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tv   Local 12 News at 6  CBS  January 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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surprised if they don't win in corvallis tomorrow, and not only no nights off but you play two road games as oregon will go to arizona, so you play in tucson and tempe, no easy trip. washington is much better this year. >> spero: dorsey bobbled it for a moment. >> doug: that's the cause of inconsistency, the depth of quality team. >> spero: booch boucher, that's good. [cheers and applause] >> spero: 18 for boucher! and the young man having his moment here in eugene. this is goloman, and there's a 3, back of the rim, no and then last touched underneath by the ducks. >> doug: what a weapon, chris boucher, the junior college all-american. a shot blocker.
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the same time. only 190 pounds soaking wet. >> spero: he is all arms and legs. coming up tonight on cbs, it all begins with ""ncis, los angeles" and then "48." only cbs. the final 45 seconds. and ucla certainly not the defensive effort that steve alford was hoping for but they were right there for much of this game. welsh extends and finishes. >> doug: i thought their defense was better at times in the second half but they couldn't secure the rebound. >> spero: just a tough team to figure out. on their best days, they can play with anyone. >> doug: and credit oregon. they did a tremendous job of taking away the strength of ucla's offense. >> spero: i would go out and -- on a limb and say that the oregon ducks will be in the tournament. >> doug: i think they are a tough match-up and you could see
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they continue to improve. >> spero: and benson is able to clean it up. perfect exclamation point for the ducks and holiday's heave at the horn is short. dana altman and oregon flexing its muscle as they defeat steve alford's bruins, 76 86-72. and right now oregon in sole possession of second place. >> doug: and is they get a shot at the arizona wildcats upcoming. and guard your yard, protect your turf, and the ducks did just that, sweeping ucla and usc. >> spero: this one was fun. for doug gottlieb, this is spero dedes saying so long from eugene. your final, orgover ucla. closed captioning provided
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now you're getting somewhere.
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>> announcer: breaking news alert, tonight's top stories and commercial, this is local 12 news. good evening to you. a massive snowstorm is wreaking havoc along the east coast and it's not over yet. the blizzard has shut down the nation's largest cities and as craig boswell reports from our nation's capital, it's left thousands of drivers stranded. >> reporter: a strong winter storm paralyzed cities from the gulf coast to new england.
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30-mile backup on i-75 in kentucky, hundreds of drivers were stranded in freezing temperatures for hours. further north more than 500 vehicles were stuck on the pennsylvania turnpike, including buses carrying temple university's gymnastics squad and the duquesne men's basketball team. snowplows had no problem plowing through baltimore. a parade of plows removed more than 30 inches of snow that crippled washington, d.c. divers who ventured out, found themselves in need of help. >> this is the third vehicle that i helped today. >> reporter: to get down the snow-covered side streets, city officials are using national guard humvees to help them get to people in need. >> we have actually embedded our humvees from the national guard with our emergency services. >> metal or plastic? >> reporter: d.c. residents rushed to supply stores to buy shovels for the big dig-out that's just ahead. the monster storm brought the
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>> this storm will surpass 20 inches accumulation in new york city. >> reporter: the storm could go down as one of the top five snowstorms in the city's history. the snow and ice made getting around a nightmare in connecticut. a transit bus slid down a hill, seriously injuring one passenger. airlines grounded nearly 4300 flights, but hope to restore service tomorrow. craig boswell, wkrc news, washington. and i-75 in south central kentucky is back open now. but about 3,000 travelers ended up stranded on a stretch of the interstate last night, a huge traffic backup started about 65 miles south of lexington. a serious of crashes led police to shut down the interstate in rock castle county. several tractor-trailers were stranded. no one was hurt and while the interstate is back open now, the state transportation cabinet is asking everyone to stay off of it tonight, as the threat of refreezing increases in parts of southern kentucky. they got about a foot of snow.
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and here in the tri-state, northern county didn't get as much snow as other parts of the state. but still saw its fair share. the snow did eventually stop falling in the morning and that's when local 12's megan moore spent time in dry ridge as many began shoveling out. >> reporter: for some the snow total may have come of what they were initially expecting. all around there was some digging out to do. and on a day like this -- >> mine it takes about a half hour. this one about ten minutes perform >> reporter: larry stiff isn't short on the generosity, clearing the driveway for his neighbor. >> he's 81 and he's a good neighbor. >> reporter: as are you, larry. on a bigger scale, those with the grant county road department have been logging long hours anything this all started yesterday.
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and it take 10 to 12 hours to get over them one time. >> reporter: they caught a break from flakes falling from the sky, but it's the pesky powder on the ground that's giving them a hard time. >> it keeps blowing back every time we plow and turn around and come back and they're drifted back. >> reporter: but that's not stopping people from getting out and about. just ask karen button at rock, paper, scissors salon. >> women will show up, they know i'm going to be here. so they'll make sure they get what they want to get done. i think everybody handled it. a lot of people have front-wheel drive cars. everybody gets out when they need to. >> reporter: whether that be getting out treat the roads, to treat a neighbor with kindness, or to just take a break and treat yourself. some of us are already counting down the days to when all of this is gone for good. >> that's what we pray for. warm weather. can't wait until spring
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megan moore, wkrc news. >> pendleton county is now under a level 1 travel advisory down from a level 2. that means road conditions have improved. kent county is no longer under a snow advisory. cars can now park on the streets. after all of the snow we saw during the past week, we're relieved to see some sunshine today. scott, today and tomorrow will be quiet. hi, scott. >> we'll be mostly clear this evening. a sharp contrast from where we were 24 hours wag snow in the southern, southeastern part of the tri-states especially. so there will be no rain or snow tonight. just some high-level clouds. notice temperatures gradually falling down to around 20 degrees near midnight and then we'll settle into the mid and upper teens overnight. the wind chill has been in the teens for much of the afternoon, wean sun. it will feel a lot colder than the temperature map suggests. notice the mostly clear sky ahead.
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on live precision doppler 12h.d. 27 in wilmington and the international airport. factor in the wind and it's been breezy at times today. wind chills down to 17 at the international airport. feels like 19 in anderson township. rain and snow showers late monday and tuesday and plus we'll update you on temperature trends the week ahead in the planning forecast. which comes your way in about ten minutes. sydney? >> all right. thanks, scott. a three-alarm fire causes hundreds of thousands in damage to the over-the-rhine building. they say they found flames coming from the third floor and the roof of the building. it was also spreading into the buildings nearby. the offices of the historic bell computer in one of them. called. they were able to save the surrounding buildings. most of the damage is to the building where the fire started. took crews about two hours to get the fire under control. and now the cause is under
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local firefighters are hosting a benefit to honor one of their own. patrick walterman died last month when you fell through the floor of a burning home in hamilton. local 12's brad underwood is live from the pub in brookwood commons with a look at how the firefighters are raising some money. hey, brad. >> reporter: well, sydney, the bagpipes just started playing inside the pub here in the brookwood commons. a couple of different events today to not only honor firefighter patrick walter but to raise money for his family. before we get to the event inside, we'll start with the first one today. earlier 24 afternoon, the cycling class at the cycle bar here at the commons. the nearly hour-long crash was $25 per person inside and almost all of that $25 went straight to the walterman memorial fund and then starting at 5:00 here, at the pub, in norwood in the same -- on the other side of brookwood commons, you have silent auctions, raffle prizes and they are serving a couple of
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$3 of those sales of all of those great lakes beers goes to that memorial fund as well. we did catch up with the hamilton fire captain earlier and talking about this event, both of these ovents today and how much they mean to him and to the fire tent. >> the show of support from citizens to even come out along the funeral route was enormous. it was enormous support and we really do appreciate it. and to have an event like this and to have not only local firefighters, but also spouses, family members, citizens of the public come out in support, it's amazing. >> reporter: now this event, we've got to tell you, it's packed. i don't know if you've been inside this particular restaurant, not that large of a place. but starting at 5:00 when the event was suppose to start, it was shoulder-to-shoulder. so people keep coming in, as people leave, this is going to be a very big night and a big fundraiser for the walterman family. reporting live tonight, in norwood, brad underwood, local 12 news.
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tonight only at longhorn steakhouse. you cant fake steak. and for lunch try our new steak and bacon cheddar melt. or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. >> announcer: from local 12, the local authority, this is scott dimmich's hour-by-hour forecast. >> good evening. after all of the snow in northern kentucky, southeast of cincinnati yesterday, 1.2 inches of snow at the international airport, we're just mostly clear tonight. i have updated the hour-by-hour
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authority app. there will be virtually no clouds in the sky tonight. and temperatures will gradually fall through the 20s and eventually into the mid and upper teens. the feels-like temperature, the wind chill will likely be in the teens for much of the evening and the overnight. you can track clouds that are moving into the tri-state now on local 12's the weather authority app, search for wkrc in the app store, google play and you can get a link to the atrium medical weather center cam while you're there. temperature for us 26 in oxford. dew point is 15. we have dry air in place. that limited the coverage and the intensity of snowfall yesterday. that pocket of dry air will also keep us dry this evening and overnight. factor in the wind out of the west-northwest at 6, feels more like 20 degrees up in oxford. we're mostly clear this evening, then partly cloudy tomorrow. showers return for the back half of monday, especially monday evening and then we'll have scattered rain and snow showers on tuesday.
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about as a result of the rain and snow showers monday night and early tuesday. but roads will at least be wet in spots monday night and early tuesday. in the short-term, temperatures are falling. peebles is down to 25. loveland is at 31. wind chill is between 20 and 28 there. we'll take 27 now in cincinnati. down a degree or two in the next couple of hours and ultimately in cincinnati. had clouds earlier today and then sun for much of the afternoon. there are some high-level clouds off to the northwest that will be overspreading the ohio valley overnight. but big winter storm that came through much of the ohio valley yesterday, mid-atlantic and new england now is moving away. so the impacts of that system are going away from us. we had a decrease in cloud cover today. and we're mostly clear this evening. just high-level clouds overhead. we have no rain or snow to track
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especially areas south-southeast of cincinnati snow was given snow yesterday. near blizzard, blizzard conditions mid-atlantic, parts of new england in the short-term. but high pressure pushes that area of low pressure out. so we're clear to partly cloudy tomorrow. then mostly clear tomorrow night, but clouds increase on monday. initially we start monday with sun and then clouds rapidly increase during the afternoon and notice a broken line of rain showers arriving likely after the late afternoon, early evening commute. but rain is on the way, nonetheless, for the back end of monday and monday evening. down to 15 by 6:00 in the morning. tomorrow we're up to 36 degrees. about 5 degrees ahead of today's high. 44 the forecast high monday. increase in clouds. scattered rain showers coming in late. we'll have scattered rain and snow showers especially early tuesday. and then we finally make a run close to 50 by the time we kick off next weekend. we deserve some sun, we're going to get it tomorrow. and we deserve some sun with some warmth and we will get that
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thanks, scscott. >> announcer: now the sports report. >> well, what if i told you that xavier senior spar went off for 14 more points than the average and grabbed six more boards than the average? well, think the muskies came out on top. he did and they did. xavier responding with a win over a solid seton hall team. seton hall nearly upsetting nova earlier this week. muskies up by two. the big set. they get the stop on the defensive end and sumner the flush baseline. xavier up four at the half. second half, nice look to james far. four assists. sean is working, miles davis tracks it down and he's going to push it, finds the easy bucket.
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did the muskies play like a top five team today? >> i don't know. i mean, i worry about beating seton hall and now i'm focusing in on providence. it's just -- it's a monster league that we're in. it's getting a lot of national credit and it should. you have four teams in the top 25. and all four of them are top of the standings. so it's a -- it's monster of a league that we're in and very fortunate today. i don't look at it big picture of, you know, how are we playing compared to the kansas and that's -- that's for people outside of the cintsa center to worry. >> the wild cals dominating on the in their win over arkansas on the road. they're 11-7 on the season. the pick and roll, lee the dunk. 11-5u.k. lead.
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he finished with 21. u.k., going to run the ball, jamal murray the pull up in stride. he had 18. wins. indiana playing their 12th northwestern. indiana up 8-0. flush. he finishes that passing cycle. 10-0i.u. to yogi ferrell. easy bucket. hoosiers. the longest winning streak under tom crean. 7-0 for the first time since the '92-'93 season.
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we'l'lm kkkkk >> scott, things have quieted down. much to everyone's relief. >> nice to take a breather for 48 hours. 36 the forecast high tomorrow.
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next chance for precipitation rain late monday, we'll have scattered rain and snow showers early tuesday. a few, if any, problems with that system monday night and tuesday. >> 50 a week from today will be nice.
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