it's very simple. i've got this magnetic thing to added to the club. wherever you're aiming that is when the club is going to go. i put this club in the basement, i don't swing too hard with this. when i do lessons inside and alignment is very important. >> a lot of great tips, great for beginners and professionals as well. >> you come down to the golf show, and the travel, and you get 8 love tips, a lot of deejay professionals here, we are here to help you guys. >> reporter: i've learned a lotted and coming up in our next hour, we will be talking about these wonderful boats. back to you, guys. all right, megan, thank you so much for that.
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boat show adult admission is $12 and $10 a align. children who are 12 and under get in free. arguing for a place in
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that women fighters deserve to 6:09 now, and
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one risk for lung cancer, even though fewer people are smoking lung cancer is not going away. it's not a death sentence, it's giving her a new lease on life. >> reporter: molly graham has never smoked a day in her life. >> had i no symptoms, i had no signs. >> reporter: when she was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012. it was devastating news. >> lung cancer, it's deadly, that was my first instinct, i was was going to die. >> reporter: molly transferred to the huntsman institute, and started working with the doctor. >> this cancer happens in young people. these people are not on their way to do the right thing and avoid cigarette. they still end up with cancer that is commonly associated with tobacco. >> reporter: when molly was
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lung removed, but the cancer spread. she was given a month to live until the doctor put her on gene mutation. >> i take it once a month. life. >> i run and i feel good. >> reporter: so good last month she ran a marathon. >> this is like a marathon, it's the marathon of my life, i will finish it, and i will win. >> reporter: salt lake city,. the doctor says that there's been several new therapies for nonsmoking cancers. >> there's a potential tor hereditary risk, for these types
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ne new this morning, wall street is bracing for a bleak friday, the shanghai composite is entering a bear market. the stocks closed 3 and percent off today. and the asians stocks are hitting a 3 1/2 year low with these kind, and the collapse in oil prices is not helping. u.s. retail sales will be out today, which means quite a bit
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also new this morning, three men are under arrest for suspicion of links to the ji card attacks. and police say the suicide bombers were founded by isis. until now the group in indonesia were known to have symthighsers but no active cells capable of carrying out an attack. developing this morning, the fbbi says that there's no evidence that the man who attacked a philadelphia police officer is part of a an organized cell. and he believes there's no plans for another attack in the city. agent are still trying to figure out why edward yag enconfessed to shooting the officer, and why he pledged his allegiance to islamic state group. illnesses, is worrying vets and pet owners. it's a different strain of flu. while the dogs are having a coughing time fighting it off,
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but they can give it to a healthy pet that is spending time with a sick dog. take a dog to evaluate right away if you suspect it could be sick. one of the original tuskegee airmen was buried in arlington. she was known as one of the wasps, she flew noncombat missions during world war ii, she died last april and her granddaughter is fighting to bring her ashes to argue lin ton. arlington, too. they are introducing a bill to bring the noncombat women to lay to rest there. a 101-year-old grandfather is getting a lot of attention, for doing something simple shoveling snow.
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neighbor's snow. >> i call it a man's job. >> and this is an inspiration to a lot of people to get up and get out and get something. after richard's father died when he was 4-year-old, he took care of work around the house to help his mom. one of his duties was shoveling snow, and his job didn't get him a lot of attention until he is 100 years old. >> take it easy, man. he doesn't look 101 years old. i understand when you're the i understand when you're the oldest boy in a family, you get the backbreaking work. you know. >> everybody's job is easier. >> maybe that is what kept him in good health. snow. >> i was going to say, i'm in trouble, because when i get home from work, my wife has got the driveway already. [ laughter ] how are the roads looking out there, jen. we started out the day, we
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we had four different problems on the map, a lot of them cleared out, redding at the norwood lateral, one lane is open, but it may cause congestion in the area, but the road is open while they get that clear. i-71/i-75 cut-in-the-hill, starting to get the road clean up, no major delays reported. i-71-72, and you look good as well as this morning, morning commute off to a great start, afternoon commute -- it's going to be wet for the afternoon drive. keep that in mind today. mild again today. jen, we're going to be in the 40s all day long, weekend not so much. big changes on the way. let checkout the weekend forecast right off the top for you. colder weather coming for the weekend, we will get into the high of 34 tomorrow. there will be a few flurries and snow showers around tomorrow, tomorrow night, and into sunday, and i will tell you what? on sunday we got another one of those arctic cold fronts which is going to move in sunday afternoon.
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developing, temperatures in the 20s, falling late day as the front comes through and as the wind pick up on sunday, and behind that front into monday, we're talking even colder air, i will show you that in a second. firstlet talk about today. a dry start on the weather center medical camera. rain will develop this afternoon, so your drive home is going to be wet. colder this weekend, like i mentioned mentioned and like i hinted to, frigid weather coming in next week, single digit lows, lower single digits could be the coldest we have seen yet by a little bit. 39 it's cloudy, we have gone down a couple of degrees, south winds at 8 miles per hour, the humidity at 72%, there's nothing on recision doppler 12hd. at least not a lot around here, a lot of cloud cover moving from the south and west. as you go south is west, you will find rain developing in western kentucky, and southern illinois, getting into southwest indiana, and tennessee, and this rain is sliding our way in advance of a cold front that
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that cold front represent the leading edge of the colder air that we are going to see this weekend. so with that in mind, here is your 12 hour forecast for cincinnati. low 40s this afternoon, cloudy skies, a slim chance for an isolated shower between 8:00, and 11:00, a better chance of rain comes closer to noon, we will hit a high in the mid-to upper 40s early this afternoon, as the rain becomes more widespread late afternoon, temperatures will fall under the low 40s, expect things to get very wet into the afternoon. we will show you things in the next 57 hours, we will start at 7:00, step you through the day here. a slight chance for an isolated shower this morning, the better rains coming into the afternoon, and here they are, crossing through the area, this is 4:00, wet conditions as that cold front slides into the region, temperatures by 4:00 go down into the low to mid-40s, and so down a few degrees by then and then you will notice rainshowers tonight, after midnight we begin to see some colder air working, the white colors, you see, those are snow
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going to stick all that much into tomorrow morning. we're down to 32 degrees for a low temperature, and we won't go up much at all just into the low 30s right around 34. expect occasional flurries, perhaps the passing snow shower, this model hints more flurries and snow showers, tomorrow morning into sunday morning. look at that sunday, 22, sunday afternoon, a few flurries and snow showers, especially later in the day, as the arctic cold front moves in, and temperatures in the upper 20s, 47 degrees today, rain developing, a mild day, and then tonight we see the rainshowers transitioning to some flurries, especially as we get closer to midnight. here is the planning forecast. notice temperatures are getting much colder next week, single digit lows monday morning. 4, 16 your high on monday, more single digits on tuesday morning before we reach a high of 24 on tuesday, and showers on wednesday, could leave minor accumulations on wednesday as well.
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30s by the end of next week. keep the weather authority app on your smart phone, get the latest forecast, latest interactive radar. it's free in the app store and on google play. guys, back to you. thanks, john 6:21, and it's humanitarian day, today on facebook, we're talking about
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fostering a dog, why all right, today is humanitarian day. we want to know who has done something nice for you recently. tell us on the facebook page. i was starting to get worried because we didn't have a lot of responses. i thought there's got to be people out there who have done something nice for them. the george town gave me a power chair and ramp to get in and out of our van. i had both legs amputated and helped out 90 a big way. >> huge. >> awesome. >> the woman i work for, miss pat, she owns the child sare i teach at. she does nice things, and if not for her encouragement, i would not be enrolled in school at anal 50. that is cool. >> we're seeing a lot of these. and amy says an anonymous person paid for my meal at skyline and i will pay it forward on my next visit.
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breakfast, a friend bought a new coat, and paid for my family breakfast who has special needs. truly special people. and brenda because she a special person as well. brenda and i do not know each other except for facebook, and she sent me an afghan that she had knitted. >> i remember that. >> a blanket. >> baby christopher. >> you're a nice person. >> you never know. >> you have -- you have saved facebook in my face in my mind, because facebook is the place where goodwill goes to die. no, there's good things happening here. we want you to join the conversation, like the local 12
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now at 6:30, a man dies in police custody, what indianapolis police are saying happened overnight. helping one student. how a new program between cincinnati public school could help keep students in school. a new documentary on the big red machine, great 8 could be in production, i will tell you how you can help get it made coming up next. good morning, sin, it's 6:29, bob is off this morning. so glad you are with us this morning on friday. >> yes, friday, the weather is kind of pleasant, it will take a change this afternoon. >> not a great change, either. >> a change toward the wet, guys. the drive in is going to be dry, but it's the drive home that will feature some rain. there's nothing on the precision doppler 12hd. a lot of cloud cover, look to the south and west, and you will find rain coming into southern indiana, tennessee, eventually,
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valley and the chance for rain will increase quite a bit in this afternoon. so far try in downtown cincinnati as we see from the atrium weather camera. we have been bouncing back ask forth from the 30s and 40s, the airport at 30, and lufkin up to 34, close to 40 in wilmington and right around 41 at batavia. low 40s for the kids going off to the bus stop, cloudy this morning, a slim chance for an isolated shower after 8, and into the afternoon, rain chances increase. rain developing toward midday up to 47, and as the rain moves in, we're falling through the low 40s with the rain likely for the drive home later this afternoon. the weekend, it's going to turn a lot colder, a little snow on the way, too this weekend, i will step you through that weekend outlook coming up. right nowlet check traffic conditions. here is jen ruers it's been fairly quiet on -- it's been fairly quiet right at the norwood lateral at the tennessee.
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working on this, and from what i understand, it'sdown to one lane in each direction, but you can get through, assuming you see a minor delay in the area. we will let you know when that is going to clear. a live look at 471 south of u.s. 27, it doesn't look bad yet. i'm not seeing any major back-ups as folks are heading over the bridge heading toward 471, but we definitely are seeing volume of traffic pick up around the tri-state areas, like i-71/i-75 the cut in the hill. so far i-71, not bad. we don't see any major delays right now. john, back to you. all right, jen, thank you. new this morning, indianapolis police say that a man died overnight while he was in police custody. officers say the man complained about chest pain while he was in custody and he went into cardiac arrest. a teenager called police in indianapolis, saying a man was attacking her and her mother. police arrested him without incident, and without using force. when he complained of chest
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and that is where -- ambulance and that is where he died. this happened at the 7th street at hmm ill ton. at hamilton. we don't know the condition of the victim, but if you have information call police. now this started about 12:30 this morning on west gal vez road, the man eventually stopped. a police dog searched for him but never found the man. the condition of the pizza delivery driver is not known right now. a dad whew died in a cleveland house explosion this week with his family had threatened to kill himself a month ago. now police admit that murder-suicide is a possible explanation. arson was the cause but a natural gas leak was ruled out. an official rule could take
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6:32, 39 degrees, how about some snow and some flowers. >> spring will be at in the air at the conservatory this week. it's the 2016 spring floral show. besides flowers you can checkout baby animals and arts and crafts for the kids. the show runs through march 13, we have more information at the and there's new information to help keep college students college. one-third of all college freshmen across the nation drop out, and the number depose up if you are -- goes up if you are first in your family to attend. this program is college public schools. they will have face to face meetings, and a portal where mentors and student can communicate. >> i will be the first one to go to college in my family. >> not first one, but will be the first one to graduate. >> the impact on their lives and the lives of their families and this city, it is enormous. >> now if you are interested in becoming a mentor, the
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will start recruiting this spinning, and we will tell you how to sign up. i think that would be rewarding. >> especially when they finish school. >> dismer on their and their on their way. a team took the football field to win the second consecutive series. and we will see a documentary that will feature the red big machine. good morning, perry. >> reporter: at 5:00, i gave you a glimpse of the documentary, but you know, what really makes a difference is how they want to show this. they want the players to tell their own stories, to tell the stories of what they think made them great. no team has ever been more dominant than the reds, the combination of bench morgan road for reds, foster, con acceptsion, griffey. and earned ex6mvp awards, and 26 gold gloves. they're known as the great
6:28 am
arguably the best eight professional baseball players at one team at one time. besides their success, there's never been a film that has focused on what made them special until now. >> over the years, the segment, and talk on cameras, but they never really collected all the guys together like we are doing for this project. >> reporter: terry luke meyer and his team believe now is the time to do it. this is the same group that created the documentary on pete rose five years ago. the plan for this movie, to be something fans had never seen before. >> having a story told by them, and we're actually trying to make an argument that they are the greatest 8 position players of all time comparing them to rose, and others great time in the past. >> reporter: the players are on board. >> there's a lot of dvds out there that show the highlights and tell you what the score was for those games, but there's nothing out there that really tells you why the team was so
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it from a normal team to kind of the like a legendary team. >> reporter: now the group just needs funding. they're using a unique way to raise half a million dollars. the crowd fund gd site kick starter. >> not only do i want to see it done and preserved for future generations but just being someone who has heard the stories firsthand, i would love for other red fans to be able to hear it. >> reporter: today is the last day to contribute to the kick starter campaign. and what a great way to preserve the past for future generations. this project is getting some celebrity help. people lake nick lachey get on board. it's interesting that they would want to do this. i find it fascinating that they did not sit down together and talk about what the team made special.
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>> but altogether would be compelling. and for more information on the film go to our website. click on it's all or nothing and click on the get it link. it's an all or nothing proposition. if they don't raise enough money, they will give you your money back. >> it's 6:37. a hurricane in january? it's happening. we will tell you if it's going to hit the u.s. also, i saw him on facebook and no one wanted to take him. so i started fostering myself.
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cloth for electronics for heher 20 minutes until 7:00, it's 39 degrees, skies cloudy, and we will be cloudy through the day with rain developing. a slight chance for a shower between 8:00 and say 11:00, and from 12:00 through the afternoon, we begin to see that rain becoming more widespread. high in the mid-to upper 40s early afternoon before falling into the low 40s late day. that drive home is looking wet, and that weekend is looking cold with even a little snow. i'm back with more on that in just a bit. let checkout the morning drive. here is jen. >> reporter: the only thing you have had to deal with for the past hour and a half is the water main break that was on tennessee. it just disappeared from my map, perhaps, all lanes are open now. it was an area where you can could get through.
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interstate, we are starting to see typical traffic, we're heavy from dixie up to the ohio river. 471 starting to see heavy traffic from northbound, and over to 275, you're starting to get heavy as w but well, but no major delays. most teenagers would be happy to get a dog or a pup for their birthday. >>but you don't get teenagers want a dog who is old and blind. they were trying to find a rescue home for 11-year-old bailey. but no one wanted it her until she saw him. instead of clothing or money for her birthday. audrey wanted to start fostering bailey. >> he wasn't drinking or going to the bathroom. the second night he ate and went to the bathroom and he drank. he started getting really playful and i gave him a belly scratch.
6:33 am
louie's rescue hope that others will follow audrey's example and foster pets. you can save dozens of them from euthanization in shelters. if you want to volunteer or donate to louie's legacy, we have more information on he felt loved and he was happy again. >> rub mom's belly. >> he is cute. still battling, what the gop candidates are saying as the iowa caucus is closing. it kind of shocked me because you are thinking a
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>> you definitely don't want toto 6:44, the republicans are not holding back. >> yep, this time only 7 of the leading can disee candidates debated in prime time and right now ted cruz is running neck and neck with donald trump. part of donald's trump strongest political moment came during another clash with ted cruz. >> everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal or pro abortion or progay marriage. when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more
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>> we had a heartfelt response from trump. >> you don't get a lot of heartfelt response trump. the republican contenders have one more debate before the iowa caucus. three democratic presidential can diets go up candidates go up on debate on sunday night. there was extensive criminal misconduct, by the activities who produced undercover videos of the handling of fetal tissue. there was claims that planned parent hood sold fetal tissue,. a hurricane is forming in the atlantic ocean right now. it's first january hurricane since 1938. right now hurricane alex is packing sustained winds of 80 miles an hour, and headed toward portugals, island, it's 300 miles from the u.s. and it's not expected to directly hit the
6:36 am
alex will hit norwood and england. if you want amazon prime, this is the time to get it. the subscription fee is dropping from $99 to $73, only for the weekend. is it tarts tonight at midnight and sunday at 3:00 in the afternoon. only new customers can take advantage of this deal. and amazon says it's celebrating the two golden globe wins of one of its original shows, month cart and the jungle. it was a key to a family's happiness. >> while i felt really good when jim came down and told me that they had found them the people who owned them, which made me feel good. somebody was going to have a sad christmas, it was a good failing, feeling, it was. the department of transportation found a bag full of christmas presents.
6:37 am
they got a break, the family who owned the presents, was traveling, but 19 days after christmas they got the gifts back completely unscathed. claus. >> considering, i guess the weather man. >> look at that. >> and then he finds it on the them out. that is pretty cool. >> not only did he pick them up, he followed through. >> yeah. >> like that. >> people, there are good people out there. >> yes. >> good people. >> so far it's been extremely quiet services incidents are concerned. we had the water main break at redding and tennessee earlier. it may now be cleared because it disappeared from my map. earlier it was down to one lane in each direction. they may still be working on it, but it clear, soon. we do have reports of a vehicle fire, but watch for a potential slow down there, and some crews on the scene. let's give you a look at what it looks like a couple of different spots around town. we don't have any incidents to
6:38 am
275 at loveland ma darrah, you -- madeira, we start to see the halfy traffic, 271 doesn't look too bad yet, you can tell on this camera that we're starting to see the typical congestion that heads southbound, heading from butler county and down past the lock land split, heavy there, and i-71,-75 typically heavy from butter milk up to the ohio river. no usual delays, morning rush, pretty typical, but the afternoon rush is slow. >> wet, is what we expect. that will likely slow things down, to keep that in mind, you're going to be dealing with some rain. it's not too bad outside right now. that is the view of the from the atrium weather camera. the temperatures are in the 30s and 40s. we will be in the 40s, dry going in, but wet coming home today with rain becoming likely into the afternoon. the weekend going to turn a lot colder, even a little touch of snow this weekend, not much, and then next week, it gets downright frigid, again but more
6:39 am
cloudy at the airport, south at 8 miles per hour, windchill at 33 degrees, but a lot warmer than what it was this time yesterday. radar is quiet across the area. no rain to report just yet. to the south of us that is where we're beginning to see rain showing up. a lot of clouds, showers making their way through western tennessee, western kentucky into southern illinois and southern indiana, this moisture will be moving northeast toward the ohio river valley as we get into the afternoon. 43 at 8:00, temperatures this morning running in the 40s. even actually we're going to climb into the mid-to upper 40s by early afternoon. there's a slight chance for an isolated shower in any given locations between 8:00 and 11:00, and the afternoon, that is when the rain chances are at highest. in fact, late afternoon they're really high, 4:00 widespread rain, temperatures in the low 40s, and some of that rain will even linger into the evening with low 40s by around 7:00. we will step you through it, quiet now.
6:40 am
picture this afternoon. so anytime from mid-morning on, we will see a chance for rain. the better chance comes from noon on through 5:30 this afternoon. and even some showers hanging out across the area early this evening, overnight, a cold front comes through, the lad d leading edge of that colder air, and behind the front a few flurries and showers are possible overnight. this model showing us a little, nothing major, nothing that is going to give us issues. for saturday, lots of clouds, stray flurries possible, snow showers even in the morning tomorrow, and even a few flurries and showers tomorrow night. on sunday another cold front moves through, this one could bring more scattered snow showers especially later in the day. that is around 5:30, it's going to bring us bitterly cold air into the early part of next week. a few snow showers and flurries tomorrow. 34, best bet early in the day,
6:41 am
late day snow showers expected. today 47 degrees, rain developing, a mild day, and the this evening we're in the low 40s, you will see a chance for showers early this evening. eventually from midnight on, we will start to see flurries and snow showers as we head down to 32. 34 tomorrow, 29 sunday with the snow showers and flurries dotting the area. and then, oh, boy, does it get cold, monday morning heading back to work, 4 degrees, 16 your high monday, the cold start to next week, 20s thursday after morning, lows again in the single digits and more snow showers in the forecast. wednesday, 28 the high, mostly cloudy, we're back in the 30s on thursday, tracking the free weather authority app. have yourself a great weekend. john and sheila, back to you. thanks, john. alarming clock, and screaming kids, not a fun way to wake-up.
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your chahance e 6:55, there's a manhunt to find the person who shot and killed an 18-year-old in the middle of the at a in a neighborhood street in westchester. castle was home when he was shot to death. they do have justin cook in custody. they say he is not the one who shot him.
6:43 am
anyone who has information to call crime stoppers 232-3040. police are searching for a gunman after two people were hurt by a bar around 2:30 this morning out in the parking lot. we don't know their conditions right now. we now know the name of the a woman who was shot during a road rage last night. 24-year-old iaisha williams is in critical condition this morning. and police are looking for ther than approximate who shot her. it happened at redding road at 5:30 last night. sean penn's first tv interview about el chp o. he will talk with rose. the food hussy is here and she is making jennifer florence favorite sandwich which includes skyline chili.
6:44 am
wake-up call, maybe this one is not not too bad. >> they shared the 30 second clip, trying to wake him up by licking on his face and beard. this video has been viewed 23 million times in just the last week. >> so cute. that dog shows what you could have. join us tomorrow morning for our annual spca adopt a pet telethon. it's on local 12. from 12:00 to 1:00. there's a lot of cats and dogs who need loving homes. if you already have a pet to love, we also accept donations for to help all of the thousands of animals that the spca helps every year. >> it's fun. >> it's fun, and these pictures. >> and my daughter almost didn't get out of there without one, too. >> i kept lobbying. >> yeah, john. it's a good way to appreciate your own animals, because you can make a donation. >> absolutely. >> get one tomorrow.
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we got a lot more. there's two more hours of local news and fun. just turn over there with us. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even "turkey jerks." [turkey] gobble. [butcher] i'm sorry! (burke) covered march fourth,2014. talk to farmers. we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything.
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