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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  January 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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covington on what he's learned about the blazes. joe. >> rob, covington h seen vacant building fires for generations. this one on 4th street is on busy street on one of the city's nicest neighborhood. fires and vacant buildings are expensive to the city, dangerous to firefighters and scary for neighbors. scene overnight is too familiar for covington firefighters. >> >> occasionally, we have waters. >> scar in the neighborhood. vacant home at 16th and scott caught fire, spread to the next
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today, it's still blocked off. except for pedestrians. two weeks ago, 2017, mccoy trashed the homes inside of it. >> they need to do better care for the property. and going to go in, hey, we don't expect to happen. >> >>. >> they tore down the vacant house, scott and martin. the city has a program to level problem places, long before they have a hazard. >> what you have, much higher level of vacant properties. i don't think our fire volume has increased. vacant fire to occupy the structure.
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covington, there's currently 1,522 abandoned structures in the city of covington. last night's fire, is still under investigation from the fire. rob, it's a sad case. this building was built in 1869. >> and such an unnecessary danger to the firefighters. when they tear the buildings, who pays for that? do they charge the land owner. >> they do. they do charge the land owner, property owner, if they can find them. all too often, the buildings, many of the abandoned buildings, the firefighters described as ownerless. they can't find them the owner. bank has taken them over. the city ends up paying >> and two of them appeared to have been intentionally set.
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he thinks both times, it was set. >> local high school students cope with the loss of classmate and friends. lauren willfong died in a car accident last night. willfong crashed along state route 126. troopers say he she was on her way home when she overcorrected and crashed into an suv. you'll hear what people are saying about willfong at 5:30. and mark huffman could face 40 years to life in prison. police say he was drunk and high when he killed a couple. his car hit there, head on on kentucky 17 and independent. he's held without bond. >> newly filed lawsuit accuses northern kentucky university of
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student who says she's raped several years ago. accusations were handled on a university administrative process. she claims that an attorney hired by nk yu threatened to expose details of the attack as she took legal action. nku issued a statement, lawsuit contains many factual inadd quasies and mischaracterization. >> two water main closes for traffic for 12 hours. repairs continue along highway 28, near miami township claremont county. passerby spotted the problem. around 8:00, crews suspected the problem >> chilly but not dry. >> and looking less than a tenth
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overnight period, for rainfall totals. this is not a huge rainmaker. and right now, we're looking live, near phiffer road. temperatures in the mid 40s. winds, kicking out of the south, southeast at 15 miles an hour. it's been breezy throughout the day. you could expect the same thing, throughout the day tomorrow, winds shift from the south and from the west. right now, we're tracking a couple of spotty light showers, through clifton. this is moving northeast. this will continue to push out of, union county. franklin county, seeing some in the central portions of the county, through cedar drove and into portions of northern ripley and dearborn county. that will continue to move away from your counties. and deer springs, continue to see light rain. and eventually will probably,
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and a couple of the sprinkles will make to florence. we have more rain to the west and southwest. it will continue to develop throughout the evening. so we'll continue to have the chance for some spotty shower activity >> right now, we're 46 at cincinnati. 49 in hamilton. and we'll talk about even milder days in the seven-day forecast back to you. >> erica, thank you. at least 36 people died in the blizzard that moved to the east coast. today, it's the big dig out. craig boswell reports from washington, d.c. that took one of the hardest hits. snow blower, shovels, to clear a path to about two feet of snow. some vehicles still couldn't make it through. residents help the truck driver get back to work. >> we're moving.
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conditions are treacherous, that government watches are closed on monday. >> we knew we would have 26 inches of snow and very cold temperatures throughout the week. several days of cleanup ahead of us. >> the piles are just as big in new york city, where almost 27 inches of snow fell. second largest storm since 1869. >> consider it a 48 hours, consider to get around. >> new york residents, urged to leave their cars out all week. some begin the back-breaking process. millions. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> more than 12 thousand flights were cancelled over the weekend. airports are starting to get back to normal. it could take a few days before the passengers are rebooked. kentucky, storm led to millions in damage, for a
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and others. the accumulation of up to 13 inches of heavy snow, caused many slips to collapse in marinas all along lake cuberland much it's a mess, isn't it. they sank many house boats and smaller watercraft. salvaged companies say it will take weeks. lake cumberland is one of the top spots of the nations many know. and kentucky's new governor is defending his decision to leave the commonwealth, declaring a state of emergency. he will travel on saturday. the governor will remain in the management of the storm. it standed divers and divers, without homes. and two former tri-state
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shine in the big game.
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no one told . >> will range from 38 to 102 per game. the overall package will be treated. and the tenth, will be in london. the team did reduce the cost of tickets for the pre-season. they will range from 23 to 62 instead of 35 to 95, like last year. >> and the stage is set for super bowl 50, two men who play high school ball in the tri-state. punched their tickets to the big game by winning the nfl championship, which is last night. >> bengals heading to the bay area. carolina panthers, with a pair of players with cincinnati ties. he played his high school ball and norwell, played at anderson high school. panthers earned their big game,
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both guys were key players, throughout their incredible run to the super bowl. and he had eight tackles and interception, for 49-15 win over the cardinals. >> the defense line, the biggest group of guys, that deserve the credit. you look at the interception. the guys, coach wash, putting together a package, allowed the guys, rams were in good game. and the back end, worst from the front end. the relationship we get pressure. they cover, they can get sacks. next one, credits could go to the guys. >> and bronco tell uc defensive lineman, big part of denver's top rated defense. recently signed a 36 million contract extension. less than two weeks in santa clara. sounds good. >> local 12 is your home from
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leading to the 6:30 kick-off on sunday after next, february 7th. weekend's masssive w w i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for honeysuckle white
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that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent honeysuckle white . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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. >> former prosecutor, special council, investigate whether
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that led flint. fbi office. the ag is reviewing what could be done to prevent flint residents to be billed for water. and regulatory failures that led to crisis. federal regulations are also under way. head of ohio's government agency, calling for the operator of the water treatment plant. the utility failed to tell the public, high levels of lead and copper have been detected in homes last summer. epa says there's reason to suspect operator failed to report. and sea brings school cancelled classes friday and today. the new jersey shore is cleaning up after a powerful weekend punch. >> and they received not only a lot of snow but also saw serious
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wildwood, a storm search, carried boats to the streets, while 50 miles an hour storms ripped away signs. higher than expected tied, across the scombrersy shore. >> we've seen a lot of docs in the road and lot of flooding in the storms. >> captured ice flows and capturing streets and several towns. one point, 94 thousand outages were reported across the state. >> your heart really goes out to him. >> and it will remain pretty bad. the people who got 20-30 inches of snow, that has to melt eventually. eventually, melts slowly. we'll be looking at flooding concerns as well. here at home, we're pretty much in the outskirts of no snow.
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downtown cincinnati. and temperatures in the 30s and 40s for the next of the forecast. it will be a nice mild week ahead. tomorrow and wednesday, will be in the 30s, which is kind of normal for now. upper 30s, is normal for highs this time of year. we can see a bright spot, from the atrium weather camera, live through covington. we'll see light showers work our way in through the western half of the viewing area. this will continue to move oxford. we have a couple of showers in fayette county. that will continue to move aafrom the county, away from connorsville. connorsville, couple of sprinkles downtown, in the northern edge of lawrenceburg. that will continue to move
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showers near cold springs, moving northeast, rising sun in bellevue and a few sprinkles. rest of us are dry and cloudy and will remain that way throughout the evening, cloudy and we'll continue to see the chance for a couple of showers move in from the south and west along the weak cold front that's moving through. that's what's been kicking up the breeze. that will be the trend tonight and through the day tomorrow. here. that's have the light showers, moving in western tennessee and kentucky. we'll continue to see winds out of the south, southeast throughout the evening. right now, around 15 miles an hour. that's what's helping us bring in some milder air from the south. we'll continue to see temperatures in the mid 40s, pretty much all night long. 45 in lebanon. 46 at the airport. and 47 in alexandria. and mid 40s for mazeville.
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times, off and on light showers. we're not looking off a lot of rain. it's going to be a mild and somewhat wet night. the rain trend overnight, tomorrow morning, looks like this. starts at 8:00 tonight. have a 40-50 percent chance through 2:00 in the morning. things will kind of wind down. early morning commuters, if you travel 4:00, 5:00, expect a few light showers. after 6:00 or 7:00. we should be drying out and we'll start to see cloudy skies and dry conditions throughout the day. and the breeze will make it feel a lot colder. temperatures in the 30s. it will feel more like the upper 20s with the breeze out of the west, 10-15 miles an hour. see falling temperatures tomorrow. 35 on wednesday, partly cloudy skies. once we get cold enough, have a chance of a few flurries at night. friday and saturday, 40s for friday.
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it will be a nice day and probably the better of the two. shower chances to move in on sunday. temperatures staying around 50 degrees. >> that's warm. >> nice. >> and optimism tempered with reality, filled with road blocks. new report on the challenges facing cincinnati's children, how they view their own futures. >> you don't realize how badly you're getting ripped off or being taken advantage of as a woman.
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>> women may be paying more then men. a study reveals the price gap. >> comparison, with clear male and female version, shows on average, the women's version cost 7 percent more. as michelle miller reports, price discrimination isn't limited to retail. one female producer and one male producer, visited a handful of dry cleaners in new york city. they brought nearly 100 identical button up shirts and
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>> one was charged $7.50, while her male counterpart $2.07. the new york study founds differences in these jeans and toys like this scooter. research shows women paid more than men for similar products 42 percent of the time. tom marks, consumer retail product, has been researching the issue for years >> you don't realize how badly you are getting ripped off or taken advantage, so you become so conditioned to pay more. >> while there's no federal law that bans the practice, gender price-gouging is for new york, and california. >> and we don't know who is responsible for it. >> michael coen is a trade lawyer.
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costs for women's products tackled on from the get go. he found women's clothing, shoes and gloves, often enter the country with a higher import tax than men. >> it may be $5 that you pay that's extra to uncle sam. by the time he hits retail, consumer, $10-20. >> consumer news. >> make my husband do the shopping from now on.
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studentses struggle to p >> some local teenagers are dealing with the loss of a
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>> she attended milford high school. larry davis has reaction from some who knew her. he joins us live with what they had to say. larry? >> it was an emotional day in milford high school as grief counselors hope to help the students and faculty of a 16-year-old girl who was described as many as a member of the family. it was a tough day at fillford high school as students and faculty come to grips with the death of lauren millfong. >> dealing with the tragedy of the loss of lauren. we're speaking to and sharing the positive stories about her and about the person she was and character of the person. >> milford high school principal, lauren willphoung was always optimistic and had a smile that would light up a room.
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motivated, ambitious. she was a junior taking college courses. day. >> and sunday afternoon, lauren left work in the indian hill winter club and was driving road. ohio troopers say she lost control, overcorrected and lost the center line. colliding head on with the suv. aaron gentry, the key to overcorrecting is to slow down. >> slow off the gas pedal much keep the wheel straight as much as you can. there may be rough spots. there may be turbulence. keep it as safe as you can. then you could gradually get it up in the roadways. >> grief counselors were on hand, to help students cope with the loss of a classmate. >> loss is never easy. when you have a young lady as bright as lauren, it makes it's specially difficult.
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relationships and consider ourselves a family in milford high school. we lost one of our own today >> paula, lauren willfong died in north hospital. troopers say she was not wearing a seat belt. the driver of the suv was not injured. grief counselors will be here, again, tomorrow. as principal kaufman told me, it will be here as needed basis. paula, back to you. >> thank you, larry. milford school officials say they will likely to set up a memorial in honor of willfong. a decision will come up in a later date. hillary clinton's campaign for the white house will make a stop in cincinnati. local news, bill clinton will be leading a campaign.
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held from 8 8:30 and 12:30. hillary clinton is not expected to attend, given the south later. building that sits in the corner. warner brothers pictures building is being turned into office space for enterprising young companies. project qualified for historic tax credits. it is expected to take six months to complete. 100 new jobs coming to the kenwood collection. company that distributes digital programs. and kwoeshia technology will invest million and a half, in the next three years because the move is possible. because of the ohio tax credit authority. the company will move from one
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juney police in aurora are looking for two men. authorities say they used stolen credit card, the day after christmas. main source bank alerted police to the crime. if you know either of the men, see the pictures there. they are pretty good pictures. you're asked to call crimestoppers, 352-3040. you don't have to leave your name. more than 100 investigation into human trafficking in ohio, has led to more than 100 arrests and 33 convictions. 33 people were identified as victims. most are young women. the report says most of the victims were in their 20s -- 13-year-old or younger. nearly 200 people who paid for sex from the victims >> people who fly out of dayton, will have to navigate through a
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130 million worth of renovation. first one will create a glass and add a new floor and rebuild the parking lot. expected project is expected to continue in the next few years. falling oil prices. the price of crude dropped to $30 a barrel in new york. chevron and exxonmobil, and they were among the biggest closers. and the s&p 500 dropped 29 points. . blizzard is impacting grocery grocery. and store officials say, bad weather delayed, from some of the items. trucks are now running on
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well, yeah, the heavy snow and blizzard conditions, caused a lot of people in the nation's capitol. >> one dc residents seems to the snow. day and a snow paralyzed in other parts of the city. the panda is throwing his body into it. couldn't get enough. posted the bear as he frollicked in the snow. >> and it's just amazing >> how often do you watch? >> any kind of video that goes viral in a panda. i love. you could imagine if you're really there and saw that at the zoo. it's unreal. >> had the video on top of it. >> still ahead at 5:30, local good-bye. >> many college grads having
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student loan >> familiar face, long time fixture in butler county, has died. former sheriff died yesterday after suffering a massive stroke. he has spent time in the council place as well. he will show support for the young officers and open a
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he closed for good. he was 70-year-old. and three new businesses are coming to union township in claremont county. that story as local 12, covers where he lives. trustees approves plans for a doggie day care and exercise facility. the former alegna retail building, will be the new home pail wagger's doggie day care. and cross that regulate has plans to open in the old hardware building. rightway auto sales will build a facility, in the bustin expressway. >> and reducing the risk of flooding and completing the greenway trail are two things the city of redding wants to do. they want suggestions for people who live there. many homes and businesses are within the 100 year flood plain. that means there's a chance they can flood. public meeting being held at the redding library branch at redding road to talk about the
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tonight's meeting will begin a little while at 6:00. people who live in the evanston area, what they think about crime in the neighborhood. mayor john cranially and cincinnati police chief will hold a public meeting tonight, to get input on families. latest on the series of meetings, examine ways to reduce crimes and meeting. it will be held in the evanston rec center from 6:30 to 8:30. what the driver's license could tell about a person. in michigan, that could soon be
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>> and we should be feeeelingng a >> proceeds from the saleable support statewide recycling programs, and who educate hoosiers on environmental sustainablity. >> michigan driver's license will soon contain drivers emergency contact information. it will be stored in a tiny microchip. police and paramedics can get it by scanning the license.
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it will help them know if a medical condition is to blame for a problem on the road. the chip system is to be developed. it's expected to be working some time next year. >> many who graduated from college find themselves drowning in debt. christine records, the federal agency that is tasked in handing out the loans is mired in controversy. when the housing bubble burst, some said never again. one said it is happening again. instead of home buyers getting predatory loans, it's students. >> they want to be a schoolteacher. those are noble and important professions. the reality, you're not going to pay a $200 thousand loan back if you're making $35-50 thousand a year. >> it turns out, the agency in charge of doling out the loans
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inefficency and mismanagement in a government of office report. while the top bonus was about $28 thousand in 2011. in 2014, it was $75 thousand. a 9 # percent increase. >> students, who are trying to set up the student loans. we have a bureaucracy that rewards efficency. >> lawmakers are calling out the efficency and calling to simplify the system, where the agency gets to set its own goals success. >> it's clear we allowed the system to be far too complex to serve students well. >> at a hearing in november, the ssa touted improvement, like making financial aids easier and reducing waste. >> increased capacity, and provide training to thousands of professionals, thousands of
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>> growing concern, problems now will lead to bigger problems later. >> kids graduate with huge debt. less likely to start a family. can't start a business. they can't get going in their lives. >> another bubble some in washington worry could be the next to burst. christine prezow. >> taking a look at this. there's a reason, you couldn't stand by a tree. watch this as lightning strikes a big tree in tyler, texas. storm moved through the area, luckily, no one was hurt by the lightning and bark that flew off the tree. a lot of the times, lightning has to deal with, and in the way of a tree bark reacts to it. it's because of the water content in the trees. if you have water content, kind of in the center of the tree,
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explode, like a stick of dynamite, when it is stuck on lightning. i'll post the information, because you could get certain types of things, when you have water and no water in the tree. worry that the tree is rotting. right now, we have nothing like lightning and storms around. i'm tracking a couple of light showers across the areas. downtown look in the weather camera. we have rain in the western edge of town. you could see some spotty showers, moving through western, kind of western half of the viewing area. light range, south of trenton, down to hughes. this will continue to move toward monroe. this is moving north and east. dent to blue jay. and have light rain around you right now. that will continue to move northeast. chevette and cordville will see some light rain but that's about it. cincinnati dry for the time being. we have a couple of sprinkles in northern kentucky.
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and skim downtown in the next 10-15 minutes. rain. we have couple of sprinkles near independence and south of taylor mill and towards butler area, a couple of sprinkles, right around owen county south of bb. you could see, there's showers developing along the cold front that we have here. and especially in the cold front, that will continue to move east. we have chance of showers on and off throughout the evening. and winds right now, out of the south, southeast, around 15 miles an hour. this will continue to pull in milder air. and here in sharonville.
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hamilton, 49. tonight's forecast, it looks like this. staying in the mid 40s. and couple of on and off showers. don't forget, the umbrellas. we'll continue to have breezy conditions and winds out of the south, 10-15 miles an hour. we'll be tracking the spotty showers. we'll continue to watch chances of rain, toward 11:00, as the front gets closer to the area and pulls eastward. early morning commuters, you will probably run through a few showers. it will also be breezy. temperatures will be dropping up in the upper 30s tomorrow morning and into the mid to
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we start off around 79. breezy conditions at times and winds out of the west, 10-15 miles an hour. once we get cold enough, we'll see a couple of flurries thursday night. friday, we're dry. and then we're in the 50s. and saturday, it will be the best day of the two, temperatures around 52 for a high. and showers return later on sunday. scattered showers still possible on monday. up. not tracking any snow for early next week. >> and it leads to the shake-up companies.
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cif, at 10:00. . >> tens and thousands of people
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over the holidays, when 25 thousand people turned out to light up fountain square. more than 44 thousand enjoy the ice rinks. adding up to $60 thousand. while many people enjoyed the free events, number shopped the restaurants and shops while in there. it was named after the democratic candidate, bernie sanders, called the bernie yearning. nothing is unstoppable than the flavor that's finally come. chocolate on top and underneath, mint ice cream. 45 flavors. people could enter the contest to win. >> and anything with chocolate, yes. >> olive garden is offering a new service to the menu.
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meals. catering menu will offer. the service will allow hosts to spend more time to the guests. >> prosecutor on the show, making a murder is writing a book. crat says he believes the victim teresa holback was forgotten. he was arrested two years after being released from prison, where he served 18 years for a rape he didn't commit. the show questions whether he was treated fairly. filmmakers say they left series out. . new tonight at 6:00, he was mid celebration, when a fan took a tumble. cincinnati native. the fan who is a bigger fan just ahead. new charges filed after more
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the latest on a man accused of
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>> the person was clearly passed out. you could tell, this is not based on what we saw on the video, not something someone would have slept through. a child passed out. sexual acts recorded on a phone. charges on a local man and this investigation is just beginning. good evening, everyone. steven faces nine more counts of sex crimes, six more children,
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