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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 26, 2016 4:00am-4:25am EST

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2016. this is the "cbs morning news." millions of americans continue digging out from the historic snowfall, but days after the last flakes fell, some of the nation's biggest cities are with with less than a week to go before the iowa caucuses, the democratic candidates make a final pitch to voters while the
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each other. saved at sea. 13 passengers are pulled from a sinking yacht off the coast of florida. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, the piles of snow from the southeast to new york city might be melting this morning, but things are still not back to normal following this weekend's historic blizzard. >> reporter: a new york city school bus spinning its tires in the snow. the feeling of helplessness is something millions of americans have become well acquainted with after the first major winter storm of the season. >> i'm ready to get back to work. sitting around for a couple days kind of sucks. >> reporter: commuters in washington, d.c., rode the rails for the first time since friday. the metro started limited service monday and is expected to be fully back on track today. but that's not the case for students or the government.
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will be closed for a second straight day as the nation's capital continues to dig out. city officials are facing criticism over their response to the storm. >> here in the district, we know our conditions and what our roadways look like and what it's like for our residents and children out there, and we're making the best decision we can make here. >> reporter: the historic storm had deadly effects. at least 42 people died as a result of the conditions. many in car wrecks or while shoveling snow. and the damage is still being tallied up. washington, d.c., and new york city lost more than $1 billion combined in economic activity. >> this is a little ridiculous. there's three feet of snow and nobody has come. >> reporter: it also kept cruise ship passengers stuck at sea. while an extra day on board a luxury liner might not sound like a bad idea, passengers were told a different tale. >> it was horrible. the waves came up in our porthole we could see, rocked
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the entire time. >> reporter: it was a happier homecoming for a group of kentucky high school students who were stranded on their bus on the pennsylvania turnpike for 19 hours. air travel is starting to get back to normal after more than weekend. today that number is a little more than 650. but some air travelers here in new york ran into a different problem late last night. ground traffic at laguardia airport came to a halt. all the people returning and trying to leave following the big storm found themselves caught in gridlock on roads inside the airport and out. some were forced to leave their cars and walk. others reported a two-hour wait just to get out of the airport. new jersey governor chris christie is wading into some controversy for his response to the record-setting blizzard. in particular, the flooding caused by the storm. in some cases, it was worse than from superstorm sandy. while campaigning in new
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why he was campaigning when several counties in jersey were dealing with floodwaters. >> there's been one county that's flooded in the state. one county. that was cape may county. the one county that flooded. so i don't know where from all over the state, since we have 21 counties, where that's happened. second, i don't know what you expect me to do. you want me to go down there with a mop? >> christie says all the flooding is done. there's now less than one week before the iowa caucuses. the polls indicate democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders running neck and neck. last night they made their case to iowa voters, highlighting their differences, and answering questions during a town hall meeting. brian webb has our report. >> reporter: at a democratic presidential town hall in iowa last night, bernie sanders and hillary clinton did their best to set themselves apart. >> hillary clinton voted for the war in iraq.
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street deregulation. see where hillary clinton was on this issue. >> there are very different visions, different values, different forces at work, and you have to have somebody who is a proven, proven fighter. >> reporter: the latest cbs news battleground tracker poll shows sanders leading clinton 47%-46% among likely democratic caucusgoers. the republican battle for iowa is also a close one with donald trump and ted cruz locked in a tense fight for first place. >> my views are a little bit different tan if i lived in iowa. >> reporter: on monday, cruz released his first ad, attacking crump's trump's new york values. earlier he met with pastors in cedar rapids pleading for their vote. >> even if you're thinking about other candidate, the simple reality is there is only one campaign that can beat trump in this state. >> reporter: campaigning in new hampshire, trump once questioned cruz's citizenship. >> he could run right now for prime minister for canada, he'd
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>> reporter: trump, cruz and the other gop contenders face off this thursday night in des moines in their seventh debate. and ted cruz continues his big push for votes with seven stops in iowa today. and donald trump will hold a big rally tonight at the university of iowa. anne-marie? >> brian webb here in new york, thanks a lot, brian. planned parenthood called the indictment of two people responsible for undercover videos targeting the handling of fetal tissue great news. the undercover videos allege planned parenthood profited from the sale of fetal tissues. planned parenthood denies the charge. a houston grand jury investigating the video found no wrongdoing by planned parenthood, but instead indicted two anti-abortion rights activists for tampering with a government record. and we'll have legal analysis on the surprise indictment of those two anti-abortion rights activists coming up on "cbs this morning." president obama is banning solitary confinement for
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in an op-ed piece for "the washington post," mr. obama criticizes the practice as having devastating and lasting psychological consequences. he writes, "how can we subject prisoners to unnecessary solitary confinement, knowing its effects, and then expect them to return to our communities as whole people? it doesn't make us safer. it's an affront to our common humanity." three violent convicts who escaped from a california prison remain at large. prison officials say a delayed the men. they escaped friday by sawing through a metal grate, crawling through tunnels and shimmying to freedom down a rope made from sheep. the district attorney prosecuting one of the men believes he was the mastermind. >> he's incredibly violent, incredibly dangerous. the acts that he committed in this case are nothing short of diabolical.
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investigating if the men had any inside help. another state investigation has been launched into the flint, michigan, water crisis. the city has been without safe water since high levels of lead were found last year. residents protesting their water bills say they shouldn't have to pay for water they can't use. the state attorney general agrees. >> i would certainly not bathe a newborn child or a young infant in this bad water. and if you can't drink the bad water, you shouldn't pay for it. >> flint residents pay some of the highest water bills in michigan. free bottled water and filters are being handed out. the world health organization says the zika virus is likely to spread to all countries in the americas except for canada and chile. the mosquito-borne virus is suspected of causing brain damage in babies in brazil. the mosquito that carries the
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there have been -- there have been, rather, cases in the u.s., but the victims have all been travelers. zika is normally a mild disease. well, coming up on the "morning news," demolition discovery. another safe is found at the former home of druglord pablo escobar. and a slow-moving sloth brings traffic to a standstill. this is the "cbs morning news." opioids block pain signals by attaching to something called mu-receptors here but they also attach to mu-receptors in the bowel. and that can cause opioid-induced constipation... or oic. i could struggle with oic the whole time i take my opioid? maybe not. there's movantik. movantik can help reduce oic by blocking opioids from binding to mu-receptors in the bowel. do not take movantik if you have a bowel blockage or a history of them. serious side effects may include a tear in your stomach or intestine. and can also include symptoms of opioid withdrawal. common side effects include
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he would hunt with them. and expand their territory. he'd form a bond with a wolf named accalia... ...become den mother and nurse their young. james left in search of his next adventure. how far will you take the all-new rav4 hybrid? toyota. let's go places. the coast guard rescued 13 people from a yacht that sank off the florida coast. the yacht was 13 miles offshore near ft. lauderdale when it began taking on water last night. it's unclear what caused the 106-foot yacht to sink, but no one was injured. crews discovered another safe hidden in a mansion formerly owned by pablo escobar. it turned up yesterday but hasn't been opened yet, and it's uncertain if anything was inside.
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the rubble. the latest safe will be in a bank vault until the new property owners decide to unlock it. and a college professor faces criminal charges for her actions during a protest. and laid-off disney workers file lawsuits against the company. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." "the new york times" reports on disney replacing american workers are foreigners on work visas. the laid-off workers claim disney is abusing the visas which allow foreign workers with specialized workers into the u.s. for a limited time. in a statement, disney wrote, "hundreds of employers use the visa program, including "the new york times," whose current ceo is working in the u.s. on an h1b visa, a fact that it regularly fails to disclose in its reporting." "the tallahassee democrat" reports florida state university reached a settlement with a former student who accused a heisman trophy-winning
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erica kinsman claims jameis winston raped her in 2012. the university settled for $950,000. as part of the deal, kinsman agreed to drop her title 9 lawsuit against the school. "the columbia daily tribune" reports on an assault charge filed against the university of missouri assistant professor for her confrontation with student journalists. >> hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? i need some muscle over here! >> melissa click was caught on video during protests at the campus over racial issues in november. click later apologized and has kept her job. she faces up to 15 days in jail and a fine. still to come, snowy accommodations. a brooklyn man offers an igloo for two on air bnb, but not
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muscle aches or cough. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have crohn's disease, tell your doctor as symptoms can worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. see me. see me. see me on my way. find clear skin and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. i'll tell you, a lot of people -- i don't know how many of you are visiting from the east coast, but a lot of people who were got stranded here over the weekend. there's too much snow to fly home. there's more than two feet of snow in washington, d.c., and new york. parts of virginia got 3 1/2 feet. thank god we have instagram or this would all be pointless, you
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on the "cbs moneywatch," stock markets in asia tumble, and breakfast comes up big for mcdonald's. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. more steep losses this morning in overseas markets. the shanghai composite dropped 6% to a 14-month low. tokyo's nikkei lost more than 2%. stocks here on wall street fell as the price of oil slumped again. the dow lost 208 points. the s&p finished 29 points lower. the nasdaq gave up 72 points. iran says it's in talks with airbus to buy dozens of new commercial aircraft. "the financial times" reports iran plans to buy more than 100 airbus jets. it would be one of the first big economic moves by the country now that trade sanctions have been lifted as part of a deal to curb its nuclear program. the sanctions left iran with an ageing and unsafe commercial fleet. all-day breakfast turned out to be the most important meal of the day for mcdonald's.
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5.7% jump in u.s. sales last quarter. that's its best results in four years. ceo steve easterbrook says all-day breakfast, it was introduced in october and was the main reason. hilton is launching a new hotel chain aimed at budget travelers. it's aimed at younger guests that are looking to spend about $75 to $90 a night. designed to compete with chains like comfort and fairfield inn. the hotels feature community rooms, games and entertainment. and here's a short-term rental that wasn't warmly received by the lodging website air bnb. the boutique winter igloo for two in brooklyn. it was built during the weekend's snowstorm. it was advertised as a chic dome style bungalow. it cost $200 a night. but air bnb wasn't so hot on the idea. they removed the post, saying that the igloo didn't meet its standards. >> air bnb has igloo standards?
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jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot. up next, whale rescue. humpbacks tangled in rope get some help. camera. an officer gets nailed by a semi and actually lives to tell about it. but now he's taking and noticing a real difference in his joint comfort. the feeling originates in this spreads throughout the body... to here, inducing hilariously high levels of embarrassment in his son. he knows it's working by that of abject humiliation on his son's face. you were made to dance, phil. shows improved joint comfort in just 7 days. osteo bi-flex. made to move. terry bradshaw? what a surprise! a surprise? shingles. you out of nowhere. mon let' and talk about it. and did you know that one in three people will get shingles? (all) no. m reminding people if you had chickenpox then the shingles virus is already inside you. (all) oooh.
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s had chickenpox? scoot over. can pop up anywhere and the pain can be even worse than it looks. talk to your doctor or pharmacist. about a vaccine that can
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here's a look at today's forecast in cities around the country. newly released dashcam video shows a semi running over an ohio deputy back on january 8th. the railroad crossing arms came down just as the deputy waved on the driver, but the train hit the rear of the semi.
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medics arrive, and he's rushed to the hospital. and he actually escaped with stitches on his head and a broken hand. remarkable. well, this video shows a south african rescue team untangling whales caught in fishing rope last week. the volunteers found a juvenile 25-foot whale and a 36-foot whale both caught up in the thick rope, and they freed them. the pair did not appear to be injured. and it's not always the chicken that's trying to cross the road. sometimes it's a sloth. in ecuador, a government worker discovered this adorable creature on sunday, clinging to a guardrail on the side of the highway. after a vet checked out the animal, it was released back into its natural habitat far, far away from any paved surface. facebook co-founder mark zuckerberg is back at work after taking paternity leave following the birth of his daughter. well, yesterday zuckerberg posted this image on his facebook account, writing "first
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what should i wear?" zuckerberg poking fun at himself in his signature hoodie and t-shirt style. i'm kind of down with that. same thing every day. i think i like it. december 1st. well, the stars of "the big bang theory" and "friends" got together for a group photo over the weekend. they posed for the photo at a tribute honoring tv director james burroughs who directed both shows. kaley cuoco posted the photo to instagram, writing, "i died and went to heaven." bruce springsteen is trying to make it up to disappointmented fans after the weekend blizzard on the east coast led him to postpone a show in new york city. the boss is offering a free mp3 of his "e" street band's live performance in chicago. it will be available tonight via springsteen's website. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the best jobs of 2016. i'm anne-marie green.
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