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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 5  CBS  February 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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meterologist john gumm. 3
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3 the first votes of the presidential election will be cast today. the iowa caucuses are tonight.. and candidates spent the weekend looking to build support.iowa offers only a small contingent of the
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the presidential nominees, but a win would greatly increase momentum leading into the new hampshire primary.a recent poll by the des moines register shows the iowa choice for democratic nominee -- among likely caucusgoers--- is hillary clinton with 45 percent of the vote.senator sanders not far behind with 42 percent. 3 presidential candidate) (:21)"we've run a terrific campaign from the grass roots up ... of course it's close its competitive that's why i hope everyone who has decided to caucus for me will come out monday night." (:33)(sen. bernie sanders / (d) presidential candidate) (:36)"when we started this campaign here in iowa, we were 50 or 60 points behind secretary clinton. we have come a long, long wayso i think if the turnout is high, jake, i think we've got a real shot to win this."(:47)donald trump and ted cruz are leading the republican nomination pack in iowa.we'll hear from them coming up at five thirty. 3 governor john kasich has been concentrating on new hampshire.. and he has an important endorsement this morning.the new york times editorial board is endorsing
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presidential nomination.the times says he is the only plausible choice for republicans who tired of -- quote -- "extremism and inexperience on display in this race." the paper chose hillary clinton for the democratic presidential nomination. 3 a group of local students is taking in the campaign.nearly 30 seniors from taylor high school have been in iowa since friday.students are spending their time on the road.. hitting as many events and restaurants.. hoping to spend some time with as many presidential hopefuls as they can.not only have they been in the same rooms as hillary clinton, ben carson and marco rubio. but they got to meet them too. 3 emily shuey07.07-20"it's so great to see all the candidates unfiltered by the media. to see them in person as a human. they crack jokes and they aren't always just about politics. that was a really great experience." 03.38-48 alex herges"i remember being really young and watching the elections on tv and all the debates . 44
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the person live, shaking the person's hand, it's just surreal "the students also got to take pictures with clinton, rubio and carson. they even had lunch with rick santorum. 3 more local news now.. support for two-year old kinsley kinner.. the two-year old from madison township who was killed last year. a motorcycle ride and fundraiser held this weekend raised money for her headstone. police say kinsley was beaten by her mother's boyfriend. both of them will go on trial in april. 3 a drug that can help people who are dying of a heroin overdose.. will soon be more available. c- v- s is expected to announce today that it will make *naloxone* available at it's ohio stores. the drug, commonly known as *narcan*, is used to override an overdose. state records show it was used nearly 13- thousand times last year in ohio. several local pharmacies already stock the drug.. including walgreens. as do many tri-state police departments.
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a new strain of the "pet flu" is on the rise.doctors say they are seeing more cases of a respiratory disease in dogs. veterinarians say it's not the same deadly flu virus that filled hospitals in many states.. including ohio.. last spring.the new illness is ususally found in asia.doctors say it's most likely to spread in animal rescue facilities where other dogs are infected. .. or at shelters when pet 3 (1:01) (dr. emily center) "a little lethargic, not wanting to eat that well but can go to the full blown coughing, sneezing having nasal discharge." (1:11)your pet could be sick.. and you don't even know it.vets say some dogs don't even show any clinical signs. the best prevention is vaccination. 3 right now, about 14-thousand children live in ohio foster homes. about 25-hundred are ready to be adopted. and perry's here with the story of a woman who lived it.... this isn't a story about giving up...or giving's about
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face of adversity in order to stand out. 3 nadia goforth has fought an uphill battle from birth. adopted at three, placed in foster care at 13..."i didn't know that it was possible to not have a family. i was 13, i was just really confused and i didn't know why. i was really mad."four schools in four years made nadia determined to succeed. "at first it was just kind of proving people wrong because a lot of people tell you when you're in foster care that this is the minimum that you can do. just graduate high school, you don't have to go to college."nadia learned to fight for herself because nobody else would. she went to winton woods high school and graduated in 2015 with honors...despite living on her own her senior year in an apartment funded by hamilton county job and family services. "i was just overwhelmed with all of the things that i was trying to
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to prove myself to everybody." 3 nadia may have been down, but she wasn't out. she was accepted into several major universities including american and george washington...but she couldn't afford to go...coming up at six...i'll tell you where she ended up. 3 a new player for the reds.up next, we'll show you the girl who is giving one player a run for his, brokering a temporary truce.we'll tell you why steelers and bengals players are joining're
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3 we all know the bengals and steelers are on- field rivals. but two players made a friendly challenge off the gridiron.. to show some military appreciation.deangelo williams and tyler eifert met at the pro bowl draft at wheeler army airfield military base in hawaii.williams asked eifert to put aside their team's rivalry in an effort to see who could get the most military signatures, to honor the real heroes at the pro bowl can see the full video on local12-dot-com. 3 the cincinnati reds wrapped up their caravan this weekend
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in four days.and the players had fun meeting fans. billy hamilton.. arguably the fastest player in baseball .. met his match yesterday at the florence mall. she's a little over four feet tall.. with a red pony tail. she didn't get a trophy.. or a medal. she got something better -- hamilton's jersey. by the way.. we're only 17 days away from pitchers and catchers reporting. 3 a principal is honored.we'll show you just how many people are remembering an educator who gave her life to save two of her, a horse gets hitched.we'll tell you why one little boy is insisting on a barnyard're watching good
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3 a k- 9 officer is killed in the line of duty.. while working at a domestic violence situation this weekend.police say a father and son got into an argument in wilkinsburg,
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police attention.the duo ran away from police.. and officers eventually caught up with them.officers say one man refused police orders.. and when tasing didn't work.. they released canine officer, "aren."investigators say the suspect stabbed the dog. the officers shot and killed the man. 3 chief matt porter, .port authority police dept:(1:17) "it's a horrible thing. he's a member of that officer's family. he's a member of the law enforcement family." (1:25) right now, police don't know how many times the suspect was shot, or how many times "aren" was stabbed. the dog was taken to a nearby veterinary facility - where the five-year veteran of the force was pronounced dead.he was not wearing a protective vest. 3 a second virginia tech student is charged in the murder of a virginia teenager. police say david eisenhauer abducted 13- year- old nicole lovell. police also say natalie keepers helped him get rid of teen's body. lovell's body was found near a north carolina highway - 90 miles from her
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wednesday.. sparking a four day search that included a thousand members of virginia tech's corps of cadets. police haven't said how.. or why she was killed. 3 two inmates are behind bars again after breaking out of a california jail more than a week ago.officials say jonathan tieu and hossein nayeri were returned to orange county yesterday.police say they got a tip from someone who said they saw the van that the two had allegedly stolen. three inmates escaped the jail back on january 22nd.the third suspect.. bac duong.. turned himself in on friday. 3 a beloved elementary school principal was laid to rest this weekend in indiana.susan jordan died on tuesday -- pushing students out of the way of an oncoming bus. jordan's family says she died as she lived.. serving the children she loved.she was the principal of amy beverland elementary school for more than 20 of the children she saved in the hundred others. 3
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about a family who's planning breed to one of their horses.. but a five-year old boy with strong moral values is standing in the way. 3 (gabe bush / horse owner) (:31) my mom taught me how you gotta get married before you have babies." (:39)five- year- old gabe bush has a horse named butterball.. who's also five...but when it came to butterball having babies, gabe stepped in and said no way.. because they need to get married gabe's family bought a cake and a tutu for butterball.and the stud will wear a bow tie.gabe plans to give butterball away .. and his grandpa who's a pastor, will be performing the ceremony.guests are being asked to bring hay or horse
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3 topping the weekend box office. we'll tell you which animated feature is taking the number one, big winners on the red carpet.we'll tell you which stars are winning big at
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3 "kung fu panda three" is kicking butt at the box office. the animated feature made 41 million dollars this weekend. that's actually the lowest opening for the franchise. wilderness epic "the revenant" -- with star leonardo dicaprio -- pulled in more than 12 million dollars for second place."star wars: the force awakens" is in third place.the movie may pass 900- million dollars in domestic ticket
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3 the 22nd annual sag awards turned into a statement about diversity in hollywood.for the second straight year, "orange is the new black" doubled down. uzo aduba repeated as best female actor in a comedy.and the show took home best comedy series.idris elba pulled off a double of his own, winning a t-v award for "luther" and a film award for "beasts of no nation."as for those looking for oscar indicators, "the revenant" star leonardo dicaprio and brie larson from honors. 3 staying safe 3 online.coming up at five thirty.. local 12's adam clements joins us *live* with how a local agency is helping
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plus, celebrating smoked meats. coming up at five thirty.. we'll tell you how you can join in on the fun during
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3 3 now at five thirty.candidates make one last big push in iowa. .. and frontrunners are taking shots at each other.. we have the highlights.
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3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your's meterologist john gumm.
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3 months of campaigning, hand- shaking and stump- speaking.. will be put to the test today.. as the iowa caucuses begin.but the candidates' groundwork won't matter unless their supporters actually show up.cruz has built a ground game that's unrivaled in iowa. more than 800 volunteers have passed trump is secretive about its ground operation.but even if his supporters aren't hearing from the campaign, they're still hearing about the candidate. 3 (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate): (:23) "it all doesn't matter if you don't caucus monday."(sen. ted cruz, (r) presidential candidate): "if every person brings 9 additional people to caucus monday night, we will win the iowa caucus." (:35) volunteers are putting in 12- hour days phone banking and door knocking for cruz.trump is sticking with his unconventional playbook.. like
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his private jet.coming up at six.. we'll hear from the democratic presidential candidates. 3 the butler county sheriff's office is making it easier.. and safer for you if you're purchasing items online.. starting today.. they're opening up their jail in hamilton as a safe swap zone for people dropping off and picking up items through e-bay and craigslist..that's where we find local 12's adam clements.. he joins us *live* with the details. 3 sheila.. let's say you find this nifty carboard poster of nick and drew lachey.. the person selling it 3 wants to meet up.. and of course.. you're not going going to meet up somewhere you don't feel safe.. well.. how about right here at the butler county jail? if you can't feel
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safe?you know.. we've all 3 heard the horror stories.. from rip-offs.. to people getting kidnapped.. even murdered.. meeting a complete stranger to make a transaction like this can be downright risky..starting today.. your fears of anything like that happening can be left at home.. if you decide to take advantage of this new service provided by the butler county sheriff's office..they're opening their doors here in the lobby.. sheriff richard jones got the idea to do this after a seventeen year old was assaulted and robbed during what he thought was a video game exchange at a liberty township elementary school.. the sheriff says he hopes this new service will eliminate senseless crimes like that from ever happening again.. again.. the safe internet exchange service begins today.. it's run from 8am until 8pm.. and that's seven days a week..sheila.. back to
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3 the butler county jail is located at 705 hanover street 3 today we will find out who will take control of 5 apartment buildings declared public nuisances. a reciever will take over the buildings in walnut hills.. westwood.. and avondale. the move comes amidst hundreds of complaints from residents.. and nearly 2- thousand code violations. more than a million dollars in repairs and security measures are needed. we'll let you know who takes control on local 12.. and local 12 dot com. 3 today is also the first court appearance for thomas more's former security chief. robert marshall was busted on child porn charges last wednesday.. police say the 52- year- old had dozens of pornographic pictures of children on his home computer. and, he apparently tried to wipe the computer clean. thomas more emphasizes there is no connection between his crimes and the school.. and they fired him the day after his arrest. 3 you can get free pizza for donating blood this week
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the university of cincinnati for an all-campus blood drive. it's today through friday at tangeman university center. donors will get vouchers for a free pizza from dominos. 3 a new training facility for injured veterans and athletes is opening today at xavier university."ride to recovery" is holding a grand opening for its hero indoor cycling center this afternoon.. and it's hosting an event to raise awareness about veteran suicide.22 veterans take their lives every day, so, starting tomorrow through the 22nd, cyclists will be asked to ride 22 miles on the new equipment. riders will receive bike jerseys and shorts. 3 "cincy meat week" continues's the second year of the event.there's an official "pit" stop schedule for the "tour de bbq" the week- long holiday is devoted to the celebration of barbecued meats. event planners says more than 30 restaurants are serving smoked meats in the greater cincinnati area.. and they
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feature is "jim dandy's family barbecue" in sharonville.we have a full list of meat week stops on our website.. local 12 dot com. 3 join the conversation.up next.. we want to hear about your most memorable wedding moment.(:56) "everybody should be able to eat, no one should go hungry, especially kids." (1:00)making a big difference. we'll tell you how a cafe is helping hundreds of people. you're watching good morning
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3 now it's time for our facebook question of the day.february is national weddings we want to know -- what's your best.. or worst.. wedding story.
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3 we want you to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts.we'll
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3 3 we expect to learn more today about the fatal amtrak crash in philadelphia last year.. the n-t-s-b is expected to release evidence.. and reports.. about the accident last may. it will be the first major development since the agency said in july excessive speed was a key factor. eight people died when the train derailed.
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than 100 miles per hour going into a curve with a speed limit of 50 miles per hour. 3 we'll also know today whether the growing outbreak of the zika virus is an international health emergency.. the virus is spreading rapidly throughout the western hemisphere.. the disease, which is carried by mosquitoes, is linked to serious birth defects.. like children being born with small heads. pregnant women are the ones at serious risk. there are 32 cases in the u-s.. in every case.. the people were infected while they were over seas. 3 the show must go on."high school musical" star vanessa hudgens shared that her father died on her twitter account. she broke the news just hours before she was due to play the part of "rizzo" in a live production of "grease."she said she would continue on with the show in her dad's honor... after the broadcast.. 3
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hudgens' dad. 3 a michigan restaurant is breaking the mold... because when you order one cheeseburger.. you're really ordering six. 3 (keith williamson/executive director food bank south central michigan)(:28) anytime we get with an entity that comes up with a creative idea to bring attention to domestic hunger, and how everybody is part of that solution. it's key. (:37)patrick mixis recently opened the doors to "feed the world cafe" in kalamazoo.the cafe serves food with flavors from around the world.but its mission is what makes it so special.for every dollar spent, 6 meals will be provided for families through a just seven months, feed the world cafe has donated money to supply 24 thousand meals.mixis says his plan is to open more cafes.. tackeling hunger.. one meal at
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3 3 3
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3 ten thousand dollars.a local school could win it!coming up at six.. find out how you can help them cash in.shredding the slopes.we'll introduce you to a toddler who is destined to be a pro're watching good morning cincinnati.
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i think that it's a neat experience that we as ohioans don't get to experience because we don't have caucuses, we have primaries. a different look at the caucuses, local students stomping with the candidates.
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