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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  January 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> and we have the pictures and deputies hope you could recognize them or the car they drove. local 12, joe webb spent the day in galveston. >> and sheriff's deputies need help from the public. they have eight break-ins as of late last week. yesterday, they had number 9. >> chris fields home in sanders kentucky is all too typical target. it was empty while he and his wife were at work. >> get out work about 7:30. went to the back room and the bedroom and everything was scattered around. >> the back door was pried open. the handgun and jewelry and personal items were taken. field's home was a couple of miles away from where the thieves hit, also in the afternoon. here are some good pictures of two men outside a home near
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tighter shots of both men. it also gets a good shot of the car they were driving. >> i think they were looking for daytime residents. people at work. if they are driving around and watching for cars or the night to check them during the day, to see what cars are there. and trying to establish motives and rhymes and reasons, we're doing what we are doing. >> someone saw the car of the tape of the scene of another break-in. they think the guys hit several places. because of the appearances, and sheriff o'neal doesn't think they were not drug addicts. >> they don't fit the drug addicted -type people that will be looking for a quick fix of money. with us being so close to indiana, we don't know the boundaries. we will do everything we can to reach out. that's why we're basically reaching out to the social media and the news media to try to
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>> those picture you saw from the surveillance tape, you could see them on if you recognize the guys or their car, give the sheriff a call. >> big tip with the pictures. the sheriff does have an anonymous tipline you could call. 859-567-4 thousand. director of public safety is locked up today on child pornography champs. robert marshall is in the jail facing 36 counts. it started back in january of 2014. marshall startedd working atoms moore in 1999. he's directoor of campus safety since 2003. the college put marshall on leave and appointed acting safety director. wrongway crash involving four cars, sends four people to the hospital. boone county sheriff's deputies, daniel caused it. she was driving a honda civic,
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237 near wright boulevard in hebron. honshall may not pull through her injuries. michael tukt. >> and friends and family pay their respects to a teen age girl killed in a crash. visitation for lauren willfong got under way at evans funeral home. willfong died when she lost road. a funeral mass will be held tomorrow morning at 10:00 at the saint andrew church in milford. grand jury indicts an accused drunk drier. james williams, faces two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide. suv plunges to the overpass in the highway last summer. williams's passenger, 33-year-old, jay twon smith died in the accident. williams is not yet in custody. we can see some flurries in
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>> a warm-up is on the way. that's the good news. scott dimmich with no wake weather. >> good afternoon. we have sun showing up on tower cam hd, looking to the east towards lincoln airport, away from the studios in mount auburn. best change of pace from a gloomy afternoon. clouds breaking up. clouds will be decreasing this evening. rationally going to become mostly clear, by the time we 11:00. temperatures in the upper 20s and likely to be in the mid to upper 20s, with clouds increasing. flurries tonight. i suspect we will see flurries to the northwest, to the north and to the northeast of cincinnati early tomorrow morning, until then, clouds decrease and increase again. the deck of clouds in the tri-state is breaking down. just as the area of cloud cover collapses, we're watching the
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it means clouds return late tonight and so were flurries. for the time being, we have no rain to track. and temperatures range from the mid-upper 30s, well east of the cincinnati to around 30 to the international airport into the upper 20s. windchill in the low 20s to most. and clouds move out. the last day to workweek. there's lots of warmth coming in the weekend. show you the planning forecast coming in 10 minutes. rob, cammy. deadly shoot-out in oregon, could help in the armed wildlife. and fbi agents, intercepted adam bundy, in a highway not far from where they occupied federal land since the start of the year. shots were fired and bundy was arrested, along with the man from the tri-state. shoot-out killed the
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he would die before going to prison. >> didn't have to happen. we all make choices in life. sometimes our choices feel bad. >> january 2nd, bundy and the armed followers took control of the national wildlife refuge. they claim the federal government is forcing ranchers to sell their lands. it's unclear how many people occupy inside the refuge. water samples in trent are trending better. it's too soon to get the go ahead to filter water again. 100 thousand people in the city have been using bottled water and filters for more than a year. the improperly treated supply was tainted with lead from pipes leading to old homes. michigan's governor announced a series of steps to help people of flynn. among them, scientists were overseeing all water testing by the state and water government.
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they are receiving water bills. >> i have told the governor snyder that flint residents should not have to pay for water they did not and are not using. >> it could cost the state $55 million to recode and repair the $15 thousand, lines that run from water mains from homes and businesses. they filed federal lawsuits against the city and state, seeking to have led pipes replaced at no cost to residents j initial investigation found no problem from a bus. they are looking on what caused the bus to hit susan jordan. bus driver saw jordan push several students. two 10-year-old are in the hospital with injuries
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sued devie, saying the for profit school misled on earns. they claim 90 percent of the amn't cas, landed jobs in their field within six months of graduation. graduates had higher incomes on average than other schools. devry says it plans to fight the allegations. the school has 65 campuses including one in simms township. airline has an outbreak to
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and ubeber >> new at 5:00, two major airlines say they will refund passengers, worried about travelling to brazil and other areas. and united said the customers could get refunds and reschedule without a change fee. they will offer refunds to pregnant women. it's spread by a species of mosquitoes that are not seen in the u.s. toyota says it sold more than 10 million vehicles in 2015, making it the top sell automakers of the year. volkswagen lost some ground,
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scandal. and it's testing the program that monitors gps and their phones that could measure small movements like sudden stops and acceleration. they have figured out a simple way to stop drunk passengers from distracting the drivers. in north carolina, they have been putting gains in the back seat. >> local average for regular gasoline, $1.73. nine cent jump from yesterday for no apparent reason. here's the prices reported. and it's $1.55, in idgl. and if you see cheaper prices, post them on the facebook page
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new initiative >> another attempt to lift the ban in indiana today. making the 8th year in a row. kroger is the larger retailer. and it would give grocery store over smaller liquor stores. local catholic schools are
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computers in every classroom. >> a non-profit, accelerate great schools, issues a grant. and jeff hirsh takes us to a school that serves as a model. at st. joseph school in the west end, some of the kindergartners working with the teachernd teacher aide. >> other kids, working with computers. >> they are working on individualized lesson that they can target what their needs are, take their steps to get them where they need to be. >> difficult sitting in the chairs. the point of blended learning, is bringing the computers to the bathroom. and two other parochial schools. computers in every classroom,
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saint cesellia. >> we know we're bottom line, we're looking at student improvement. >> and that's exactly what happened at st. joe's. her computer, had challenges. mom says blended learning is the right blend. >> and i didn't see how it works. not only as a parent, as a substitute teacher. >> computers don't replace teachers. computers in every classroom are a big help. little kids are so computer savvy, they can probably help adults learn some things as well. well >> the accelerated great school foundation, is giving the public school system 130 thousand to
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principals. . i don't think we can do our work anymore without computers. you have to know that? >> i know you couldn't do. >> my whole job is looking at computers all day long. >> you have been doing it. what do you see? >> see clearing. showing up in the weather cam. i'll see clouds returning late tonight and some flurries. as you head back to work and school tomorrow. another 20 hours from now, another round of flurries. this is before the big warm up coming for the weekend. let's deal with the here and now first. >> clouds start to return and overnight and early tomorrow. there are flurries to the northeast and northwest of sips natty. and into the mid to upper 20s. and you could track the decrease
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flurries coming to the tri-state tomorrow. app. once you are there, we will link you up there you could be go streaming video. the weather cam. look at the sharp difference in sky cover, in oxford versus our other cameras. first, cloudy sky in the county. temperature 29 there. go to covington, top of the radson, glorious sunshine, took all day. we see cracks in the clouds, long shadows to close out the day. clouds will decrease between now and 9:00. for local 12 news live at 10:00 and 11:00. we're back to cloudy and mostly cloudy, late tonight and tomorrow. isolated flurries. more clouds and more flurries and isolated form, filled back in late tomorrow afternoon, late tomorrow evening.
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we crank up the heat, in time for the weekend plans. saturday will be dry but showers return on sunday. wind out of the southwest at 7:00. we are still mostly cloudy but gradually we become mostly clear in the next few hours. 30 in cincinnati. down to 25. highs in the upper 30s, around 40. this warmer air and more modified form comes our way this weekend. and satellite, taken all day. chip away from the deck of cloud cover. clouds. to the northwest of chicago, that's the disturbance that will bring flurries live to the view, doppler hd. not just late tonight and especially late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. sweeps go around right now, network of radars. we find no precipitation anywhere close to cincinnati.
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10:00. this is an excess of instability. flurries, especially over southeast ohio. better chance, forcing flurries, in an isolated form, late tomorrow, tomorrow evening. high pressure moves in. we bring sun back in time for the weekend. we drop to 25 by 6:00 in the morning, tomorrow. 36 at noon. planning forecast reveals a nice warm-up through the weekend. sun-cloud mix on saturday. increasing clouds, showers developing gradually sunday. it report not just widespread tuesday. welcome to february. behind the system, it's back to the february -like weather. closer look at the weekend news. >> how about cincinnati weather? >> for sure. >> up and down, thunderstorms, flurries. it's all in there. >> almost 60 in the weekend.
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taking your cue from the opposite sex. the new trend in the beauty women.
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does the flu virus affffecect us >> major project that is supposed to change the face of
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$13 million over budget and it would need to be scaled back before construction begins. that's when a local monitor told the commissioners today about the nick run project in south fair mount it's part of the overhaul and built over the renewal. and the auditor says metropolitan district officials, failed to count management costs into budget estimates. local museum will stop charging visitors to come in. free admission as the contemporary art center downtown will begin february 13. the weekend of valentine's day. the cac will continue to offer memberships. members will get discounts and access to certain programs. men are catching up when it comes to investing their looks. as carina mitchell, sales of grooming products are soaring as
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best face forward. >> ashcan, he started noticing signs of ageing two years ago. he decided to do something about it. >> trying to get the lines. there's botox that works phenomenally. i would start, why not >> new york cosmetic surgeon, he's seeing more men in the 20s and 30s, who want to enhance their looks. >> stigma, that's not as bad or horrible to go in and make you look bad about looking better. >> and botox in men soared 270 percent in the last two decades. that's not the only way men are improving their appearance. men are also buying more grooming products. everything from shower gel to facial cream. sales in the market in the u.s.
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hitting estimated 14.2 billion. men told analysts, millennials are leading the surge. >> in the last two decades, seen the definition of masculinity. it made men more accepting. >> and dr. casserra, most men don't want anything too drastic. >> they don't want to look different. >> you can't reverse aging. we all age. if you could look as good as you possibly can. >> carina mitchell, cbs news, new york. >> some analysts predict some of the segments in the next few years will be in hair care. >> ahead on local 12 news, selling cincinnati. >> cincinnati itself, it's just, it's a magical place. >> a well-known actor becomes an ambassador as the sundance film festival. >> for most of us, it may seem like he's doing a flexibility test. in her case, a condition that
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emergency room. i'm liz bonis. share details, if you suffer from headaches and many of the
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prosecutor calls it a >> this is every parent of a teenage girl's nightmare. >> a teenage party leads to a rape and conviction of a 14-year-old boy. good evening, the judge says it was a recipe for disaster, ingredients for a home and party. >> there was alcohol and marijuana and no parental supervision. the judge found a 14-year-old boy guilty of raping a 14-year-old girl at the party. local 12, larry davis with more
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every parent's nightmare. disturbed. the teenage boy took advantage of a teenage girl. he's disturbed those in the party did nothing to project the victim. there are lessons for teens and their parents. prostitutors say the party took place last fall after a football game. the court documents say the mother of the teen hosting the party was out of town. alcohol was available as well as marijuana. the 14-year-old victim was heavily intoxicated, slurring her words and hardly able to >> the 14-year-old male decided he was going to take advantage of the situation and engage in sexual conduct with her when she was in a situation where there was no possible way for her to consent.
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says the boy sent text to friends telling them the girl was very intoxicated. while the boy stood trial and convicted in juvenile court, no charges were filed against the homeowner and other teens in the party. >> it becomes difficult to prosecute and they specifically, meant for them to rape her. i think that, we look at the kinds of situations. there's some kind ambiguity. >> and jam chan with the rape and abuse crisis, agency goes and to local schools and council teens on situations, it involves parties with drugs and alcohol. >> alcohol is involved or there's any question whatsoever about intoxication or the inability to consent, that it's an automatic no. nothing to be second guessed
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of changing the mind-set of young men in today's society. >> when you have a young lady, that's severely, on bviously obviously, that's not an eaty. it's rape. plain and simple. >> prosecutor foreignshell shez, he wanted to en faj in sex where. >> she had no idea she was -- amaze z . >> thanks, larry. >> the 14-year-old boy will return to court for sentencing. he could be sent to court until
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>> eight are removing their to when officers went to the home on ties thit. they found, cat feces and cockroaches on the floor. there were holes in the walls and ceilings and standing water in the bathroom. they were taken to the grandmother's home in dayton. >> the italian born the trnl, was recently opened for the causes of saints in rome. it will decide, whether they practice heroic virtue. charity. she later moved to the west and founded schools in a hospital in new mexico for hispanics and native americans. her encounters with outlaws including billy the kid are legendary.
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cause is moving quickly >> person who commits murder but time. the legislation will allow a hearing before trial on an offender's mental status. owe fpd. and the bill would be ret pro, could challenge their basis at the time of the crime. >> movie producers and . >> hollywood actor and movie actor, emileio. and they includes the fits, miles ahead and go and the
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they entertain producers and directed directed. >> and my plan is to eventually move there and live in the devine. it's inspiring. cincinnati itself, it's a . my mom was born there. my bats. >> sfp. people stop you ' the street. thanks for choosing since nat each. >> it create more jobs. you could hear more from the commission tonight at k 1:00. >> fun to have him in town. >> fun to see the movies they shoot.
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>> spend time behind the scenes a local police department, hiring new officers. that story is coming up next. >> there's a new shopping option for people in the tri-state who are looking to fill their grocery carts. we'll tell you what that is next. genetic condition that has
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two local moms are wor >> tonight, tomorrow and friday, from the lateral, to mitchell avenue. >> there's new option for grocery shoppers in northern kentucky. the ribbon was cut. and the cost was target near the verizon store, if you know the area there. there. another fresh time market is planned for anderson township. two new police officers are on the beat in westchester. adam gasridge and gabriel stayton. it comes from the parl la heights police department. stayton is a graduate and attended st. clair college. graduated from the peace officer
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westchester expects to fill two more officer vacancies last year. >> the zebras they are called. one thing that links women and how they are uniting to try to
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some of us could seeee >> the word flurries is in the forecast. have you heard? >> i have heard a little rumor. let's check in with
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>> hi, scott. >> hi, paula. we'll go with a clear to mostly clear sky for the most part of the evening. based on satellite radar. temperatures gradually will fall between now and the start of local 12 news at 10:00 at star 64. we're kicking clouds out of here. skies will be returning. temperatures now 30 in covington. top the radson, you see, we're looking into cincinnati. cracks in the clouds between now and 7:00. the sky will be mostly clear, especially over northern kentucky. southwestern ohio, along the ohio river and back to south eastern indiana as well. not just in the adrienne weather cam and up in covington and also all the locations. not reporting a windchill below the temperature. brookfield 25.
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the mid and upper 20s between now and early tomorrow morning. while clouds are in the process of decreasing, in the northwest, taking aim at chicago, is moving to the southeast. that's the disturbance will give us increasing cloud cover and also flurries, nearing sun rise tomorrow. we'll have two distinct bouts. one early and the other late in the afternoon and into the evening. we have overturns to track on precision doppler hd. no returns to track for the evening newscast. notice, clouds break up in the short term. clouds will start to increase again and thicken late tonight and early tomorrow morning. during good morning. cincinnati, flurries will be focused to the north, northeast and northwest to cincinnati. that's indicated in the shade of blue. clouds break up some late in the morning, early afternoon, that will allow us to make a run in the mid to early 30s.
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and eventually another batch of flurries will drop in for tomorrow evening. flurries that are isolated imply, no accumulation, isolated, meaning not everyone will see flurries tomorrow. best chance in the morning, will be north of cincinnati. that chance extends area wide. clouds decrease tomorrow night and early friday. we open up the sky, bringing back sun to close out the business week. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds saturday, with highs in the 50s. tonight, mid to upper 20s. 8:00 midnight. 6:00 in the morning straight flurries become a possibility late. start with, with a clear to mostly clear sky tonight. after a bout with flurries early, we get partial clearing for local 12 news, live at noon. we'll be back with mostly cloudy. anytime after 5:00, fair game again for isolated flurries. clouds decrease early friday. finish the day friday with lots of sun. it will still be chilly.
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as i promised, live at 5:00, close look at the weekend forecast, 55 saturday. 57 on sunday. no showers expected on sunday. showers develop in the afternoon and evening. fairly strong upper level disturbance, drives likely rain chances on tuesday. may have some thunderstorms in the ohio valley. no severe weather at this point. threat for severe weather will be in the deep south, tennessee valley. that's the system that we'll have to watch. the information will be reviewed on local 12 news live at 6:00. anytime, thanks very much. >> important warning today from a local mom, women who suffer from a series of common symptoms, like migraines, anxiety and joint pain. >> could have another health concern and not even know it. liz bonis to share more on that. >> mom part of a larger group. women and children struggling with a collection of symptoms,
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today, she shares her story with a medical team from cincinnati children's hospital, treat the patients, even when they are adults. felt like i was dying. i literally felt like i was dying. >> from the pictures, you would never know the beautiful young mother was suffering since birth with a series of symptoms that wouldn't go away >> heart palpitations, shortness of breath. i thought my head would explode. >> time after time she made trips and wasn't able to find out what was wrong until she got to a comprehensive team. said getting here made all the difference genetic specialists put her through the test, much like these. he noticed her joy were overly flexible >> this is a connecttive tissue disorder that causes weakening of ligaments and tendons.
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>> the genetic condition also has other symptoms in older teens and young adults. >> includes chronic pain, chronic headaches, difficulty with the jaw. easy bruising, dizziness, anxiety and panic disorders and sleeping problems. >> medications and lifestyle changes could treat some of these. nicole has surgery at the base condition. is also in the mix of the workup by doctor victor garcia. >> condition that we now know is associated with a risk as far as cardiac and impaired function. >> one thing nicole knows what nicole is going through, andrea. both are part of a facebook zebra support on line. >> medical zebra, a person who has a rare or kind of unknown
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invisible ailment. medical professionals, look for horses. we're the zebras. >> the zebras are known, are speaking out so others with similar conditions don't have similar results. >> my medical bills last year were over $137 thousand, and i'm still trying to figure out what's wrong. >> they say when symptoms don't go away, don't give up. >> what we offer here is a multi-disciplinary approach, so we as surgeons, my partner and i could address this in a way that's safe. the results are highly, highly successful. >> what an amazing team. nicole planning to have another surgery for breathing problems. she's agreed to follow her progress and share her story. she's so courageous. if you want more information, evs, as it's known. go to our website
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>> interesting. thanks very much, liz. viral challenge goes horribly wrong. the teenager will have to live with the injuries for the rest of his life. ahead, a warning his mother heeds to other teens.
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criminal minds airirm kkkkk >> hillary clinton says he did nothing wrong sending or receiving e-mail during her tenure as secretary of state. >> caused a firestorm on how our government agencies are communicating. jeff barn talks to agent, and how clinton's case seems to raise more questions than answers. >> and this executive order signed more than five years ago by president obama lays out guidelines on how federal employees decide what documents gets classified. the original classification determines, unauthorized disclosure, reasonably could result in damage to the national security. >> getting information by the documents, by definition, classified. you're not to convey the
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>>nd an under former secretary of state under george w. bush. unless the federal agencies, the data will remain marked and classified. they maintain the e-mails on their personal server are not marked classified. >> didn't receive any material marked classified. >> doctor says unclassified e-mail. and it's rare when it threatens national security. when it is classified and markings are classified during secretary clinton's tenure, they will likely delete it. >> and the intelligence community has any levels of highly classified e-mail systems, including a pentagon network of secret and top secret locations. all systems are air gap. you can't e-mail up with level to another.
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secretary's home server, contain classified and even top classified location. >> you have to physically take documents that come to a computer and transfer them or scan them in. >> mrs. clinton is days ahead from the iowa caucus. says she's answered every question and will continue to do so. in washington, jeff barn reporting. >> deputies report from a driving truck. new videos of the fiery crash and rescue. new at 6:00. >> last time i remember hearing, i can't breath. i can't breath. >> they killed her husband.
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a widow's bold question for a . >> good evening, everybody. name monty -- it's the kind of man and father that makes him unforgettable. >> that's why his family continues to speak to him, even after all these years. deb dixon, tells us, the family still has to speak out for justice. >> these are the three grandchildren monty tooth berry never met. the oldest one spoke to the parole board, opposing the release of john breauxer. one of the men convicted in the
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