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tv   Local 12 News at 6  CBS  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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exchange with the prosecutor and attorney for ray tensing. expert reports giving their opinion on the case. p>> it captures the moment he shot sam dubose in the head. in a story, shows us the different interpretation on what the video shows >> >>. again. officer tensing, stops sam dubose's car in a street near uc. there's no front license plate. >> beyond right. >> the back license plate is registered to the car's owner, whose license is suspended. >> >>. >> kensing asked dubose for the license several times, before
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one report, kensing fires three seconds later. : prosecution experts sees it one way. >> shooting was -- >> not justifiable. that he wasn't dragged. his arm was not caught. the car probably rolled six inches before he pulled his gub and shot him in the head. >> the defense maintained, kensing arm was entangled in the interrier. when he turned on the ignition, he felt he was being dragged >> he felt like being dragged and being -- going to suffer great bodily harm. he took action he deemed necessary. >> wasn't an accident, he intentionally shot him in the head. >> these going to come in court.
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life and that he took, he did an intentional act to try to stop that threat. >> the supreme threat says officers could use deadly course much they feel their life or someone else's life is in danger. matthew says there are reasons dubose wanted to get away. two pounds of marijuana was found in the car kroo he's a pain in the as. he may be dealing drugs. treat him in the head. >> entire case, whether you're an expert, or citizen going to sit on a jury, everybody has a different opinion, different interpretation on what they show. what they see in the video. eventually 12 members of the jury are going to ask what they agree to what they see and what it means. debra dixon, local 12 thus. >> ray kensing is due back in court on february 11. >> map tries to run for his life
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street. it happens in the residential street in bond hill this afternoon. detectives are not releasing the, the name of the man who was found dead. they say he was shot five times when he collapsed and died. gunfire happened blocks from the elementary school, that police put on lock-down just before things are safe. >> after two trials and two guilty verdicts, man who prosecuted a child molester, the community should be relieved if he's locked up. canton county jury, recommended a life sentence after convicting ronald kem of sexually abusing a young girl. after years of abuse, she was able to tell the story. it comes months after king had been convicted of setting fire to a mobile home in lattonia. kings' young accuser was asleep inside. she was not hurt that night and
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. >> for a 10-year-old to do it and speaking about krieps that happened once she was 4-8 years old much it's not easy. and she went through a really tough time during the trial. she toughed it out. she made it through. she did a good job and i'm proud of her for sticking out. >> despite a life sentence, king will be eligible for parole in 20 years j police are looking for a sexual predator. and officers had the composite. and one attack in 2006 and two others last year. athens police have joined forces in the case. they say dna evidence shows the
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the victims were young women the night. >> this person is victimizing people who are vulnerable. victimizing people who are alone. staying in groups and looking after each other and making sure that your friends get home safely is key. >> police are increasing patrols around campus and the downtown area. they asked the ohio bureau of criminal investigation for help. >> hamilton county will soon have a chief officer. wrote a letter to cincinnati leaders, questioning the speed of development at the bapgs.
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feelings on the river front project. local students get in the spirit of the super bowl. >> that's because it played a big part in the history of the big game. >> marion high school received gifts in the nfl. two golden footballs honor the alumni who played in the super bowl's past. players are roger staback and linebacker killens. killens was in the pep rally to present the football to the school. >> and a lot of times, with james and things of that magnitude. you kind of get nervous. you want to be so prepared. you want to do the things you're prepared to do but you don't take a step back and breath it in and enjoy the moment. >> how fun for the kids. tonight's 2002, sycamore graduates will present the golden football to the school.
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>> it's neat for the students. i think it's cool for the former players, that they enjoy that. >> didn't look like it any way. >> zika virus is crossing borders. it's caused an epidemic number of birth defects. and miniature horses arrive on campus to give students a
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>> sasaturday, . >> tougher background checks who care for those who are most vulnerable. if it passes, home health agencies will have to run national criminal background checks on all employees they hire. the law calls for limited background checks. state senate has passed the bill and it goes for the house for consideration now. >> number of cases of the zika virus that's been linked to birth defects has jumped in the united states. the cdc says there's 32 cases, most who feel infected don't feel sick. most who do have mild symptoms, fever, rash and pink eye. there are major worries, dangers, pregnant women and
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brazil, hardest hit, with more than 4 thousand reported cases, neurological disorder, results on babies being born with small heads. zika is pred by a certain type of mosquito. researchers want to find out if there's a common link as well. >> like west nile virus, japanese -- >> this is not the first time, transmitting the disease in humans. >> exactly. it's no -- all the virus. why not zika. >> and doctors at the cdc say zika is not spreading locally but rather coming in the u.s. through travelers. mythical creature spotted on campus. . >> this is not real; right?. >> may be able to convince them. unicorn, on the university tour.
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>> after crushing the local >> facebook flips on the switch for live video on the>iphone. the option with facebook app installed on an iphone. they will let you share things live as they happen with friends and family. anyone who is watching could comment. and facebook is still working on adding live video for its android devices. >> after a long holiday break, it was time to get back to school this week for students at miami university.
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week could be very stressful. as local 2 news reporter larry davis shows us some 4-legged stress. >> at the 7-oaks farm, some of the therapy horses here, are being groomed for a road trip. they will be heading to oxford to provide stress relief for students at miami university. red is the tiniest of minis. 27 inches tall and 80 pounds. dallas and denver will be transformed into uniforms of the day. minis are good at what they do. providing elderlies, for chirp and even college students. >> personalities, overall demeanor. they are not biters. they are not kickers. they are easy to train. >> oh, boy. >> no sooner does lisa mode open her trailer in oxford, denver and dallas draw a crowd.
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>> this is not real; right?. >> how often do you see a little uniform nodding around campus. >> as the many horses hook their way to campus through the armstrong students, there's a crowd of students awaiting their arrival. you think that justin bieber was arriving on campus. >> waiting for 45 minutes. >> was worth the wait >> definitely. >> do you feel less stressed out? >> i really do. they are so cute. crowd. of course, they took selfies. the minis have that down. alex is curious. >> how are they made? i want to know how fast they run. >> and by the looks of the smiles and laughter, there was no doubt, the minis did their job, relieving stress from the first week of class. >> it's kind of stressful
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it took a while. i found them and now i'm stressed. >> in oxford, larry davis, local 12 news. >> i think i'd rather see the mini horses. farm miniature therapy horses, non-profit group, people have the ability to provide the same care back to horses to complete the cycle. in addition to miami, the organization provides many therapy horses to the university of cincinnati as well. >> small enough to fit to the weather center. >> being a good match for me. like looking in the mirror. >> do you need some therapy right now >>maybe we don't want to know >> stress going on in the weekend. beautiful day to being out in the ohio river, just being out for any reason. tomorrow, sun to start and clouds creep in the afternoon. almost the opposite on what happened. we finish the business day with sun and had cloud in the morning.
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heading into the weekend, and warmer air is surging our way. atrium weather cam shows, last bit of twilight that the sun has set in cincinnati. oxford. and dry air is in place as supported by a dew point of 17. light wind there, will take a check of the atrium weather cam, on top of the rad son. the precipitation we had this morning, was gone. we're clear to mostly clear all the way to the evening. at least in the first half of tomorrow. of note, we're much warmer. also breezy on saturday. we're still breezy on sunday, with rain showers moving in during the afternoon and evening. a second system coming our way for tuesday brings a threat for stronger storms as well. temperatures now range from the mid-30s, lake winoca.
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windchill in the 30s for most. temperatures and wind chills will be falling in the 30s. we'll take it down to 30 tonight. forecast high tomorrow, 54 degrees. and we're even warmer sunday. even with more clouds and showers moving in during the afternoon and evening. larger view shows an area of high pressure position to the west, keeping us dry tonight. mainly cloud-free for this evening and overnight. tomorrow, we'll start with sun and clouds rapidly increase as in the sunset. no rain or snow to track now. along 74, 71. south of the 71, 75 split, down to aa, heading to the 275 loop. everyone will be dry late this afternoon and this evening. overnight, early tomorrow. even tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow neat, with clouds moving in, we stay dry. clear sky overhead for the start of good morning. cincinnati saturday. by the time we get to the evening newscast tomorrow, clouds will be thickening up in
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you see the splochs in the model. we will leave the precipitation out tonight and tomorrow night. cold front marches our way for sunday. showers will develop in the afternoon, especially in the evening. roads will be wet by sunday evening. we'll drop to 31 by 6:00 in the morning. clear skies for tonight. some clouds occasionally. tomorrow, we'll start with sun an finish with the clouds. notice, this is the time to watch. range for most. scattered thunderstorms. storms. we have three or four days to track the secondary system. just know, no severe weather. we have to watch that tuesday's system. it packs a punch. a lot of warmth ahead of the system. some hitting 6
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>> bengals are not a probowl roster. and 8th bengal, making the trip of all. director of rehabilitation and assistant athletic director. and they earned the first pro bowl after a stellar season that included a touchdown. most in the league and most ever, tight end. tyler has cut the injuries and elbow and shoulder that kept him out. and neither shoulder or elbow, this season. he said he was just doing his job. here they are enenjoying the sunshine. this is the man he spent with every time, almost a year to get back to full health. they brought along tight end john haze. former uc and current chief, kelsey will be limited this week.
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an nfl, back door catching kelsey. . also, chiefs signed him to a five year, $46 million, making him the second highest paid tight end in the nfl. bengals defensive back, now with the dolphins, linked himself with cincinnati's wild card loss to the steelers. maybe emotions got the best of the players. as a coach, you feel responsible. that's my guy, referring to adam jones, led to the game winning field goal. who is to blame for this one? the broncos are playing the broncos. miscommunication maybe? the browns crew painted the broncos in both end zones. that needed fix. the panthers will be painted i wonder if they have any overtime for that one.
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head to head in st. clair. and we will see that in santa clara. and the blue demons beat by 20 earlier this month. there's a chance the team comes in overlooking their opponent. when you have a coach as smart as that, that probably won't happen. and how to spell the last name. matt was the only one who could do it. >> it's real simple. it's spelled like it sounds. wojchichowski. >> w-o-j- e-c-h-i- -- every vowel in there -- s- k-i.
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>> and after last night's 58-57 win over the bear cats. and uc is now 50. and certainly helping their cause for a sixth straight tournament bid. more good news, bear cats
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is day-to-day with a moderate >> here's some of the stories we're working on tonight, for local 12 news, live at 11:00. taken to a parking lot, left today, police save the life of a man who overdosed on drugs. looking for a person who abandoned him. >> a top ten finalist and it could bring $10 thousand to a local school. if you're heading out tonight. >> hardly a cloud in the sky. temperatures in the 30s, up to 54, breezy am next chance of rain, sunday afternoon, sunday evening. chance for stronger storms late on tuesday.
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