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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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crime. >> the new plan is about the places that harbor criminals and ignore their cri s. local 12 joe webb joins us live with details with a plan that is hi, joe. >> hi, cammy, pivot stands for place-based, violent offender territories. and the value is simple. attack violent crime, not only crack down on criminals, the network of locations that will allow the crimes to go on. >> chief elliot isaac laid the plan to cut violent crime in the city council meeting this evening. the chief could sum it in a sentence. >> and isaac's presentation is very specific. used the afghanistan territory as an example. cracking down on offender
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crack down on placed networks. apartment complexes, where they are welcomed. public courses where they gather. you do that and it takes it up a notch. city has identified hot spots, leak the 3500 block of redding that drive most of the violent crime in the city. approximately 20. we will be focusing on them at various times. i don't want to obviously, as i mentioned in the presentation. i want to give away our intelligence and deployment strategies. >> some of the hots spots are predictable. many may surprise you. many are centered around gas station. >> there's gas stations in the city of cincinnati that's facilitating criminal network. that's why it's good to look at them in cases, from an investigative lens.
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squad will be focused here. and everyone we spoke with today is supportive but not everyone is convinced it will help. >> they can slow is down but they will not stop it. people will have to change before violence or anyone to stop. people will have to change. stop killing each other. they will need to get better. >> and now if it all sounds a lot like sir, the cincinnati initiative to reduce violence, it is a lot like it. police are describing it as 2.0 or serve on steroids. police emphasize, this is a police strategy. entire city strategy that will incorporate city governments to crack down on the problem locations. they will work closely with county, state and put the full weight of violence offenders and the locations that tolerate them. cammy? >> all right, joe webb reporting. thank you.
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managers say they can put pivot in place with the current staffing and budget. and local bicyclists hit by a car yesterday has died from his injuries. investigators say a jeep cherokee driven by woodal, went off u.s. 52, in anderson township. it went on to the shoulder and hit michael pradder who died this morning. about an hour after woodal appeared in court, she will soon be faced upgraded charges of aggravated vehicular homicide and leak the scene of the accident. she was also driving on a suspended license. when they arrested her, deputies say woodal admitted to using heroin and tried to hide three bottles of pills in her bra. ahead at 6:00, what the driver claims is really responsible for the crash sh. and the city chief makes the first court appearance on child pornography charges. police arrested robert marshall
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days later thomas moore college fired him. deputies say the 52-year-old unsuccessfully tried to wipe dozens of pornographic images of children were his home computer. today the judge set bond at $25 thousand and restricted his access to the internet. he's also on house arrest but will be able to leave to look for work. thousands of local drivers fined for speeding. the city defines citation law enforcement. and attorneys for the drivers planned to ask the judge, to pay back more than a million dollar collected in less than two years. the butler county judge ruled that the unmanned cameras violated the right to due process and ordered them shut off. the police in miami started using hand held cameras.
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rural mailboxes on saturday in previd county. someone made the bombs using chemicals mixed inside two litter soda bottles. deputies removed them using a remote controlled robot. lab testing is under way. cost of court cases for and against juvenile court judge could reach $3.74 million. taxpayers recovered many of the costs. state department granted hunter's request to delay her jail sentence. county commissioners voted last week to authorize more payments to the special prosecutor handler her criminal case. what special prosecutors, in a race riot. it's going to take place in
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events to educate students about an era that most were young. after riots were triggered about a deadly black unarmed man. revise policies for the use of deadly force. former mayor, will be among the panelist for the meeting. it starts at 7:00 at the centeroff city. >> the clouds look pretty nice for the severe weather. >> severe weather may be moving in. scott dimmich has the forecast. evening. and temperatures will be falling into and into the 40s between now and midnight. then we'll settle in the mid to upper 30s. clouds gradually increase between 1:00 a.m. and the start of good morning. cincinnati. no rain is expected this evening or overnight. once we get close to lunch tomorrow, stray or spotty showers will begin to develop
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showers developing in the afternoon. our main concern for weather through mid week is going to be for potent showers and thunderstorms tomorrow night. especially between 9:00 p.m. on tuesday and 2:00 in the morning on wednesday. notice the clouds are moving out now. there's no big system coming from the west yet. live precision doppler hd, shows no rain anywhere close to the 275 from adams county to fayette county. owen county and everyone is dry and we'll stay that way through the evening. airport. we have some showers and a threat for severe weather to assess tomorrow night and return for colder air for the back end of the planning forecast. i'll share that with you coming in 10 minutes. rob? >> on-line transaction turns into a violent inperson encounter. what the law enforcement is
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internet sales . >> it may not come here until 2021. if it does, it will be cincinnati's biggest convention. and it's the world's largest service club and the international conference could
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and cincinnati is one of three finalists for the event much the host, city decision is expected by march 1st. we'll let you know. they add the new layer of the safety for the on-line purchases. adam clements, the butler county jail is a safe swat zone. to pick up sold and bought through sites like craig's list and ebay. >> and kid thought would exchange video game. gets robbed by three guys and gets assaulted. butler sergeant, said, that what prompted him to take action. >> this place would be the butler county jail. starting today, lobby is open to the public for face-to-face meetings. whether you're buying, selling or trading items via craig's list, ebay, you could do it here 100 percent worry-free. >> there always won't be a
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that doesn't mean there always will be a set of eyes. >> we have cameras situated that will be monitored 24 hn 7. if someone doesn't want to come to a place like this, there probably is reason. >> you could be a mark for a scam, robbery or something else. >> it could be deadly. not here in butler county but it has happened too many times. . >> and at the butler county jail, adams clements, local 12 news. >> there's an exception. it doesn't apply to firearm sales or purchases because visitors cannot bring guns inside the government building. today marks the first big test for the year's presidential candidates.
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about the democratic andnd >> after months of campaigning and millions of dollars spent, voters could make their election today. >> iowa caucus start at 1,681 precincts across the hawkeye state. and new act poll this morning shows donald trump nudging ted
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head of iowa's inspection, even though the candidates could come up on top, it could benefit. >> number one ticket, iowa, first place. there are several others, that could take momentum, new hampshire, south carolina. >> meantime, the caucus for the democrats, poll shows bernie sanders, showing hillary clinton in iowa. both candidates are looking out for last minute support especially for younger and first time voters. >> it is not easy to get first time caucus voters to go out of one place in a particular time. we're also advocating for everyone to talk to us today. >> live at local 12 news, live at 11:00. powerful winds fueled by el nino. the tale end of the winter storm, bringing damaging dusts, heavy rain and mountain of snow. i-5 leading in and out of l.a.
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ice much wind advisories will be in place, strong trees, ripped off some rooftops. a driver died after ripped out of his car in san diego county. huge waves showed up in hawaii. professional surfer fell trying to ride a giant wave in maui. whoa, look how far he falls. he said it felt like being in a car crash. the waves are even sending the most seasoned surfers tumble ing. >> frightening. >> nothing like that for us but it's a beautiful day. >> if you have plans late in the afternoon and evening, keep them on. clouds slowly return because they are moving out now. we are crystal clear to begin the evening. more clouds arrive and especially after midnight. quick check on the weather cam network, we'll head to college hill for our stop on local 12
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what you see here is pretty much what you see everywhere. temperatures in the upper 40s to 50. we're clear for the next couple of hours. some high level clouds arrive as we get close to midnight. and then clouds gradually return overnight and for the first half of tomorrow. initially tomorrow, we're dry. late in the morning, isolated showers develop. we'll take that to scattered showers once we get in the afternoon. key word there, showers. rain that starts and stops. no rough storms. that potential will have to wait until tomorrow night. as i said in the weekend and say to you now, it looks like the main window of opportunity for strong and severe storms will center between 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night and 2:00 a.m. tomorrow night. maybe some stronger storms approaching before then, but that's our thinking for right now.
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temperature 50 at the cincinnati northern kentucky international airport. we take that down to 35. early tomorrow morning, high temperatures tomorrow will be around 60. we'll hit those in the evening, ahead of the line of showers and thunderstorms. relatively cool air has moved into the ohio valley. made it to the low to mid 60 saturday. we're 50 in cincinnati. that's about 10 degrees above our average high for this day. right now, clouds are marching away from cincinnati. weak area of high pressure keeps us dry tonight. some clouds will be allowed to return. more clouds will arrive tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. no rain to track now on live precision doppler hd, from anna's con nor. we will be dry late in the afternoon and this evening. also dry overnight, but clouds will be returning. tomorrow morning, when you watch good morning. cincinnati, we expect more showers.
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cincinnati, 9:00 a.m. on star 64, showers will start to develop. a more potent line of showers and thunderstorms will come through tomorrow night. notice by wednesday morning, showers and storms are quickly moving away from cincinnati but clouds will cycle back in. it will be widely scattered showers during the afternoon. at this point, this is where the highest point of severe weather is likely. it's likely to stay there. what will develop in the tri-state, tuesday night. damaging the main line wind. slight risk of severe storms. lower threat well to the north. be aware. the weather authority will be here tonight, tomorrow and into tomorrow night, as showers and storms will move in. we're up to 55 by 4:00 in the afternoon tomorrow. we'll hit our high, around midnight. showers and thunderstorms moving in. again, some storms tomorrow night.
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especially in northern kentucky. and also wednesday. and all the way to 28, early wednesday. and looks quiet. some clouds on saturday. mostly sunny on saturday. we'll have a weekend forecast in a bit. who is the biggest football
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. >> we're still seeing gasoline prices be will he around here. average price of a gallon of fuel. average reported from chip el a, 1.68. 12 cents higher than a week ago. >> analysts say gas prices could head even lower, as a reduction of seasonal demand much you know how it goes when the analysts get involved. here's the prices reported to the local 12 news, pump patrol. bob posted $1.44 at the marathon. hank says it's $1.45 at the shell in dixie highway.
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them on the face book page and you'll put it on tv. >> have you heard there's a pretty big game this sunday. denver broncos will make the first official super bowl in the night. this year's festivities are starting a little earlier. terry akita is in san francisco with with, no longer a man's game. >> super bowl 50 festivities, including the popular nfl experience kicked this weekend in the bay area. their die hard grid ierp. >> and could be in the kitchen and then, there's football everywhere. three tvs we have women account for 45 percent of the
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immense consumer buying power. think jersey, caps and tickets and more. >> nfl package, all games, all day many launched booster clubs. kathy, nfl home game with sister of followers. >> and as much as men are. >> why do you think that >> i think it's different era, different time. >> >>. >> and as more women huddled to the game, football's long time romance, the guys, may be over. terry akita, cbs news. >> and full afternoon of coverage, taking you to the 6:30 kick off. if you noticed an unusual fashion statement at the beginning of the piece, you are
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going to the super bowl is not just any business trip. cam newton was not just going to wear any old pants. bad news for anyone else who wants to wear them, they will set you back about 850. guess what? they are already sold out on-line. newton's pants got a lot of reaction on social media. you could join the conversation page. >> great. they are great. i think i've seen lo max. k-9 controversy. controversy. >> and a chinese businessman is now in jail, charged with selling fake goggles made to protect soldiers.
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much how it came together,
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>> on duty of the death of a >> this week, firefighter of 17 years on him and left. it brings the job really to heart and home. >> four more cincinnati fireiters are hanging their helmets since the death of a firefighter leads to second thoughts of a dangerous job. the cincinnati fire department needs more people. >> those vacancies means other firefighters have to work overtime to stock the trucks. jeff hirsh on why so many firefighters are leaving a job
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>> we've heard how firefighter as a family, spend as much time at the fire house as you do at home. when a member of your family, fighting family is killed, will make you wonder. >> cheryl was a man's man. firefighter's firefighter. >> farewell to gordon after the veteran firefight died. fire chief told city council members, gordon's death led to a lot of soul searching and career changing. the city planned 11 career firefighters this year. it, looks like it will double. the death hags changed a lot of hearts. >> you start feeling mortal. >> more retirements are expected this year and next year.
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be filled by people in overtime. the overtime costs keep going up and up. >> as firefighters, we do an exceptional job and it's very dangerous. you always put that at the back of your mind. when someone dies at the line of duty, it brings it back to the forefront. it brings back to the forefront you put your families. if you have your time and say, i'll stick around for another four, five years, they go, we want you gone. >> over time the budget year expected to be 4 million, up from projected 1.6 million. new recruit class is up for june to fill the number of vacancies. the chief says they will need another recruit class in 2017, to keep pace of the people leaving. >> to give you an idea of the impact of the retirements, the department will be looking at -- people who may be recovering from surgery. looking a the so-called frequent
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the idea is to reduce emergency runs and save money. the program is now on fire house duty because of vacancies delaying the start. >> city council has ruled another way to save money, when there are vacancies, brownouts. brownout occur when fire company are taken into service so you don't have to call overtime. they are authorized for 81 firefighters, they are 20 below that. the spread of the zika virus, now in an international emergency. they held a meeting to discuss the explosive rate to which the viergs is setting. it is linked to birth defects and neurological problems. and cincinnati health department is advising pregnant women and those who want to be pregnant to avoid travelling to areas where it's transmitted. that includes southern states. a blind college student's
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could be wrapped up soon. final details to settle the suit are to be presented to a judge for approval. the bulk of the suit was approved two weeks ago. dudley accused miami, using technology, to a special software. miami violated federal law by failing to provide equal access. the university denies doing anything wrong. he soon will be able to find the lock zone. cbs is going to be carrying the person breathing again for reversing some of the effects of the drugs on that system. they use 13 thousand times to revive people in ohio last year. election night in iowa. voters are the first in the nation to cast votes in the caucus cycle.
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with a look. >> it is an interesting night, as you said. and it represents 1.5 percent of the jen population of the country. you can't overstate the importance. look at history. no candidate has finished and still gone on with the nomination. . >> caucus day in iowa. presumably, winners are just hours. for extreme times, call for extreme measures. >> they say the biggest ground game in iowa history. if you believe the polls, even that has not been enough to top trump. >> they want us to look like main backs. we're not angry at people. we're angry of the stupidity of the leaders.
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voters are most often profile, it may be a different group to tip the tales. >> all the candidates, hired hand. i think they are reaching out to the millennials. >> they are making sure fellow caucus. they say fellow g.o.p. do the rest. >> i absolutely think they do the -- if i see it and share too >> in the final hours, about firing the first time voters, fighting against all odds and trying to manage the mess am. >> they don't know me very well, because i don't quit. >> >>. >> and now we said presumably, you will have a winner. for the first time ever, precinct candidates, where they
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get them back to the central headquarters of it all. that's because they are hoping to avoid like what we saw last cycle. 2012, it was 16 days after, caucus night, that rich santorum was finally declared the winner, due to the counting of problems. they are hoping, brad and paula to avoid the repeat of 2012 this time in the morning. >> a lot of times, we don't need more drama and we need the results. thank you, scott. ohio governor is not in iowa. he is campaigning in hampshire. >> police are responding into a shooting. the person was shot. and officers have just arrived on the scene. local news crew is heading there as well. we will, of course, keep you updated. >> local breaking news alert. seany run road is closed in park road on indian hill. a horse slipped away from its owner and was struck by a car.
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fob put down. no word on when seany likely be able to reopen. k-9 controversy. he wanted to buy the k-9 partner but was refused. there may absolution. >> they can potentially, lose
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not as . >> chinese businessman is in jail because of what happened in dearborn, indiana. >> it's to order ballistic eye wear like the soldiers wears. charges, say goggles are fake. how and when the arrest went down. >> the armies's purchase a million of these. revision goggles, high level protection for special forces in case of explosions. criminal case is about goggles that look just like them but they are made in china, cheaper and dangerous according to prosecutor ellen neven guard. >> and they look like a division goggle.
5:35 pm
same level of protection. >> nickle gang says it's a purchase they may make on-line or reservist of the national guard. >> the thing that boggles us about the case, the fact they are putting people who protect us and protect others in jep ooredy. >> undercover, and once they got here, lab technician was revisioned. the company that makes them for the army and analyzed them. in a statement, knock-off gogled standard. the company met with the private investigator who partnered with neka guard. neka guard went to a trade show on friday. where one of the openers was
5:36 pm
>> the individual at the trade show was positively ided as daniel gong, scheduled for the denver pd fugitive team to arrest them. >> and there are also arrest warrants for co-owners of the company. all are charged with six felonies, including counterfeiting, corrupt business practices and theft. debra dixon, local 12 news. >> and he's expected to fight extradition to dearborn indiana. >> still ahead, the beginning of
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. >> thousands of drivers who were issued speeding tickets. state appeals court approved class-action status. it means their attorneys could ask a judge to order new miami pay more than a millioned much and new miami recently started using hand held cameras that comply with ohio laws. two virginia tech engineering student, charged
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nicole's body was found over the weekend on the stied of the road. more than 50 miles home. she climbed out of the bedroom window after blocking the door with her dresser. authorities believe david eisenhower abducted and murdered the girl. another student, was charged with helping him get rid of her body. >> eisenhower and nicole were disappearance. eisenhower used this advantage to abduct and then kill her. >> it's unclear how the girl met eisenhower. police search add pond in virginia tech's evidence for evidence but wouldn't say what they were hoping to find. >> four more people tested positive in an area that recently saw an hiv outbreak. and the new diagnosis are people who are in contact with those
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so the outbreak has been largely caused by people sharing needles and injecting the pain killer opana. firefighters continue to monitor hot spots. kentucky's governor visited the scene at the blue grass stock yard. in and a blocks worth of nearby businesses were destroyed, by the biggest one in nearly 20 years. it's not yet known what caused it in the first place. the controversy over a retiring ohio police officer's desire to adopt the k-9 partner takes a new twist. >> matt hickey retired in the last three kweeks. last three years, he was partnered with ajax. property. he would have to be auctioned, they said. marion city official, if hickey
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and they say they reached that deal last week, but hickey never made that known after social media took off with the story. it's not clear what would happen to the 65 thousand that's raised on a go fund me raise to help hickey keep ajax. >> after morning clouds, we've broken out in the sun. we keep the first cloud around. high level clouds will start to return for the second half of the season. we'll have showers developing tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon, before the big event much the potential for severe weather comes up tomorrow night. get the hour-by-hour forecast and planning forecast, weather authority app. once you download it, temperatures in the 40s and eventually in the 30s tonight. if you don't have the free app, you could search wkrc in the app store.
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while you're there, you could download the weather. you could see real-time conditions and streaming video, updated every minute on the weather conditions. atrium weather cam, it shows the holiday lights are still up. here we are in the front end of february and we still have lights up in the trees. it really doesn't feel like winter. we're 44 now in oxford. temperatures falling in the 40s and eventually in the 30s tonight. we have sunny sky. as of 5:00 in cincinnati. dew point 31. winds out of the north, northwest at 9:00. northerly component to the wind right now. that's why we're cooler today, compared to yesterday. we're still 10 degrees above our average high right now in cincinnati. 50 as of 5:00 in the queen city. down to 35 for a low overnight. highs tomorrow will be set in the line of showers and thunderstorms coming through tomorrow night.
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and then we'll fall from roughly 59 midnight, 1:00 in the morning, early wednesday, all the way down to the 40s and 30s. the temperatures have been fluctuating quite a bit in the last couple of hours. they will fluctuate even more in the 24 hours coming our way. we'll be dropping in the 40s this evening. it starts tomorrow in the 30s. i'll retract between now and sunrise, a slow return of cloud cover. right now we're clear and clouds start to return late tomorrow night. adams county, fayette and union county, owen county, grant county and everywhere in between. forecast model shows crystal clear sky in the last couple of hours. clouds start to return, especially after midnight. thicker clouds arriving for the start of good morning. cincinnati. splochs of green. initially, they will be isolated. they will upgrade the coverage
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here's the main event. between 9:00 p.m., 2:00 a.m., fair game foreseeing strong to severe storms. storm prediction center has all in the tri-state, marginal. will be. valley. what develops there, will be strong to severe. we get the left overs in the weakening mode tomorrow night. don't think, because we say weakening, we will avoid the threat for severe weather. just arriving in a weakening mode. the main concern tomorrow night. 35 is where we will be by 6:00 in the morning. no showers and storms tonight. showers gradually developing tomorrow. 55, the forecast temperature by 4:00 p.m. 60 by midnight tomorrow night. we'll fall in the 50s and 40s. and clouds decrease on thursday. weekend, it looks nice and quiet.
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the clouds to start on saturday. more clouds on sunday. more local 12 news live at k. loyal shopper returns three times to a local store. this guy was not buying.
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items this guy was >> an 8-year-old girl is leaving a quarterback on johnny manziel. >> police use add helicopter to find him and the movement was born. her father's a long time browns fan. he said he has 75 people who signed up for johnny free february campaign. mention johnny manziel in february or on film. he's no longer a cleveland brown brown. >> coming up on local 12 news, at 6:00. neighbors here scream. it's the latest of a series of attacks taking place in a local cemetery. >> will your life insurance be there when you need it? local mom talks about the small
5:47 pm
. >> yes, he was wearing a helmet. the helmet is actually on the ground shattered. >> i don't think anyone stopped. >> it was a fatal hit and run died. police believe the driver was using drugs. 10:30. >> he was hit, riding his bike on u.s. 52. man in charge with hitting him
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