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tv   Local 12 News at 11  CBS  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the moment of truth. the race to become the next president starts tonight. showers develop tomorrow and we have the risk of severe weather about 24 hours from now. >> cammy: and we are learning more about the man killed while riding his bike from his best friend. >> rob: good evening everybody, the first votes of the 2016 presidential campaign have been cast and tonight there are some people doing well and others who
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>> cammy: ted cruz had a four point lead ahead of donald trump. >> rob: and it is the closest the close races in the democratic race. we are going to send it to craig who the live. >> reporter: the voters have spoken and already some candidates have dropped out. tonight was ted cruz's night iowa voters are leaning toward ted cruz. >> i voted for hillary because i have five granddaughters. >> i ended up voting for bernie
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>> i voted for ben carson. >> reporter: turnout has been very high. the gop says they had record turnout. some voters changed their party affiliation on sight. >> i don't hear a lot of my kids future coming from the republicans side. >> reporter: democrat martin o'malley announced he is suspending his campaign. >> cammy: now a victory in the state isn't always the best thing, especially for republican. only two candidates have won iowa and gone on to win the parties nomination. things are slightly better fon
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candidates have not received the nomination after winning iowa. as for iowa's track record when is comes to picking a president, only three have one iowa and become commander in chief. >> rob: one candidates noticeably absent was john kasich. he is well behind front runner donald trump. bernie sanders has also widened his lead in new hampshire. we will keep an eye and the numbers and continue to update you. we will have complete caucus coverage tomorrow on good morning cincinnati. >> cammy: a local breaking news alert, a violent night in
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block away from each other. police don't have much to go on other than a black toyota may have been involved. what's not clear, is whether the shootings are related. tonight family and friends of a beloved cyclist came tonight. >> reporter: his family flew in from california to be with his wife and two children. one of his best friends is tonight. >> he was my best friend. >> reporter: they formed an
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>> i only thing i know he said he would rather do than ride is to be with his family. his daughter ask the same age as my daughter. >> reporter: he had a wife and two children. sunday afternoon he was riding his bike when sheriff's deputies say a woman hit him with her jeep and took off. her attorney says she was not under the influence of drugs but distracting by people fighting in her back seat. tonight in north side, members of the bike coop built a ghost bike. we do a lot of things for
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we just kind of took it on as responsibility. >> reporter: it is like losing a member of his family. >> he has touched my life in two years like no one ever has. he has been like the father figure to me, a great friend. >> reporter: he was an organ donor, so he will be table to help others after his death. >> rob: there is a go fund me pages set up for his family. >> cammy: a needle exchange program got near unanimous votes for the program. before tonight's vote, the
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they have office insist new part port. it is clear out there now but scott says that will change. >> cloud will return overnight and tomorrow morning. tonight temperatures fall into the 30s. much cooler than we were over the weekend. thankfully we warm up through the 50s tomorrow afternoon ultimately close to 60 tomorrow night before showers and thunderstorms move in. any showers that we have on live precision doppler 12 hd around lunch tomorrow will be isolated or widely scattered. scattered showers to close out the business day tomorrow, but the main event, for rainstorms
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come about 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night. down to 39 at the international airport. so we have showers to track tomorrow. the potential for severe storms to track tomorrow night and the return the colder air all in the planning forecast. >> cammy: in a rare move the world health organization says zika virus is the danger to public health. they are declaring an international emergencies. there are intensified control efforts. a public health emergency has only been declared three other times. >> rob: several teens suicides are prompting a group to put together a suicide teen forum.
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to encourage suicide. >> there are some disturbing images suggest suicide as an answer to challenges. >> we were just screen shotting difference things. i just count believe the things i was seeing. >> reporter: she the member of the a group that helps teen insist the greater cincinnati area. they are organizing a forum to talk about he teen suicide. >> we will have mental health of america in attendance. we will have someone from the american association for suicide prevention. >> reporter: the same thing came up in house of hope church.
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young people who have committed suicide. >> i have gotten phone calls about these young kids posting about dying. >> reporter: the latest, a boy who was only 12 years old. >> when it hits that somebody you know it is a sad situation to see his parents grieving. this is something they think they could have gotten control of. >> parents have been posting positive messages of hope. >> this seminar isn't going to solve the problem but you best believe we will have the information and resources there. >> reporter: the di va dolls
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very few parents showed up. they are hoping more people will show up this year. live in the news room, rob back to you. >> rob: the suicide prevention forum is at celebrity's bang quit hall. still to come, how one group is trying to ban the buzz from
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>> rob: a colleges some >> rob: keeping you up to date on the voting. hillary clinton has extended her very slim lead by 1/10 of a point. in other news now, a man accused killing a police officer
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he was indicted onten counts today. the danville officer was found dead outside the police department. police say jones was looking to kill a police officer. >> everybody's nervous. in law enforcement in general. we've had other individuals makes threats. >> rob: the chief says volunteer haves been begun riding with officers on the night shift. the gun used in the murder was stolen during a home invasion in november. >> cammy: another explosive device was found in a ditch. this picture shows a butler county bomb robot removing the bombs.
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investigators in deer born county are part of the investigation for a company sells bonus goggles. >> that's oneful >> cammy: a company that was set up, had the goggles tested and they were found to be fake. arrest warrants are out for the others. >> rob: a neighborhood crime alert for you in westchester township. they say the man in store stole the gun.
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stoppers. there is a movement to get the legal limit for alcohol lowered for drivers. lowering it from.08 to.05. it is the same recommendation made in 2013. it is asking states to make the change. >> cammy: a university in oklahoma has founded way to fight that dreaded freshman 15. it is now mandatory for them to wear fit bits. now, it will all be tracked on
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the school says it will use the data to see if exercise and grades will go hand in hand 37 i have been wearing one for the while. i like it because i have to goal i shoot for. >> do you make it? >> i really do. >> you want to get out early tomorrow if you want to exercise. 24 hours from now we might have our hands full with thunderstorms. still see some signs of christmas. we the atrium medical center weather camera up in oxford. it sure doesn't feel like the first day the february. in the low 50s this afternoon. nice night to be out and about but tomorrow night showers and thunderstorms will be moving in. the up dated hour by hour forecast calls for clearing in
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there will be ice lated or scattered showers developing around lunch tomorrow. and scattered showers during the afternoon. no thunderstorms are forecast overnight tomorrow morning or tomorrow afternoon. thunderstorms will have to wait until tomorrow night. i have us down to 34 in cincinnati by 6:00 in the morning. so when the tune in the good morning cincinnati, you will see the updated forecast and of course we will be all watching for thunderstorms. 34 is where we will be at the bus stop tomorrow morning. showers will develop around lunch. we are up to 55 but that will be tomorrow's high temperature. we are up to close 60 close to midnight. atrium medical center weather camera shows all is calm in the city. we are 39 at the international
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take that down about five degrees. we are 21 degree colder than we were for the start the local 12 news live at 11:00 last night. clouds that we had earlier today are long gone. west. it will deliver blizzard conditions over part of the midwest. we get it in the form the thunderstorms tomorrow night. for time being no rain. high pressure kept us dry tonight. low pressure will be coming in leading edge of warmer air will spark some widely scattered showers. then we await the main event, the main line of showers and
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these storms could be strong severe. tomorrow night but the threat for severe weather is over with some clearing on wednesday. if you are in the slight risk area, cincinnati and points to the west. you are in the higher risk area. so be aware. the weather authority is telling you strong storms are a possibility. breezy and windy tomorrow with with scattered shower insist the afternoon. we are quieter when the get into the weekend. >> rob: should be and interesting day. we have some breaking new, ted cruz has won the iowa can you caucuses.
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>> tonight is a victory for conservatives across iowa and across this great nation. tonight, the state of iowa has spoken, [cheers and applause] iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the media, [cheers and applause] will not be chosen by the washington establishment. will not be chosen by the
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the most incredible, powerful force, where all sof republican ti resides in our nation, by we the people, the american people. [ cheers and applause ] tonight, thanks to the incredible hard work of everyone gathered here, of courageous con conservatives conservatives, we earned the votes. >> cammy: and you are hearing from senator ted cruz who we
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hillary clininto well the hyperis officially underway. the this sunday the broncos and panthers. tonight, media day is superbowl opening night live. jammed packed font r tonight, for the first time fans were part of the madness. media from around the world doing their best to get the quote of the week. >> it is awesome. i've grown up watching him play at such a high level for so long. you say one day i want to
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we get the opportunity to do that this week. it is going to be a great experience for us. >> brad: the big game can be seen right here this sunday. it all gets going at 6:30. thursday night football is alive and well. today the nfl striking a deal with cbs and nbc to continue televising their games. they will air five games a piece next season. now sure it is a free trip to hawaii. but it comes with price.
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> whenn >> brad: northern kentucky at home tonight. led with 24 points. norse kept is close. nice drive look at the spin.
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but the night belonged to oak
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well we promise to keep you up to date on the voting. hillary clinton lead has now
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and the clinton campaign is now claiming victory in high wa tonight. >> rob: tomorrow the rains return but not the first thing? >> right, clouds will be
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