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tv   Local 12 at Noon  CBS  January 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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no wait weather. >> it appears there will be a sharp cutoff for snow totals. mason, robertson and adams kntsz -- counties, the warning from 7:00 in the morning tomorrow to 7:00 p.m. a winter storm watch has been posted from early tomorrow through 7:00 in the morning on saturday. this is where there's the potential for two to four perhaps more inches of snow. to the north of the winter storm watch, the potential later today is there for a winter weather advisory to be thrown down. or they may expand the watch. depending on what guidance looks like later today. just know the highest threat for four or more inches of snow is where the warning has been posted in this blue area here
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been posted the potential for two to four and perhaps more inches of snow will come tomorrow and very early on saturday. there's still a lot of uncertainty in the forecast, we'll be tweaking the forecast through the night, the morning and tomorrow. partial clearing late this morning and early this afternoon. back to mostly cloudy later today. likely cloudy to mostly cloudy later today with temperatures gradually falling into the low to mid 20s. satellite and radar data shows some breaks in the clouds now. another batch to the west later today. we have no rain or snow to track right now on live precision doppler 12 hd. the coverage and the intensity will gradually increase from southwest to northeast tomorrow. especially during the afternoon and the evening. we're at 21 now at the international airport. wind chills are likely in the teens.
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much might accumulate where you live. we'll talk about the large differences in who will see snow and who misses out. >> john. >> >> john: just a small amount of snow absolutely paralyzing the washington, d.c. area. now more is on the way. craig boswell shows us how that area is getting ready. >> reporter: hundreds of crashes around the d.c. metropolitan area made last night's commute nearly impossible. the cause, just an inch of snow that froze over. >> it is crazy out here. i know it seems like just a little bit of snow, but it is really slick out here. >> truck drivers who had reached their shift limits had to pull over blocking lanes of some highways. >> i left fort bragg, north carolina, 12 hours ago at 7:00, i got into traffic here. >> president obama also got
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his motorcade skidded along roads as he returned to the white house. last night's dusting is nothing compared to what's ahead. it could drop two feet of snow on the city over the next few days. the mayor apologized and said the city is ready for next storm with 40,000 tons of salt and 800 workers. >> i've lived in d.c. for most of my life, i don't know that i've lived through a forecast like this. it is an extremely large storm, it will last for 36 hours. >> much of the d.c. is in the blizzard's crosshairs. washington, d.c. and virginia have already declared a state of emergency before the storm even arrives. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> meantime, airlines are allowing passengers to rebook for free to avoid the storms. >> local 12's team coverage just beginning. road conditions are one of the
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biggest concerns. tonight on local 12 news at 6:00. communities like maysville could potentially see as much snow. the very latest on the changes on the weather conditions. scott will be working with erica collura. is also your home for closings and delays around the tri-state. >> a different picture on wall street. stocks have been sharply higher. energy stocks recovered some ground. we have a look at the latest numbers on local 12 news live at noon. the number of people seeking unemployment benefits rose last week to the highest levels since july.
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volatile after the holidays when many retail employees are laid off. the heads of the child poverty coalition are expected to meet today. cincinnati mayor john cranley gave that. the six cochairs could possibly discuss pushing the deadline back to september. right now they are looking to hire a consultant who could recommend ideas and then the coalition could decide to pass it moving forward. business leaders are discussing whether it makes sense to expand the street car into northern kentucky. the business council is hosting an all-star panel. a couple of the questions they hope to work through is what the next wave of residents will want in an urban core and whether they should explore the activity
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a street car did run from the river to northern kentucky. >> lamar bond appeared before a judge today. the 54-year-old faces two counts of arson. people were able to use surveillance video to identify bond and he's locked up right now on a $300,000 bond. >> turning now to a neighborhood crime alert. florence police need your help to identify a theft suspect. police want to question this man about a couple of different cases. he's expected of writing a fraudulent check. if you have information, call crime stoppers, you could earn a cash reward and you never have to give your name. new at noon services have been set for saturday. thomas catrell was killed by a man who set out to find a cop
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police say the girlfriend of herschel jones had called 911 to say he had weapons and was looking to kill an officer. jones is in custody right now, we expect he'll be charged with murder. services will be at 11:00 saturday morning at the newark campus. plans call for a color guard, bagpipes and a police escort from the funeral home to the frm ka campus. smile for brooklyn, last we we told you about brooklyn smith. diagnosed with dipg. brooklyn's favorite thing to do is smile. they want everyone to take a picture of themselves smiling and post it to the facebook page. it is called smile for brooklyn,
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>> hiring a full-time female
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and >> the buffalo bills make history. the team hired catherine smith as the first full-time assistant
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she did spend years as an assistant to rex ryan. and she's been named the special teams quality control coach. >> a new report says alexander died in london after drinking tea that was replaced with radioactive pollonium. two russian cops allegedly slipped that into the tea. the widow welcomed the report. calling for a travel ban on putin. >> asking the president to once again declare a disaster to fix the water crisis. there's an ongoing testing of lead water. president obama called it inexplicable and inexcuse able
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right away. mayor karen weaver says the cost to undo the damage could reach $1.5 billion. >> t.j. cancer, victoria mullens and shanel wood posted that they would like to help. kroger will park a truck for do
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>> volvo is working on a death-proof car that no one will be seriously injured or die in the year 2020. one of their models. the volvo xc-90 has had no u.s. fatalities in the last four years. >> the popular balancing board have been plagued by falls that result in serious injuries and fires, too. >> the consumer product safety commission has been investigating since september. retailers are looking for ways to use technology to improve the in-store shopping experience.
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displays, robots and smart dressing rooms could soon change the way we shop. >> the dow jones is up 235 points, the nasdaq is up 55 points, the s&p 500 is up 26 points, you can catch the
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p>> wha >> people want defining answers, but we don't really know how it will hit. >> who gets a little snow, or a lot more snow. we're still working on the forecast, look for updates on local 12, on local 12's weather authority app and on let me show what we have to offer on if you haven't been recently. we have interactive weather radar. the latest forecast from john. the planning forecast. an hourly forecast. if you keep going down the page, you've got weather maps. precision doppler 12 hd and the planning forecast. if you're on the go this
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tomorrow, just keep up to da it -- date on the latest forecast, plus you can find the information on the local 12 weather authority app. adams, robertson and mason county, a winter storm in effect from 7:00 a.m. on friday. i expect there will be increasing coverage tomorrow, especially after the morning commute and close to lunchtime. a winter storm watch has been posted. this goes from carol in switzerland county, all the way up to highland county. bank on four inches of snow, if the latest guidance holds through. a winter storm watch is out for these blue shaded areas. there's a legitimate threat for two or more inches of snow. it is not in effect for today or tonight.
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tomorrow to early saturday. this is where the national weather service has alerts. i suspect snowfall totals will be much lower. the atrium weather camera service, we'll stay dry this afternoon. the sun will be filtered for the rest of the day. we're back to mostly cloudy tonight. snow gradually increases in coverage and intensity tomorrow. there will be more snow to the south and the southeast of cincinnati. less snow to the northwest. 21 now in cincinnati, up between 25 and 30 this afternoon. we've had breaks in the clouds this morning. more clouds to the west, it will fill back in later today. no rain or snow moving into the tri-state this afternoon. we have no rain or snow to track
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clouds will gradually return this afternoon and especially this evening. we're back to cloudy to mostly cloudy by midnight tonight. now, notice early tomorrow, snow indicated here in white, it is favored south of the tri-state and especially south of cincinnati. once we get into the back end of the morning, especially the early to middle part of the afternoon, snow begins to overspread the tri-state. 8:00 on friday, plenty of snow. especially along and south and east of interstate 71. the coverage and the intensity of snow will decrease in the hours following sunset on friday. by early saturday morning, we're left with just flurries. at this point, totals vary. this is a preliminary forecast. in this shade of purple, i'm expecting four to six inches of new snow. two to four in hillsboro to vevay. an inch or less to the
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this screaming message here is that even though this forecast will change and the bands will get shifted. they will get scrunched or expanded later today or tonight. expecting more snow to the south and the southeast and less snow to the north, and northwest. that's the screaming message to take away. be aware the threat level is for early friday and saturday. the heaviest snow will likely fall between 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. on friday. heaviest to the southeast and the forecast will change. clouds increase and temperatures fall back down through the 20s this evening. temperatures eventually drop down to 20 early tomorrow. we'll be dry. snow will develop tomorrow. windy on friday, breezy on saturday and then finally some
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some updates later today on, local 12 weather authority app and of course right here on local 12.
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mom at 9:0:00 and
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people in ohio an awe-inspiring sight along the showers of lake erie. using lake erie's waves and cleveland's brutal winds. arctic air is blowing across lake erie. when the wind changes direction, so do these designs. these so-called sculptures could last until march. >> the last look at weather. >> no snow today. no snow tonight. here is how much we're expecting at this point tomorrow and early saturday. we'll update the forecast, in case you missed the weather forecast on >> also, first at 4:00.
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