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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 430  CBS  January 21, 2016 4:25am-5:00am EST

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3 good morning cincinnati. (ad lib to
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3 new this morning...some travellers are back home this morning after a brief scare on their flight to c-v-g.a delta flight had to make an emergency landing at an airport in connecticut.the plane took off from bradley international in hartford.. but the landing gear never the aircraft circled back to bradley.the passengers boarded a new flight, which landed at c-v-g overnight. 3 time/temp ...ahead at four-30 ...mother nature made a mess of things yesterday ...and that might have been just a taste of what's to come ... plus ohio professor may have ties to a terror group ... where the feds are keeping a watchful eye ...ahead at four-
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3 now at four-30 ...bracing for more snow parts of the country are recovering from yesterday's problems ... another big storm is right around the corner. 3 clearing the air ...if you have questions about the preschool promise, you can get answers tonight ...we'll tell you where ... 3 the cincinnati streetcar project is rolling along ... and today, there are talks about it making a big move ... 3 good morning cincinnati.thanks for joining us on this thursday.. i'm john lomax.and i'm sheila gray.the stories of the day are coming up. first a check of the weather. here's meterologist john gumm.
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3 millions of people from the mid-atlantic to the northeast are gearing up for a potentially crippling winter storm. blizzard watches are in effect for parts of the baltimore and d-c area just as another storm system created major traffic headaches yesterday. don champion has the latest from new york. 3 aerial of traffic)people in the d-c metro area got a bitter taste of what's to
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snow grounded traffic to a halt wednesday night.-nats- among those stuck in the mess -- president obama -- who endured an hour and 12-minute ride from andrews air force base back to the white house. -nats-crashslick roads led to collisions, pile up's and even spin outs:(sot alice berney/ driver) i thought as soon as i got on the road that it was going to be a bad idea. friday's monster storm is forecast to bring blizzard- like conditions to d-c, baltimore and surrounding areas...pummeling the area with 12 to 24 inches of snow. (sot mayor muriel bowser d- district of columbia) we're already asked for additional national guard vehicles, and we would be prepared to ask for personnel as well.-nats- salt trucksahead of what forecasters say could be a paralysing winter storm - road crews began filling trucks with salt.-nats-residents rushed to stores for supplies and food...(sot kacy mosby/ richmond, va) the fridge is packed, the pantry is packed, we have plenty of water.with the system forecast to move further north over the weekend... snow isn't the only
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concern.yesterday - crews began building berms along the jersey shore in the event of coastal flooding.(sot belmar mayor) we anticipate being better prepared for this storm than any one before. forecasters say new york city and new england could be spared the brunt of the nor'easter.don champion cbs news. 3 first stop for the storm today will be heavy rain in the gulf of mexico and the southwest. 3 in other news ...the f-b-i is investigating a kent state university professor right now to see if he's involved in terrorism activities. the feds are looking into whether one of it's history professors is supporting isis.. julio pino is accused of trying to recruit students to join the terror group. he denies any ties to isis. 3 "i haven't broken the law. i don't advocate that anyone else break the law." "everything that i've done is perfectly legal. i fulfill my duty as an american by speaking out on issues that some people find controversial of course." the story was first reported by the school's student newspaper.. after the
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feds about pino.. he's apparently been on their radar since 2014. 3 a man charged in a deadly hit and run is expected to go on trial today.thomas stidhum is facing several charges including aggravated vehicular homicide and resisting arrest. police say his car jumped a curb on dorchester avenue in mount auburn last month. cathy chatfield was hit while she was running in the seven hills run.officers say stidum ripped off the car's license plates and ran away. 3 right now.. a local man accused of selling heroin is now federal charges.the hamilton county heroin task force got a federal indictment for john wade of bond hill police say he sold several batches of heroin laced with fentanyl, and one of those batches killed chad trammell. trammell overdosed last july. wade has a preliminary hearing this afternoon. 3 a lot of time and resources have gone into the tri-state's fight against the heroin epidemic.state leaders will meet today to talk about how to solve the problem.ohio attorney general mike dewine will hold an emergency meeting with ohio law enforcement and public safety officials in
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columbus this morning.they'll discuss ideas that work ... such as treating drug overdose scenes as crime scenes, using naloxone to save lives, and addressing addiction in jails. they'll also cover using the state's automated prescription reporting system to find dealers. 3 the co-chairs of the child poverty coalition will meet today.the group was created by cincinnati major john cranley to address childhood poverty in the city.mayor cranley gave the coalition until june to come up with a plan.but today, the co-chairs will talk about possibly pushing that deadline back to september, since it took longer than expected to get the coalition organized. right now, the group is looking to hire a consultant, who will recommend ideas to the co-chairs.those co-chairs will then decide the best path forward. 3 there's a public meeting tonight about a proposal for free preschool for every child in cincinnati.organizers of discuss the plan from six to seven tonight at church of the living god in avondale.there's also a website where you can find more information on the promise, or ask questions about it.we have a link at
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local12-dot-com. 3 the cincinnati streetcar will start running later this year. but today, the conversation shifts to the possibility of taking it across the river. the covington business council luncheon today will focus on whether it makes sense to expand the streetcar into northern kentucky. it was that way when the streetcar last ran in the 50's.. the luncheon is today at the madison event center in covington at 11:30. 3 time/temp ... 3 time/temp ...a plea to president obama ...michigan's governor wants the white house to re-examine the drinking water crisis in flint ...making history ...for the first time ever, the n-f-l has it's first full-time female assistant, on good
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3 new this morning ...a former oklahoma city police officer will be sentenced today for sexually assaulting women on the job.daniel holtzclaw faces up to 263 years behind bars after last month's conviction on 18 counts.prosecutors say holtzclaw raped and assaulted women while working his beat in a low-income neighborhood near the state capitol. 3 the so-called "affluenza teen" will return to texas within weeks, according to his lawyers.ethan couch has been challenging his deportation from mexico.. but his attorneys say paperwork was
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that's kept him there.couch and his mother fled across the border last month to escape punishment for a possible parole violation..couch's drunk driving crash in 2013 3 michigan governor rick snyder is asking president obama to reconsider a federal disaster declaration for flint's water crisis.the president declared an emergency, and pledged five-million dollars.a disaster declaration could mean more federal funds for flint, but the president determined it is not a disaster because the legal definition only allows for additional aid for natural events like fires and floods. meanwhile, the michigan house approved snyder's request for 28-million-dollars to pay for filters, bottled water, school nurses, testing and monitoring. that's in addition to the nearly ten-and-a-hald million allocated in the fall. 3 new visa rules could be announced today that would make entering the u-s harder for people who either have or may have ties to isis.the new visa requirements are for european travelers who are
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sudan, or syria, or who have visited any of those countries in the last five years.the department of homeland security will outline how it will phase in the new rule. 3 in other news ...the buffalo bills hire the first full-time female member of an n-f-l coaching staff ...kathryn smith will be the bills' special teams quality control an announcement posted on the team's website, head coach rex ryan said smith has worked with the team on a part-time basis for seven years.she also worked several jobs for the new york jets including a player personnel assistant, and assistant to the head coach in ryan's final season in new york. 3 time/temp ...a fire takes everything from a well-known radio d-j and his wife.we'll show you how neighbors are lending a hand ...a small boy with a big wish .. how people all around the world are helping a dream come true before time runs out. next, on good morning
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hershey' s miniatures. we pour ' em! we pass ' em! we pick ' em! delicious fun for everyone. hershey'
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3 good morning... (ad lib) 3 longtime and b-105 d-j duke hamilton and his wife lost their pendleton county home and everything in it in a
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work to recover.. they're receiving a massive show of support from the community. local12's brad underwood has the story. 3 "painting."20.27.26 a fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling and some new appliances in the kitchen. it's a bit hectic, but all of this is for duke hamilton and his wife barbara. 20.24.19-25 "just anything that happens in our area. everyone gets together , works, just whatever needs to be done. "a fire destroyed their home tuesday night. they have nothing left. 19.53.53-02 "keepsakes, things you've accrued. no way you can replace that, but we are alive and our puppy is alive. 58 but we've got neighbors, church members."duke says he believes the fire was caused by a space heater in the garage used to keep thier puppy warm. normally, duke says he turns it off when he's not near it. 19.44.58-07i thought i'm not going to be gone long so i'll just leave it on, i'll come right back and check it. just that quick, barbara called down to the barn and said she smelled something funny. when he got to the garage duke says
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he tried to put it out. tried to dump water on the fire but the efforts weren't enough. 19.48.19-25"it knocked me back, the heat. the smoke was so thick. it knocked me back against the stairs. "duke has been at b-105 since 1977. he's in the country radio broadcasters hall of fame. that's a lot of memories destroyed. 19.49.57-12"the outpouring of support has just been tremendous from not only the fans of b105, but also our morgan community and morgan christian church. which, just outstanding people. even the place where we are right now which is our neighbor's home. " it's been home for the couple for 25 years. they've lived on the land for more than 30. once all the work is done at this home, duke and his wife will live there until they can move back onto their land. 19.53.10-21"by the time the weather warms up again, maybe late summer we will be back in there or over there. maybe not that house, but we will be
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3 brad underwood reporting. beyond duke's radio work, the couple is known for raising miniature horses and other breeds and you may have seen their animals at events around the tri-state.the couple and the animals are all okay. if you want to help, there's a link at local12-dot-com.just go to the news tab then click get-it-now links. 3 now here's bob with a local 12 traffic alert. 3 3
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3 3 earlier this week, we told you about a young boy with terminal cancer who has just one wish ... to be famous. jeanne moos reports on the eight-year old who's touching hearts and wowing the world. 3
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he sat calmly eating chips as rhode island lawmakers sang his praises...(lawmaker) "you're a beam of light." declaring it d strong day, the d is for dorian.(nat sound) most kids these days dream of being famous, but dorian murray is in a hurry because doctors say his rare terminal cancer may not leave him much to be famous)"i'm just thinking before i go to heaven to try to be famous as much as i can."dorian specifically wanted to be famous in china, because of the great wall. when his family posted his wish, it came true. d-strong, as in...(dorian murray/dying wish to be famous)"you have to stay strong for d."was displayed all over the great wall and beyond...from paris. above water and below...diving for dorian. he was serenaded with songs... (song)"dorian dorian your dream came true, you are famous, you are famous."after
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all this is a kid who seems to love music.(nat sound)dorian and his parents decided to stop any further treatment, after tests showed the cancer had spread...though in the rhode island senate they were still hoping...(lawmaker) "miracles do happen."dorian's d-strong message has been shared by celebs ranging from conan to carole king to paula abdul.he got a personal visit from new england patriots tight end rob gronkowski. (dorian murray/interviewer) "i'm 8. you seem a lot older than 8. trust me i'm 8. do you have an id? i have my birth certificate."and what does dorian think is so great about being famous?(dorian murray/dying wish to be famous) "cause then i can get lots of girls."well that he has... (singer)"we are strong."in his hometown of westerly, rhode island, over 25-hundred people gathered on the beach....(nat sound)dorian murray is a kid with heart.jeanne moos, c-n-n,
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3 time/temp's own your own home day think of your favorite thing about your house, then share it with us on the local12 facebook page. plus ...password protected? ... think again ...steps you can take at home to keep
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on good morning cincinnati.3 it's own your own home day ... so on facebook, we're asking ...what's your favorite thing about your home?
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3 we want you 3 to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 3 (show open) 3 now at five.a brief scare for fliers.we'll tell you why a cincinnati- bound airplane had to make an emergency landing. 3 protecting your bank account. we'll tell you how hackers are accessing your information online. 3 plus, a new leash on life. we'll tell you how a local dog is doing this morning after being rescued in bitter cold temperatures. 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your's
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