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tv   Local 12 11 Saturday  CBS  January 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> it's because he's innocent. >> cbsn, the live digital news network from cbs news. cbsn. >> anchor: number 11 a most a winter storm that will not let up. and the cities that are virtually shut down tonight. >> meanwhile all is quiet in the ohio valley. we have an increase of clouds from the west right now. we will discuss more sun for sunday and when rain returns coming up. >> anchor: and a benefit for one of their own, we will show the turnout for a fun riser fundraiser for a fallen firefighter. >> and good evening to you. a blizzard is still pummeling the east coast. dumping several feet of snow in the nation's biggest cities. more than a dozen people died in the storm. as we report millions of people
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>> reporter: a major snowstorm is still hammering the northeast. the traffic in new york city's times square was noticeably quiet saturday night. officials expect nearly 30 inches of snow in the big apple. >> the rate of this snowstorm continues to be intense between one and three inches per hour. >> reporter: major causal funding pushed water up to residence doorsteps in new jersey. this -- >> well beyond the idea of a winter wonderland. there is no romance to a blizzard in my mind. >> reporter: this couple is going to the trouble to get married in matter what. after being stranded on the turnpike double i went caused blinding white out conditions to the nation's capital. a pair of 4 x 4 push pickup trucks towed another truck out
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>> cruise can't clear roads because snow is falling so rapidly. >> our interest is in public safety being able to get our first responders and getting the city back open. >> reporter: the city also spread to thousands of travelers. flights were canceled and airports closed. >> anchor: officials are now confirming at least 18 deaths that are weather related. i-75 in south-central kentucky is back open now but about 3000 travelers ended up stranded on a stretch of the interstate last night. a huge traffic backup started about 65 miles out of lexington and a series of questions led the lease to shut down interstate and several tractor-trailers were stranded. no one was hurt and while the interstate is back open now, the transportation cabinet is asking everyone to stay off of it tonight as the threat of refreezing increases.
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one foot of snow. the governor declared a state of emergency. back here, northern kentucky did not get as much snow as arts parts of the other stated but till our fair share. this morning. and we spent some time in dry out. >> this note total map, show what people are initially expecting. all around there was still some digging out to do. and on a day like this >> it takes about a half hour. this about 10 minutes. >> larry is not short on generosity, clearing the driveway for his neighbor. >> he is 81, and he is a good neighbor. >> as are you larry! on a bigger scale, those in the grand county road department have been logging long hours and since this all started yesterday.
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it takes 10 to 12 hours to get over all of them at one time. >> they got a break from flakes falling from the sky but it is the pesky powder on the ground giving them a hard time. >> it keeps blowing back every time we plow, we turn around and come back and it's back. >> it did not stop people from getting out and about. just ask karen at rock paper scissors salon. >> not with women in either hair done. they will show because they know i am here to make sure they get what they want. i think everybody handles it. is a rural area so they have a lot of four-wheel-drive's are from die parts and everyone gets out when they need to. >> whether that be getting out to treat the roads, to treat a neighbor with kindness or to just take a break and treat yourself.some of us are already counting the days when all of this is gone for good. >> that is what we pray for. warm weather!
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>> and dry ridge, megan moore, local 10 news. >> anchor: now we are down to a level one travel advisory from a level to which means things have improved. edgewood and fort mitchell has did their snow emergencies. cars canal park back on the street. after all the snow is on the past week we are relieved to see sunshine say. tonight and tomorrow will be quite. we are joined now with scott for our weather. before this evening we will stay mostly clear overnight. i've dropped their low temperature down to 14 based on temperature trends this evening. will be mostly clear through sunrise and mostly clear to partly cloudy tomorrow morning with temperatures rising from the teens early to the 20s late. i have it set to 29 by noon tomorrow. we have no snow to track right now on our live doppler. we have -- not all of it,
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temperatures now or in the teens for most. still holding on to 20 degrees -- in some spots but not everywhere. the wind should be around or under five miles per hour. while we stick in the teens overnight where in the low to mid-30s tomorrow afternoon. we're quiet sunday but we have rain and snow chances to track in the planning forecast coming up in 10 minutes. >> anchor: a three alarm fire causes hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. late last night they say they found flames coming from the third floor and the roof of the building. it was spreading also to the buildings nearby. the offices are historic bell company and wasserman 575 firefighters were called they were able to save the surrounding buildings, most of the damages to the building
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it took cruise about two hours to get the fire under control and now the cause is under investigation. local firefighters hosted a benefit to honor one of the on. patrick alterman died last month when he fell to the floor of a home in hamilton. we are reporting from norman -- from norwood where they spent the evening having a benefit for the family. >> reporter: it has been a month since the firefighter did not make it out. citizens have come together to donate money to his family and honor service. they slept for 50 minutes as instructed jordan beats them down, but this class is a little different than the other classes. this one is for firefighter patrick alterman. the cycle bar has only been around for a few months but it
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to hunt hold a fundraiser riot >> we're all about giving back and creating good energy for the community. and giving back. >> reporter: this was department. >> we decided to do something so the wolterman family is family with us. so we want to make sure they were taking care of. >> reporter: an hour spent here with a workout and then i spent at the pub with a party. there are tables full of auction items, raffle prizes and donation jars. there were also t-shirts for sale in honor of firefighter wolterman. >> the funeral turner was enormous. there was enormous support and we do appreciate it. to have an event like this and have not only local firefighters but also spouses and family members and citizens of the public come out in support, it is amazing.
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>> reporter: all of the money raised and even a portion of beer sales go to the memorial fan fund for wolterman. they ruled the fire arson and now the hamilton police department vows to find who set the fire and bring justin to the -- justice to the wolterman family. local 12 news. >> anchor: if you have any information about the fire that killed firefighter wolterman call that police department. today marks a special event in honor of the late lauren hill. it is the scholarship that -- most played and they did partying afterward. it all goes to the scholarship in lawrence memory ii raise money for pediatric brain cancer before it ultimately took her life last year.
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for a young boy with the ipg. the child recently came home from the hospital and firefighters picked him up earlier today to take him to bridgewater church in fairfield county for the celebration. he gave a small wave as guest greeted and hugged him. mom says he was excited that he was feeling well enough to go to the party. funeral services were held today for a local musician smith. he played drums for the likes of local bands free space and others. his wife and him were traveling at high 75 last week when there been collided with a semitruck and he died from his injuries. his wife is the time of his death family was just finishing -- he was just finishing up his first hello album. they have reached out to help complete the record. >> he was just starting to make his mark out there. people that -- i have had people get in touch with me via
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musicians that met him maybe one time and did one show together but they were adamant about making sure they connected and how can i be involved? >> anchor: he was just 30 years old. the go find me account has been set up to support his wife and five kids. if you would like to donate you can go to our website. you can also go to fifth third bank to make a donation.
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the big apple where travel >> anchor: and the local breaking news on south on i 71
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after a crash. a number of vehicles have collided near the ronald reagan highway. they say injuries are reported and is not clear how many. tune into good morning cincinnati sunday for any new information we learn overnight. a shooting is now a homicide investigation. the end victim died earlier today. they say aisha williams was shot last week while she was in a vehicle on reading road the 24-year-old was taken to the hospital where she later died. police say they do not have any suspect information to release right now but if you know anything call crime stoppers at 352 3040. two people appear in court were accused of being high on heroin when they crashed their car and i 74. bond for amanda gordon has been set at hundred and $75,000. and the other -- deputies said gordon was driving when they both overdosed and the car went
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near an exit. both of them were revived and now in jail. their two sons were in the backseat and were not hurt and they are staying with the grandmother. people in this data showing the support for residents of flint michigan and the water crisis. a group organized a donation drive. people stopped by the hartwell kroger to make donations. they also donated a truck for all of the donations and they're all going to flint. transportation also donated passenger bus for volunteers to ride along to the donations tomorrow. just about every mode of transportation in new york city is shut down tonight. there is of course thanks to the blizzard that is already ranked in the top three storms in the city's history. the underground subway system is the operating but as they reported all other canceled.
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pity on driver who defied the travel ban in new york city. saturday afternoon all nonemergency video vehicles were ordered off the road in new york city. down. >> it is very important that people clear the roads the sanitation can do is work and get the city back on its feet over the next day or two. a great roads were also closed on long island. on the cross island parkway cuomo help a stranded motorist. >> between the snowball and when it is a treacherous situation. >> reporter: the mounds of snow to the heavy toll. three people who are shoveling the new york city died of apparent heart attacks. in mount vernon and westchester county, workers clear the top of the sports dome to prevent a collapse. even the great white -- matinee and evening performances here on board we were canceled. twins emily and kayla were
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of rock to celebrate her 18th birthday. are you disappointed that it is canceled? >> yes.>> hello have you planned it? >> a couple of months. >> reporter: other new yorkers relished the weather. lulu got a chance to go sledding. >> she loves sledding so much that she will not little kids over to get to the top of the hill. >> reporter: it is time for snow selfies and other pictures to remember a storm for the ages. governor cuomo says the travel ban will be lifted sunday morning as life without a white blanket resumes. cbs news, new york.>> anchor: more than two feet of snow has fallen in manhattan. the storm is also raising floodwaters on the jury the storm bringing back memories of super storm sandy. we did dodge a bullet without one but we got a little bit but most of us got very little. >> meteorologist: just about in and and totals went to 6+ a part of the adams county. but this afternoon will get in the direct sometime in the
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we will be a much better shape tonight to and tomorrow. 24 hours ago even if the cruise didn't answer it, mother nature is doing her thing to try and melt some of the snow in the next couple of days. we're up into the 30s tomorrow and then into the low and mid-40s monday.tonight temperatures fall all the way down to 14 by 6:00 in the morning. we have clear to mostly clear skies overhead and you can track the thin wispy clouds overhead on our weather app. rain and snow showers returns attracted on monday. especially early tuesday you can track those on our app as well. our forecast is been updated. temperature and wind chillers 26 on the weather camp tonight. no precipitation today. again the day we had clouds and then some sun in the afternoon. we're dry overnight with some mid-and upper-level clouds. then wispy clouds.tomorrow
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enjoy the sun tomorrow because clouds increase monday and rain and no-shows return beginning late monday, especially late monday night and into early tuesday. fayetteville down to 17, -- notice everyone reporting on this last calm wind. temperature is equal to the wind chill. will be relatively light overnight and will drop for degrees with current temperature 18 in cincinnati to get to 14 overnight. larger view shows cold air wrapped in behind this drawing area of low pressure pounding new england, mid-atlantic. not just a couple of inches of snow but several inches of snow if not more than a foot of snow with near blizzard or blizzard conditions reported from new york down to d.c. today. that area of low pressure is slowly becoming disorganized and will pull out into the
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coming hours in the next couple of days. here at home, the influence of low pressure is really gone. we had a flow of the northwest for much of the afternoon, wind will turn around to the southwest tomorrow.noticed some class trickling from the northwest, but no snow. on our live precision doppler radar. we're nice and quiet overnight, some mid-and high-level class tomorrow. still clear to partly cloudy. we'll pick up some cumulus clouds into the afternoon, highs tomorrow will be in the low to mid-30s. tomorrow and early monday. it breaks down as we get closer to monday night, notice we start monday with son, lines of equal pressure here and we get a little more tightly packed. slow the flow will be out of the southwest, wind speed increases and here come showers just in time for you to come back from work monday night. i suspect most of the showers that we see monday will be after the late afternoon and
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we are mostly clear overnight down to 14, thankfully the wind will be like. wind chill would be close to the temperature tomorrow. we're clear to partly cloudy, 36 is the forecast type. if you want warmer air we're up to 44 on monday and then we get a reinforcing shot of colder tuesday and wednesday. we still have some flurries around early wednesday after scattered rain and it shows that the -- temperature will be near or above freezing when much of this place fall. clouds increase late thursday and were bad at it with a mix of sun and clouds and highs back into the mid and upper 40s friday and saturday. the forecast will be updated tomorrow morning starting at 8:00 a.m..
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some warmer temperatures. >> that afternoon, and matchup was a good test here the pirates not a top team in the nation but showing so far they can play with the boys after coming to a point of knocking over the lenovo coming off their loss to georgetown. nearly upsetting also upsetting providence earlier this month. xavier and a career-high today he had double this was big, edmond looking through there
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they finished the game with 15 and this one understand the game. miles davis and head to him easy bucket, they win it 84 to 76. they say his growth in the past year as a parent. >> i think it shows how comfortable he is on the college floor. how confident he is in his ability and he is a big-time player. for him to respond when the half of our team needed it and it just says a lot about his maturity. last year he struggled in the second half of the year, there is no way he would have had even close to this type of second half today. not a year ago. >> after dropping knives this past week kentucky needed to have a confidence building a consistent play. the focus of the task at hand hand picking up a win against arkansas.
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away games and satish are 64 percent in the second half against vanderbilt. vanderbilt coming up a three game win streak. uk -- jamaal murray going to have some fun with this. picking things up in the second half, creating what he does owe so well, uk 76 57. indiana plan for the 12 straight when hosting northwestern. farrell finished the day with 17, troy williams now baseline and for the 14 point lead. second half, bryant the big man running, hard to knock down loving it and farrell to williams, they win 89 to 57. the longest winning streak understand green.
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definitely not, the cards stacked up bright and hey, is that it? i think that's it. keep it going, keep it going, fantastic. all right. oh gosh. all right. keep it up! i'm keeping up rusty! i'm keeping up! what's going on? jj. nice to meet you. what's going on? not too much. just trying to keep up.
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>> -- they were able to stick to the game plan and execute for enough place to get the win in a back-and-forth game. valentine's day for cincinnati basketball was not so much the day of love in 2015. the bearcat lost on a buzzer beater. tomorrow returning to the third arena, they are eight and 12 in the season. lesson learned or hopefully
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>> too late as a team, your team without him nothing to lose. they're going to be someone, it is coming. in addition i wanted to be you. you watch all of these games and getting things get clipped just like oklahoma state. they came close against oklahoma the so they can get somebody. three nights later they beat kansas. so you just have to make sure you are ready. that's why said the seniors are important because they have a sense of urgency. >> high school hoops, last night and tonight elder and -- panthers and second and coming off back-to-back -- playing for the first conference win. they want to start, for the 500.there were five and 10 coming into tonight. elder off -- panthers of nine after the quarter. then josh glaser, he takes it to the hall but frankie hoffman, that was attractive. a elder was it 51 40.
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weekend story series -- for the one nothing lead, comments of early a little throwing of the punches, all of those princesses love that. cyclones when it. miami men in akron tonight, they show no mercy.
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75 46 was the >> i want to update you on a breaking alert read earlier. traffic is slowly beginning to move again on i 71. it was shut down near ronald reagan exit following a crash. a number of vehicles collided. it is not yet clear exactly how many. injuries are reported. will be on, a little fun today. -- was held in fountain square with an annual showdown with cincinnati's favorite mascots.
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has, victory lightning and the public library. along with a lot of others. a good day for that. >> do you have a favorite in there? >> i didn't know copying this is a vacuum you in your favor. >> partly cloudy tomorrow with
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