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tv   Local 12 News at 11  CBS  January 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:20pm EST

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breaking news alert, tonight's top stories and weather before the first commercial, this is local 12 news at 11:00. well, we say location is everything. this unwinter storm proved that. good evening, everyone. it wouldn't be long before those areas that have been getting the most snow will catch a break. >> while other areas have seen more than a dusting, this is 275 and in union township. traffic is moving fairly well. let's get straight to tim with where the winter storm stands. >> i think we have a little bit of snow to fall, especially east of cincinnati and patches of light snow in and around
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a few flakes downtown. not a lot of snow. got hit pretty good scott to the south and east. 4.8 in union. mount olivet, 4.5. fall math, 5.2. williamstown, 5 inches. hal illton, less than an inch in cheviette and .50 at the airport. northwest nothing and to the north, basically nothing as well. now, these are as of 8:00. so these numbers will continue to grow especially in our eastern counties because they are gonna hang onto some of this light snow through the nighttime hours tonight. this is where we have just patches of light snow across hamilton county, down through clermont and brown and adams. it's kind of rotating in a counterclockwise fax but
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but slowly pulling off to the east. we'll continue to see that movement through the night. everything rotating around the big low. it gives up in cincinnati but light snow in the eastern counties and our southeastern counties as well. so don't be surprised, you know, down in southern brown county and adams, bracken and mason, you wake up to another .5 or inch on top of what you have right now come tomorrow morning. temperatures are in the 20s everywhere we look. winds are strong between 13 and 16 miles per hour. that makes for some cold windchills between 8 and 15. temperatures will drop down to 23 tonight. chance of a little bit of a light snow in and around 2:00. but totals less than an inch over almost everywhere in hamilton county. the east. a gradual return to the sun tomorrow. it won't be immediate and we'll take a look at next week as
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now, back to the desk. >> thank you. let's take a live look at the roads in northern kentucky. florence. as you can see the road is pretty much clear of snow. and there. but it doesn't look too bad. our driver there, i believe, fine. not having any problems on the road. now with the lights you can see a little bit more slush and snow on the roads but again, moving along pretty well. mason county took the brunt of the storm all day lock. larry davis was there and has more. >> reporter: maysville is a virtual ghost town. everything went moment early. the bosses sent them home. many businesses closed as well. tonight they are sitting at home keeping warm. riding out the storm. underway the mcdonald's was closed.
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into maysville. as you inch your way downhill, snowplows were out in full force. cars and sidewalks were being cleaned off. the mayor placed the city under a level 1 snow emergency. you were to drive with caution due to blowing and drifting snow. some drivers had the right means of transportation to get around. >> not bad when you got a vehicle like i'm driving. it's very slick out there. if you are not keeping it under control with the speed of the vehicle, if you hit your brakes, you are in trouble. >> reporter: while some were not happy with the snow, others enjoyed it. whether it meant a good snowball fight or even finding the sledding. others just made the most of it. >> i think it's safe to stay in. i'm gonna get out for a little while. we're not going very far. >> reporter: you like the >> not really. florida. >> reporter: throughout the
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few people walking the streets of downtown maysville. very few cars out as well. people are just staying indoors. tomorrow morning, they will be shoveling out. larry davis, local 12 news. grant county got a blanket of snow. that's where brad underwood is off interstate 75 with how people are getting around down there. what's it like where you are? >> reporter: well, we just had a guy who thought he was in a souped-up car movie. people enjoying doughnuts in parking lots. but the last couple of hours, crews have been able to catch up. earlier after that first wave at 3:30, 4:30, that's when the people said it was tough to get around dry ridge. once the snow began to fall, visibility became a problem. both on the roads and in the skies.
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from clear to wet and snow cover, a place covered, a place you didn't want be. >> reporter: as night fell, the roads got course but for susan being in this mess is something she did on purpose. >> i'm recording like as i drive just to see, you know, if i don't see something like any kind of view out there, just taking pictures. >> reporter: after making a few trips around town, conditions became too much of a problem her. >> i passed through here earlier. they are not out there on 22. >> reporter: have you had any issues driving? >> yeah. it's slick. it's really bad slick. yeah. >> reporter: again, 24-hour crews working out in 12-hour shifts. again, they are beginning to catch up. you can start to see some of the pavement out here as we do see more and more private, state and
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reporting live tonight, brad underwood local 12 news. rob? >> thank you. they've been getting more to the east of cincinnati as well. that's where we find angela ingram reporting from bethel. hi, angela. >> reporter: the farther east you go on 125, in some areas it's called ohio pike but it travels east to west. the farther east you travel, the more snow comes down. we've been out here since 8:00. there's been a steady snowfall which is very different from today. we've seen several plows. they've been out here all evening trying to deal deal with roadways. this is what it looked like a little bit earlier this evening. despite the snow, drive eswere out doing the best they could to clear the roads and dealing with those conditions. at local businesses, a private snow removal worker plowed parking lots so that customers could still get around and workers at the mcdonald's shoveled to keep a path clear
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come inside. drivers say there's been a heavy, consistent snow for several hours. we'll been here to witness it as well. independent flower says for a while, it took a while to see this -- this season for a decent snowfall but it's finally here. >> earlier, not so bad. but here recently, you know, snow is starting to stick and so we're a little busy. >> reporter: how have the roads been for you? >> not very good. driving a mazda. no four-wheel drive. sliding. but we had to get some food. gom some ice cream. >> i've been on 15, 52. they look like this parking lot we're standing in. they are just terrible. i know the road crews have been keeping up on them all day. you can't ask for much more than that. they are almost impassable the farther east you get. >> reporter: he's route. the plows have been out constantly up and down the road
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safe but it seems like they have a lot to do because the snow is unrelenting in this case. we did see one accident as we were traveling through the amelia area. there was a truck that went off the side of the road but the truck driver did not appear to be injured. just the state trooper taking that report. there's good news. angela ingram, back to you. >> thank you. and thanks to all of our reporters braving the elements tonight. take a live look at the white house, which is smack smack-dab in the middle of the strongest part of this stormsystem. it's hard to see in this picture. the snow is blowing down there. the storm is being blamed for six deaths on the roads. it's forced sticks states to declare emergencies. in all 85 million people are in the path. the snow is faufling -- falling at 2, 3 inches per hour. when it's all said and done, three feet of snow to cover the capital. d.c.'s mayor is asking people to
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so one family ventures out on foot. >> we came to have dinner with our neighbors, our friends. we thought we would walk. that was the better option. >> before d.c., the storm swept through places that don't really see snow all that often. in north carolina, at least four people died in accidents there. still tonight, hundreds of thousands of people are without power. could always be worse, right? now, as for d.c. and philly, the national weather service says the worst may be yet to come. the heaviest stuff is expected from midnight through tomorrow afternoon. stay with local 12 for all the of the latest on the storm. coming up in this broadcast, we'll head out to brown county where some people shil had to go piling up. we know it was heroin that caused a rollover crash that snarled traffic on 74. police say a couple was high when they crashed on 74 west. they were revived with the drug narcan and then taken to the hospital. amanda gordon and clayford
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seat. they were not hurt. they are staying with their grandmother tonight. still to come -- a deadly ohio. also a local man is now a prisoner in north korea. why the country says they
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that's next on local 12 the snow is not all that bad news. take this picture from chris. if you can't get out on the roads, might as well create a race car and then snow angels. another man was on his way to work and found out he didn't have to go inned in at all. >> i get to go home.
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thank god for the snow. thank you. >> others like to go to work on days like this because for some snow nights are money. we found some of those people in georgetown. >> reporter: there were a lot of people here in georgetown who decided to go home and stay in for the night. but there were others that we so. they wanted to make a little ex -- out in the snow. they wanted to make a little extra money. we met a woman going out and about to help others. s it what a blustery night in georgetown. the wind picked up blowing snow all over the plate. but earlier in the day, tina filled up so she could help stranded people. i want to go on some of the back roads to see if i can pull somebody out. >> reporter: dennis was getting ready for a lock night plowing parking lots. >> i will probably be out 30 hours before i get to go home. >> reporter: earlier, the snow
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problem for him. >> so far, so good. the know snow is not too deep. so the trucks are not working too hard. >> reporter: while the grownups work, the little ones waited to play. what do you think of the snow? >> awesome. >> reporter: but tina gooding proved you don't have to be a kid to like the snow. >> but i think the snow is beautiful and i love it. i'm the odd ball, i like the cold weather, too. >> reporter: the county has had plows out all night long clearing the roads and salting them. in georgetown, back to you. the brown county sheriff's office said there haven't been any major accidents reported there. here's good news, uk says the basketball game tomorrow will go on as scheduled. that's a good thing especially since the city got hammered by snow all day. kentucky governor matt bevin declared a statewide emergency this afternoon. plows were out but driving was still a challenge. didn't matter for that guy.
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>> beautiful and i get really excited in times like this. i'm off work today. we're shut down. and cities kind of -- the city is kind of like my own personal playground. it's a great time to get a run in. hat. just kidding. he's training for the boston marathon. good for him. that's one you have to qualify for him. that's in april. some of you saw something and others saw 5 inches. >> our reporters did a great job getting to where the news was. >> yes. >> georgetown, mays ville, brad down in grand county. >> yeah. >> angel and amelia. did a great job covering this storm which was basically to the east and to the southeast and to the south of cincinnati. kevin jordan of one of our photographers comes back with a few pictures from eden park. yeah, we got a little bit of snow in hamilton county, pent 5 there
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we still have a little bit for the next hour or two and in the eastern counties some could see, .5 or more. here's our medical camera. a few snowflakes downtown. temperatures cold to 23. wind are out of the north-northeast at 14 miles per hour. so there's a bite to that air out there. here are your winds between 13, 20 miles per hour making for windchills between 7 and 14. again, here's some smoefl snowfall totals. .4 in chev yet. .4, .5, 1.2. 3.0, 5.0. the further south you go, the more snow you got. 4.8 in west union. aberdeen, 4.5. some of these are going to grow over the next six hours and this was as of 8:00 as well. so i think totals will be higher
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morning. but nothing is going to occur to the northwest of cincinnati. big storm. cincinnati, to washington, d.c., all the way up to new york and then showers extending all the way down into the northern ekdz ses of -- northern sections of florida. nothing is heavy. but from cincinnati to women mington, hillsboro, adams county, brown county. you have this white snow that will add not totals that we've already seen and in hamilton county, we're seeing light stuff, cold rain, north gate, this won't amount too much but a quick covering overnight. this stuff in hamilton county will only last until about 1:00 in the morning or so. but notice our eastern counties hang onto snow. that's 7:00 in the morning. southeastern counties like brack and mason, still dumping some
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then we get rid of that snow into a little bit of sun as we get into the afternoon. and then i think plenty of sunshine shows up as we get into the day on sunday. could see a little bit of cloud cover as we get into the saturday night. so take a look at this. i want to show you the wide view here. we've been talking a lot about washington, d.c. and new york city. there's washington, d.c. midnight tonight. it's gonna snow all night tonight and all day tomorrow, all the way into tomorrow night and maybe even early sunday morning. 2 feet of snow in washington. a foot of snow in new york. that's a storm you will hear about for quite some time. temperatures in the 20s everywhere you look. here's your seven-day forecast. becoming mostly sunny tomorrow. i think we start with cloud cover. eastern counties, could start with some snow. 31, 35 and 42 for the next three days. and then as we get into next week. maybe a few showers on monday, tuesday maybe a little bit of
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next week, wednesday, thursday, friday, 32, 38 and 41. have a good weekend. dig out in the southeast and dig out in the south. john in tomorrow morning and i think brandon is out in the field. he will be near a big pile of snow.


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