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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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police officer, reaches the million dollar settlement with the university. >> as family remembers two major major. >> and is your doctor prescribing something you don't need. this is local 12 news, live at 5:00. >> give us a sense of relief, convicted. . the settlement comes six months after former police officer ray tepsing shot and killed sam dubose during a traffic stop. >> it's worth more than $5.6 million. local 12 larry davis is live at the uc campus and why it won't
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>> rob, some of the highlights of the settlement announced today, 4.8 million will go towards the dubose family. dubose's 12 children will receive free tuition from the university of f of cincinnati. the school is issuing an apology and is also going to erect a memorial to samuel dubose on campus. today, both sides inched a little closer to closure. >> uc police officer ray tensing's body camera shows him, shooting and killing, an unarmed sam dubose during an traffic stop. protest that followed received national attention. tensing was later fired and charged with murder. in reaching an out of court settlement, uc and the dubose family put the case to rest dubose's daughter is the administrator of her father's estate. she took part of the
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>> at times, i wanted to walk out when they were debating stuff. they were putting a price on my daddy's life. at some point i wanted to walk out. >> both sides stressed the agreement is not an admission of guilt by the university. >> it's an acknowledgment of a tragedy and attempt to resolve in, in a matter. >> and the dubose's family is pleased with the school's decision to apologize for tensing's action. the chandra reed says it shows remorse. >> it shows at least it shows some type of remorse. unlike ray tensing showing one ounce of remorse for the public. >> the months led to planned reforms from the uc police department. the settlement is not all about the money >> nobody's death is a good thing. to the extent we can learn to get along better, the police and
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ththings are good. p>> and rob, attorney al gear hart that represented the family, the family will pay back every dime. he also said he would like to see a reform of the uc police department. there are actions under way right now to try to make it happen. he wants the uc police profiling. traffic stops. he want to see more diversity in the police force. there will be an external review of the uc police department in the months to come. larry davis, local 12 news. rob, back to you. >> ray tensing is charged with murder am his trial date has not yet been set. >> court records shows the suspect of the deadly shooting of the ohio officer has a lengthy police record. one point tried to claim he's illegally insane. an armed man was looking to kill a police officer. they tried to reach officer
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too late. his colleagues found him dead in the ground on the municipal building just before midnight. a call came in from a woman warning about her ex-boyfriend, hershel jones. he got caught after a short police chase. police tried to save her two dogs in an icy pond. they walk oud just before 1:00. the woman walked out after them. she had to be rescued. she went to the hospital to get checked out. the dogs are going to be fine too. the ice is not going to be melting in the tri-state quite yet. >> erica says we're in for another frigid night and is here. >> we're going to see thoer night in the single digits. this morning, we bottomed out at 5 degrees in cincinnati. we only made it to the low to mid teens in most places. and we're sitting at 14 degrees right now.
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and we're only at 11 in wilmington. we have not seen numbers since march of last year. it's been quite some time. low temperatures tonight, think back in the single digits. live precision doppler 12 hd, going to stay fairly quiet. in the next 10 minutes, we have two systems that will bring us accumulation of snow. wednesday and friday. the differences between these two, wednesday's system is going to be more of the first part of the day, while friday is going to be developing throughout the day. the evening commute is going to be most likely worst in the morning. we're going to look at slick and roads. and depending where the system tracks in association with downtown cincinnati. wednesday, we're looking anywhere from 1-3 inches much friday, it looks like a bigger snow maker.
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systems along with the single digit temperatures tonight. >> and legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. the confederate flag is not. and workers took it down last summer after the shooting deaths of nine african-american church members during a bible study in charleston. hundreds brave the cold for the annual martin luther king march downtown. elliot isaac was from the crowd, walking from the freedom center at fountain square. after that, the group continues in music hall >> friends of judge hunter. they planned to be present during hunter's retrial. and it's scheduled to come
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protesters called hamilton county, persistent prosecutor of hunter suspicious. and a judge gave her six months in jail but she remains free while appealing. and calls for a boycott rather of the academy awards grow today because of the second straight year of mostly white nominees. there's no african-americans up for actor. director scott lee and jada pinkett smith both said they will not attend the ceremony.
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back the clock to gasoline >> state attorney general says ohio will recognize the gun permits. virginia will stop recognizing from ohio and 24 other states that has gun permit laws that's less strict than its own. ohio has to get a nonresident license to carry a concealed handgun in virginia. the national round table, guns in america will stream at starting at 7:00 tomorrow night. panelist will talk about the gun
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efforts to tighten gun control. >> crude oil prices, will go down. and investors are bracing of run return to global markets. opec member nation will begin exporting oil. iran is expected to boost oil exports by 501 barrel a day. and drivers in lake michigan filled up at 1.77 a gallon. local police directed traffic in the area because of the line of cars to gas up were so long.
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the price of regular was $1.47. >> in the prices reported to the local 12 news pump patrol. cindy posted $1.39, at udf in sharonville. a da says it's $1.49. brent saw $1.57 at the speedway at eaves parkway in lawrenceberg. if you see cheaper prices, post
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>> sanctions against iran, a deal between tehran and world powers. iran released five americans being held prisoners. iran has access on billions of dollars of previously owned. and white house announced the new sanctions against 11 individuals and companies related to iran's ballistic missile program. crews searching for 12 marines missing after helicopters crashed, found some life rafts. a coast guard spokesperson, some of the rafts were inflated. it's not clear how that happened
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continued today. search teams, were around the clock since civilians reported the cause. and -- and the national michigan. >> 70 guard members are there. teams visited nearly 5 thousand homes yesterday providing free bottled water, filters and testing kits. president obama sibbed an emergency declaration on saturday. state fishes may have known about the programs months ago. lead. last month, they blasted michigan's governor rick schneider for handling of the situation. >> the governor of the state care. >> a man who acted irresponsibly shouldn't stay in power. >> it switched from the -- to
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it caused lead to leak from old pipes. . >> erica, rob and i were comparing stories. we were outside for an extended period of time. we almost thought we had frost. >> too cold. >> and tomorrow morning, it may take about a half an hour in order for you to get frostbite. it should be especially north of cincinnati, we should see the lowest windchill value. it's important to cover the exposed skin. if you could go out and cover your entire body, it's a lot better because the wind is not hitting you. it's not taking the warmth of your skin. cover the exposed skin, when we're seeing the subzero windchill values, or the folks who have to work outside.
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>> silly. >> bundle up. it's going to be really cold once again tonight. winds are going to be a lot of calmer. and temperatures are going to be colder than this morning. the sunshine on the days, makes the day a whole lot better. at least for looks. not so much for feel. we're going to continue to feel mostly clear skies. the numbers are going to be allowed to fall. especial he with the calmer wind. the good thing, we don't have the wreez. we will have danger for most of us. single digit temperatures, more snow for the end of the workweek. right now, we're 13 at cincinnati. 11 in indy. and we'll continue to see temperatures fall throughout the teens into the single digits tonight and with winds only 8-9 miles an hour.
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feels like the single digits. we have windchill values down below zero. it feels like 2 degrees in cincinnati. even if you're headed out this evening, you will want to bundle up and cover the exposed skin. windchill advisory for fayette union until 10:00 tuesday morning. until 10:00, we'll see the windchill values, down 10 degrees below zero. i expect to see a dry evening. dry overnight period. we have some clouds that will scoot in. they don't have a lot of movement. clouds. it is going to move out of the rockies until it moves here wednesday and bringing us a first accumulation of snow through the weekend much the forecast, will be pretty quiet but very cold. windchill values will be around zero.
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we fall in the single digits at 9:00. we'll be around 8 degrees at 11:00. it's not as windy as yesterday. next 24 hours looks like this. there's 7. dry. 11:00, partly to mostly clear. we will continue to see a dry overnight period. by tomorrow morning, we will wick -- wake up to mostly clouds. clouds filter in. we stay snow-free tuesday night. here's 7:00, lot of us snow-free. that moves in shortly after 7:00. a lot of this will be through the morning hours. most of this is out of, especially downtown cincinnati afternoon. around the river. that's the most and highest snow totals south of cincinnati
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portions of the local viewing area. tomorrow, we start off at 3:00. we'll be very cold. accumulating snow on wednesday. we can see right now, anywhere from is-3 inches. a lot of us around 1 and 2. friday. this still has a lot of uncertainty. the winds will be picking up. this looks like a bigger snow maker, if we see the snow and the track sticks to what it is doing rit now. saturday and sunday, a bit quieter and milder into the new workweek. monday, there's a chance of 40 degrees, with a chance 5:00
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new recommendations for fogs >> we have a breaking news alert from the world of music. ban eagles, just announced the singer and co-founder glen fry is dead much the band's website, fry's family would like to thank everybody who joined glen, despite the fight and hope and prayed for his recovery. the attorneys for a miami university student tell us they agreed to settle a federal lawsuit.
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she said course materials were inaccessible to her text speech software. the university denied they did anything wrong, the particulars of the settlement were not made public. the publisher of the children's book about george washington and his slaves pulled the book from the market. it will no longer distribute a birthday book. features slave smiling as he bakes a cake. critics say the book sugar coats the slavery. it's a season for colds, cough and sore throats. new recommendations are reminding doctors to prescribe antibottics only when absolutely necessary. >> ml1cl0kenzie meyer has a sore throat and could have.
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days, i decided to stop in and make sure it was not strep. >> they determined it was not strep throat, bacterial infection but more likely a virus which is not treated with antibottics. >> seems like a lot of people think antibottics is the answer for everything. >> it's important to remember most coughs,led coulds, runny noses, sore throats are caused by viruses. >> american college of physician together with cdc wants to cut down prescribing antibiotics for common in fegses. they say 60 of the antibiotics. >> to prevent antibiotic overdose.
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antibiotics for strep without cold. meyer was told to rest and take over the counter meds. >> so my body could fight it off. >> she was told to come back if her symptoms got worst. >> people with sinus infections experience more side effects than benefits from the antibiotics. >> live at 5:30. polish or poison. researchers found, study nail polish and the effects it could have on a woman's body. >> and coming up this weekend, they are getting together for a powerful message. liz bonis. talk to you about field power and what it means and why survivors want to raise
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. >> good evening, a small ohio village is dealing with a monumental loss. one that its police officers was ambushed and murdered. >> officer thomas cottrell's body was found behind the municipal building near danville. that's about 60 miles and 100 miles southeast of cleveland. the service weapon was missing. authorities received the call from a woman who said the ex-boyfriend had weapons and wanted to kill an officer. dispatchers wanted to contact cottrell. sheriff's deputies searched the village and found his body. the officer was killed only because he wears the uniform. a police officer recruit class is going on now in cincinnati with intense training, including ambush training.
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country, how do departments convince candidates, it's a good time to wear the uniform. local 12, debra dixon went to the academy to get the answer. images from across the country last year, highly publicized police shootings. violent protest, ambushed shootings, such as this one as a philly cop. cincinnati. . >> at the cincinnati police academy, recruits are getting ready to be ready for anything. together. >> not so gentle reminder, anything could happen anytime.
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in the class. >> >>. >> definitely an attitude of hate towards police. >> training deals with that. it's physical, tactical and very psychological. >> and constantly putting them through the decision making drills where one right after the other, boom, boom, boom. what package they will use. a lot of times, verbal. communication. we really stress the psychological perspective. >> there are 40 men, 15 women in the recruit class. 47 have degrees from associate to masters. 15 have military experience. >> to be honest, come from a country that's very, very dangerous in a day-to-day basis. >> leon her bert was the oldest. he had his own photography business here before signing up
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and someone had to protect good people. >> right altitude. they know what's right and what's wrong. they will do the right thing. and we will help people, that's our goal >> watching the tv day, day out. all i could do, feel like i could help the community. recruits walk past the memorial wall. the plaque went up the first day of the academy. debra dixon, local 12 news. >> applications are being accepted for the next police recruit class which is in july. you have until january 31 to apply. we have more information. click on the news tab and get it now link. facebook page started by the fraternal news president is getting a lot of attention. sergeant dan hills started the
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running for union president. now it's going a different direction, now that shows the other side of police officers to the public. officers posted messages. and residents posted a story about their neighborhood officer. hills posted a picture of himself with his teenage daughter megan at the father-daughter dance. megan has the response. >> and had so many people stop me, one of the uniform thank me, tell me they appreciated what we do. >> the public is invited to be friends on the facebook page. again it's in support. the blue with the fop 69. that's the address. skeletal remains will be found in a popular park, those of a young man that were murdered.
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were thought as animal bones. dr. murray, from the university could tell they were humans. man 20-35-year-old, 5'7" to 6 feet tall. the mercer county sheriff office is calling his death a homicide but won't say why. a special dna lab will get the database. anyone could log on to mammoth and search for a missing loved one. there's an estimated 40 thousand unidentified dead in america. utility says it's seen an increase in scans, where customers were threatened to have their power cut off. caller says he was with duke energy and instructed customers to get a prepaid credit card. duke says, when it intends to disconnect someone's caller, it
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the company will not call you. donald trump was the subject of debate. they centered on whether the presidential candidate should be banned from the country. more than a half million people signed an on-line petition accusing trump of unacceptable behavioral and hate speech after he called for a ban on muslims in the u.s. petitioners hope the debate will send a strong message that trump went too far. the five bright planets will align, offering star-gazers a celestial show. they will appear in a diagonal row just before dawn. it's the first time they've been decade. you will be able to see them until february 20. and project is starting to
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>> they successfully grown the first flower in space. kelly tweeted this picture. it is, xanedia. attempts. they detailed kelly's efforts to bring them back to life after leaves. plants were grown in space before. they grew vegetables including let us. signists say it allows for better understanding how to grow plants in micro gravity. >> reminds the bad movies when the plants keep growing. >> exactly. still ahead at 5:30, 100 new
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>> how volunteers come to >> 65 were pannero bread performed the day of service in honor of the martin luther king holiday. they put together packs of nutritious foods. pannerra collected money from stores and company put together to put together the power pack program.
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a week, so they can home with healthy meal over the week. >>nd a power pack contains 3 entrees from chefboyardee. >> and businesses in monroe has to hire 100 new employees. and serta simons bedding will hire in the next few days. the hiring will take place in the serta location on gateway boulevard across from traders world. career fares are happening from 9:30 to noon and 1:00 to 3:00. saturdays from 10:00 to 2:00. the new hires could earn $12 an hour. people who live in florence have a new place to buy groceries.
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outside. customers have a chance to win a year's supply of produce. >> still ahead, calling attention to a silent killer.
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with hoops a . >> a womanies basketball tournament. medical reporter, joins us on how it's raising awareness on what many are calling a silent killer. liz. >> good afternoon, paula and robb. kind of the tri-state version of the ncaa tirnment. although it's too early, i stopped by at the high school to talk to some of the teams on what they call the teal power shoot-out. the members of the greater alient. they call it care, and hoops. >> the members of the basketball team practice with passion. when it comes to the ovarian awareness shoot-out, the passion is there, too >> i like raising awareness and money for ovarian cancer. it's great because most people don't know. >> six teams compete in the shoot-out.
5:36 pm
it's a good cause. i'm happy. >> debbie walters is one of the reasons the shoot-out happens >> i'm a survivor. i'm a two year survivor. >> debbie is a member, that teamed out with procter & gamble gamble. girls could donate ponytails for survivors who are undergoing treatment and louse their hair. >> we create real human hair wigs, that we distribute through the american cancer society, partner in the program, to women all over the country, who are in need of wigs. >> and one of the things they want the girls to know, the common early symptoms of the type of cancer. we don't hear a lot about them and they often mask a lot of problems. they are often called beats. and they also know you could
5:37 pm
pain. and trouble with your bladder. maybe early sensation and even a feeling of urgency and frequency that you have to go to the bathroom. >> when i was diagnosed, i didn't know the symptoms. my stomach swelled. pregnant. >> and debbie now says her hope with the hope of the hoops is to save young girls lives. >> getting awareness of the nobody knows. it's a silent killer, is what it's known. >> in the spirit of sportsmanship, everybody wins; right?. >> sort of. we'll still be known, so. >> call it a little healthy competition. >> and they play -- and it is sponsored by trihealth. in xavier. they will raise awareness of ovarian cancer. they have the little bracelets,
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kind of thing. they have more than 20 girls who are getting their ponytails cut off at half time. we're proud of everybody. getting together and making a difference. then again, just getting the conversation going >> thanks, liz. >> all right. get ready for another frigid night. temperatures are already feel like in the single digits, 7-8 miles an hour wind across the viewing area. we have mostly clear skies as we look live. you know what that means? we'll have good radiational cooling. we'll be able to escape because of the mostly clear skies. sharonville, you're 16. 13 at the airport. crit top, 17. brookville indiana sitting at 12.
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digits with a little bit of wind. we have a windchill advisory in effect for fayette union and clinton county until 10:00 tomorrow morning. that's where we will see the coldest wind chills, lowest windchill values down to 10-12 below zero. it will take about half an hour in the worst areas, where you have windchill values down to minus 10 or minus 12 tomorrow morning. right now we are dry. and the sunshine, doesn't give us the great temperatures you will like or warmer temperatures you will like. we will continue to watch mostly clear skies throughout the evening. here's what the forecast looks like. numbers will fall in the single digits by 9. 8 at being 1:00. factor a little bit of a wind, and we'll have subzero windchill
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next 48 hours, it looks like this. i, i don't expect to see any snow anytime tonight. we will have clouds around. tomorrow morning, at 8:00, morning commute will be dry. we'll see mostly sunny skies throughout most of the day on tuesday. the high pressure sits on top of us. by noon, we're still in the teens. we top out around 17-18 degrees in the afternoon. it will be a really cool day. good news, we won't be that breezy. 1-5 miles an hour winds out of the northwest by the afternoon and early evening. tuesday night, thursday, 11:00, we're still dry. we start to see the clouds filter in. a few of us may have seen a few snow showers. nothing that will accumulate too much by 8:00. we will see a few chances for snow throughout the morning hours. notice the darker blue shades. they are mainly south of cincinnati. the core of the system will be south of cincinnati. this is where we're going to see
5:41 pm
to talls north of cincinnati. you could see we have snow and light to moderate at times. definitely lower visibilities, throughout the morning and early afternoon hours. by 5:00, i expect us to be snow-free. we may see snow up until 2:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon. this is mainly a morning into the early afternoon hours. and for the system. and by 11:00 wednesday, we're looking at dry conditions. tonight and tuesday, roads will be dry. as we look into wednesday, looking at accumulation, 1-3 inches, roads will be slick and snowy in a lot of places. that's our first snow maker. second arrives on friday.
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and a stronger system with poe continue shally even more snow moves in on friday. we will have to watch the roads
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temperatures back up, thursday . >> average woman paint hers once a week. >> new research, one company is not only in your nails but also in your body. >> >>. >> polish is popular with girls of all aims. the environmental working agents, chemicals could get inside your bod ewg, researchers tested women from the common every woman had elevated levels. >> nail products, only products that has this listed as ingredients.
5:44 pm
as a flame retardent. animal studies, indicates, it's linked to reproductive. that's surprising to jenna hi that let's her kids play with nail polish. >> in a statement, group that represents nail polish, calls the research, speculative and misleading and point out t ph.d is -- and to collect electrical and furniture fires. >> i will continue to use nail polish every once in a while. it's something they enjoy doing. >> julia watts, cbs news, san francisco.
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. >> tonight at 6:00, tries to keep his car from being stolen. driver backs over him. police hope you could help put . >> the family and university reach a multi-million dollar
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>> could one person change an around here, a buckeye in your pocket is lucky. and as the newest member of the lucky buckeye company, it's my job to make sure that every buckeye is as lucky as can be. this one... everyone thought was a lost cause. stick a fork in it, it's done. well, i say, you never ever give up on a buckeye. (inaudible whispering) (slot machines chiming) she's a buckeye whisperer!
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. >> you want to have, somebody could do something like that to another. >> a store clerk tries to stop a thief from stealing his car.
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it's caught on camera.
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