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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 5  CBS  February 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 we begin with breaking campaign news. there are some surprises this morning after a big night at the iowa caucuses. candidates were looking grab some momentum in their race for the white house.local 12's adam clements is live in the newsroom with results. 3 sheila.. it was a night of surprises.. as well as some things we expected..there were of course.. winners.. and there were losers.. let's start with the democrats.. where things are very close.. hillary clinton says she's "breathing a sigh of relief" .. and says she feels like last night's caucus turned out as a victory for her
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media outlets are now declaring clinton victorious by a very slight margin..while bernie sanders says he considers things a virtual tie at this point..things are expected to remain pretty tight in that race heading into next week's primary in new hampshire.. where sanders.. a senator from vermont.. is expected to do very well..for the g-o-p.. a bit of a surprise last night.. as texas senator ted cruz.. came out on top.. and not.. the man who's been the frontrunner for the party's nomination up until this point.. donald trump..florida senator marco rubio rounded out the top three for the now.. reaction from the candidates who rose to the top last night.. 3 ((sot ted 1:27 - 0143))thanks to the incredible hard work of everyone gathered here.. of courageous conservatives across this state.. we together earned the votes of 48,608 iowans.((sot bernie 2:38 - 2:44)we can no longer continue to have a corrupt
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hillary :35 - :45))i am excited to really debate senator sanders about the best way forward to fight for us and america!both parties.. also looking at more narrow fields moving forward.. with former maryland governer dropping out of the race for the democratic nomination.. and former arkansas governer mike huckabee doing the same on the g-o-p side.. reporting live in the newsroom.. adam clements.. local 12 news.. sheila.. back to you. 3 governors john kasich and chris christie spent the day in new hampshire.. trying to build support for next tuesday's primary. 3 friends and family are mourning the loss of a cyclist killed on an afternoon ride. michael prater was only 40 years old. he was an avid cyclist a husband, and a father to two young children. sheriff's deputies say melinda woodall hit prater on u.s. 52 near asbury road sunday afternoon and took off. deputies said they found her a
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prescription drugs and five syringes. her attorney claims she was distracted by people in her backseat.woodall faces charges in prater's death. his best friend says he was a wonderful person. 3 chauncey: "the only thing i know he said that he'd rather do than ride was to be with his family. his daughter is the same age as my daughter. " prater was an organ donor so his organs will help others. woodall's charges will likely be upgraded since the cyclist's death. thousands of drivers who were issued speeding tickets generated from traffic cameras get the okay for a class action lawsuit.a state appeals court approved class action status means their attorneys can ask a judge to order new miami to pay back more than a million dollars collected during the time it operated the cameras. an attorney for the village says he hasn't studied the ruling miami recently began using hand- held cameras that comply with ohio laws. 3 restrictions may be coming on when you can tie up your dog outside in the city of
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for both neighbors and the dogs. city council's law committee discussed tethering.. and if there should be a limit on the number of hours a dog can be tied to a pole or tree.council is also considering if specific hours, say noon to six p-m, for example would be off limits. a woman who was severely bitten by a tethered dog when she was a child says regulations are needed: 3 i don't blame the dog. i have no resentment towards the dog. the tethering creates a loaded weapon, territoriality, boredom, and a kid who wanders into that little circle of space, which is all the dag has, sometimes all day, all night, all year, when that happens you've got a bad formulathe city's animal task force is examining the issue, and will come back to city council with recommendations. 3 several recent teen suicides
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put together a suicide prevention forum.parents say there are some disturbing images circulating on facebook. so, a group called the diva dolls is organizing a forum at celeberties banquet hall in roselawn to talk about teen suicide.the diva dolls hosted a similar forum last year.. but unlike most of their events, very few families showed up. organizers think it's because families have a hard time talking about the subject. 3 52:03 i see mental illness at work everyday and i think that mental illness and suicide, we're scared of that topic 52:09 hardly no kids came 52:11 and we had people from mental health of america :16 we had american association prevention of suicide 52:20 we had professional speakers there 52:22 to tell the kids and to give the signs to the parents and hardly no one showed 52:26the teen suicide prevention forum is march 6th from 2 to 5:00 pm. 3 a university in oklahoma has figured out a way to fight that dreaded freshman 15. it's now mandatory at oral
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fitbits. and it's not just about student's physical well- being.. it also affects their grade. fitness was already a part of the curriculum.. but it was based on a manual log.. and a mile and a half run at the end of the semester. now, it will all be tracked on the fit bit. the school says it will use the data to see if exercise.. and grades..
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3 john gumm is tracking potentially severe weather this week.we'll tell you when storms are expected to roll into the tri, finding love in an unconvention al way.we'll introduce you to
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3 3
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3 talk about modern romanceerica harris and artie vann planned
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after they first met in person. a year ago, erica, who lives in ontario, canada and artie randomly connected over instagram. call it love at first click.but artie lives in new for months, their romance grew through original poetry and videos. artie then bought a one-way plane ticket, and the two planned to elope minutes after he landed. 3 (erica harris, bride-to-be) "you don't drag your feet with real love. you leap into that like there's no tomorrow, and that's what we're doing,"artie popped the question as travelers looked on in anticipation.the two then quietly exchanged insta-wedding and insta-success. 3 airline food makes a comeback. we'll tell you which company is going to shell out peanuts. plus, declaring a serious danger.we have the latest details on the zika virus
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3 3 the world health organization says the zika virus is a danger to public health.. doctors say the virus is spreading rapidly through latin america. by declaring it an international emergency.. health officials say there will be intensified mosquito control efforts.. and more focus on a diagnostic tests and vaccines. a public health emergency has only been declared three other times. doctors have linked the zika virus to a surge in birth defects. 3 (:00) "there's no vaccine. there's no drugs currently used to treat it as with many mosquito born. the best thing you can do is avoid mosquito bites." (:09)the w- h- o says last week that there could be at least 3-million zika infections over the next year. there are also reports of a serious neurological condition
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3 shares of chipotle stock spiked almost five percent as the chain's e. coli outbreak appears to be over. the cause is still unknown.dozens of customers in several states.. reported getting sick after eating at chipotle restaurants. including here in win back customers, chipotle is planning deep discounts for the upcoming super bowl monday.. it will briefly close all of its restaurants for meetings with employees. 3 firefighters battle flames after a train derails in brewster, ohio.the accident caused a spark between two train cars and started a fire. officials told people to evacuate in order to avoid dangerous fumes and threats of an explosion.neighbors were able to return to their homes late last night.fortunately, no one was injured -but officials still don't know what caused the accident. hazmat crews and the e- p- a are investigating. 3 there aren't too many perks on planes these days.. but one of the small ones is making a comeback. american airlines is bringing back free
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it's also adding more entertainment options.. including in-seat t-v's.united brought back snacks last month. some airlines dropped the perks after the september 11th attacks and the recession.. but they're starting to return.
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3 a massive wipeout.up next, we'll show you the unbelievable effects of el nino.a retiring cop does some fancy footwork in an elevator. we'll show you what's trending
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3 a major wipeout is trending right now.a professional surfer falls about *40- feet* while trying to ride a giant wave.take a look!surfer tom dosland bails off of his surfboard and freefalls from the
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massive maui wave.he's okay.. but says he was blinded for a few seconds by the strong sea spray.hawaii has been hit by enormous waves from this year's el nino, sending even the most seasoned surfers tumbling. 3 video of a retiring el paso sheriff's deputy doing the whip- nae nae in an elevator is also trending right now. deputy tony scherb is retiring after 29 years of service-- so he celebrated with some moves in the elevator.that is, until the ranking officer shows up. and he joins in on the fun.. along with a couple other officers!if 29- years of community service doesn't deserve an awkward dance party, i don't know what does.
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3 3 now at five thirty.a water crisis continues.we'll tell you what an ohio town is doing about tainted h- 2- oh in their pipes. 3 plus, focusing on progress. we'll tell you about a local town hall meeting.. that will address the city's race riots. 3 teaching through music. coming
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local musicians who perform live for school children. 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your's meterologist john gumm. 3
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3 we're tracking breaking news.. .. in the first presidential contest of the 20- 16 campaign. voters turn out in record numbers for last night's iowa the republican race -- ted cruz brands himself as a "true conservative" -- and gets the win over rival donald trump.on the democratic side.. it was a virtual tie until this morning. hillary clinton is declared the winner.. and only a handful of votes reportedly seperate her from bernie sanders. 3 (ted cruz / r - presidential candidate):20 - :26"tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa, and all across this great nation." (hillary clinton / d - presidential candidate) 1:15 - 1:27 "it is rare that we have the opportunity we do now to have a real contest of ideas. to really think hard about what the democratic party stands for."(bernie sanders / d - presidential
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think about what happened tonight, i think the people of iowa have sent a very profound message to the political establishment."some candidates are deciding to exit the race, now that first contest is finishedrepublican mike huckabee and democrat martin o'malley both dropped out. 3 a town hall at xavier university tonight will focus on the progress made in cincinnati since the 2001 riots.the riots were triggered by the deadly police shooting of an unarmed black man..since them.. the city increased police training and citizen feedback, revised policies to reduce use of deadly force and focused on community- oriented policing.former mayor charlie luken will be among the panelists tonight.. it start at seven at the cintas center. 3 an ohio town is still dealing with a water crisis this morning. the town of sebring has found troubling amounts of lead in its water... and that's leading residents to test their own samples. neighbors are filing a line..
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water test kits.since early last week, officials have passed out more than eight hundred test kits.neighbors are now wondering how much repairs to their water lines will cost if the tests come back positive for high levels. 3 (dan strawser/sebring resident) (:16) "i'm going to test the faucet that comes up to my kitchen sink, which should show me if i've got a lead problem. (:24) (1:41) if it has to be fully excavated all the way out, you're looking at five-grand." (1:44) another thousand water test kits are to be delivered today. meanwhile.. the state of ohio has stopped supplying sebring with bottled far, nearly 380- thousand bottles have been handed out. 3 a big congratulations is in order for this year's senior class at depaul cristo rey high school.the 39 seniors have all been accepted to at least one college!not only that, they have earned almost one-point-seven million- dollars in merit-based scholarship money.this is the school's second senior class to hit 100-percent college
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3 taking music to the schools... a local organization teaches students about the symphony through live musical performances. school house symphony is a six member symphonic ensemble...playing in tri-state classrooms for forty years. the musicians present over 250 educational shows every year. it's a part time job....but each of them has a passion for their craft and a desire to share their talent. i caught up with the school house symphony at the montessori academy of cincinnati...these preschoolers were ready for some live's their second visit here this year. the group visits every school three or four times depending on age....each focusing on a new topic. today, it was families of instruments, brass, strings, woodwinds. the ensemble plays monday through
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school year. the quick math....that's about 70 schools yearly and nearly 300 performances. the ensemble never plays in front of more than 130 students at time... because they want to keep the performance as personal as possible. the musicians walk through the crowd and interact with the students. 3 "it really gets the children excited to see instruments so close up, they usually see them on the stage, but right in front of them. it's exciting, they want to touch the instruments, they want to play the instruments."the musicians are very accomplished. several graduated from u-c's college- conservatory of music... they've played in various symphonies, the pops, opera,
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3 school house symphony started in 1976. 3 an unusual burglary.coming up, we'll tell you what delicious item a suspected robber is
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3 all eyes are on punxsutawney, pennsylvania this morning. the famed groundhog "punxsutawney phil" will make his annual weather prediction in just a couple hours.if phil sees his shadow, we are in store for six more weeks of winter! meterologist jim burton joins us *live* there this morning -- tell us about the atmosphere jim.
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3 3 blizzard warnings out west.. and snow is making travel a hassle right now at denver's airport.more than 100 flights are already canceled today.. and 500 were canceled yesterday.snow crews are ready to take on the worsening weather.already.. they`re de- icing planes... and getting 250 pieces of snow removal machines ready to go once the snow starts to pile up. 3 new research suggests - a simple supplement could reduce the risk of autism. doctors say expectant mothers should add carnitine to their diets. it's found in red meat.. or whole milk.researchers admit carnintine may not prevent all
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it could substantially lower the number of autistic children. 3 hundreds of uber drivers are holding protests over a recent cut in pay.customers may appreciate the savings.. but drivers say the fare has dropped to an unsustainable level.almost two hundred drivers staged a "honk in" in san francisco yesterday.uber began lowering fares in select cities last month - the company says as a way to increase demand for the service. 3 police responding to to a burglar alarm in pittsburgh make an unusual discovery.the break- in happened at a marketing company after the business held a pizza party... and the intruder reportedly found the leftovers.. treated himself to a snack, then a nap. a company employee found 26- year- old cory mcginnis sleeoping on a pile of pillows. now.. the former professional baseball player is charged with burglary. 3
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3 hearing her son's heartbeat. coming up at six.. we'll show you the video of a mother's reaction that's going viral this morning.a simple "thank you."we'll tell you how a little girl is changing morale
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courageous conservatives say yes we can. iowa surprises overnight, and the who trumped trump. and the conservatives leave iowa neck in neck. after post encouraging suicide show up on facebook. and good morning, everyone, we're going to get to all of your top stories in just a moment,. but the weather could be a top story because it's going to get severe later. >> it won't be until tonight
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rough weather.
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