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tv   Local 12 First Four  CBS  January 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> gearing up for a trump d debabate >> afternoon, everyone. local 12 news uncovered new information about the thomas moore security chief, charged porn. >> prosecutors say the 36 illegal images were on his personal computer at his home. the school placed marshall and
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there's no connection between the child porn and the school. it raises questions when the person in charge of student security, in charge of sexual images of minors. he joins us in the newsroom with what he's found. >> what he's found sh this is not marshall marshall's first arrest. it's the first serious run-in. it appears he had a criminal record before he was hired from security atoms moore. fort wright police cited him for reckless driving and dui. paid a $470 fine and lost his license for 90 days. same day he was hired, he got into serious trouble. according to police and court documents, robert marshall was the night manager at the thornton gas station in florence. on june 28th that year, police
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drop envelope. he was charged with a felony and sentenced to 180 days conditionally discharged. that means no jail time. marshall was hired in 1999. he had a criminal record at the time he was hired. depending on the dates, either had two guilty, dui and theft. and he hired for university security. now we hope to hear from thomas moore college some time before 5:00, when we'll have more on the robert marshall story. paula. >> the ad does raise questions, thank you, joe. >> robert marshall is still on the canton county jail. the first court appearance is scheduled for february 1st. to a local breaking news alert in warren county. >> sheriff investigators have been on the scene at a property near north dixie highway near the county line.
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county with more. what you could tell us. >> still a lot of questions, why the vehicle was found underground, i should say. within the last hour, that vehicle was brought above ground. we have video from earlier. they brought the vehicle, they were able to uncover the vehicle around 3:00 this afternoon. we're at 9762 dixie highway. we're in franklin township. authorities were called to investigate a tip that there might be a vehicle underground here. lots of rumors abound on why the vehicle could have been there. take a listen to what the neighbor told us. >> when i asked another person that was out here, what was going on, they told me there's some old man that owned this area, long time ago. and it was on their death bed, i guess. and spilled the beans about --
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>> we do want to clarify we have no word from warren county detectives, what if anything they were able to find in the vehicle. it was a 1960's model mercury convertible, blue in color. i understand it may be hard to tell because it was covered in dirt. we will remain on the scene and update you as soon as we learn any information. live from franklin township, sydney benter, local 12 news. >> sydney, thanks >> and police the bus driver was turning when the driver hit 73-year-old steven frank and daughter emily. emily frank is said to be in stable condition at the hospital much she's expected to survive. lieutenant bruce, the bus driver, voluntarily gave samples for tests but showed no signs of impairment. they don't believe the driver was driving too fast or driving
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police are looking at the bus and businesses, to see if they shed light in the incident. 52-year-old, rebecca fisher was in a motorized scooter when the car hit her. she is at last check in intensive care at uc medical center. florence police say she has a leg injury. and there's no word on whether charges are going to be filed. a local father faces charges after being accused of leaving his child in the middle of the road in freezing temperatures. court documents shows, giovanni got into a fight with the child's mother. police say he left the baby in a car seat in the middle of south row. it was only 15 degrees outside. a passerby found the baby and located the mother who was in
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with child endangering and assault. >> what happened after a 42-year-old man was stabbed. he showed up with life-threatening injuries. police believe he was stabbed somewhere in witten terrace. ask you're asked to call any, you're asked to call crimestoppers. i went out for a brief afternoon. sunny, warm, beautiful. really nice for january. check in for brandon with the forecast. >> and now we'll well into the 40s. 40s. lots of sunshine out there as well on tower cam hd. changed. morning. it's out of here. tri-state. look at the clouds.
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that will move in within the next several hours. eventually, some of the light rain and snow showers will move in. mainly flurries, with some isolated snow showers in between. most of it will not be accumulating, 33 degrees around midnight. expect the temperatures to fall around quickly. and you could see where it does, as it goes through tomorrow morning, with flurries from time to time, as you wake up with john gum tomorrow morning. coming in 15 minutes, talking about -- lot more about the temperatures could be approaching 60 degrees. we have a 60 degree planning forecast. that's coming in a few minutes. >> that makes many happy and those who love winter very sad. >> mixed bag, isn't it? >> cutting back on local
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>> open . >> managers at ge and evan dale told more than 200 local engineers they are going to lose their job. it's not a -- a case of declining business but the companies they are working on are near complete. about 70 engineers are at other
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two are in the target of the program. communities will be on the 21st and 22nd neighborhood. >> if you have a big event coming up, you may want to check out an open house under way in kennedy heights. kennedy heights height center celebrates a new option. the open house is set today from 4:30 until 7:00. the center is launching a concept, celebrations with heart. gusts could participate in the hands on facility. clients could choose from experiences in visual art, dance, theater and music. professional artist customize to fit your occasion. clients could rebt the kennedy mansion for unique special events. today's event is free to the public. the first client to book will
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the annual event, designed to get hiked up. four buses should travel more than 3 thousand miles. stops will be in five states over three days. caravan gives fans a chance to interact, players like hamilton, barnhart. and they will field question, sign autographs. caravan wraps up on sunday, while fan stops are free and open to the pull, for a full listing on the tours, go to our website, >> two local red fans got a treat. >> tina and jack grayman are the members. and megan moore was there, caravan rolled up to their home. >> it was the first stop along the way. the reds stopping there at tina and jack damian in bright, indiana. couple was excited they were coming. little did they know, the reds,
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they have waiting as well >> special dedication, all things reds, of course. >> and so many things, it was really funny for me. he's been collecting since he was a wee red fan. giving the pros a little history lesson. for manager, price, it was a trip down memory lane. >> if it wasn't a profession, it's a love for all of us. coming around, we just noticed the picture here of pete rose. he will hang out, it's pretty awesome, heading to 16 different
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indiana, west virginia and also tennessee. it almost looked like a decorator. >> and folks get a celebrity visit as well. >> first at 4:00, the affluenza
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pst >> he's been known as the affluence za teen, reentered the u.s. at dallas international airport. couch dropped the case to face charges. he became nope in the affluenza teen. he's on probation for a crash that killed four people in 2013. he and his mother were captured in mexico last month. pope had a busy week. today, a visit from actor leonardo dicaprio.
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vatican. he campaigned to have a climate change. >> who had the best day. >> it was a couple that got the reds in the basement. >> it's been a good day. >> anyone who walked outside this afternoon. >> good day in the weather side. >> huge warm-up. a big turn around. that's what they will see. it's cold yesterday. warm tomorrow. warm into the weekend. weekend is good for warm. >> take the cold weather on a friday. >> we have a nice looking, lots of sunshine. atrium weather camera. i want to show you something. this is looking downtown, covington from the ohio river. we'll switch you to the camera, butler county, north of oxford. it looks completely different. lots of clouds up there. clouds pushing from north to across. the clouds will eventually move downtown shortly. that will be the trend in the next couple of hours, increasing clouds. wind is coming out of the west,
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it's keeping us nice and warm. the southerly component to the wind really warms us up. same towards hamilton. and we're dry off the precision doppler hd. the clouds that's -- signalling a cold front, mixing with their play. this is the clouds we have around this morning. if you watch john grum, possibility of straight flurries, i should say. that should push to the south and east. we're watching the area of dark gray, pushing from the east. it is not going to catch too much problems. it will start out as rain, especially 7:00, 8:00, 9:00. we mix with snowflakes as we get to between 9:00 and midnight. eventually bottoming out below freezing. still with a chance of a few flurries.
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squeeze out a brief dusting. most will not expect too much. and you could have the radar as well as turning to john gump tomorrow morning as well, as the flurries moving in the area. pulling in the warmer air. 14 miles an hour in cincinnati. towards the west, it starts to shift a little bit. more northerly component, pulling in some cool air. right now, pulling in the cooler air. and eventually we'll get cooler air. we're 17 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. it will change to the day tomorrow. this takes the hour-by-hour. you could see the rain showers we have around. by 9:00, we have mostly rain showers. eventually mixing with some snowflakes. area of pink and white, is some flurries going on across the area. it's not going to be a widespread steady snow. it's going to be flurries, hit and miss, on and off.
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see some more gray, partly cloudy skies, from time to time. rainfall. other than the flurries in the morning. get towards saturday, much, much, warmer. this is when the winds turned around. can't rule out, it will be a nice day on saturday. mostly dry and gets even warmer than that. the warming trend continues into early next week. believe it or not, 62 degrees is what we're expecting tuesday, with the thunderstorms, feeling more like spring. actually tuesday, groundhog day. february the 2nd. >> 62 degrees. >> way to make predictions. spring is coming. >> thanks, very much. talking with a couple of
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not the other kikin >> spending a little time in charlotte, north carolina, for a powerful story we will tell around the super bowl. we were in charlotte. we thought, why not stop by the charlotte panthers' locker room, chat with the local boys. lots of media covering the super bowl. cam newton chilling. former buckeye, drawing a big crowd.
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joe web is next to the locker. anderson's, lineman, norwell, brother chris missed out. >> he lives through me. he's his only brother. looked at him the whole life. means a lot to him. means a lot to my family. they are proud of me. they are so excited. i'm in the super bowl 50. they are going nuts in cincinnati. >> have you stopped to think like this year? process. i think if you worry too much, where we have to go or, you lose getting there. it's been a lot of fun this year. what better way to finish you getting out there and getting a win. >> so exciting for the guys. >> do you think people around here are routing for the panthers.
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>> local tie for denver as well. depends on which high school you went to, who you like, who beat you, you didn't like, and whether or not you have animosity because of your local high school? >> that's a lot going on. u.s. custom's agents seized more than 40 thousand counterfeit hover boards. >> they say the boards pose a safety threat. mike parker on how they were discovered. >> i'm stunned by the size of the hall. >> the boxes are stacked almost to the ceiling at theis custom warehouse in o'hare. each one contains counter feet hover board shipped to the u.s. from china. these knock-offs have labeling that says samsung. that labels is fraudulent. they may turn out to be dangerous. the battery chargers could
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>> they are smugglers. they are trying to take advantage. corners was caught. safety was sacrifice ed d. >> my son put out with a fire extinguisher. >> hover board caught fire and caused $5 thousand worth of damage to the suburban home. this is what happened when a hover board burst into flames in a texas mall. >> is it possible that those could be counterfeits and that's why it's happening >> i could say that's possible. the legitimate manufacturers put safety measures in place. worst. >> fascinating that people still buy these after all the reports.
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>> republicans square off in iowa without donald trump.
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>> new concerns about the rapid >> owe hioans are days away from
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republican candidates have their last chance to make their case. their front runner will not be on stage. reporter kevin barry is in iowa with what viewers could expect? >> it's hard to tell what the viewers could expect because the front-runner, donald trump will not be on the stage. we see some people aument time taking notes and they can compare them. with that, he's going to the business sar rotation, andies few hours away from drinking university. >> the cruz showdown is the battle to watch for. >> i think cruz is a snake, to be honest. i think trump will walk all over him.
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others don't want moderators, and can dand. >> the results, environment he controls completely, where he could see the. i like that. be smart. >> i have fulfill ap tul iffing. that's the decision he has made, i'll back him 110 percent. >> who benefits. article fleischer, he believes marco rubio. he's a far in the rate about dafrn the riebio has been a discontinues rn.
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>> thanks, for the inside play plea. scott he's said to interview trump. at local 12, we will have highlights from the debate as well at 11:00. more americans than ever have health insurance. for some, it now costs more and covers less. one issue cheryl atkinson will host on sunday >> if you're measuring sheer number of people who have insurance, which is the number of obama administration likes to point to, there are millions more under insured under obama. they are carrying their wallet. for many people, the dark colors are going up.
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>> and you could see the full report report. >> pretty decent day as we approach february. it will be even more decent as we head in the forecast. >> some good news in the forecast >> we're in the upper twenties. look how quickly we warmed up with the sunshine. that's where we are now with the international airport. a lot of us enter the mid to upper 40s, barely below the 50 degree mark. we didn't hit today. as brad was eluding too.
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hd, is much of the same. the clear skies, they won't last much longer. clouds are on the way at 7:00. we start to see rain showers. 38 by 9:00. by 11:00, middle 30s and snowflakes mixing in. don't be surprised if you're going out and about. friday. we really start to warm up by next weekend in fact, we're talking about thunderstorms in the forecast early next week. more on that in about 15 minutes, brad, paula? >> it's too early for thunderstorms. warning today from public health experts. we learned more about this virus transmitted by mosquitoes. it appears to be spreading explosively around the world. >> the world health organization dangers. story. she joins us on one more thing
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thing we're learning about. >> so true. a lot unfolding. the virus, is especially dangerous for those. and if mom gets it ' and world health organization, as i mentioned, set up an emergency meeting, happen this week. they will address the spret of perhaps a rush to development of a vaccine for it. it is in as many as 23 countries. it's showed up, in the united states, and we did talk to experts at try-health. it's a virus, not especially dangerous. it may not show symptoms or know that we have it. we talked to dr. siffenia ing. she says for pregnant women,
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she's recommending women who are pregnant change travel plans until we know about this. the typical symptom, red eye, joint fever and joint pain. >> however, reports of the vital illness, babies born with neurological deficits, what's called michael -- and that's of great concern. you will need lab tests and imaging. there's no currently no vaccine.
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way to combat, click on the get it now links. and watching things change. the most interesting thing, they found you would hope you could get out to people in the countries and it will spread rapidly. the local family, they are cancelling their trip.
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it was going to be their dream >> i'm sheila gray, today in cincinnati refined. top five real estate trends.
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be able to buy their first home this year and upgrade to the new one. home prices will return to normal. if you're looking to sell, it's a good year. agents are seeing an increase in millennials and more people who are looking to retire. if you have been on the fence about owning a home. rent prices are growing a lot less affordable. learn what's happening in town on cincinnati facebook is doing okay. stock market says it made nearly $6 billion in the last quarter. how to make money on the mobile app. facebook says nearly a billion people check facebook on their smart phone every single day. >> federal lawmakers will soon vote on whether to buy and use cable boxes from companies other
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the fcc says it will help bring down costs. the average household pays $240 a year. unlocking the mark could help companies like apple, amazon and ruku deliver cable. >> stocks rule higher. dow jones industrial rose. nasdaq climbed 28. s&p 500 gained 10 points. stanford and harvard received donations. and this comes during a record year of more than 40 billion being raised by american universities. the nation's wealthiest colleges continue to attract the disproportionate share of philanthropy.
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attract 28 to 27 >> terrorism alert desk in washington. alison starling. isis is claiming responsibility, this time in yemen. the attack was charging
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the explosion killed at least 11 people. most of them security troops at the checkpoint. two of the people though killed were schoolchildren. and it may sound fake, but a 19-year-old in australia will go on trial for allegedly trying to plan a terror attack, using kangaroos. he's accused of plotting to strap explosives to kangaroos and let them loose on police officers. he's also accused to plotting to run over police officer. he faces life in prison. >> from the terrorism alert desk in washington. i'm alison starling. check this out. this is the new gerber baby. the company announced the winner of the annual baby photo search contest. 7-month old, eastla from troy, michigan. new babies spokesperson, spokes
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parents will get 50 thousand. $15 hundred in gerber clothes for the family. the company fell in love. this is the 6th annual baby jar. >> like an adult look. >> she's so cute. >> good. >> wouldn't you hate to be a judge. they have that many entries. you know, they are all cute. >> all babies are cute. >> that one was -- >> and handing. >> and look at the developing stories. >> local veterans took a really big step in turning their lives around. several veterans, legal troubles or both were the legal graduates of the veteran treatment corps. . at 6:00, a story that's very personal for many of us in local 12. a former coworker, sports
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for the second time around. deb dixon, what he needs to stay alive, how you may be able to help doug or someone else deal with blood cancer. 40 percent of older americans surveyed, think they are very prepared for the ageing process. professionals see a different story. they often see seniors don't find out until it is too late. why waiting for a crisis, could force some families into bad decision. that's in a family 411 report coming at 6:00. i'll be back at 5:00. >> taking a look at the little traffic. 75, glendale milford, stops, start in stops start? depends on your camera. clear in the skies. skies will be clear throughout the night? >> we have clouds moving in. the pavement won't be too dry for too much longer. you could see in the camera, further to the north around
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clouds will be moving in to downtown. in the next several hours, overnight, it's mainly clear, like we were in oxford, as we rewind the atrium weather camera about three hours. there's a whole lot of sunshine out there today. that's part of the reason, we warmed up, winds coming in. notice, we are starting to get more and more clouds filtering in as the cold front pushing through. and there's the wind out of the west, southwest. totally breezy at times. 14 miles an hour, gusts are a little higher than that. lot of temperatures are in the mid to upper 40s. you're looking at the traffic camera. pavement is dry. not dealing with any weather concerns for the evening commute. as we go through the overnight hours, we will start to see the clouds. that's the first bit of clouds in the morning. these are the clouds that's moving in right now. area of dark gray.
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and snow in the leading edge. there's not a whole lot of moisture with the storm system. we're talking limited amount of moisture. few rain, showers around, by 7:00, 8:00. eventually mixing with snowflakes. it will change over to all snowflakes. it will not be very heavy. spotty light snow showers and mainly some flurries, even into early tomorrow morning, when the temperature drops a couple of degrees below freezing right around 30 degrees. a little warmer than we were overnight last night. so there's one coming in the west southwest. notice it starts to turn more to the north, as we get toward springfield illinois. that's when the wind direction will do and put in cooler air. even though we're warm today, 17 degrees warmer than yesterday. don't expect to warm up much longer. the cold front will last to the
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and changes to the blue color, which is some light spotty snow showers mainly, some flurries out there. it will move early tomorrow morning. john gum will be there tomorrow morning, if there's flurries. we'll let you know, precision doppler hd. cold front to the south, cooler weather oozes in for the day tomorrow. winds stretch down and nice and warm for the weekend, sending us the weekend. we're dry on saturday. in the evening, 5 percent chance, maybe a stray sprinkle. if you're out and about, don't be surprised, one or two drops. 30 percent by sunday afternoon. we start to see a few showers move in, and certainly by the evening. if you're making any plans by sunday, don't want to deal with the rain.
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dry. showers coming in mainly towards the evening. 52 on saturday. 58 on sunday. that's going to be the big story. 62 by tuesday. it's when the cold front is moving our way. that will bring changes. that's when we have the big storm system. near blizzard conditions. we're in the warm side of the storm system. here we're expecting thunderstorms. some on tuesday, could be on the strong side. 62 degrees the average high, this time of year is 39. that's way above average. you could see, of course, the cooler weather not too far behind. >> you wouldn't think, this is the nickname you want. the woman known as the life lady.
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>> lean over and comb the . >> itchy nuisance, a nightmare for many students. actually a dream for some businesses. >> they are popping up all over the country and they are busier than ever. >> disgusting. >> nobody wants to admit it. >> i was surprised.
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>> i was in middle school when i first have lice. >> spending dollar after dollar on over-the-counter shampoos. >> lean over the bathtub and comb the lice out. >> they have made their home on of time. now they are harder to get rid of. lice has become. >> that's why michelle cherry. >> her business is crawling with customers. >> unfortunately, it is a booming business. >> she owns lice away in tampa. >> cover each strand of hair. >> on average, would see 80 cases a month. >> each case, a family comes. so it could be one person, family, two, or three. >> it's not cheap. costing more than $150 a treatment. it's guaranteed.
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hands. >> and while she loves helping people get rid of the itch, she says her goal is to help educate people not getting it in the first place. >> two to three percent of children in america have lice at any given time. >> with many schools lapsing on policies of lice, that number is not going down. policy. and in passkoe, they don't even have recommendations. they go with the recommendations of child of pediatrics >> and if one child has lice in a classroom and you keep that child in class, then it's going to spread >> cherry knows, with the blood suckers on the crawl, she will continue to treat people's itch
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>> tough thing to swallow, but the best thing, tell your teacher. tell all of your children's friend's parents. >> she's providing a service, good for her. i apologize, if you're eating. >> wouldn't that be fun every day. >> and at 5:30. >> brad, thanks very much. >> a look at local man's past uncovers a history. charged with possession of child pornography charges. >> cases of virus, leading to birth defects grows. what the world health organization, about the future. >> only one look. they make a move against body -- this is local 12 news, live at 5:00. . we begin with the latest, first in warren county, that's
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heavy machinery to dig up a property. >> north dixie township in the border of montgomery county. listings on line at the business, either penses or cnw auto sales. what investigators are not telling us about, the nature of the report that led them there to begin with. they will only say, about a married car, workers of the engineer's office, turned out to be a blue, model, blue mercury convertible. the sheriff says the crime scene unit investigated an processed the entire scene but didn't find any evidence of a crime. we'll let you know if we learn more. there's new evidence and information, about the local college security chief charged with possession of child porn. >> police arrested robert marshall after they say they found 36 sexual images on the home computer. >> they reveal, marshall had a
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moore college hired him
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